Majuba 67

Some times in life when you have one problem things quickly snowball in many problems. How many guys have you heard

of whom after making one girl pregnant, another is pregnant at the same time? The thought is actually ridiculous yet it happens a lot to many guys. We are not saints but to call me a bad guy considered how bad my so called marriage was is bullshit! Londiwe and I were actually a very toxic couple and that was a situation that needed to end for both our sakes. With that said, are you really telling me that my sperms were that potent that after just one shag, where I am certain I wore a condom I had made a woman pregnant? If I believed in ancestors this will be time to go see a sangoma! Yah neh, I actually was stuck there for a moment.


I said out loud and I ran after her. How could she even think I was going to let her walk away?

“Naledi you don’t just come here, drop a bombshell like that and walk away!”

I told her angrily and frankly speaking very surprised that she had actually walked away.

“Are you for real dude? What is it that you don’t understand?”

She asked me defensively. I think when she came here she had expected a fight from me or for me to play the deny game South African men are so good at. You know if soccer was a dead bit game Bafana Bafana would have won the World Cup several times, Black Americans coming a close second.

“If you are pregnant and its mine then we must discuss it! How do you just say that and walk away Naledi?”

I asked her. I was not going to let her go that easily.

“I have an event to attend and when it’s done we will come and discuss if I am pregnant. I already bought pregnancy tests, three of them and if you want me to I will come back and we can do the test here together! I don’t think I want to play games with you!”

She said with hope. Of course I was not going to say no to that.

“Please don’t let me down by not showing up! I will wait for you until you come back!”

I pleaded with her. I did not want to end up sitting there waiting the whole night for someone who will decide not to show up.

“I will come! It’s important to me too and am kind of panicking right now!”

She said and walked towards me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek before she said,

“I will be back!”

With a smile on her face! I could not get what she was happy about because me and her were not even dating. My mother called me.

“We are about to leave are you sure you don’t want to come see us off at the airport?”

She asked me as though going to the airport had the same appeal as it did when I was a child.

“No thank you! I have things to do!”

I told her.

“Come on Vusi, it’s me your mother! You have never gone this long being angry at me and if I live to go half way across the world with things this bad what’s going to happen?”

She half pleaded with me. She was playing the emotional blackmail card.

“Mum nothing will happen to you. I will be here when you get back.”

I told her.

“But you don’t know that son!”

She protested.

“You should have thought before you started working on breaking up my marriage. Tell me now mom are you happy with how things are? I am alone as you wanted and you knew I loved Londiwe with everything I had!”

I reminded her. She kept quiet for a second then she said,

“If you loved her that much you would have fought for her harder!”

And before she could say anything further I dropped the phone on her. She can go do her own things now I don’t care. I had so much on my mind and instead of sitting there waiting I decided to take a shower. My phone rang twice and I figured it was my mother so I ignored. Four hours later I got the call I had been waiting for,

“I am on my way the party is finished!”

Naledi told me. I had not dozed off once the way I was anxious.

“Ok cool, I will be waiting!”

It was already 11pm by the time she got to me. I was tired no lie but the adrenalin of this was keeping me going.

“Sorry I am so late. I had thought I was going to escape sooner but you know how things get when you meet old friends she said.

“I was worried you were not going to come hey looking at the time!”

I told her as she walked in.

“Why wouldn’t I come I told I would remember? I know you are just as anxious and me hence why I know me not coming would have been cruel”

She explained to me what I was thinking. At least she was a decent human being.

“It’s ok! Are we doing this or not?”

I asked her as she was taking off her heels.

“Dude you didn’t even ask me how my evening was?”

She asked.

“Sorry about that, how was it?”

I asked her.

“It was fine thank you. I am just happy it’s done. There are too many office parties right now and all my friends invite me because they think I will meet a guy there! Lame dudes if you ask me!”

She said rubbing her feet. This was not what I wanted to be talking about at this moment to be honest.

“Yeah I suppose!”

I responded. I could not even hide my disinterest.

“I am just waiting for the water I drank to take effect so that I can pee! Please be patient and besides I really would like to know what will happen if I am pregnant?”

She asked me. This was those trick questions which a girl asks you as if you have a choice in her final decision.

“Its up to you I suppose but considering we are not even in a relationship it is not something I would jump to celebrate just yet!”

I responded trying to sit as much on the fence as I could.

“That’s a very diplomatic answer right there but I don’t blame you for saying that. I am scared. If is positive and I am pregnant I don’t believe in abortion. You won’t have to be part of my Childs life so don’t worry I won’t be chasing you for maintenance but I really would want you to be in our lives!”

She said thoughtfully.

“We don’t even know if you are pregnant or not so let’s not make hasty decisions!”

I told her sitting down next to her just for reassurance.

“We are in this together but we can’t make impulsive decisions just because we are here together! A child is a big responsibility …”

I told her again. I wanted her to make the right decision and think this through.

“We shall see my guy! Please pass me my bag!”

She said and I did that. It was by the small table. She took out the pregnancy tests.

“Do you know how to use it?”

I asked her.

“Yes I have read it a hundred times already! I bought them in the morning to be honest but I could not bring myself to actually going through with it alone!”

She said. I think being a woman is hard work. I mean imagine fearing that you are pregnant and will go through it alone because the guy who made you pregnant does not want anything to do with it.

“Ok keep your fingers crossed!”

She said. I am not sure what I was crossing them for, no I lie, I did not want her to be pregnant. One minute…two minutes … Three minutes…four minutes…

“Is everything ok in there?”

I called out. The four minutes she had been gone felt like she had been gone for ages. I was dying with anticipation.

“Be patient I am not a machine!”

She shouted from within the bathroom. If I had hair to pull out I would be pulling it out right now but oh well.

Eventually she walked out of the bathroom and her face was lifeless. She was holding the three tests. I was not going to wait for her to get to me I walked towards her to intercept.


I asked her. She took the tests and showed them to me. They all had the same symbol.

“I don’t know what it means!”

I told her.

“One stripe means you are not pregnant and two stripes mean you are pregnant!”

She said in a quiet tone.

I looked at the little contraption in her hand,

“But they are all two stripes! How are you pregnant?”

My head was spinning, I even felt light headed like I was going to faint. I stumbled to the chair still clutching on the pregnancy sticks.

“Your father is going to kill me after I have killed me!”

I said putting my head in my hands. I tried to think back on that day, had the condom broken? I don’t think so and I was not drunk either. So I am fairly certain. Did I enter without it at any point without it especially during foreplay? Would I have been that reckless? What was going on here? Do I deny the pregnancy now but won’t I look like a dooshbag?

“I am scared!”

She said in the corner where she stood but I did not respond to her. I had my own thoughts and consoling her was the last thing on my mind.

“Naledi do you realize that we are working together and that will be crossing so many lines!”

I told her.

“We are not Jacob and Nkosazana ok! It’s you and me and that’s it and besides those two worked together and no one cared!”

She said,

“Yeah until now!”

I responded getting up to walk around one more time.

“I can’t believe you are worried about our project at this moment but please when you find time in your busy schedule take a moment and worry about me and the baby inside me!”

She said snapping at me.

“I am sorry but I don’t think you understand Londiwe is pregnant too right now!”

I told her and she looked as though in disbelief and slowly were she stood sat down.

“You have got to be kidding me!”

She said tears coming out of her eyes.

We sat there in silence the two of us and an hour later she said,

“I am keeping my baby!”

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I love your work so much and I follow it religiously. You have blessed us with some of the best reads ever. I am 19 now and I started reading your work when I was 16 and I am still here. Amazing stuff.

My mother died when I was 14 and left my father with two sons and myself to raise. He did a great job from waking up in the morning to make us scuftin for school to attending as many of our sports events as he could. There was nothing my father would not do. My older brothers are twins so they went to university at the same time and are finishing next year (2018). My father never dated because he always said another woman will not love us the same way and might end up dividing our family. We even tried to set him up my brothers and me but he was not interested until last month and that’s where the problem started. Two months ago I brought a new friend home. She is in varsity with me. She slept over. My father was out of town and I thought he was coming back the next day but showed up early. He found us swimming which is not a problem. My friend and I were in the pool so we had to come out and greet him. I saw him checking out my friend and he even got nervous when he greeted her. Fast forward a month later he took her out for dinner. She is 19 my father is 45. He did not sleep with her or anything but he really likes her. He keeps on apologizing to me for doing this and he deleted her number once but my brothers talked me into giving them back to her. They reckon that he has earned it but I feel like a loser. My friend seems to like him and I know for a fact she is single and all about the books. What do I do? He has been such a wonderful father and he is lonely but this is my friend and a girl my age. My father has just become a sugar daddy and even though she says he never gives her money I am sure he does. I am losing respect for him and I don’t know why because he is finally moving on. He loved my mother so much and this is the first time he has ever attempted to date.

Please help me understand this situation and what should I do.

Thank You


31 thoughts on “Majuba 67

  1. The drama in these letters🙆🏽 One could stand in the court of law and testify they aren’t true. Anyways all the best with your dilemma. I would also feel uncomfortable with my father dating someone the same age as me.

  2. What if she was not even going to an event but went to buy some pregnant woman’s urine? . poor Vusi.

    I wouldn’t allow it, its wrong. your father sounded like a man with morals but how can he not see anything wrong with that?

  3. I Dont believe Londiwe’s child is Vusi’s tu..

    PE this is a difficult situation, but a heart wants what a heart wants…. i think your dad deserves some happiness and if your friend is the one to make him happy why not…. we find love in different places remember that.

  4. PE, Tell your father that if he’s got such high morals, he should go for a woman his age. Cos ngoku, he’s a blesser shemm…
    Vusi is a weak man, why can’t he just tell Naledi that, Ok, I’ll take care of my child but you should know sleeping with you was just me being a guy so it’s never gonna happen again. Call me when you’re going for doctor visits and stuff.

    1. Hay if Vusi thought Londiwe was psycho he clearly had not met uNaledi…..uzambonisa iiFlames ke lo shame, andisamsizeli, lol!!!!

  5. Thanks Mike and the Team, PE I think you have to sit your father down and ask him if you do come with a 45yrs old man to the house and introduce him to your father as your boyfriend, is his going to bless your relationship with that man? If the answer is yes then I guess you know what to do but bear in mind that at the age of 19 your friend is still young and at some point things might not work between her and your father so I hope that won’t affect your friendship! While we are in there i wonder if she will share what she gets up to with your Dad lol eyooh!

  6. Thank you Bhut Mike for the daily dose… Hahaaha I know sooo many guys who have impregnated two women at the same time!!!!

    Yhoooo…and here I broke up with a guy I really liked because he was friends with my older brother …. We dated first, before he was friends with my brother and when their friendship looked like it was blossoming , I it just became weird and uncomfortable for me;…and this was when I was about your age as well…

    And wena its you Father and friend??? yhooooo I don’t know hey… I honestly don’t know…!!

    But hey , look now , my current boyfriend is quite close with my brother and I have no quarrels with that….they get along so well that they have things they talk about that I don’t know even know of, make plans of their own…and it doesn’t bother me at all!!!

    Guess I outgrew that whole…..I don’t know what to call it, lol!!!

    All the best hey…. All I can say is…maybe give it a chance, but then again that might just put a strain on your friendship so…I don’t know!!


  7. Your father has done nothing wrong at all…ABSOLUTELY nothing. Do not guilt trip with insignificant things like age. Support him like he has with you and your brothers. Yekela uTata abe-happy sesi this man deserves it and a give him a Bells while you at it.

  8. What will happen to your friendship if things don’t work out between your dad and friend? Would you be comfortable if things got serious and your father decides to marry your friend and she becomes your Step mother? Is your father or friend genuinely into the other or is this some kind of a phase? These are some of the questions that should be addressed by all parties involved, it might point in the direction or help make a reasonable decision

  9. Lol I am enjoying majuba. I don’t think Londiwe and naledi are pregnant with Vusi.. I think these two women are psychos. Vusi must just go back to that hospital were he meet that beautiful nurse and date her

  10. Shame uVusi uzobambha amalahle amabini.

    Dear PE
    Here’s the thing, there is very little you can do to stop your father from dating anyone, whether you guilt him into getting someone his own age or not, ultimately it is his decision. If it’s not your friend, it will be another young girl. I have an older brother who will make a move on my friends, no matter how much I hate it and no matter how many times I call him out on it or call him trash for it, he always gets them . No matter how many times I warn my friends about his player ways, they fall for him, even though some are even friends themselves and know he’s a player. I know it’s not the same scenario, but it shows that there is very little one can do to change someone else’s mind where feelings, like, lust, love or infatuation are concerned, because it’s two individuals against one. The age difference makes you question his morals and principals because to you, he is your father and should know better. To him, he is a man with needs, to your friend, he is an older man blessing him, or genuinely liking her. Wena, you are looking at it from your eyes and not his and are judging him and your friend for something you wouldn’t do, but they are not you. They are two consenting adults by law. Also, speak to your father about this feelings you have towards the whole situation, hear him out and hear your friend out, speak honestly and openly. Remember, you don’t get to choose who anyone loves. All the best Nono. Also, we never judged Celine Dion, I’m just saying

  11. Hayi people. 19 year old and a 45 year old. Worse his daughters friend. NOOOO!!! This is so wrong in so many ways. PE, tell your daddy you are not comfortable with this relationship. He must go look else where. Atleast a woman in her 30s. Daddy is been great but that does not mean we should now justify his behaviour. He cannot date his daughters friend. Call it daddy – daughter code, existing or not. LOL… It is just wrong! Hayibo!

  12. Mare Celine’s hunny met her when she was 13yrs of age…. so perving was happening then and imagine guy wad 39…. makes you wonder? ….

  13. Yoooh Vusi uzalelwe yonja indlini…
    Vusis mom will come to his rescue and say he had an accident when he was little so he cant shoot straight.
    Naledi i battery yooo duracell D2

  14. Dankie brada Mikie,
    Love, lust & infatuation all rolled in one. It’s hard to break up such relationships. Chris Banard (MHSRIP) @65 married a 24yr old. Trump’s wife is 25yrs younger. Macro France president is 25yrs younger than his wife. (She used to teach him with her daughter who was his friend).
    Myb culture is changing at such a fast rate that it’s becoming acceptable everywhere.

  15. Your father P.E is suffering from lust or your friend reminds him of your mother at that age… Go find your father a women from church too. If you really uncomfortable talk to your father he is the adult tell him to leave that girl because your friend will ruin your family I bet she just wants In the inheritance… Or she needs a sugur daddy and unfriend that girl she is not loyal she might end up with your brothers on day or even your husband or boyfriend. Ga a safe that friend shame…

  16. Didn’t Naledi say she knew or had met Londiwe somewhere before? I think both these girls know each other and are playing Vusi…

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