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YES 201

What is it about cockroaches that make them never go away? I swear no matter how much you step on them, doom them,

sweep them out they will always come back. You can even hire fumigators who will lift up all the cupboards but rest assured they will be back within a month or two. That was Azwindini. This guy had just told me that he exposed me to HIV and now he was standing here at my house eating the food another man I could have exposed to this thing he gave me had bought me. I am not sure what he wanted here but he was not supposed to be here, his brother had told him so.

“Azwindini you have a nerve! What do you want?”

I asked him angrily. Why can’t I just have peace in my life really? I had honestly hoped it Mbilahelo because he seemed to have disappeared from my life. There is nothing more irritating than a man who does not call you.

“I know and I am very sorry for showing up like this!”

He said.

“What do you want?”

I asked him.

“You are the very last person I should be asking this off but it has to be you. I need you to talk to Rudzani please! She is not taking this well at all and I am scared she might d something stupid!”

He said already walking into my house. I had caused enough scenes lately at my place so much as I wanted to shout at him I did not have it in me so I held back.

“I messed up with her and you know it. We messed up together please we need to fix this! I fear she will harm herself or even others the way she has been behaving!”

He begged me. When he cheated on her it’s not like I did not know that they were together, I did but I was not liable to what he had done to her.

“Azwindini I am not HIV positive. That means you got it somewhere else and you gave it to her!”

I told him.

“I don’t understand! What do you mean you not positive because I am and they checked and I asked them to double check?”

He said confused. Common sense is not for everyone unfortunately and some people need to be explained to at length.

“I am pregnant and when they do a pregnancy test they check your status as well for the sake of the baby. I can assure you I am not positive so you will need to find the other woman or women you slept with to ask them to help you!”

Looking at him I kind of felt sorry for him. That boastful swagger of his was gone. He could not hide the stress lines on his face and if I can be so bold he seemed to have aged since the last time I saw him.

“I need to call her again!”

He said standing up. He took out is phone. Why was this all happening at my house though? It’s like people could not resist playing out their dramas in front of me. He had left his house to come make a phone call at my house.

“She is not picking up!”

He said as the phone rang. It went all the way to voicemail.

“Well call her again and again until she picks up!”

I advised him. I wonder what was going through her mind now though. It could not be easy. She picked up. I heard her say,


As a guy you know you are in trouble when she picks up by saying yes! There is no running away from it and yes indeed!

“Ndi khou humbela pfarelo mufunwa wanga!”

He said as soon as he picked up the phone. Crap why was this guy going Cyril Ramaphosa at the State of the Nation Address in my house. You know we all know that Venda’s and Tsongas exist in South Africa but unless you are them you will hard pressed to find someone who can speak their language. It does sound flippen nice though almost poetry.

“Can I please come and see you so that we can talk? You can do whatever you want to me even kill me but please my baby can I come and see you!”

He pleaded. You know men don’t often want to be seen when they are in such a vulnerable state but here was Azwindini begging Rudzani in my living room. What’s wrong with this dude?

He hung up the phone.

“She says I must come with you!”

He said when he put down the phone.

“Hell no!”

I told him immediately.

“The last time the two of you were together in my presence you tried to do things to me! I am sorry that’s not an option. Please leave now! I don’t want you here!”

I told him.

“Please Lungi I am begging you!”

He pleaded.

“No! I will call your brother if you don’t leave! I don’t want you here and I am most certainly not going with you to Rudzani!”

I told him. He had to step up and fix his issues on his own and not involve others.

“Ok then I won’t push I know why I am not welcome here and it’s my entire fault. At least she spoke to me let me go and try fix things!”

He said as he left. I was starving and only now could I eat my food courtesy of Sfiso. I had not even gotten a chance to absorb what had been said in that note because that fool arrived but it was ok. I called him.

“I got the food what is it for?”

I asked him.

Idiot started singing,

“Is it too late to say sorry, coz I never meant to let you down owoooo owoooo!”

He sang and made the funny sounds at the end. Not only had he mixed the lines but that last part made me laugh.

“Sfiso don’t be fooled by my laughing I am angry at you and I am not going to give you another chance! You really hurt me!”

I told him.

“I know I did but I look at this as a victory, I got you to laugh and that’s good enough for me!”

He said and he hung up. He did not even give me a chance to make a retort which was exactly what I was about to do. I ate my food. I had ha busy day but it was not done. I was not going to sleep here tonight because there had simply been too much drama today. I went to knock at Mbuso’s and Ntheti opened,

“Hello Aunty Lungi!”

She said cheerfully.

“Hey sweetie is my sister here!”

I asked her. Before she could ask my sister appeared from behind her. I was actually surprised that she was still here because if I recall she had said she was living him.

“I can’t find the keys to the house can I borrow yours?”

I told her.

“Oh can I come with you?”

She asked.

“No. I need some time alone and I have work to do. I don’t want to be here there is too much traffic!”

I told her. She went back in and came back with her back. She looked for her set of keys and handed them over to me.

“Ok then but when you come back please tell me!”

She told me.

“Ok cool!”

I said. When I grow up I never want to be as confused as my sister. If I am please someone shoot me! I drove to my mother’s place and even though there was traffic I was not annoyed at all. I knew I would find peace there. When I drove into the gate I saw my neighbour and she waved at me. Mam’Dolly was the neighbourhood watch. She knew everything and everyone coming in and out so it was no surprise that she was outside probably looking for gossip.

“Hello Mam’Dolly!”

I said cheerfully. She came out of her gate and followed me in.

“Hello my child! I am sure today your mum is celebrating that one of you came home!”

She said cheerfully as she hugged me.

“Thank you!”

I told her.

“Did you hear that Ma’ Mthembu was caught sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend! Imagine a forty year old sleeping with a 20 year old this world has gone to the dogs!”

She told me and there started the downloading of all the local gossip. For the record I don’t even know who Ma’Mthembu is but with Mam’Dolly when she starts gossiping you can’t stop her. I had come here for peace but oh well that was never going to happen.

“So did her husband kick her out?”

I asked her.

“Of course not! That men they gave him something to eat Shem! I don’t understand how he can forgive a wife whose legs as wide and as busy and Nelson Mandela Bridge on Friday peak hour!”

She said and I burst out laughing. These township women have a lot to say. Women we demean other women, it’s something we do. If he was the one cheating we probably would still be laughing at her not at him.

“So what brings you here?”

She asked.

“I just need to study and rest. I have not been here in a while and I miss mama you know!”

I told her.

“You and I both. Right now she will be cooking singing her gospel music. Speaking of gospel, the pastor said your sister and you should come see him. There are things that your mother told him that he thinks you should know!”

She said.

“When did he say this?”

I asked her.

“Its long I can’t remember. I think the weekend you went to Durban I just don’t know how I forgot to tell you I am sorry!”

She said. I was annoyed at her but I could not show it. I should be screaming right now but you never shoot the messenger.

“Its ok have you spoken to Miriam lately?”

I asked her.

“Entlek I have something to do! I forgot I was cooking!”

She said and immediately she left. Had I said something wrong? She had run away from the topic so fast meaning things were still not well between them. A lot of people are scared to sleep in a house alone were someone had just died. I was not scared; I just wanted to be with my mum today. It was not even 6pm yet but as soon as I sat on my mother’s bed I fell asleep. I passed out. I woke up in the morning. What a beautiful sleep? For the first time in a long time no drama, no nightmares and no one continuously knocking at my door! I had left my phone on the table in my bag and when I got to it my battery was totally flat. I had to charge it. I switched on the geyser, watched TV, bathed before I switched on my phone and there were two voice notes. One was from Nthabiseng and the other was from Mbilahelo. He had finally remembered me.

“Lungi call me back please. Last night Rudzani shot Azwindini before she committed suicide!”

I just stood there in shock,

“There was a note and I need to ask you some questions! Please call back!”

He said and I could hear he was crying. He was genuinely crying.

What had I done?

*********The End ************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Your stories are a lifesaver sir, thank you for your efforts.

Hey guys, I am 23 and I graduated last year from varsity. I was on a bursary which gave me a job (internship) so I am working now. At work I met this guy who is about 30 and he is hot for days. He is a sub contractor with my company so we temporary colleagues. I can’t stop looking at him at work and I have tried to stop behaving like a teenager with a crush. He even makes me horny and daydream and it’s bad because I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have a good relationship and I love him. I feel like I am cheating though because the last time I had sex with my boyfriend all I could think of was my colleague. How do I get rid of the thoughts this guy gives me though? I picture him taking me from behind in the boardroom, on the floor, in his car and all weird places. I am also scared that if he looks my way I will *fck* him because that’s how weak I am around him. I have never cheated on anyone before and I don’t want to start now.

Please advise me on what to do.

Thank You


14 thoughts on “YES 201

  1. Wow Lungi This is bad on another level!!!!! Tanx Bra Mike Poor Mbilahelo.

    Wow Crush…your fantasies are so vivid….damn gal u have it bad. I hope this is a phase and it will pass since u have a loving boyfriend why not make those fantasies real through him and forget ur crush before u do something u might regret later.

  2. Is this the end for Lungi & Mbilahelo, once he finds out that she slept with his brother. Also preg with nobody’s child. Poor girl though, all this on one person.
    Kanti uhamba nini yena ukuyothwasa.

    Crush – Stay away from your colleague, you might find out that you not the only one who feels that way and end up messing your relationship for nothing.

  3. Thank you Mikesto… May God continue to bless you!

    Crush… rules to live by as a woman no.1 Never ever be involved/sex with a colleague. 2. Never be involved with your neighbor. 3. Never ever allow your feeling to take control of you. Stay away from that guy and you will thank yourself when you are older.

    1. I was ready to sit on Lungi’s head just so she wouldn’t go! I’m glad she made a sensible decision this time round!

  4. Yhooo Lungi!!! thanks bhut’Mike and team
    Crush, yes you are cheating. I think they call it emotional cheating/infidelity and what you’re doing is opening yourself up for vulnerability which will lead to temptation off course. Stop fantasizing about your colleague and as others have said, stay away from him before you do something you’ll regret forever. Maybe you should watch Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

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