Origins of a Slay

Chapter Five

If you have never been caught by someone playing with yourself then you will never understand how embarrassed I was at that moment. I honestly felt like asking the universe why it was always me that got into these weird situations. Back home I was never the clumsy type yet coming here I felt like my confidence was at an all-time low because I actually felt very little even amongst the girls. I think It was the environment because I came from a small school in a small town which just made this university feel so big. I honestly felt like I did not belong. I was so embarrassed I did not know what to say. I really wanted to bury my head in the ground because having a wet dream is one thing but for someone to actually catch you at it.

“Oh God no!”

I said covering my head under my blanket. It smelled of sex. Had I? No. Come on.

“You can’t hide. It’s almost lunch. You need to eat because already you skipped breakfast. Go bath so we can go eat!”

Katlego said, stood up and left the room leaving me to hide my face in shame. Of all the roommates in the world honestly why had I been so blessed.


That guy must have given me something because this was my first dream like that ever. I could not for the life of me understand why he had made me react so lustfully. This was not me and going out with them tonight would be a terrible idea. I went to bath and when I came back Zamo and Katlego were already waiting for me which annoyed me. In my head I was praying that Katlego had not told my nemesis what had happened and fortunately Zamo seemed too eager to want to be my friend.

“You slept in so late I was so worried you guys would not wake up! We have so much planning to do for tonight?”

Zamo was saying.

“What is happening tonight?”

I asked her acting oblivious to what was going on. Zamo was horrified and immediately stood up and said,

“NO please don’t do this. You know we are going out with those guys tonight. You said you would remember please don’t ruin this for us. You know they invited all of us so Katlego and I can’t go alone. Right Kat?”

She said turning to her friend looking for back up.

“Please tell Samke that we have to all go together if this will work!”

My nemesis pleaded. After that dream I no longer felt that this was a good idea because I knew this guy would make me lose myself. This was a bad idea if ever there was any such thing.

“No I am not up for it sorry guys!”

I told the girls.

“Samke is right. It’s one thing to take champagne from strangers but to go out with them is something else. I am not comfortable with this either!”

Katlego suddenly said which just made Zamo lose her marbles. She went from how selfish we were being right down to begging the other two to reconsider.

“Guys whenever have girls like us been invited to sit in VVIP in a real club? This could be our first and only chance please guys ngiycela please let’s go!”

She begged pitifully. Even I was moved by the depths she went to convince us. I still did not think it was a good idea but oh well…

“Guys i don’t know how i feel about going to be stocko at people we don’t knows party!”

I told them.

“Please don’t ruin this for us. Whenever do we get to have fun like this?”

She begged again. At this stage after all the begging and resisting i think deep down i knew that i was going. You don’t have such a dream and decide to sit it out.

“Ok guys we can go!”

I said and immediately my nemesis screamed in joy and hugged me.

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

She said and even though it was awkward i felt happy for her. She really wanted this so badly. The rest of the afternoon was spent figuring out outfits. I noticed Katlego was not her usual chirpy self. I forgot to mention that Katlego sucked her finger like babies do. Whenever she was deep in thought her finger would instinctively find its way to her mouth. This was also true when she was bored.

“Is everything ok?”

I eventually asked her when i caught her for the third time with thumb in mouth.

“Everything is fine Samke!”

She said in an indifferent tone. I wanted to push further but i knew her well enough to know when to drop it.

“Ok cool.”

I responded. It was already getting late when Zamo called Katlego to tell her that he had called and was on his way. She did not say which of the two guys it was but i felt my heart flutter.

“Should we take the champagne?”

I asked the girls when Zamo came and they both said no at the same time and we all laughed.

“I am so nervous!”

Katlego finally admitted and so was I. The only person who seemed sure of herself was Zamo who then said,

“Guys he is outside! Let’s go!”

Walking out of the room. This time we had dressed up. There is that scene in the movie Mean Girls when Caddie walks out with the IT girls for the first time and it’s in slow motion. That was us. We looked absolutely gorgeous and yup, Zamo was in the middle.


He said with a big smile on his face when we got to the car. I had expected that Ada would be the one here but it was actually Mr. Yummy Yum himself. Honestly if men were made in the image of God then where was He when all the other average looking men were made. If truly men were made in the image of God then Heavenly Father you are Beautiful ah. This was insane.

“How are you?”

Zamo immediately and moved in for a hug. Much as I wanted this man and the things that he made my body feel i could never behave like Zamo. It was not even my pride that would not let me, at this stage that was all gone to be honest, my knees simply would not move. He made my mouth dry up just by looking at him. Then there was that dream.

“I am good ladies!”

He said as he moved on to hug Katlego. Suddenly his phone rang as he got to me making him turn away before he could hug me. My arms were already in that hug arc formation which made it seem like he had dummied me and was very embarrassing. Zamo saw it. Why oh Lord must it always be her and i could see the satisfaction in her face. If she was not wearing so much make up on she would probably have laughed.

“Ladies we are a bit behind time!”

He said without getting off the phone. He opened the front passenger side door and immediately Zamo jumped in. With the way i had just been embarrassed it was not even an issue. He opened the door Katlego and me and closed it as he went round.

“Guys if i haven’t already said it dibs on the Abedi!”

Zamo said boldly. I did not even know what dibs meant because that’s again another word these model C kids use.

“Good luck with that. A guy like that probably has a hundred girlfriends!”

Katlego responded.

“Then i will be one of the hundred!”

She responded i think i had gotten the jist of what they were talking about. Zamo had just marked Abedi as her territory.

Nkulunkulu ngicela ungibambe!”

I prayer silently. I did not want a police record. I had never felt this intensely for a person which is what made this seem so strange and definitely foreign to me. Katlego was sitting directly behind him whilst i was behind Zamo. He spoke a bit longer on the phone before eventually he stopped.

“So birthday girl how was the rest of your big day?”

He asked me.

“I spent the whole day sleeping. I was actually very tired as i never go out.”

I responded. Even talking to him made butterflies in my stomach.

“She did not even get to open the champagne imagine! We were supposed to be popping that bottle but this one here decided that sleeping was the best policy!”

Zamo said in what I am not sure was a joke or a diss.

“Champagne tastes better at night i think. If you guys had drank it during the day i am sure it would not have tasted the same!”

He said with a smile. It’s not like he was looking at me. From my angle i could see his facial expressions.

“You said we were behind time, where exactly are we going?”

Katlego asked him. You know with us women sometimes we defy logic. These strangers had offered us a party to attend and we had accepted without getting the full details. With women, we believe that the more we are the safer we are but these men constantly remind us that this is not the case. I was actually disappointed in myself.

“Yesterday the plan was that we would go to Tokyo Sky in Fourways but we realized that we were too many so the party has moved to Lonehill.”

He said casually. I actually swallowed hard and from a side glance I so that Katlego did too. A club is a public place where many people see you hence it’s much safer than a private residence. For the first time i asked me hard questions.

“What’s in Lonehill?”

Katlego asked trying to sound friendly.

“Ada is the one who volunteered to host the party hence why he did not come with me to pick you up. We are going to have a braai and all.”

He responded. The club party had turned into a house party. I was not comfortable with this at all. I had so many questions now and one of them was ‘what if we were kidnapped’? I had genuine panic in me because we had been taught that foreign men kidnap South African girls. That’s the rhetoric everywhere so now i was not sure what to think.

“I have never been to Lonehill before, how far is it?”

I asked him.

“Thirty minutes from your campus!”

He said and before i could ask further questions Zamo did what she did best,

“You guys are boring with all the questions. Please play some Naija music. I like DBanj and PSquared!”

She told him. Zamo might not have been my friend but i know for a fact she did not like Nigerian music. Often she would complain to Katlego on how all African music was backward hence why she always made the Maskandi jokes.

“Oh you into Naija music. I want you to listen to this one. He is a friend of mine so tell me what you think?”

He asked whether he was just claiming or not i do not know but that was the first time i ever listened to Davido. Left to my thoughts the thirty minutes he had mentioned felt like hours. I tried to talk to Katlego but she was texting someone half the time and the music was too loud in any case to be heard. If something happened to me there was virtually no one i could tell. Then i remembered Zethu. I sent her a text.

“We going to a party in Lonehill. The guys we are going with are Abedi and Ada. They are Zamo’s friends. Thanks”

I told her. This girl will just think am weird at this rate but it did give me a small sense of comfort.

“We are here ladies!”

Abedi said and right there and then my heart stopped. There were no cars in sight and because of our music i could not tell if there was music inside.

“We going to die!”

I told myself as my heart started to beat faster.

****************THE END*******************

Dear Mike

Welcome back sir. I have been dating the same guy for 2 years now. He has always avoided me meeting his family until I threatened to break up with him over it. He agreed and I met them for the first time the day he proposed. I said yes and that evening we went to his parents how. I have never regretted a decision so much. The family are drunks and its not even the good type of drunk. I was meeting them for the first time and the father went outside and pissed in the yard. The mother is no better. My boyfriend was so embarrassed. The problem is I never managed to see him the same after that night and I worry that I will never get over it. The house was not so clean either it was just a mess.

What can I do about this?

Thank You


3 thoughts on “Chapter Five

  1. The situations I’ve got myself in as a young adult. I’m happy to know I’ve outgrown that senseless little girl i once was. Zamo uyaphapha struee
    @Mabo you can still break off the engagement. But maybe he was avoiding to show you his family bcz he is not like them so you should not judge him based on his family.

  2. Thank you mike. I missed this
    Mabopane I think that’s the reason why he didn’t want you to meet them. Talk to him about it than being so judgmental. He is not his parents

  3. Mabopane
    God gave you the guy not his parents. Talk to God. Pray for him and yourself. And put yourself in his shoes.

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