Majuba 87

This was a disaster.

I was a mess.

My relationships were a mess.

My career was a mess.

That’s how I felt as I walked away towards the car with two women in tow. This was yet another mess I had to work on. I never thought my father in law could be such a pig though. We take it for granted how much as men we belittle sexualize and are inappropriate towards women unless it’s someone we care for. He had treated Londiwe with his flirtations with utter disrespect and to do it in front of his daughter was beyond redemption.

“I am sorry Vusi! It was not my idea I promise you!”

Londiwe said as Naledi got into the car.

“Naledi I did not want to spoil your dinner. I should never have agreed I know but she was so insistent!”

She said turning to Naledi after I ignored her.

“It’s fine Londiwe. I am not angry at you. Part of me wanted the dinner to end in any case so you helped the situation move faster!”

She said as she took off her earrings in the car.

“Thank you for that even though I know you don’t believe that I did not plan this.”

Londiwe said.

“I am worried for your mother though because now it means that she has to be driven home by him!”

She said.

“My mother knows how to take care of herself! She always does in any case!”

I responded coldly. We drove the rest of the way in silence because I could not bring myself to talk to either of them. No one likes to be made a fool of and right now I was the fool.

“I am sleeping on the couch!”

I told them.

“What’s your problem?”

Naledi asked me.

“You are acting as though I was not part of the plans. Now you are punishing all of us for something that my father and your mother did!”

She told me sounding a bit sour.

“Please leave me alone! I am going to bed. I am tired!”

I told them as soon as she stopped talking. I was not going to give them a chance to talk me into anything else. These two women needed a lesson in how a relationship works.

“Ok then you do you!”

Naledi said. She turned to Londiwe and said,

“Is it ok if I sleep here again tonight? I don’t want to go home and be alone again!”

She explained to her.

“I might as well be alone if you leave. Our husband here is moody these days!”

Londiwe said to her and they both laughed.

“You think this is funny? My boss was gunned down today. This was the man who gave me a start when no one else would. He saw something in me and said I would go far! Today the police called me and asked me to come in because I am very sure I am a suspect!”

I screamed.

“Do you know what that means?”

I shouted at both of them.

“What wait? So when you were talking about murder at the dinner table it was because you thought my father did it? Are you for real?”

Naledi asked me putting two and two together.

“Your father is the one who asked me about the incident at the table. My boss knew that I had two timed my company and wanted an investigation. I don’t know if he went to the police with this information but now they think it’s me who killed me!”

I explained to them.

“When did the police call you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Londiwe asked me.

“They called me on the way to dinner. Naledi when you came downstairs that’s why I was so distant!”

I told her.

“Yes I remember. My father is not a killer though! He is a lot of things but not a killer. The problem with people is that once a black man looks remotely successful people come at him with things like this!”

She responded angrily.

“I never called him one!”

I retorted.

“I think I want to go home now. You don’t have to drive me I will take an Uber!”

She said and walked out of the door into the dark.


Londiwe called after her then turned to me.

“What’s wrong with you? Go after her!”

She shouted at me. I stood up not because I wanted her to come back but to make sure that she would safely get home.

“Naledi I get that you want to go home but please don’t stand outside!”

I told her.

“Do you even love me Vusi?”

She asked me.

“What’s that got to do with what’s going on right now?”

She asked me.

“A lot actually!”

This was a trick question and with all that was going on I would be dumb to cause more conflict here.

“Yes I do and right now I need your support. I don’t want us to be falling apart because of this crisis. It affects all of us!”

I explained to her.

“You guys are accusing my father Vusi. Do you know how that feels like a betrayal right now?”

She asked me.

“Of course I do but do you also want me to go to jail for a crime I did not commit?”

I asked her.

“Of course not!”

She responded.

“I don’t even think your father did it but do you know he offered me his lawyers for tomorrow’s meeting with the police!”

I told her.

“Are you serious?”

She asked me.


“He was just being helpful I suppose!”

She said to me but I could see that she was thinking something deeper with what I had just said.

“One thing I know though is that my dad’s lawyers are pretty good so you will be in good hands. Please believe me when I say he did not do this!”

She said turning to look at me and she hugged me. Girls like her will always believe that their daddies are saints and I was not going to burst the bubble for her.

“Ok then but please don’t leave. Let’s go inside and sleep this off. I will still take the couch though!”

I told her.

“Why though you said everything is cool?”

She asked me.

“I know what I said and I mean it but we need to take this slowly. This is Londiwe’s house and do you realize what she is going through readjusting to our situation?”

I asked her.

“I never thought of it like that!”

She said thoughtfully. I almost blurted that she was selfish but I resisted the urge.

“Yes so please let’s respect her and let’s do things slowly and right then!”

I told her again.

“You are such an amazing man. You are so thoughtful.”

She told me. I was not. I was spineless and weak but I was not going to tell her that now was I? I honestly could not see what she saw in me but women have a way of seeing the best in men even when those men don’t deserve it! I was that man.

“Thank you, let’s go in. We don’t want to worry Londiwe longer than necessary!”

I told her and I ushered her back into the house. Londiwe just stood there with her hands folded. She hated people that behaved like brats and I have no doubt that Londiwe did that too.

As soon as I got to the station I found my policeman waiting for me.

“Thank you for coming in so fast. Most people avoid this part like a plague and we end up having to arrest them just for them to come in!”

He explained laughing as though this was funny.

“This is my partner Detective Maphuti Modiba!”

He said introducing a lady that was with him.

“Ok cool, what am I doing here?”

I told him. I was not going to be too friendly with him.

“Straight to business I like that. Come this way we have prepared an interrogation room for you!”

How do you prepare an interrogation room though? It felt like John Vorster Square the way he said that.

“Since you are a man who likes getting straight to the point we would like you to give evidence against Mr. Gumbi!”

The officer said to me straight up!

Say what?

“We have been trying to build a case against him for a long time but he is a very private person when it comes to his affairs. We know that he played a role in this crime but with men like him you will never find the evidence you need!”

The officer said looking at his partner for guidance.

“And you think he will tell me what goes on in the dark in his life? You have got the wrong man. Why did you not go for his daughter?”

I asked him.

“You mean the one you are marrying?”

He said casually.

“Wait how do you know that?”

I asked him.

“We know a lot about you Vusi don’t worry about that part. Do you know why the daughter has not been married all this time yet you can see she desperately wants to be a wife?”

He asked me. Was this another trick question? Why was he asking such big questions on things I don’t know?

“Of course I don’t know that!”

He laughed.

“If that girl really is cuckoo in the head it’s because her father drove to madness. People she dated just disappeared that’s why she has abandonment issues!”

He explained to me.

“Wait are you saying he killed them?”

I asked him.

“No I am not saying that. If I did then that would be saying that the police are useless for not arresting him. All I am saying is that man is not a saint and her daughter has paid the price for that!”

He explained. The way this man was so calm though. It was quite impressive to be honest. It’s like he knew who exactly he was talking about and I was the fool being played like a fiddle. My phone rang.

“Vusi its Dave. I am at the station where are you?”

I responded. It was the lawyer he had arrived.

“Yes sir I am here already!”

I told him and I hung up. The two cops jumped up immediately and the guy said,

“Please don’t say we have spoken already because if you do you could also find yourself in trouble. Act as though we just put you in her and you have been waiting for your lawyer!”

He said and immediately they left. If I was not already confused by all this now I was doubly so!

“Good morning. Got stuck in a bit of traffic are you ok?”

Dave said to me when he walked. Behind every black criminal is a bunch of white lawyers propping him up!

True Story.

“I am ok. I have been sitting here for an hour now they tried to talk to me but I said I was waiting for my lawyer then they left me alone!”

I told him.

“Good man!”

He told me.

“Let me do all the talking and you will be home in no time and this will be all behind you so!”

He said cheerfully. People like saying that police are useless but to be honest, often it’s the lawyers that make these police look they are not doing their jobs.


*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Brother Mike

I have never written to a column before or to anyone for that matter come to think of it.

I have a problem! I have been dating my girlfriend for a year now and she has never met any of my friends. Every time I try introducing her to friends she gets very shy and picks a fight so that we end up not going. It’s a disaster really. She says she feels ashamed of meeting them because they are all accomplished and she is not. I don’t get her fear because I am accomplished myself and I have been helping her get her affairs in order. She is now debtless and I also got her a job that pays better. I am a lawyer and when I met her she worked in a travel agency now she works in a big company with a decent job. She still has ways to go yet and she will get there. My problem is because of her paranoia even my friends have started complaining of my constant cancellations. I can’t tell them that it’s because of my girlfriend because that would make them resent her. She is a girl I really want to keep around but I have to find a way to make her comfortable amongst my people.

Please advise me on how best to do this.

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Majuba 87

  1. Vusi is digging a hole for himself nje shame. I dont even know who he can trust at this point.
    John, something is up with your girlfriend shame. She probably had a ting with one your friends.

  2. John not too burst your bubbly, but i feel this girl is just not that into you coz really her excuse to me doesn’t make sense especially because you explain that you’ve really tried to build her up so what could she be so nervous about? my opinion she’s just with you for all that you do for her and she doesn’t want to meet your circle coz she knows she won’t be around long enough or she’s scared that your friends will see right through her, i mean when you love someone you want to know everything about them and that includes their friends.

  3. Agree that Vusi is getting into the Kimberly size of a whole in that hole.

    I understand your problem (or her problem). Women fight other women and are afraid of other women. If she had to meet the men only, then she would have jumped at the occasion, but not other accomplished women. Those with education without beauty sideline those without education with beauty and the other way round depending on which crowd is bigger. It always fascinates me that most ladies who are accomplished would not want to sit with the helpers in a party (or sitting), actually you will helpers identifying each other and occupying a far flung sit somewhere. While guys dont have that class as long they will all talk about Chips/Pierats and Zuma.

    Your first mistake was to tell her that Peter’s wife is a doctor while Paul’s girlfriend is a scientist not forgetting that James’ wife is a CA; that left her thinking that in all these women I will come up as an uneducated/stupid bimbo.

    So, I think you can consider a social event where they don’t have to talk a lot to these women; like meeting at a soccer match in FNB with plans afterwards where she will be protected that after the game she does not have to spend a lot of time with them.
    Or try “Blacks Only Comedy” which we know that it will end late at night where everyone wants to go home. Trust me, that 5 minutes mingle will break the ice.

    1. Goodness I find myself agreeing with you lol.
      Initially I was with the comments above but now I get your point.
      We (women) can be so mean to each other sometimes

  4. Vusi 🤦🏾‍♀️ Loss of words.
    John I don’t trust gf right there. It can be insecurity well but every girl wants to mark her territory. Maybe she knows one of your friends. Knows as in knows very well catch my drift. Lawyers can be arrogant we get it but you have show her you’re not and that says a lot about your friends. Though it’s not ethical I suggest you look into this girl b4 that good heart gets heart broken.

  5. Yo Vusi should just marry Lungi Mbata, always in trouble and scheming.

    I’m a woman and I might agree with Bhejane there but my brother went through the same thing. He met the girl and hit it off,she was good to him,he took her to school , only comfortable when she has to visithim at work in different province,he didn’t see anything wrong.

    He’ll visit her township and be locked up in the house only to find out he’s hidden because she’s seeing someone around. When she was about to finish with her studies she accused my brother of cheating and 3 months down the line she got engaged.
    My brother is a mess due to that and uses women now. My point is that explore all the possible causes for her behaviour and invest in her but don’texpect anything in return.

    Hope everything goes well and she gets out of her shell, invite your friends at your place when she’s there. Talk to one trusted friend and plan a braai as if is a spare of moment thing. She won’t walk away , just ambush her

    1. Eish now that’s really sad i know what his going through.. give me his numbers so i can console him how the hell can you lose a good guy like that mxm some girls are stupid.

  6. Hi John
    I have been dating my fiancé for 4 years now and I had the same problem of being shy when I had to meet his friends. My issue was the fear of being judged or what if I don’t meet the standard or what if I am a downgrade from the ex. So basically I wasnt confident, I don’t think she’s cheating but she lacks self confidence. After I got to know them and the kind of people they are I got used to going out with him to be with his friends.
    So speak to her and explain to her that she mustn’t compare herself to any of them or their girlfriends

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