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Being pregnant is one of Gods greatest blessings on a woman. I have known women who

cannot conceive lose their minds on the failure of this one seemingly so simple thing in life. I have seen woman prone to miscarriage join every church they can, visit ever doctor they can just so they don’t have to go through the anguish of losing a baby. Make no mistake about it, at this very moment as Sfiso drove that is what was on my mind?

“Please God don’t make me lose my babies! Please God please!”

I prayed out loud. The pain was not as bad as the fear inside me.

“Don’t worry you will be fine!”

Sfiso tried to comfort me.

“Does this look fine to you?”

I screamed. He drove straight to the door of the hospital.

“I need help over here! I need help!”

He shouted as soon as he parked. There was a porter who came running with a wheelchair. It was not a nurse or doctor like they do in the movies.

“I have a doctor here. Her name is Ezile please call her!”

I told him.

“Oh I think I saw her enter! You are lucky I know her name she is one of the nice ones!”

He said. He took me to reception where I was taken up immediately. Two minutes later Ezile ran in,

“Chomi what’s wrong?”

She asked me and when she saw the blood she immediately called for the resident gynae in the hospital. They agreed that they should sedate me and it was that moment that I really panicked.

“Am I losing the baby?”

I asked them but no one answered.

“Ezile please I need to know!”

I asked again but at that moment the drug had really set in as I passed out. I don’t know how long I was under and when you in that space you don’t dream. It was pitch black and I don’t even think I dreamt. It was two hours later that I woke up really groggy from the anesthetic. There was someone sitting on the visitors chair in the room but it took me a while before I could recognize who it was.

“You are up at last!”

The voice said and as my vision cleared I recognized who it was,


I whispered hoarsely. Then the thoughts came back in me in a rush,

“My babies?”

I asked,

“Relax my dear, I have good news, you did not lose the babies! They are perfectly fine”

She told me and the tears starting rolling down my cheeks.

“Thank you!”

I responded to her. My mouth was so dry.

“Can I get some water please?”

I asked her.

“Yes of course. Anesthetic tends to leave your mouth dry but its ok!”

She told me. I drank a bit of water and then blinked with renewed hope.

“So what happened?”

I asked her.

“Well there is a bit of a problem with your uterus lining. We managed to halt that but I won’t lie, you will have to be in hospital for a few days whilst it heals. We need to monitor it for a while longer!”

She explained. That was fine by me. I just did not want to rush home and have the same problem.

“Lungi there is a guy outside waiting to see you! He said he came with you but I don’t know him!”

She told me. I don’t think she had ever met Sfiso. She was familiar with Simba and Mbilahelo.

“It must be Sfiso!”

I told her.

“Please tell him that I can’t be seen today. Its doctors orders that I must rest!”

I pleaded with her. She looked at me skeptically before she responded,

“Ok cool I will tell him!”

She went out and told leaving me alone to my thoughts and the mess I had made of my life. I was no longer young; I was unemployed and pretty much single when the dust settled. Ezile came back with a confused look on her face,

“Lungi that guy says he is the father of your twins? I know it’s not my place to pry but friend what is going on?”

She asked me. This girl desperately wanted to be my friend and I could not for the life of me figure out why. It’s not like I was the nicest person to her but she kept on coming back.

“Eish it’s a long story and I don’t even know what to think because condom must have burst ntoni ntoni now here I am. Mbilahelo proposed to marry me because he thinks his brother is the father!”

I told her.

“The one who passed away?”

She asked me.

“Yes the one and only. It’s so bad that he even told his family this and I don’t know what to do now!”

I told her looking the other side feeling very ashamed of myself at this moment. How had I become Brooke from the Bold and the Bloody Fools? Even Ezile could not hide her confusion with my story but she managed to smile as she said,

“Look on the bright side, at least someone wants you! The rest of us girls out here don’t even have prospects!”

She told me as she stood up to check on something.

“I need to emphasize something though as both doctor and friend Lungile and please take me seriously ok!”

She told me,

“Yes what is it?”

I asked her.

“Part of the reason why you are having a troubled pregnancy is because of stress. A lot of women do not realize that sometimes severe stress can even cause miscarriages. If I was you I will put my paternity issues very far at the back of my head. It’s important you understand this!”

She told me.

“I don’t even think I know how to with all that’s going on. Remember I told you I lost my job?”

I asked her. I had told her the day she took me out for lunch at Melrose and we ended up at Simba’s,

“Yes I recall!”

She responded,

“I had an interview planned for tomorrow through Simba meaning I was 100% sure the job was mine now you are saying that I can’t leave this place in the next couple of days! Do you see how things are just falling apart?”

I asked her.

She nodded.

“Then there is my medical aid, I don’t even know if it will cover this but if it doesn’t I am screwed!”

I told her and she responded,

“No Lungi this one is important, medical aid and car insurance are like life itself. When you are pregnant unless you want to chance it with government clinics and hospitals you would rather be in the system! That one you make whatever plan you have to so that you stay on it Lungi!”

She emphasized.

“You think I don’t know that! If I don’t get the job tomorrow I am thinking of selling my car for the lump sum that comes with it just so I can survive!”

I confided in her what has been on my mind.

“Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is though?”

I asked her,

“To have to sell your assets and smile to the world pretending that everything is fine when the truth it’s not?”

The tears just rolled down my cheeks as I said this. I had worked so damn hard to get where I was and lost it all. Maybe I should just have kept my mouth shut at work and not challenged the white people! It’s nice to be an activist until you can’t eat then it feels pointless because they move on whilst you don’t.

“Friend I hear you fully well where you are coming from but that’s why you have friends. We will help you where we can so don’t over think this because I want to be an aunt to twins so don’t lose them for us!”

She told me as her phone rang. She was being called somewhere else in the hospital.

“Lungi I will come and see you later ok! I have a few patients to see but tonight am on call so I am going to bug you as much as possible!”

She said and with that she left me alone. Maybe I shouldn’t have chased Sfiso away because now I was alone and alone means you end up thinking thoughts that you should not think of. I needed to tell my sister what had happened. I pressed the beep thing and the nurse came in,

“Do you know where my phone is?”

I asked her.

“Yes it’s at the desk with us! When a patient is sedated we take away things life phones for safekeeping!”

She explained. She basically was telling me that because nurses are thieves too it was hospital policy to not want to be sued.

“Oh ok thank you. May I please have my phone; I have not told my family what happened yet!”

I told her as she left to fetch my phone. I did not want to tell Mbilahelo because I did not want him bumping into Sfiso here before I could devise a plan on how to let him down gently. The nurse came with my phone and my first thought was to call my aunt but I knew she would lecture me about ancestors which I really did not need right now. I wanted to heal stress free. I called my sister instead and she picked up immediately.

“I am in hospital!”

I told her before she even greeted me.

“Hospital? What happened?”

She asked me.

“The doctor said it’s because I was stressed I don’t know! It’s the same hospital I was in the last time please come!”

I told her. I don’t know where she was but she was there within the hour. She was just as panicked as I was earlier but seeing her there made it all better.

“Don’t worry I am fine!”

I reassured her after I told her the whole story of what had happened. She was crying as I told her then when I finished she said,

“Oh God it’s my entire fault!”

She proclaimed.

“No it’s not your fault. That fight we had in the car yesterday is water under the bridge,”

I reassured her.

“No you don’t understand Lungi, I am so sorry. I thought if I told Sfiso you won’t make such bad decisions. I figured, oh my God what have I done, I figured that it won’t hurt Sfiso like it did Mbuso. I am so sorry!”

She told me.

“Wait you told Sfiso that I was pregnant with his twins?”

I asked her in disbelief.

“Yes. I called him and I told him. I thought I was doing it for you but…”

Before she could even continue I screamed,

“Please just get out!”

I told her!

“Get out!”

I screamed. The nurse ran into the room,

“What’s wrong? Doctor gave specific orders that you shouldn’t…”

I was hearing none of it!

“Get out! You had no right to!”

I screamed.

Next thing they were sedating me again!

I was so angry!

So much for being stress free!

**********The End************

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Good day mike and the readers.
I would like your help on something.

Its a long story but I will try to be short. I am a baby mama, I have 2kids a 5 year old and a 3 year old. The father just passed away recently. He got sick and depressed that he ended up losing his job. He was a policemen. When he died he was waiting for his pension money. He got fired sometime last year around August. When I heard that he is getting pension money I went to his work to ask if there will be anything for the kids. They told me since I never filed for maintenance there is nothing they can do its up to him to give his kids money. But now that he has died. I would like to know what can I do so that my kids can at least get a portion on that. Or if there is anything that my kids can get. I even went to court with him court but they told me that I cant file maintenance when his not working anymore That its up to him to give the kids money. But now his gone.
Please help
Baby mama

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  1. Saps ensures that all kids of the deceased are seen to financially… So if he had other kids other than your 2 then they too will be entitled to his pension. Just as long as you ND the kids are known by the family to avoid social workers mediation ND possible paternity tests that prolong the whole process even further than it takes anyway

  2. Baby Mama. Join the group Legal Talk SA on Facebook, its a group of lawyers. They will best advise you on a way forward

  3. Dear Baby mama
    you need to contact the GEPF (CHECK THEIR NUMBERS ON GOOGLE) and tell them you want to submit a claim for Orphanage pension , they will tell you everything that you need to submit directly to them.
    don’t go to his workplace deal with GEPF DIRECTLY they will assist you.

  4. The Dr told you not to stress and you busy yelling on top of your voice mnxxxxxm Lungile mnxxxm, you can be selfish at times.

  5. So now Lungi is going to miss that interview?
    Lungi forgets that her aunt can see everything, she knows right now that something is amiss

  6. babby mama.
    Join Legal talk South Africa on Face Book they will legally advice you on this matter, especially if you cant afford a lawyer. Good luck

  7. Poor Lungi, she always mess up, she shoul have called her aunt about this shem, Lungi was warned many times by her aunt, she just did not listen, she must stay away from sfiso.

  8. BabyMama, your kids are entitled to what we will call Child grant as amended. before it was known as orphan benefits.
    please contact the GEPF for more information.

  9. Baby mama you can approach the Masters Office and claim maintenance from the deceased’s estate…
    With regards to the pension fund GEPF will be able to assist…

  10. I wanted to express what I was thinking about but could not get the past tense of “think”. I thought about it for a while and could not come to an answer, until this afternoon. So I am going to say it very simple:
    I thinked that this year Mike is doing something we call “uyakhekheleza” (sorry I know no translation of the term) but then I thanked that he is cooking “Abazalwane”.

  11. Mike I am really disappointed in you now, maybe we should find ourselves a new blogger who won’t disappoint us like you do

  12. Mike, it is very hard to keep on supporting you when you keep doing this without any explanations. We are always blamed for not supporting each other as Africans but I believe its things like this that ultimately makes people to stop believing in one’s talent and abilities……Not personal just my two cents opinion….Personally I will never log in again….thanks for all the past great work who have done thus far…..Cheers

  13. So we’ve been left high and dry yet again. Hayi sana this relationship has become too much to handle shame. The neglect has reached higher grade kalokhu😢😢 We are no longer loved

  14. Wonder what the excuse will be this time, personally I was waiting for you to completely finish YES and I was done. Maureen covered everything perfectly. I honestly think you want people to keep checking constantly just so you can increase your traffic.

  15. Wenze the same thing with Missteps and we tried to move on …I’ll stick around till you finish with uYes and I’ll be out…this is the last time I’m being hurt .

  16. And it’s not like Mike is the only one running this blog. Why can’t S’fiso or someone update us about any progress or setback? Honestly, we’re trying as well. We understand that Mike might be under pressure but how hard is it to send an update “Blog on hold due to unforeseen circumstances” and then properly update us later? Well then, guess what? You’ve lost so many supporters due to inconsistency and lack of respect.

  17. you know that feeling when you longing for something and that something is right there infront of you, you see it everyday but you cant have / taste it, sometimes you just zoom out and be in your own planet when you think about it ….
    somiso Vakahina xa vava, please give us one last more Mike please

  18. I will never leave mina brA MIkisto..vele ayikho i relationship e smooth.All of them hve their ups n downs but the most important thing is nevr giving up on one another.And right now…Im never giving up on us 😂😂.though its tough waiting and your silence is killing me😢i will wait and we will pick up from wre we left off wen yu get back😏😏im sure Mike has a solid reason though

  19. I guess since its a free service we can’t complain? Talk about customer satisfaction. Twice in one month….

  20. So Cinga of Pieces of my heart always pulled the same stunt. Now she came backwith a subscription for her books and many other writers.
    M guessing Mike is on that path too. Beats me ukuthi why they never communicate such things

  21. I’m personally feeling disrespected. I’m feeling like a popeye. I’m out here wasting data just to see if there is a post. Honestly Mike you do not owe us anything you are not contractually bound to post however as a sign of respect explain to us, the people who stand by you, what’s going on. Give us a heads up when you are going to go MIA. From your Diary of a Zulu girl days we have watched you grow from strength to strength and stood by you when you started charging us R5 for chapters. Cannot we not let disrecpect end this beautiful family.

    Any way, I hope you are okay.

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