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YES 218

“Gae Polokwane!”

My sister said to me as we joined the N1 to head to Limpopo for the funeral.

“We are not going to Polokwane we are going to Thohoyandou and those two places are two very different places!”

I explained to my sister. It’s no secret us people from KZN seem to think Limpopo is one thing yet they have three very different languages compared to the one of ours. We make jokes about them at every turn we get because who doesn’t want to pick on Limpopo I suppose. Look at Twitter for example when the tribalism starts we all hit Limpopo hard yet they are the one of two provinces to have given us not one but two presidents. I bet you didn’t know that, Kgalema Motlante and Cyril Ramaphosa are from there Reserve Bank Governor Kganyago, Caster etc. David Makhura premier of our KZN home away from home Gauteng is also from there. Tokyo Sexwale and yes Mama’s boy Julius Malema is from there. We have Jacob Zuma and are still running for cover after all his scandals but guess what we pick on Limpopo because they are fewer than us. We really are the white people of the black race in South Africa.

“Oh come on do you even know what I was trying to say or were it comes from?”

She asked me.

“No I don’t hey but I am sure that you were trying to put them down as usual!”

I told her. My sister’s tribal jokes were always about Limpopo so I guess this was me calling her out.

“Not today actually I was not. That Gae Polokwane is actually because of the GP number plate. People say it means that that’s why I said it!”

She said as we passed the first toll gate. Yes I had managed to convince my sister to come for the funeral with me and we had booked a BNB in Makhado so that we could avoid sleeping in Thohoyandou directly. I was told by Mbilahelo that from there it was literally a 50km trip so it was close enough. Early tomorrow morning the plan was we would wake up super early to complete the journey.

“I want food! I can’t travel long distance on an empty stomach! We don’t even know if there will be garages on the way so we better buy whilst we are still in Gauteng!”

My sister said. It had started. She had always been like this even growing up. To go on a trip with my sister meant she wanted to stop at every garage along the way and pee. She was a terrible traveler but she always played good music and made good conversation.

“You are telling me that a road that is full of travelers won’t have garages?”

I asked her calling out her ignorance’s and biases.

“I am not going to take chances. We are going to a place we don’t know so we just need to be prepared!”

She said defiantly. The point was not to fight with her so I grit my teeth and put it at the back of my mind. I swear the way people from KZN look down on Limpopo you would think we come from overseas.

“Please don’t drink anything otherwise we will never get there! You would want to pee everywhere and you did say that you don’t know where we are going”

I told her when we stopped at the Petroport soon after the first tollgate.

“It won’t end well!”

I continued and she laughed.

“I am not a child anymore I can handle it!”

She said I remembered the conversation I had just had with Nthabiseng about getting my sister when she was at a good point and I know music would do the trick plus a bottle of Savannah Dry. Ok I am exposing age here because the girls who love Savannah dry are mostly between the ages of 28 and 35. The rest are into these colorful cidars that are expensive for no reason.

“So what are you going to do about your situation with all the men in your life? If I didn’t know any better I would think you are trying to string three men along at the same time! I can assure you little sister that will not end well for you!”

She asking me laughing and I know when a question is serious and it’s not a joke.

“What three men?”

I asked her acting naïve but teasing back. Today the music of choice was Vusi Nova and Musa. Being Zulu means I can understand a bit of Xhosa and when I say this man can sing I mean it with all my heart. My sister had always had good music taste and this playlist was just right.

“I don’t what I am doing hey. I feel like I am moving back and forth in circles with this and with the calling I realize more than ever that I can’t seem to be able to make a straight decision and stick to it. Something always seems to happen when I have my things prepared. Aye it’s really complicated hey. Let’s start with you because my stories will last the whole trip. How are things with the hubby?”

I asked her trying to sound very casual.

“He is fine but I am already starting to feel uneasy. When we were together before the break all I ever wanted was for his attention but it never came. Now that we are back all I get is his attention but I feel like if I open up too much I fear getting my heart broken again. I never want to be that crying woman again!”

She said to me biting into the Steers burger we had bought at the garage.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you make him put his new found wealth into a trust in which you are both signatories. If he does that you know he will never want to screw you over. If he refuses to do it then you will know he is just pushing time! It’s just a thought!”

I told her trying to sound disinterested and not pushy.

“A Trust you say/ isn’t that too hard?”

She asked me.

“I don’t know hey but it’s just a thought. This way you have peace of mind and if he refuses you can end up with person you really want, Mbuso!”

I told her. My sister liked Mbuso. It was obvious that they had chemistry but the fact that once upon a time I had been with him made it very awkward for her. I understood that part but denying a person true happiness in all honesty is cruel.

“I wouldn’t even know where to start. Can you please ask your friend Nthabiseng how it works?”

She asked me.

“Oh ok I will call when we get back. I have never asked her about such things so let’s hope she knows and does not try to charge us!”

I told her. I was trying to act as though this was the first time the idea came to mind because if there is one thing I know it’s that my sister was more manageable when you made her believe that an idea came from her not the other way round.

“Anyway enough about me, you have not briefed me about how Tsitsi and her brother went. Mbuso told me a bit about it but you never told me the story.”

She explained. It’s true I had never told her the story so I started at the beginning to how they knew each other to what had happened at the house.

“I don’t think it’s fair that they blamed you but I see why the coincidence was too big to ignore. Was she kept in jail?”

She asked me.

“I spoke to Simba in the morning and he says that she is still in jail but because of her addiction they might send her to rehab first before anything can happen with her. You did not see her hey she was in a bad state and she needs help!”

I told her.

“I feel sad for Simba though because if he is only getting her back in his life now losing her again like this will be a hard blow!”

She said and I agreed with her. It was something I had thought of which made it even more complicated for me as I had been caught in the centre of this.

“Now back to you and Mbuso? Does he know you have gone back to your husband?”

I asked her.

“Wow come on he is not as dumb as he looks!”

She told me.

“Well you didn’t answer me though!”

I told her.

“Yes he knows that. I told him that I have to at least make my marriage work because the opportunity to do so is there and he agreed with me.”

She told me and before I could pursue further I was disturbed by my phone ringing on the car phone. The number on my phone said,


I even said it out loud because I was not expecting that. I knew it was not her but a dead person phone calling you is creepy all the same.

“Pick it up!”

My sister said.


I answered.

“Hello Lungi is this you?”

An elderly woman’s voice said on the line.

“Yes it is me!”

I told her,

“I am sorry who is this?”

I asked the lady.

“Its Rudzani’s mother, is now a good time to talk?”

She asked me.

“Yes it is I will always have time for you!”

I reassured the grieving mother.

“Thank you. Is there any chance you can speak for our daughter on behalf of her colleagues. She would have loved that. One of the people she worked with speaking for her.”

Her mother explained.

“There is no one else we know please do this for her! Please help us bury our daughter!”

She said and the way she asked me that brought me tears to my eyes. Rudzani was always a loner, the quiet one so to say and she struggled in making friends. I am not surprised that her mother found only me from her colleagues.

“It will be my pleasure but I am also attending the other funeral as I knew them both!”

I explained to her.

“Please don’t humiliate my daughter. Imagine not one colleague speaking on her behalf how will her soul rest with such. Ndi khou to luvhelela!”

She said to me. I think the last part she had said that she was begging me child I am not sure but I heard her. I could feel her mother’s pain in that moment. That’s the problem when you commit suicide; people blame you and don’t want to come to your funeral. I believe is wrong because no one is perfect.

“No worries I will do it with pleasure!”

I reassured her. She spoke a bit longer thanking me profusely before we hung up.

“Lungi what are you doing?”

My sister asked me in shock!


I asked her even though I knew why she was asking.

“You can’t be at two funerals at once and you know what it will look like to Mbilahelo if you don’t come for his brother and you choose the person who killed him!”

She explained.

She was telling me what I already knew.

What was I going to do now?

**********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Sir

I am truly honored to share my story with you and the readers.

I had been single for over three years because the last guy I dated hurt me rather badly. From then onwards I kept myself far away from men. I remember when I broke up with my ex I almost died because I loved him so much. In January I met a guy in the mall. We were not even supposed to talk after the mall but he was so charming and we just clicked. We swapped numbers the same day and I was actually supposed to be on my way to another date which I ended up cancelling. The guy and I started dating casually because I told him I was not looking for anything deep as I had been out of the game for so long. He did not refuse but he treated me as though I was the only girl in the world and that made me fall in love with him. A month ago he just stopped. He stopped doing everything he used to do and when I confronted him about it he said to me that he has been going all out and I don’t even appreciate so he has gone to look for someone who does. Guys I am in panic mode. The more I try to get his attention the more he pulls away. I like this guy a lot and this one is on me. What do I do to get him back on the table?

Help a sister out please! I messed up.

Thank You


37 thoughts on “YES 218

  1. @Brakpan, one thing that I have learned in my 10 years of dating and finally being a wife is that if a man truly loves you nothing will make him go, from what I have observed is this guy wants out and he is just making a lame excuse.

    You got a raw deal out of this and please don’t blame yourself for falling for him. Some men are trash and thats that but there are good ones too.

    Yours will eventually come and make you understand why it never worked out with the rest.

    Stop chasing this guy, stop calling him and continue being fabulous. There is nothing wrong staying single, yes it gets lonely but wait upon God to make everything right for you.

    1. I couldnt agree with you more. This “panic mode” will just make Brakpan lower her stanards, all in the name of ‘fighting for this guy’……. Just thank God He removed him from your life in early stages of this situationship, and wait for the guy who is will to fight for you to be in his life. Let him go!

  2. Thank you Bhut Mike for the daily dose 🙂

    I couldn’t agree with Lekgarebe Le Lebotse La Mopedi more…I too was single for quite a while before I met my boyfriend, whom I have been dating for 4 years now.. When a man loves you , he will stop at nothing from doings for you and to you ( beautiful things I mean ) …My boyfriend till this day still humbles himself before me…even when I am in the wrong *hides* but he will do anything and everything to make sure that there is peace!!

    So if this man wants to go…then let him go dear …. Pray for the man you want…It may seem like its ridiculous, but it works….pray…and the right guy will come to you!! 🙂

    All the best nhe


  3. Thanks Mike.

    Brakpan: “When people walk away from you, let them walk. They are not tied to you. You can’t make them stay” TD Jakes…
    Let him continue walking. Let him be Johnnie Walker. He is not meant for you. Yours is still coming.
    Don’t panic. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were not created to beg anybody to be with you.

    Stay blessed

  4. Why do I feel like Lungi will be exploited in Rudzani’s funeral? I feel like issa trap, after all didn’t Rudzani’s family receive that suicide note that explain how Lungi is all part of her Suicide? Hai No I have a bad feeling.

  5. Tsitsi going to jail is a good thing. Simba will never not know where she is now
    Brakpan, let him go sisi. Never beg a man to stay

  6. Some relationships are just hit and run, so he has shown you his true colors. Let him be, trying to win him back means that you will always be the begger in the relationship.

    Lungi, if i were you girl, i would speak to Mbilahelo and explain this. but are the funerals on the same day, given that these pple were dating. surely, if they are from the same village, then most people will be split and choose which funeral to attend.

  7. Lol good question Dee
    Brakpan ai sis you didn’t mess up that guy was never yours to begin with,he saw that you were charmed when you first met and took advantage of you…never ever share your past with a new partner before you get to know each other very well coz for some reason they will just do exactly the same as your ex’s. don’t panic dear just be greatfull that he left rather early than later you’ll pass this and trust me your Mr wright is comming its just that some of us have to kiss so many frogs before we get 1.

  8. Nhai Mike ko when is Lungi and Mbilahelo going to start dating this thing is taking too long now..tipei nyaya yacho haasati atomboenda kunoita zveu sangoma zvake ndakuneta nekumirira..

  9. Abuti Mike we are dying here please give us our dose, and let us know if u are okay as well please we are worried manje, u never go this long without atleast letting us know whats wrong

  10. Morning Mike, hope you are well. You are too quite for comfort. Please give a shout out that all is well with you.

  11. morning Mike am staring to feel like bipolar tendencies where the F are you ????????????????????????????? you better wake up from the coma you are in or what not, please communicate with us it is vital you do so.

  12. Bra mike ur killing us.hope ur well its so unlike u 2 leave us this long without saying anything

  13. Mike this is damn unacceptable.

    YOU CANT GO MIA here yet you busy posting on your social media pages!!!

    Can you tell us what is going on with you???

  14. Tjooooooo.u no when a guy stops calin and they avoid ur calls for no reason n u wonder gore now what de fudge(that feeling) dis is hw m feeling rite Mr Maphoto if u r posting on social media it means u r ok i thought myb u r sick or smthing so what de fudgr vele?????

  15. guys whats happening has mike stopped writing, I last read ‘YES 218 N MAJUBA 96’ .. m I the only one behind ??

  16. iyo vele Mike kanjalo nje ……I check everyday like a love sick puppy hoping there is something .. what the fudge vele ??

  17. dololo………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  18. bathong, really? not even a note to inform us of your absence? usually you let us know how you are doing and stuff.

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