Majuba 69

Naledi’s father had said that whatever development happens I should come to him first before I made a decision that

could lead to more problems. I was going to honour that because I did not want to go to jail. It is safe to say that I was going to get fired so I was not going to be naïve about this that’s for sure. I had brought this on myself really. My company had put their trust in me and well I had been more ambitious. If I was white they would praise me saying I saw an opportunity and exploited a loophole but because I was black they would call it corruption. The double standards we live in though.

“I put everything on hold after I got your message. He did not mince his words I see!”

Her father said to me with a wry smile on his face. To him it was a joke but to me this was my livelihood.

“Yes he did not and I know that I am going to get fired after this!”

I told him resigned to my fate.

“Chances are that’s true question is what are you going to do if you do? He will most likely try get you blackballed everywhere else and no one might want to touch you after that?”

He warned me.

“I had not thought of that or rather that fair!”

I said putting my head into my hands.

“Well in this case you should have. I can’t cuddle you because right now I have to find a response or try reaching an understanding with him that won’t see him doing anything that could lead us in court!”

He warned. I think finally he had realized that the threat was real and our project was in clear and present danger.

“Yes I did warn you of this!”

I reminded him.

“Indeed you did and the longer we wait the more likely we will expose ourselves to even more problems. We have to do something now! I suggest that you go and see him and see what he says!”

He told me.

“You have to be kidding me! I will be slaughtered in there!”

I told him.

“Stop whining and be a man! In life there will always be consequences and men stand up to such. We don’t hide in a corner and cry like little girls!”

He said slamming the table. I wanted to tell him that the reference to ‘little girls’ was now considered sexist but now was not the time.

“Remember what I said as long as there is no evidence that our notes ever crossed or conversation we shared you should be fine. It’s not a conspiracy if they can’t prove it remembers! If that’s the case you will only be guilty of one thing and that’s non disclosure and that’s it!”

He reassured me.

“How can you be so certain of that?”

I asked him.

“Simple, unlike you the moment you said you were in troubled I called in the lawyers. I also called in accounting firm like I said in the meetings to cover the bribe money we paid out! We should be insulated!”

Eish the problem with that was that it was actually on the computer that Londiwe had and was threatening to use against me. That was part of the damning evidence which would lead every single one of us in prison as we would be tried as co-conspirators.

“Ok then I am trusting you on this but…”

I started to say,

“But what?”

I was about to tell him about Londiwe when his phone rang.

“Shit, never have an ex wife! They are annoying life sucking bitches who claim they gave up everything to be with you forgetting that even you gave up everything to be with them!”

He said. This mother of Naledi’s was featuring quite prominently today neh!

“What is it? I told you not to call me ufunani!”

He said rudely when he picked up. His phone was loud enough for me to hear their conversation which made it awkward enough as it was.

“I am with Naledi I just wanted to congratulate you that’s all, I am sorry I bothered!”

She said and I think the fact that she was with Naledi made him soften up be it just a little,

“Oh ok thank you! I told you that I will get her up and running and nothing will stop her once she gets the momentum in her!”

He said in what was definitely a boast to her. I tried not listen in because it’s rude but what else could I do we were in his study and it was as quiet as a church mouse in here.

“Thank you for that because she has stability in her life. She has some news for us which she wants us to set aside our differences so that she can tell us both in person. Is there any way you can set aside your big ego and make us a have a family dinner so we can discuss her news!”

The mother told her and in my head I could hear myself cursing out loud. Come on! I am very sure she was telling her mother how pregnant she was! What is wrong with these girls come on!

“I will see what I can do! You know I will make whatever plan for her but there will be no making of dinner! You want to poison me again!”

He said wow that was a bombshell! Who the hell was this family?

“You know that’s not what happened! You had food poisoning because you insisted on eating food not well prepared and not even by me at that matter mxim!”

She said very annoyed. I heard the phone click meaning she had hung up on him.

“Never marry a woman simply because you think she is beautiful. The lack of substance upstairs will be your undoing! I hate my ex wife, she tried to kill me once and that was that!”

He confided me in which was awkward to say the least.

“I am sorry to hear that!”

I told him.

“Don’t be, I fear that my daughter will one day turn into her mother and I try and keep them apart as much as I can but she is a grown woman!”

He told me pouring himself a glass of whisky I think! It was on those fancy bottles rich people have so you can never actually know what it is they are drinking. It could even be juice for all I know.

“Sir I have to go now and face and the music! Its best I take this head on like you said!”

I told him standing up. I could see he was about to go into a rage. It’s weird how the prospect of all of us all going to jail had not fazed as much as the thought of his ex wife making dinner. He was not scared of jail but his ex, she terrified him.

“Yes but when you are done you are to come right back here so we see the way forward.”

He told me.

“Do you have someone I can go with?”

I asked him.

“What do you mean? Like security?”

He asked me.

“Nope! Be a man son! It’s not like they can do anything to you now can they! Go face the music!”

He said dismissively. I did not think that was wise walking in like nothing happened but oh well.

I knew I had to go to the office because running away would mean I would most likely lose my provident fund. Private companies do that. When I got to the office it felt like all eyes were on me now what am I saying, they were! My boss must have been waiting for me with intent because he did a slow clap as I walked in,

“Guys look what we have here! Here is the man who took your bonuses out of your accounts because he gave away a contract that should have been ours!”

He said continuing with his sarcastic slow clap,

“Do you know who he gave it to? A rich corrupt man who does not need more money! The reason why the wealth is not shared in this country is because of little shits like this who are fuck boys to more powerful people!”

My boss shouted for all to hear. Money can make anyone turn against you and I could see my former colleagues all look down with what could only be disgust. If they could lynch me they would.

“You know there will be consequences right and one of them is that you are fired!”

He said which so much venom in his voice as little bullets of spit shot across the room. I walked away and went to my cubicle to take my things and he berated me the whole way,

“Security come take this thief and make sure he does not take anything more from us!”

He said loudly. Everyone was staring.

“Vusi I am going to find out how much more you are involved in this and I swear with everything that I have that you will end up in jail for this!”

He told me angrily. The thing with betrayal is that it is so painful as it comes from a place of trust and I could understand why he was so angry.

“Things did not go down the way you are thinking but I understand where you are coming from!”

I told him.

“You have no idea!”

He said as I hurriedly put my things in a box. This was incredibly embarrassing so I did it very fast. I carried my box and did my walk of shame and was escorted out by security. When we got to the lift I could not even bring myself to turn around because I knew all eyes were on me. The lift seemed to take forever to come up. Eventually I was in it and went down.

As I walked through the foyer downstairs I saw a familiar face,


I said to her as she walked in.


She said very much surprised to see me there.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked her.

“What do you think? I told you what you have to do to stop me remember!”

She said smugly the surprise gone after she saw the box I was carrying. On top of the box was a picture of her and me at a happier time!

“What a beautiful couple!”

She said I think very much sarcastically.

“Please don’t go upstairs!”

I told her.

“Oh no I am going! I just want to hear what he has to say! I will come back and tell you of course! Time is ticking; you now have 24 hours lest you think I have forgotten!”

She said and she walked away.

Things were just getting worse!

**********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a very big fan of your work and funny enough I believe you have not even scratched the surface of your talent. I wish you all the best.

I have always been a go getter. I don’t stand back for something I want or like. I am 27 and I work. I am doing my second degree part time. Early last year I met a man I fell in love with. He was 29 and ambitious. There was only one problem, he was married. That did not stop me from going after him. I know how easy it is for us to say men are shit when they cheat but this guy did not stand a chance. I stalked him until I got to be friends with his friends and this way he could not escape me. I made sure we attended the same events. I befriended one of the wife’s friends to get her number and when I did I had two guys I know start pursuing her via whatsapp. They would send her flowers work and because she is a woman to her it was flattery from a secret admirer. Eventually it started to take its toll on her marriage, me flirting with on the one side and all this attention she was getting. The more time I spent with him the more he opened to me on how bad things were getting at home. Before long we were sleeping together and he was spending less and less time at home. What I did not account for was that one of the guys I had made pursue the wife to create the doubt fell for her and eventually confessed what had happened. Her husband, my boyfriend got so angry he beat me up to a pulp. Their marriage went on the fritz obviously as she ended up sleeping with that guy who had fallen for her. Everything is a mess unfortunately. It’s December and I am single, he is getting divorced and everyone blames me. I earned it but I am not sure I regret it.

Last week he called me. It was the first time in months and I did not pick up. I have been debating on whether to call him back or not. I caused all this I know and I am selfish. I want him back but is it wise?

Thank You

Selfish Lady

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  1. You are the most selfish person i have ever met i hope you atone for what you have done tjooo . My God how do you do that really . is this even true or you playing with our emotions

  2. Nice read Mike….thank you!
    It is my 1st time responding to letters but I just had to… “Selfish lady” yho sisi what you did was stupid,horrible and evil…how can you even ask us if it is wise to go after this man again?? Just learn to love yourself, move on and find another man(not someone’s husband)….one day you will also be a wife

  3. Selfish lady, how would you feel if someone did that to you or caused that damage to your marriage. please leave the guy so he can focus on rebuilding his marriage. I’m going through the same issue. I pray that God forgives you,it’s a toll on us wife as we have to deal with such dear put yourself in their shoes, their kids, family. You have destroyed it.

      1. I prayed and moved on with my life. It’s not worth fighting for especially if one cheats, how do you move from the embarrassment, disappointment and the hurt. It hurts and I’m very disappointed to see this lady speak like this:prayer answers all and all will be ok in the end.

    1. The reality is men cheat and we justify it. they get what they want almost always. the moment a woman does it you say the world is coming to an end! kanjani? I feel sorry for the lady whose man was targeted but did she not cheat too after all? They both failed each other

  4. Yo! Ku rough out there! I must start sending my wife flowers at work before someone like you comes along and messes everything up. My advice leave the guy alone he will never commit to you he knows you are a poisonous, scheming and conniving little person. What happened to you in life to make you so cruel? Not only did you go for the husby you went for the wife as well Nkosi yami this sounds like a story line from a movie. Anyway he is likely to look to get back at you and use you for sex since he lost his marriage, respect and dignity through your actions. I am really worried that you don’t feel guilty or ashamed of your actions at the very least you should feel that way something in you is dead. I pray you find healing and revival in your spirit and that God helps you overcome past hurts that might have contributed to you disrespecting other people’s union and breaking other people’s houses down to try and use the same bricks to build yours its shameful and short sighted you will not go far in life if you think that way. We all make mistakes and we all need a second chance I hope you own up take responsibility for your actions seek God he is the only one who can help you and move on with your life sisi otherwise you will soon search for the next victim and this will lead to your death because the next couple you mess with once they find out either the wife or the husby will kill you.

  5. You are just a phsyco and very messed up, you need to live this man alone and get help…. remember KARMA has everyone’s address…

    1. I don’t get it at all a man can go after a woman who is in a relationship and you never call it karma. Every romantic movie you have ever watched has a woman or man who has a partner whom you are all cheering for to get the person they want. A girl goes after a man she wants and we sit her and call her psycho? people act like they have never cheated before or never cheated on puliz. She went and got what she wanted and that weak relationship did not even survive the test

      1. You are missing the point, she did not just go for the man she wants, she had to take it a step further and involve the wife by having men pursue her so the marriage could be over, so she could have the man.If you don’t see that is a bit extreme then you never will.

  6. Selfish lady you are the devil in its true form ,I hope there is more bad coming your way how can you destroy that couples life like that

    1. I don’t see the devil in her all I see was a weak marriage were they dis not even fight for each other the moment temptation arrived at their doorstep!

  7. Vusi and Londi you should stop this nonsense,y’all are boring now.Naledi is up to no good,yho!she’s too excited mos.

    Selfish lady I don’t have words for you,how can a person be this cruel kodwa.

  8. Get back to him so he can use you as a sperm dish my lady. You mos a very generous person ka kuku. It was not a mistake you planned this very well mos.

  9. Today’s letter is disturbing,your type of selfishness is indeed leading you to your death,I will not hesitate to punish you in a horrible,slow way if I found out that you did that to us,you don’t love this man,damn you wanted to proof how better you can be,how best and great you can play this game , you fucked with ppl’s hearts ♥️,you evil than a man scorned ,your lack of remorse will lead you to your physical death,I know you feel great but leave that man alone,he will kill you one day,you destroyed something he has worked for for years,he will miss it whilst with you,and you will always remind him what he lost,how and the source,great as you feel you not gonna win at the end,it will end very bad,the lighting that will hit you is still on push ups number 55….if you think someone has hurt you b4 girl,what will hurt you next you will loose even your physique,please forgive him,or start to forgive,or go and confront whoever who hurt you,take it out on him not the world 🌎,the world is cruel to ppl like you,it will never understand that you are a victim of pain,if you don’t forgive it gives you more pain….what you did is a sign of great pain inside you,we have gone through pain but we did forgive….and we have peace

  10. Thanks Team. Vusi should just relocate and move to another country. Umhlaba ukuhlulile!
    @Selfish lady – I just laughed when I read this, not because it’s funny but it was ‘ukuthuka nokungakholwa’ that someone can do and think like you.

  11. Its best you cut contact with your ex(the husband) , the foundation of your relationship wasn’t even healthy as it is therefore chances of anything good coming out of this are close to none. With regards to your actions,you need to clean all this mess..apologise to everyone that was involved or affected by this sick stunt of yours. You also need to forgive yourself and truly find out what’s wrong with you, your actions could be a manifestation of underlying issues.

  12. This is a cry for help
    Antisocial personality disorder is defined by a pervasive and persistent disregard for morals, social norms, and the rights and feelings of others. [1] Individuals with this personality disorder will typically have no compunction in exploiting others in harmful ways for their own gain or pleasure and frequently manipulate and deceive other people, achieving this through wit and a facade of superficial charm or through intimidation and violence. They may display
    arrogance , think lowly and negatively of others, and lack remorse for their harmful actions and have a callous attitude to those they have harmed. [1][2] Irresponsibility is a core characteristic of this disorder: they can have significant difficulties in maintaining stable employment as well as fulfilling their social and financial obligations, and people with this disorder often lead exploitative, unlawful, or parasitic lifestyles. [1][2][9][10]
    Those with antisocial personality disorder are often impulsive and reckless, failing to consider or disregarding the consequences of their actions. They may repeatedly disregard and jeopardize their own safety and the safety of others and place themselves and others in danger. [1][2] They are often aggressive and hostile and display a disregulated temper and can lash out violently with provocation or frustration. [1][10] Individuals are prone to
    substance abuse and addiction , and the abuse of various psychoactive substances is common in this population. These behaviors lead such individuals into frequent conflict with the law, and many people with ASPD have extensive histories of antisocial behavior and criminal infractions stemming back before adulthood. [1]
    Serious problems with interpersonal relationships are often seen in those with the disorder. Attachments and emotional bonds are weak, and interpersonal relationships often revolve around the manipulation, exploitation, and abuse of others. [1] While they generally have no problems in establishing relationships, they may have difficulties in sustaining and maintaining them. [9] Relationships with family members and relatives are often strained due to their behavior and the frequent problems that these individuals may get into.

    You need to see a psychiatrist

  13. Thank you Mike, lol I feel sorry for Vusi, but for ones, I am in team Londiwe. At selfish girl, you are a real a sample that witchcraft does exist, but don’t worry, Karma has everyone’s adress. It will all come back to you in due time, what you don’t realise is that this guy is no longer the guy who trusted and confided on you, you have created a monster in him hence he have already beaten you up. It’s just a start. Enjoy the ride.

  14. @Tebogo – the lightning is on push up no. 55, lol … kwaaaah.
    Thanks Belara.
    I’m going to enjoy todays’ comments…

  15. Sisi are you sure you are not mentally disturbed? Leave the poor man alone you created problems in his marriage, leave him so he could find some better who is not manipulative and skimming.

  16. Evil lady, you have a lot of time on your hands. All of that just for a man? What does he have that other men dont have?
    On the other hand I wish this is just a fake letter, because I cannot imagine how a woman can this evil. Bo evil le bo trashy ke stuff sa banna.

  17. All I’ve learnt from this letter is that feelings are relative.

    Mike, please throw in your writing there somewhere “the fall of a relationship is when both parties start confiding their troubles in other people other than their partners”.

    Never mind what you’ve caused Selfish, I’m stuck on the part where you want to go back to a man WHO BEAT YOU TO A PULP. You showed ingenuity in your Persuit, flawless execution and a display of tactic, now you want to come do stupid things and ask us silly questions.?!

  18. Selfish Lady. Sis you need help. You might not think this is serious as you display limited remorse which is a sign of underlying issues. I suggest you see a psychologist, or maybe go seek counselling with the church, I know of amazing pastors who are also psychologists by profession who provide free counselling- you don’t need to attend their church;). This sounds like dangerous psychotic behaviour. It could end in your own death. Please seek professional help.
    Much love:-)

  19. Yoh today’s letter just shocked me, how evil can one be really do you know the pain of Being cheated on I’m still trying to recover from the pain … Selfish harvest season is coming I hope you are ready, the Lightning that is going to strike you is still doing push-ups #clapsonce

  20. Dankie Ntate Maphoto.
    Wow, today’s letter sounds like those stories from pandora box or something. And those who say it’s a mistake, like really? It’s all premeditated it hardly qualities as a mistake. UR short of bombs to be a suicide bomber. Never heard of such cruelty. U make the devil proud.
    I wud say go for the psycho U have created so he can finish U. He’s on a war path.
    This proves some women can take trash levels men cannot even reach.
    Yo question is at least 8ppl’s lives too late. Those souls will haunt U forever.

  21. Mastag Selfish Lady ka Setswana re re ” O moloi wa mmakgonthe” the 👿👿devil vat fokol compared to you , you’re the devil himself,, but Karma is a bitch shem and He’s going to slap you gaan and terug

  22. I feel like calling you isidwedwe sento…kodwa I will just sum up that you are sick and you need help. You are hurting poeple badly and will hurt yourself even more. If you can ruin people’s lives like this surely you can also take one. Please contact akeso 0333460065/59 or 0794969829 they are a psychiatric clinic.

    May you find healing and peace above all

  23. Oh my word the devil knows how to mess with us, LOL. This letter to Mike we are all commenting on is just a reflection on how the evil one plays us by driving a wedge between us and God Almighty. When you are busy working on your relationship with God and finding true happiness, the evil one comes and seduces you cos he aint happy with where your relationship with the Almighty is going and wants you to fall by the way like he did and get rejected by God. The devil enlists his minions to entice you with the things that he knows very well that you love and want. But remember, you have been happy with what you had with God all along. When you finally realise that the devil has been lying to you, the beating that guy gave the temptress, is you beating yourself up inside when you finally realise how big you messed up and that there may be no way of making things right. Now you are all alone, people are disgusted with you, they have rejected. Just when you think of making things right, the devil visits you again and you think of getting enticed again. Pray! I like the writer who said you need prayer. When things fall apart , pray. When you see things not working out in your marriage, pray. When some floozy wants to kill the vibe between you and your partner,pray. Cos the devil is busy. Nothing beats prayer cos your strength come s from above. You will never beat the devil on your own.

  24. Obuti Mike re kopa statement hle, atleast will know when to expect a chapter, this now and then peeping is going to drive us crazy.

  25. Getting better everyday. Thanks Mike.Shem Vusi is drowning, Lindiwe an opportunist, Naledi a psycho. When are we getting new chapter Mike. Its going to be holidays soon.

  26. Selfish lady i dnt blame u.i blv u grew up in a state whr u were made 2 blv dat u r entitled 2 evrything u want nd whthr u hurt people along the way of getting it it doesn’t matter,u hv destroyed other peoples marriage bt u dnt feel u dd anythin wrong,wat pisses me off is dat u askin us whrthr u shud gt him back or not,wee sesi i feel u r boasting abt it by writing 2 this blog nd let me tell u karma is a bi…..,le tla go tlhabela letsatsi laago,wat goes around comes back around

  27. Eish poor Vusi, he doesn’t get a break at all. One moment he blocked Londiwe, the next they’re talking again, then she’s blackmailing him into marriage. I really hope he won’t back down and become “the man” Londiwe has never seen before. Goodness thanks Mike. Keep up the good work.

  28. Happy New Year to the Diary Family!!!

    Mike work starts today…. Kana you took leave without announcing!!! We will deduct from salary!! 👅👅👅👅👅

    Happy New Year to you Mike

  29. Happy new year fam nginifisela konke okuhle, iNjabulo, uThando, ne iMpumelelo. Kuyathandazwa njalo!!! Sicela izindaba ezakhayo please phansi ngemfebo that so 2017, imbokodo ayibuye ngiyazicelela naye nkosini🙏🙏🙏

  30. Is this letter a part of Mike’s wild imagination or is it another person who is in the same whatsapp group as him 🙂

  31. Mmmh awusabhali ngisho umlayezo nje omncane just to acknowledge abantu abafunda i blog yakho. Nokusihlonipha ke nje.

  32. Dear Mike. Please say something. We are worried, we are starting to wonder if ur still alive and well, a statement will be apreaciated tuu.

  33. Bra Mike have you abondoned this blog? Please let us know so we can stop checking for uploads like crazy people.

    Thanks in advance

  34. Mike hle say something, are you ok, have you stop writing,? we miss you and the blog just please let us know if you ok and tell us what’s going on so we at least know.


  35. Hau Mike we miss you nos.

    Come back

    Checked his facebook and twitter and he hasn’t posted anything, Wheres’ Khanyi who wrote on Missteps?

    maybe she can update us.

    anybody wana promote other blogs besides diary of a side chick and chronicles of a player. I need to read something new

  36. Londiwe is just something else,but let’s take that she is securing her future n dat of her”unborn” child.Thanx Bra Mike
    @Selfish lady ur one selfish human being,n I think ur psychotic aswell.I mean who does that just to get a man.So many plans n planning joh

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