Origins of a Slay

ORIGINS Chapter Fourteen

Girls who grew up in the city and went to model c schools have this ridiculous notion that women should not fight physically. I see it a lot on social media where they act so disappointed in women fighting even over a man. Lalela sisi, if a heifer disrepects you, you must put it in its place. Dont go around telling me about politically correct or how brand alignment does not recognize women fighting brcause you dont defend yourself you will always be crying.

“Say what?”

I asked her not that i wanted an answer vecause now i was justifoed. I jumped up ao fast and i punched her on the nose at the same time ngamuka ngo pitsi sending her to the floor. She did not even see it coming. By the time katlego got to me i had already kicked her twice on that big ass of hers. Who did she think I was lesilima? Growing up my mother liked this saying that when baboons enter your field beat them up but be more savage on the crippled ones so that the others will always remember how ruthless you are.

Ubani wena? Who do you think you are? I will break you!”

I screamed at her. Things happened so fast because by this stage Katlego was holdimg back.

“No Kat this girl has been on my case forever now she dares to come to my room to attack me! She wants to die this one!”

I screamed angrily. I surprised myself at the fact that i managed a full English statement because when i am angry the vernacular just comes out.

“I saw Samke but please you guys can get thrown out of res for fighting. Use your brains, ladies dont fight!”

She pleaded with me but i was done. She was crying and bleeding from the nose. She will never ever do it again.

“You hit me!”

She said in compliment and utter shock that her huffing and puffing had landed her on the floor. Never ever start something you cant finish.

“I should have done worse. You constantly belittle me and for what? You think i am a village girl neh? That was your first mistake because even i was, village girls beat. We don’t spanky spanky with cheese girls like you. Ngizokubulala tsek!”

I am not a bad person. I really am not. I am not even saying it like people like car drivers who whenever they tell people of an accident they were in its never their fault. She immediately stood up and ran out. Katlego ran out after her,

“Zamo wait!”

She said as she left the room with her. I stood there victorious. I had gone zero to a hundred faster than I thought but I also think because I had a lot of bottled up anger over this girl. She knew how to get under my skin and she constantly did. The adrenalin in me was still pumping but she had said something I did not understand,

“What did you tell Ada?”

That was her question. I had not said anything as far as I am concerned I mean he had asked me about her and all I said was that she was not my friend. I am almost certain that’s what happened. I did not have a phone and I could not call Ada to ask what had happened. His number was on Katlego’s phone and even though the phone was on her bed I had never ever used it without permission. She had expressly said I should not speak to Ada on it.


I cursed out loud and not because I could not use it but because I had forgotten to tell him that he should not call me on it as I had promised her I would. I did not want her angry at me again especially now that I needed her to calm Zamo down. Violence in residence is punishable by immediate eviction like this was Big Brother. The adrenalin in me was shifting and turning into despair now. I was in trouble if she reported me. She had started but because I had done more harm this would be on me that much I had no doubt. I had to follow them. I took the key and walked to her room but she was not there. Instead they were in the bathroom were Zamo was nose bleeding,

“Zamo I am sorry!”

I told her as I entered the bathroom.

“Stay away from me you pyscho!”

She said to me with fear in her voice but firmly. Now I was the pyscho when she is the one who had come for blood.

“I will but I am sorry regardless!”

I told her. As I was about to turn away she said,

“What are you sorry for? You told your boyfriend that I was not your friend because I was crazy and he Abedi told me that he cannot be with a crazy person. I thought I was your friend but you made it clear with that!”

She said angrily but I immediately retorted,

“Hold up! I never said that. I never said that. Ada asked me about our friendship and I told her I am closer to Katlego than you and that was the end of it!”

I lied. Well I had to spice it up a bit but that is the jist of what I had said which was entirely true on my part.

“You are lying. I know you wanted Abedi too. I saw you at the party the way you were looking at him and at me. In the car I called dibs and you guys all agreed. You knew I liked him you did and he liked me too.”

She said angrily. This girl was delusional. Actually come to think of it, Ada is the one who had called her crazy it was not me. For him to have said that it means Abedi had told him she was or he personally had seen something she had done. I had not planned this at all.

“Well you got what you wanted. He has dumped me. Now I feel so dirty because after the party he came back and fetched me. We fucked and now he has thrown me away. I feel like a prostitute now because when a guy fucks you once and dumps you it’s what you look like. This is all you fault and you will get what is coming to you!”

She said angrily washing the blood away. Zamo might not be my friend but I have to say this, the problem with girls is that we are willing to drop a friend over a man. We don’t even think twice when it comes to that. When she made the threat I was more than certain that it would be painful.

“Guys stop, we are fighting over guys we have only known for three days come on ladies we are better than this!”

Katlego intervened but Zamo retorted,

“Katlego stay out of this. This bitch caused all this and she will pay for it!”

Should I hit her again. I was itching for it I really was but I held myself back. Ubani sfebe between the two of us. She had just slept with a man she knew for less than two days yet she had the nerve to call me that.

“Samke please just go back to the room you are not making the situation better right now.”

Katlego asked me and I agreed with her. My intention was to make her calm down as opposed to making her angrier. Right now was not the time to talk to her. It was definitely not.

“Do you have Zethu’s number and can I call her with your phone if you do?”

I asked Katlego who agreed that I could. I was scared to be honest, what if Zamo opened a case of assault. She was that girl who always spoke about how she knew her rights so this was something she could definitely do. I had a lot to think about. I went back to the room and I called Zethu. At first she thought it was Katlego but when I said it was me she immediately said,

Weh mfethu I have been trying to call you!”

She said immediately.

“My phone was stolen this morning but am not calling because of that. I need to come chill by you for a few hours. I just beat up Zamo so its tense here!”

I told her.

“You did what? Unescefe that girl I am glad you put her in her place. I am actually in your res about to go to my place. Let’s meet at reception!”

She said and just like that and without warning I packed an overnight bag just in case and I went to wait for her downstairs. Tomorrow was school so I had books with me just in case. I still had not finished my assignments in any case. She came down about 15 minutes after me.

“Welcome to my crib!”

She said when we got to her place. She stayed in an apartment and walking in I immediately realised that she was one of the rich kids.

“Won’t your roommate mind?”

I asked her.

“Mind what? I live alone I don’t have a roommate!”

She said laughing. Her room I am very certain if it was student accommodation in Durban, in those flats in Berea would probably have three students. She had a room separate from a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

“Dude this is too much space, ngingaba nomzwangedwa if I lived alone!”

I told her and she laughed at me an called me funny. She made me feel self-conscious to be fair because she seemed to have everything.

“What happened with Zamo?”

She asked me. We had not discussed it on the way because there are too many ears out there.

“She came and accused me of saying something to Ada about Abedi and then she shoved me and I fell. I don’t know what got over me because I just stood up and I beat her up!”

I told her. She was really shocked by it all but she was with me all the way.

“And now she just told me that she slept with him after the party like what the hell is up with her?”

I added at the end.

“You were not in the car with us. She practically begged him in the car it was ridiculous really. She wanted to go back with him immediately but he refused but I guess that was for show.”

She said laughing. It stung me a bit that she had slept with him and you know how there is that saying that friends don’t go where another friend has been. He could never be mine now.

“My soccer player asked me out and I said yes.”

She announced and what Katlego had told me just came back to me. Shit. Do I tell her about him or not? She was a new friend and I did not want to lose her over it.

*******THE END*****

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