Majuba 83

Even the wisest people will tell you that there is nothing you achieve if you are dead. It’s important to realize

that. They show you in movies people jumping in front of bullets but let’s be realistic, dead is dead no matter how noble the cause of your death was. Naledi’s father was scary and that’s no joke. My old boss was dead for trying to be a hero and reporting things that he did not know about. Yes if it ever comes out for a week people will praise him for trying to expose the truth but who are we kidding it will all be forgotten when Babes Wodumo breaks her English again or Bonang fails write a proper sentence. The only constant in this is that you stay dead and people move on. What then have you achieved with your heroism? People will do everything that they can do to protect their money and tender people are almost as bad as criminals who do cash in transit heists! They are often merciless and will get rid of things that stand in their way viciously and permanently. It’s no joke.

“I am not going to be able to convince her when she is like this. She needs to cool off first then I will talk to her!”

I told Naledi as she was now adamant that I had to convince Londiwe first.

“Then go talk to her before I change my mind too. I don’t understand why she would change her mind like this when we spent the last 24 hours discussing it and convincing me!”

She said. I think she knew truly well why Londiwe’s mind had changed. It was because of her mental state nothing more.

“Ok cool. I will follow her!”

I told her. I went down the stairs into the parking lot only to find Londiwe sitting by the car. She had left her bag upstairs meaning she did not have money to go home even if she wanted.

“Londiwe I don’t understand. You spent two days trying to convince me to do something then I do it then you refuse!”

I asked her as soon as I got to her. I was not going to attack her that’s for sure.

“Yeah two days to convince you to marry another woman yet it took me two years to do that and you still haven’t done that right? What is it about me that makes you think I am less than her?”

She asked me. Ok that was not the argument I expected but for now the argument made sense to me.

“Londiwe do you remember the first time I met you.”

I asked her.

“How can I ever forget? You were practically my knight in shining armour!”

She said.

“You used to call me your Zulu Warrior Gentleman.”

I reminded her with a smile but she was not smiling back. It’s the name she had given me for having rescued her from Simon.

“Ok what does that have to do with anything?”

She asked me.

“A lot actually because had that day not happened … I don’t know what my life would have been like!”

I told her as I sat down on the bonnet next to her. It was true I don’t hey. I would not have learned that cursing out people is every day normal talk that’s for sure.

“It was a mess. I promised you that I would take care of you no matter what. Today we are here. I have wanted to marry you but things have never just aligned right. We have fought argued and not gotten along for so long we almost lost ourselves there for a moment!”

I told her. I was trying to sweet talk her that’s for sure and I think she was softening it up a little. It’s rare enough as is to share a moment like this.

“What do you want from me vele Vusi?”

She asked me. She was not rude at all in the tone that she used.

“I want you to trust me again like you used to. I want you to know that when it comes to our relationship no matter I will always make decisions that put us first!”

I explained.

“How does you marrying her first put us first? Do you realize that it means I am no longer your first choice wife as she will be the first?”

She asked me.

“It should not be like that. I can’t explain it you right now but you should know by now that I am never irrational. I am asking you to trust me on this and we will all come of this alright!”

I told her.

“What is going on?”

She asked me. I could not tell her that I was only marrying her to get that person off my back. Knowing Londiwe she was going to use it against Naledi at some point so I could not tell her.

“There is something happening but please Londiwe the less you know the better!”

I explained to her.

“Ok then but if she looks at me funny for any reason I will end this charade! I don’t even know what to tell my mother.”

She confided.

“Don’t worry I will make my mother tell her. I will also make my mother take your mother out for lunch or something. It’s long overdue!”

I told her. I could see. Her smile as I said that. My mother had really not wanted anything to do with her mother for a while because they had nothing in common.

“I love you Londiwe. You know I am not happy with you for many things but my love for you is one thing you know I cannot deny. We will fix our problems one by one but the only way we can do this is by tackling the one at a time!”

I told her. She nodded her head and I stood up in front of her and I kissed her. At first she resisted a little but she started kissing me back.

“I want to have sex right now! I am hot and bothered!”

She said.

“You want us to drive all the way home right now?’

I asked her.

“Yes please unless you want us to do it right here in the car I am game!”

She said. I was not for leaving this place at all not because I was being kinky but because I needed to fix things with my bride to be upstairs as well.

“Let’s at least go and say bye to Naledi and you also get to take your bag. I left the car keys there as well!”

I lied to her. The keys were right here and in my pocket. She agreed and said,

“Ok cool besides I have been having salt for such a long time its time I quenched my thirst!”

She said mischievously. How things had turned in that time. I the morning when I left I was sure that were over. It was barely evening and I was about to sleep with her!

“Hey we are back!”

I shouted as we went into the flat again.

“I can see that! Is everything ok?”

Naledi asked. I looked at Londiwe to respond to that and she walked straight up to her and said,

“I am sorry about my behaviour. I was annoyed and frankly speaking a bit jealous that he had chosen to make you his first wife over me!”

She explained to her psychopath friend. Hearing her utter those words was just like a nightmare! This was actually happening and worse in front of me!

“I am sorry it took me by surprise too. I feel so guilty and maybe you should go first. You were there first right so maybe that’s how it should be!”

Naledi offered No come on not again. I could not afford for her to be generous with my marriage proposal.

“No its fine, he is the head of our house now and we should trust his decisions. He will always protect us and I trust his intentions when he says you first. Let’s trust him then!”

Londiwe said vouching for me. This was a nice turn around for now but I was not in the mood for having sex. I don’t know about others but sex is hard work especially after hours like this. I had had a long emotional day and I did not really feel like it.

“We are living though for our place!”

Londiwe told Naledi but her tone was jovial,

“Leaving? Ah why? I thought after such momentous news we will just discuss things as we are now on the same page!”

Naledi commented.

“This awkward but I need to get laid and it’s been a long time since I got some please spoil it for me girl!”

Londiwe said to Naledi and depending on how looks at it this was very uncomfortable.

“Oh wow uhm…you do know I have a spare room in there and besides I am going for a jog now! I need fresh air you know!”

She said laughing. This was too weird.

“No why do you have to leave, this is your place and I would never disrespect you like that!”

Londiwe protested but I don’t think Naledi was on the same page as her.

“Nope I insist! I need to get food also and don’t forget we still haven’t shared a meal the three of us.”

She said standing up and like the cheese girl she was came and hugged Londiwe saying,

“I am so glad you agreed to this wow! I have always wanted a sister now I have one and more!”

She said cheerfully. Londiwe did not know how to respond by the look on her face but she handled herself well and hugged back. Naledi quickly changed clothes and left.

“Did that just happen?”

Londiwe asked.

“Yes why?”

I asked her.

“Are sure this girl is all there? This is crazy! I am even turned off!”

She told me sitting down.

“Ah come on love you can see she is trying. Let’s give her a chance!”

I have pleaded with her. I knew she was crazy too but I did not want anymore complications from here going forward.

“I am not having sex in another woman’s house!”

Londiwe said defiantly and she used that tone where I know nothing would change her mind.

“Ok that’s fine but let’s take a shower at least. I feel eeky, it’s been a long day!”

I told her. She did not want to but I convinced her telling her that at least Naledi will think we agreed with her and went through it.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“Naledi open up its dad!”

I panicked because on no planet there was no way this would look good to a father!

********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I was born in Mpumalanga but my family moved to Pretoria when I was young. I was in grade 7 when we moved and because at the time I only spoke Swati it was hard to blend in. We lived in Mamelodi and people next to us were mostly Tswana and Pedi. It was hard to adjust but I made one friend who I got close to. We did everything together and even ended up at TUT together. She was like my sister and my parents saw her as their daughter. At TUT I started a guy from Pretoria also. He was nice and cool. He had an older brother that used to come visit him and when his brother saw my friend he really liked her. She did not like him that much but my boyfriend convinced me to convince her that this was what she wanted. My friend had never had problems with guys but at the time she was in that happy to be single mode. I was in love with my boyfriend so anything he told me to do I did. I managed to convince her and even fantasized that I and my best friend would finally be related somehow if we married these guys. In January I got a call that my friend had been beaten to death by the very boyfriend I had hooked her up to. He was arrested but my friend is dead. I can’t sleep at all because I blame myself for this. She never wanted him but I forced her. I can’t even look at my boyfriend anymore because I feel like every extra day I spend with him is a betrayal to my friend. I love this guy so much but I loved my friend more.

What do I do? I am hurting so much. My boyfriend is ashamed and is always apologizing for his brother. I can’t deal.

Please help


10 thoughts on “Majuba 83

  1. @Pretoria no one could have predicted what the big brother did. Don’t blame yourself or make yourself a prisoner of guilt

    1. @missbeamz her only worry is that she hooked them up at the same time forced her friend to give this guy a chance nothing else, she will always blame her self.

  2. @Pretoria, you must not blame yourself; they might have been experiencing challenges in their relationship you were not aware of. Her boyfriend killed her not you or your boyfriend; you both do not have a hand in her death. He begged you guys to hook him up with your friend because he claimed to love her and you believed him. Go for counselling if you must but do not hate or resent your boyfriend you are both innocent. I am sorry that your friend had to die especially in such a manner.
    Thank you bhut’ Mike and team we shall wait to see what becomes of Vusi in this set up.

  3. Wow I like, I like, i like. I cannot wait when Naledi and Londiwe are finally sister’s wife. It will be interesting and they will be a lot of drama, jealousy and all. Wow bra Mike hurry up until they get married plz. I’m on the edge

  4. i think Naledi set up Vusi and Londy so that it would look as though Vusi brought a girlfriend while she was out. i dont buy this nice woman strategy by Naledi.

    Who would just pay a visit to their grown up daughter without calling first.

  5. Pretoria. I can only imagine how it feels. Plz love forgive urself. Pray about it if u may. But u couldn’t have known. As far as another human being is concern, we can never tell how it will end however, we can only hope for the best.
    Plz reason with urself. Forgive u and ur boyfriend. Mostly. Go through the pain and hurt. Mourn ur friends death.
    Good luck with ur boyfriend. It sounds like u guys have a good thing going

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