Majuba 68

There is an unwritten law somewhere that says that men are evil if they tell a woman that they don’t want a child it

must be aborted. This does not matter whether or not the mother on her own can take care of the child. You are forced to pay maintenance if that child is born even if you specifically said you did not want the child. If a woman gets pregnant and decides to abort other women might judge her for it but they remind each other that she did the right thing if she could not afford to maintain the child. Naledi and I were a one night stand so as a one night stand why would I be suddenly attached to her and her child? Why must I be labelled a dog for saying that this child was a bad idea and truth be told, Naledi was certified mentally unstable so how could one in their right mind expect her to be a good mother! Am I evil therefore for saying this baby was a bad idea? I don’t think so.

“Dude you are over thinking this, let’s go to bed and we will decide tomorrow!”

She said.

“Wait? Are you sleeping here?”

I asked her.

“Of course I am! I am tired and don’t worry dude I have seen you naked I won’t rape you whilst you are sleeping? I can’t pregnant twice!”

She said laughing. Imagine if I as a man had used a rape joke like this how that would have turned out for me.

“I did not say that it’s just that you did not bring any clothes to change into!”

I reminded her. She had just come up with her handbag so I was not wrong therefore.

“I know that but you and I are not enemies. I trust you and I would like to believe that you trust me too!”

She said to me.

“Please help me with my zip!”

She said turning around. Naledi had an incredible body I will never fault her on that. She was possible a size 34 but because of her height she looked slender than that. Her ass, I don’t even know how to describe it but the word ‘squats’ comes to mind because she must have done a million of them the way it sat there. I like to think of black woman as strong and independent but truth be told that only works with Black Americans because South African women seem to still be finding their feet. Naledi had strength in her that scared me because it came across like recklessness.

“Is the zip stuck?”

She asked me. I had lingered a bit too long behind her lost in my thoughts.

“Sorry about that I just lost myself there!”

I told her.

“Ok then please don’t sleep before I come back. I will only be a few minutes!”

She said as she walked away. She still had the fragrance of her perfume on her body even. I don’t know if I am the only one but this woman’s but made her thongs make a whale tale that still melted me even now when I seeing her for the second time.

“Yeah sure!”

I told her. I scolded myself for allowing her to make me horny considering what was going on. I had no excuse that was wrong. I had too many problems right now to be thinking about being laid.

“I am back!”

She said and indeed she had not taken than long. I don’t think I had ever paid full attention to her but she had very long natural hair. It was very thick actually.

“Why do you bother wearing a weave?”

I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

She asked me.

“Your hair is beautiful and it suits you!”

I told her.

“Thank you but it’s a real bitch to maintain. Sometimes I feel like cutting it then I remember how long it took me to grow it in the first place!”

She said. She was wearing a towel around her.

“Do you have a shirt I can borrow?”

She asked me.

“Yup I do!”

I told her getting up to give her.

“So what are you staying in a hotel again?”

She finally asked me. I don’t know what took her so long because I would have asked the question myself if it was someone I was visiting.

“It’s a long story but I needed the space!”

I told her.

“You can come stay at my place if you want. You know I have more than enough room!”

She said and I just laughed.

“No thank you. I would never concentrate with you around!”

I told her.

“Oh ok but the offer stands so if you ever find yourself stranded you know where to go!”

She said. She went back into the bathroom and came back wearing my shirt. The sight of her thighs underneath my shirt made my mind spin. She looked super sexy and much as I wanted to say that it was inappropriate.

“You are practically drooling there dude what’s up?”

She asked me with a mischievous smile. She lifted up her hands to tie her long hair into a bun but all that managed to do was lift my shirt even higher. If I was being seduced it was working. I was hard already and thankful I was already sitting in bed others wise the tent on my pyjama bottoms would have shown.

“No nothing is up! I want to switch off the light so am waiting for you!”

I told her. It was an obvious lie because if she could stand there all night and just look this attractive I swear my life would be sorted.

“Liar liar pants on fire!”

She said playfully.

“Just come to bed!”

I told her. She went and switched off the main light and we were left with the bedside lamps.

“Goodnight Vusi!”

She said turning around and switching off the lamp on her side. She lay in a curl position sticking her ass at me like what the fuck!


I said literally swallowing spit the way I was thirsty for her. I really needed to get some.


She said my name.


I responded.

“Please switch off the light!”

She said.

“I struggle to sleep when the light is on sorry!”

She said. That was so unfair. This was like dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean where you are surrounded by water!

“Uhm sorry!”

I told her. I looked at her and she had a weird smile on her face! She knew exactly what she was doing and how she was torturing me. I switched off the light and squeezed my eyes shut. This was torture but I was stronger than my needs. I am stronger than I look. At some point I slept no hanky panky thankfully. In the morning she woke up before me,

“Good morning!”

She said to me drinking coffee in the room. All hotel rooms come with coffee and I am not even a coffee person.

“Did you sleep well?”

I asked her.

“Yes I slept like a baby. I can’t let myself be stressed out like this…

She told me as she switched on the TV.

“I have already bathed because my mother wants to meet me ASAP! I was scared to switch on the TV for fear of waking you up. There is too much going to ignore the news!”

She said to me. No offense but a woman who is current in current affairs is super sexy. There is that part on ENEWS in Cape Town where they go into the streets and asked people contemporary questions. Lately they have been asking who are Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma! The people gave some of the craziest answers I have ever heard all having the same root, they don’t know and they don’t care about things happening today. I can’t fathom a person who knows nothing and I am not even that political. What happens in politics however affects all of us!

“Yes there is but you could have switched it on though. Your mother?”

I asked her.

“I do have a mother dude come on so just because you see my father only does not mean she does not exist!”

She told me.

“Oh ok where is she? Sorry to pry!”

I said but I was genuinely fascinated because she had never mentioned her before.

“She is in Soweto, she stays there!”

She explained.

“Your mother stays in Soweto when your father lives in Houghton?”

I asked her. Ok fine I was prying.

“I love my dad but he is a prick. When they divorced she barely got anything in return. He even made her feel guilty for buying her that house in Soweto but she is happier now which is what I prefer! I was tied of them fighting always and my dad might be astute and all but he loves women!”

She explained. I think cheating is so common that we not even embarrassed to talk about it to strangers. Once upon a time saying your parent was a cheat was a moment of embarrassment but now it was so common that even the children forgive the cheating person and Naledi was a case in point. You would never for one moment think that she had anything against her father the way she worshipped him.

“Maybe you should come with me so you can meet her! She loves meeting my friends!”

She offered.

“No thank you. I am moving out of the hotel today and I have things to do!”

I told her.

“Oh bummer! I liked this place. Was going to visit again tonight! Are you going to your place?”

She asked me. Somehow it felt like an uncomfortable question but I answered nonetheless,

“Nope, my mother’s house! Long story like I said!”

I told her. She knew not to ask as she stood up. She was already dressed.

“Must I make you some coffee?”

She asked me. I did not want coffee! I told her this and went to bath. When I came back she too was ready to leave. I made her help me pack up and finally I left the hotel.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?”

She asked me.

“No thanks!”

When I got to the car I got a call, it was from my boss. I was due back to work next week but somehow I had expected this.

“Get the fuck to the office you treacherous son of a bitch! You are lucky I am not calling the police on your ass! Come here now!”

He said and he hung up.

It was happening.

**********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Good morning sir and readers. Thank you for considering my letter.

Sir I am a 28 year old male. I work and I am a responsible person. I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now but I have a serious problem with her. She has a short temper which makes her lose reason any time we argue. Anything can trigger her and this situation is worsened when it’s towards her periods. I love this girl and I absorb all she throws at me but sometimes I wonder if we will survive this at all in the long run. I am not in any way saying that I don’t anger her sometimes because I do but it’s not easy not knowing when someone will snap. I want to help her get over her temper issues but is it even possible? When she is sweet she is amazing but when she has a spells she is quite formidable. I once told her that I think she has demons because it’s not natural and I was not joking.

Please advise me on this as I am worried about where this is going.

Thank You


16 thoughts on “Majuba 68

  1. You were right when you advised her like that as it’s highly possible, I used to be a ticking bomb and my anger outburst was not normal it was demonic until I visited a court in Midrand called GMM my deliverance took the whole day and went on months after that …But it helped me I am now slow in anger and I can reason when having an argument with someone…My Advice is invite her to a church that conducts deliverance, but remember it’s a spiritual matter once you are delivered you need to constantly feed your spirit with prayer because if you don’t you allowing the demons that were cast out to come back stronger…may God bless your relationship..all the best…

  2. hi Alfred….mental illness is the issue…dont leave her yet help her get help first for her self and see if things get better.

  3. Hahahah yhooo Mike the double standards of the world hey…. But then again , its like a white person making a racist joke to a black person , its not funny at all!!! Lol, so yeah.

    Funny how women are celebrated sooo much and are called Mbokodo’s yet, we have the law behind us all the way… How then are we not strong?? Just my thoughts!!

    But it does not take away the fact that men are #trash , and you will always be dogs shame!!!

    Weell then Alfred, there you have a solution for you my guy!! And big ups to you for wanting to help your girl out instead of just walking away!!

    All the best

  4. Vusi, soon you will have two wives. Naledi is tricking you. Why did you allow her to sleep in your room in your bed if you dont want her. Mcii

  5. Vusi is so infuriating. I swear! I hope he goes to jail, he’s criminally stupid.

    Alfred consider seeking the help of a therapist. Advise her to chat to her gynae/gp it could be a hormonal imbalance of sorts. I used to be a proper banshee when I was on the pill.

  6. Haai this Vusi Guy is so stupid Jeso, why can’t he see Naledi is bad news and if she really is Pregnant its not his child nxa.

  7. Vusi you’re such a BUM really, from now on you deserve everything that comes your way. i can’t deal with stupid people.

  8. I think my older sister suffers from mental illness too. That girl is just too crazy and envious. I seldom visit home because of that.

  9. i like Vusi he is genuinely a good person, i just don’t get why people are calling him stupid but then again in a world so heartless there is no space for people like him coz they are seem to be stupid, foolish and push overs. unfortunately his good heart will be his downfall as it is his weakness

  10. Funny how a man will be called stupid and a pussy when he’s merely doing the right thing. When he’s not a pussy he’s trash! *tongue out* How do u dispute 3 positive pregnancy tests mara…. Maybe he should have went with her into the toilet neh? or ask her to give him the urine and he does the test himself. Its possible Naledi bought 6 tests, paid someone else to take 3 tests, showed Vusi the 3 sealed test voila! The is no limit to the manipulativeness of side chicks bathong O_O

  11. Ok, ok ok guys, I know I’m behind but allow me to quote, “She lay in a curl position sticking her a$$ at me like what the f¥ck”
    Kwaaaaaaakwakwakwa! I’m in tears.

  12. It didn’t take long 1st all for u to be in hot waters Vusi,I wouldn’t wana be in your shoes man.Thank u Bra Mike

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