Majuba 94

There is a huge difference between making love and having sex. I had slept with

Naledi and yes whilst the physical actions were the same I can honestly say even for us men the emotions behind it are not the same as it felt with Londiwe. With Londiwe there was a connection I could feel even in the way that she held me. I know a lot of people want to think that sex is all the same but it’s not. Different people have different needs.

“That was amazing!”

Londiwe said when we went to bed. It was indeed and the next thing I passed out as soon as my head touched the pillow. I was back in the bedroom where I belonged. In the morning I woke up late which was rather embarrassing because I had intended to be early so that I could go after my mother.

“Shit! Londiwe!”

I called out as soon as I sat up. She was not in bed with me. There was no answer and when I got up I looked for her and she was not there. I went and checked for her handbag and it too was not there. I know my person and if the handbag was not there she had gone to town or something.

“What’s wrong with her? Why didnt she wake me up?”

I asked myself out loud as I ran into the bathroom to take a shower! There was no water. Do you have any idea how irritating it si to open the water then next thing nothing comes out. That was me at that moment. I was annoyed.

“Come on.”

We had had sex in the shower yes but after sex you always feel like the smell of it lasts longer. My phone had been off since last night clearly but I don’t remember switching it off. I have an alarm activated on it and had it been on I would have woken up earlier. I could not even do a dry bath because we actually did not even have water anywhere.

“Londiwe where are you?”

I found myself leaving a voicemail on her phone when I called her. She had not picked up but it had ringed right through. As soon as I was done the lawyer called.

“Good morning!”

He said casually and fresh. This man had been working last night and he sounded fresher than me.

“Morning. I am still a bit busy can I get back to you?”

I asked him.

“No we have to talk now as I have court shortly. It’s about your mother are we proceeding or not so that in my absence I can put a team on it right away. I have a lady who is really good at criminal cases just give the word!”

He said to me.

“Like I said please with all due respect let me get back to you. My wife is missing so I will call you!”

I told him.

“Naledi is missing? Have you told the father oh my goodness that’s bad? I must offer my support to him!”

He said being all dramatic. There was still confusion on who my wife was because well I was confused too.

“No relax missing as in she left for work without telling me! Don’t panic. We will talk and call her father for no reason because it’s not that kind of missing!”

I told him. White people only suck up to black people when you have something they want. Naledi’s father had money meaning that he was an important client to him. He would even have dropped his court today to go to the house to offer support. They surely know how to keep a client happy.

“Oh ok then but please get back to me because I am worried about this!”

He said as he hung up.

“Londiwe where are you?”

I asked out loud. The logic was that I go to the police station as it made more sense. She will call me when she needs me. I was not too confident though because I was not the type to go somewhere without bathing. It did not make me feel comfortable. I drove there and the trip was pretty slow because of traffic.

“Officer hi, I am here to see my mother. She was arrested last night!”

I told him.

“If it’s your mother then you are late. We have no women in the cells so she is gone!”

The policewoman said without even bothering to look up at me as she spoke.

“Maam I came to see her yesterday and she was in there!”

I told her.

“Has anyone been taken to court today?”

I asked her.

“Nope. The only lady was released today. The charges against her were dropped. I saw her myself she left with her daughter!”

She told me.


I said out loud.

“Who is that?”

The officer asked me.

“No its ok never mind! Thank you!”

I said as I left the station. Why had she gone to release my mother alone without telling me? I called my mother’s phone and it was also off. I decided to gamble and go to the house because I was certain from there she would go home. I rushed over there.

“Mmapula is my mother home?”

I asked the maid as soon as the door opened.

“Yes she is. She is sleeping!”

She said. I was so confused. Now the question was why had my mother not called me. I had to go home now because if she was here it meant she was safe. All this running up and down was tiring me out.

“Londiwe what’s going on? You went to release my mother without telling me and I was worried sick about you and her!”

I practically shouted her at her when I entered the flat.

“Wow is this your way of saying thank you?”

She asked me as she ate a bowl of cereal.

“I don’t get it. Why didn’t you tell me?”

I asked her again. I don’t know if I was being crazy right now as it had already been done but this was someone I deserved to know.

“I wanted to take care of it myself because it is my mother that did this so you won’t to hire expensive lawyers!”

She said to me.

“Love it’s not that I don’t appreciate I did not know what you were doing and what’s worse your phone was off!”

I told her sitting down in front of her because she clearly was not showing any signs of understanding why.

“I am part of this family too and when your mother is in harm’s way then I feel that too. Yesterday you made it seem like it was all about you and did not even consult me to approach this together because when it comes to your mother it’s a no go area!”

She explained to me. I recall distinctly asking her for her mother to rescind the accusation she had made and she had refused. She had totally refused but now if I was to remind her of that it could lead to a fight.

“Can I at least hug you?”

I asked her.

“Why? You are thanking me for something I am supposed to do!”

She said cheekily.

“It was not a favor!”

She went on to say.

“I know!”

I told her as I hugged her. I held her tightly.

“You still thanking me like it was not a natural thing to want to do for your mother in law!”

She mumbled. I did not entertain her. I was just relieved that this saga was over before it even began. I had a lot of things to do today though as I had to go see Naledi’s father about the tender. We needed to start it as soon as possible otherwise we would have more problems going forward. I called Tumi to tell him where I was going.

“I will be there with you but I can’t leave work. Please brief me when you are done!”

I did not like the idea of going alone but with my mother out of commission and Tumi out that left Naledi. She agreed and asked for me to pick her up. On my way there my mother called,

“I heard you were here!”

She said when she picked up the phone.

“Yes mum I was and I also went to the station. Londiwe did not tell me that she was going to take you out so I was surprised to find you gone. Why didn’t you call me though as soon as you got home?”

I asked her.

“Because I would have expected my son to have been there first thing in the morning not the daughter of the psychopath that put me there in the first place!”

My mother retorted. She was pissed off at me that one was obvious but like Londiwe I was not going to entertain her anger,

“At least you are home and Londiwe came through for us!”

I reminded her. She laughed then said,

“I was willing to forgive that wife of yours. I had already made peace with that. They are not like us then that woman comes and calls me a witch in my own yard over a lie. Imagine the gall!”

My mother said angrily.

“Mum I am not far from you I need to talk to you about something. Give me 20 minutes and I will be with you!”

I told her as I off ramped towards her. I needed to tell her what was going on because she had been caught off guard and didn’t know! For the second time today I ended up at the house with Mmapula opening for me.

“You are back! She is outside in the garden!”

She told me.

“Thank you!”

I said as I went right through.

“You know you never fully appreciate all this until you are in a tiny concrete cell. They don’t even give you blankets imagine and it was cold!”

She said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Mum I am sorry!”

I consoled her. It must have been a traumatic experience for her because my mother does not waste her tears. She is not that kind of lady.

“I will be fine; you said you wanted to tell me something?”

She said standing up.

“Yes please sit down!”

I told her.

“It sounds serious!”

She said as she took her sit.

“Mum, I will get straight to the point. She was not lying. I am marrying both Naledi and Londiwe and I am sorry you had to find out like that!”

I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy

“Of all the stupid children in the world God had to give me you?”

She said shaking her head.

“Please don’t evolve me in this nonsense! Just get out of my house!”

She said and she stood up and she left.

Ok then.

*************The End*******************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have never written to anyone before this is my first time. Hope you are all well.

I have been married for 7 years now to my husband. We met just after university, dated for a year before we got married. We had twins soon afterwards and everything was fine until last year. He reconnected with some old friends of his and I did not mind them at first. I have my old friends and I am not restricted from seeing them. He started getting shady in that he would hide his phone and always disappear on Friday afternoons and Saturdays especially. I could never catch him on what he was doing until one of my friends started dating a friend of his. The friend then told her that my husband was sleeping with a 17 year old who was neighbors with another of his friends. A grade 11 child imagine! I followed him from his work place in March to the girl. He went to pick her up from school and they went to a place we call the dam here! They didn’t even see me coming with his hands busy under her skirt. I beat the both with a tjambok and he ran away but the girl was not so fast. I caught her a few times with it as she ran. I left them there and he came back on Sunday (two days later) with his brother and sister to apologize. Bad mistake I was still angry. This time I beat him up properly! This guy wa ntlwaela sleeping around with kids whilst I am at home cooking, cleaning and feeding our children. Now he comes home after work every day on time and his phone is handed in to me as soon as he walks in. The problem with all this is that I have lost all respect for this man not even because he cheated but because I beat him up twice and won both times. I am not saying I want a man who beats me up but this guy just looks pathetic now. He has lost that respect I once had of him! Am I being crazy thinking like that?

The love is dying but I don’t think I want that. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank You


19 thoughts on “Majuba 94

  1. @Wife… Your man needs his balls back. He need to rejuvenate himself and resist from being submissive to you. Only then you can respect him. He needs to be authoritative and put you in your place. Dont get me wrong, I am not advocating gender violence.
    Apologising sincerely is enough.

  2. Wena Wife it’s not like you won the fight. He just chose not to beat you in return because ne o tlo mo tshwarisa.
    Our fellow women though. smh

  3. Wife what your husband did (cheating with a high school kid) was disgusting. That on its own warrants you losing any and all respect for him. Losing respect for him because he was enough of a man to know not to raise his hand to you even as you assaulted him means you’re the one with problem.

  4. Vusi ingathi akana ngqondo ngamanye amaxesha
    You and your husband need to go for counseling. His cheating with a child was wrong but beating him up was also wrong. It’s not that you “won” when you were beating him because it was not a fight. What did you expect him to do? Hit you back? Ubundlavini bakho is not a reflection on him

  5. Wife…
    Please go and hand yourself over to the police for domestic violence. You are part of the problem we are having in South Africa! This sub conscience confession is Mama’s signal to you or even the husband to get out before you kill him.

  6. HI Guys
    I’m a 48 years old single mom, my only son brought home his girlfriend over the weekend. My problem is she’s 4 yrs older than him and has 2 kids, the age gap is not an issue but 2 kids and my son just started working . I know his old enough and we can’t choose who we love but i am worried he’s gonna get hurt. My son is 25 and she’ 29 by the way. Please advise thanks!!

    1. Sometimes the best teacher is experience. Let him be and he will learn. Just advice him and asking him if he’s sure about what he’s doing.

  7. Vusi 😂😂😂😂😂🙌🏾 your drama though. Deserves a series lol
    @wife what your hubby did was despicable. What you did was degrading. How do you come back from abusing your husband. You’ll never respect him coz you think wena ubosso. Both of you need counseling. Entlek the guts you have show that you have a bigger problem. I won’t justify this man’s cheating. Look into your behavior. Maybe you’re bossy vele. You belittle your man that’s why he had to look for dominance in a child.

  8. @wife.

    We always speak against women abuse, and I bet if the same was done to a cheating woman you would also join #MenAreTrash movement. Yet here you are, going on about how “pathetic” he looked when you were abusing him. Yes he cheated, which was wrong – he broke your vows but you had options and your chose to beat him up. You need to ask yourself if you still want to be in this relationship (dont do it because of the kids – do it because YOU want to), from there you BOTH seek professional help (go for those therapy sessions until the therapist says there is no need for sessions anymore). It will be hard work, you will need to learn how to control your anger, you will learn why you reacted the way you reacted. You will learn so much about yourself and him.

    All the best!

  9. 😂 😂 😂 😂 I beg to differ. He was acting like a child and therefore was punished accordingly! Wife, I would have done the same. Now moving forward I doubt that he would do it again but I agree with the counseling idea. He is probably still a bit shook but overall I commend you lol. Most people here will speak harshly because they have never been in that position… It’s completely embarrassing for people to see your husband out and about in the streets while you are being a good wife. Umenze kakhle, soze aphinde ayenze amanyala.

  10. I’m so dissapointed on us women!if the wife was the one cheating with a 17yr u would be the 1st to call her names,mxm!

  11. For once a woman dealt with her husband instead of blaming the other woman for her husbands disrespect for their marriage

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