Majuba 66

If we are to be honest most men don’t realize that women can play the game better than we can. It’s weird how we can

sit here and tell everyone with great confidence that women have the potential to tell the biggest lies whilst men make the most lies but in the same breathe fail to acknowledge that women are often cleverer than us. Universities graduate more women than men and even in the highest marks it is often women that dominate. That means that they are smarter than us and significantly so hence I have to wonder why is it when a woman out smarts a man no one sees it coming. Londiwe had something on me and she had really played a card I had not expected. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I had two options. If I allowed her to expose that information that would be the end of me and all of us. That will cause a chain reaction whose ending could actually be bloody knowing that psychopath father of Naledi. Why then was this plan much more appealing than what plan B had in store. Plan B was marrying her which meant that I would probably end up with a woman I did not trust and to be honest I probably did not love anymore. What is that saying, marriage is a cage where women go to wither and die, I think for me marriage would be the cage that would kill me as well!

“Londiwe you can’t be serious come on now!”

I protested.

“Up until a few weeks ago you we eager and ready to marry me. I didn’t waste my time living with you, having you fuck me for free like I was some university girl! I dropped everything I had to be with you, moved in with you and watched you turn from the most romantic guy in the world to a mommy’s baby dud! I stuck by you even then!”

She said and ouch that kind of hit home. Londiwe really was convinced that I was a mommy’s baby but when you have a mother like mine who interferes even the sternest of no’s fly right past her.

“Do you realize that you are blackmailing me to get married to you?”

I asked her because effectively that’s what she was doing to me right now.

“Do you realize that you can go to prison for many years were you will become someone else’s wife because you have the upper body strength of a five year old so you choose?”

I did not know how to respond at this stage because that was wow, that was the last thing I expected.

“Vusi I am doing this because I love you. I know you might have your doubts on many things about me but loving you should never be one of them. I don’t want a child born out of wedlock. You loved me once so you can love me again. It’s up to you to decide therefore what’s more important!”

She said. She really was not backing down. I did not know what to say to her.

“I don’t have time for this, do what you want then I will not stay with a woman who I can’t even trust to have my back!”

I told her.

“This is me having your back and you don’t even see it. I have told you my terms so I will hear from you!”

She said. I was not entertaining this nonsense any further. I wanted to talk to my mother actually so that we could hear what was going to happen after that interview. We had cause to worry. I told Tumi to meet me at my mother’s house as well and fortunately he agreed. She was home and this time she had the right sufficient of worry on her face but would not see things my way.

“Tumi you are not seeing it but if this thing goes south who do you think will be left carrying the case? It is us. We are the weakest links and what’s worse is that we are not even the politicians in this!”

I reminded him.

“I don’t care. As long as we make money that’s all I want. I am tired of being poor!”

He said which really disappointed me. Why was he so blinded by the money when we had bigger things to lose?

“I am just as stressed as you are about all this but I am sure we will be fine. Such investigations never go far because the demand for the product is always for now so you will find they don’t have the stomach for it. My suggestion is that if we panic now we will screw up a good thing on our own!”

My mother advised. She was kind of right in that most government contracts are last minute things which can’t be taken away from you usually because of the amount of urgency in them.

“Ok then but we have to make sure that we insulate ourselves.”

I warned them. I seemed to be the only one panicking and wanting to make a plan.

“Can we do it tomorrow I have a date?”

Tumi said standing up to leave. This is exactly what i meant.

“Come on man we can’t put it off. We don’t want to be caught with our pants down when shit hits the fan!”

I told him.

“Don’t worry that’s not going to happen at all so don’t worry about such things because you will end up stressing all of us out for no reason. You need to learn to relax!”

He told me. I stood up to walk out with him and when we got to his car he turned and said,

“You also need to get laid. The salt on your face is starting to show and it’s what’s making you be this tense.”

He teased. I think black people are the only group of people that genuinely believe that there is something like salt that can harm them the longer they don’t have sex. We are totally convinced of this and a lot of people use this primitive way of thinking to justify to themselves why they cheat on their partners.

“Ok fine if you think that’s the case then but I really think we need to be wearier of what’s going!”

I told him as he eventually drove away. I really was paranoid by the way everyone seemed to not have this sense of urgency I had.

“Vusi please don’t leave can we talk!”

My mother asked me when I went in. I wanted to take some things from my room before I left now I regretted coming back in.

“What about?”

I had not forgotten that my mother and I were not in good talking terms. If it was not because of the company and all these things we had been doing I strongly doubt that I would even have nee talking to her at all.

“Ok fine but it had better be quick!”

I told her.

“Ok fine but you can’t be. Giving me times to talk to you like this I am your mother. It’s wrong!”

She told me a bit annoyed by what I had said.

“Mum make up your mind what you want. You are the one that went after my marriage to satisfy your elitist agent not the other way round. Now that I am not allowing you to corrupt my thinking it’s hurting you? Is that it?”

I asked her.

“I did not want to fine. It’s every mother’s job to try and protect their child and this does not stop whether you are one or a hundred. You are my only child so there is nothing I can do to stop loving you or wanting to protect you.”

She told me. Sometimes I wonder if my mother even thought of me as a grown man at all. I mean I had a job was almost married and a life but to her I was this vulnerable little boy.

“What do you want to talk about?”

I asked her.

“That’s a bit harsh Vusi but ok, I heard that you are staying in a hotel…”

She started and it could only have been Tumi that snitch who told her that.

“Yes I am and no I will not move in with you!”

I told her.

“I didn’t think you would but I have a proposition for you. You know I am going to Bali with some friends for our annual vacation and there will be no one staying here. Last year you came with Londiwe to stay whilst I was gone and we had no problems. Can you please come and do it again. I won’t be here which is what you want right and the house needs security anyway!”

She told me. It was true my mother and a group of her friends always had a trip every year that made them feel young again. They saved up for it the whole year even and every time she came back she was always happy.

“When are you leaving?”

I asked her. I had not really been monitoring her movements lately so I had even forgotten.

“Goodness Vusi you really have a lot on your mind, I have told you before. I am leaving tonight; my flight is at 10pm!”

She told me. I had totally forgotten but I had also had a tough year so I had not fully paid attention.

“Ok I will come but only after I know you are safely at the airport and gone!”

I told her.

“Oh good does that mean you will drop me at the airport?”

She asked me wishfully.

“No it does not mean that. I have already agreed to do this one thing for you so please don’t push it!”

I told her as I walked out. I did not wish her a safe trip or anything like that. She wanted me to behave like a little kid and run around her but I was done. If she was not my mother and I did not need a place to stay I would have cut her off Shem!

My phone rang and it was Naledi. Was my life such a whirlwind though? All I wanted was peace and quiet.

“Where are you?”

She asked me.

“I am on my way to my hotel and you?”

I asked her.

“I have a meeting with some old friends. Can I pass by your hotel for two minutes? I am behind time but this is important!”

She said. I told her where I was staying and when I got there found her at reception already.

“Naledi is everything fine, what’s the emergency?”

I asked her.

“You haven’t really been giving me a chance to talk to you but I wanted to tell you something that could prove to be important!”

She said to me nervously. I already knew it was important so she did not have to say it twice.

“Ok I am listening what’s up?”

I asked her.

“My period is late.”

She said and I stared at her blankly.

“Ok cool but don’t you sometimes get late periods I know with Londiwe sometimes they are up and down!”

I asked her.

“Did you really just bring up your exes period table? Dude where is your tact!”

She said immediately annoyed.

“Sorry about that!”

I responded. Not worth the argument to be honest.

“I am late. I am never late, ever! I was due three days ago and still nothing. Just thought you would like to know!”

She said and bizarrely she walked away. It was almost as though she was saying the ball is in my court.

This was not happening!

*********The End**************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am sure you are tired of all the praises we give you over here Sir but you have really earned them. You have done a sterling job and may God grant you more wisdom to keep on writing.

Sir I am a 34 year old man and I just proposed to the woman I have been dating for 3 years. We have had a beautiful relationship until now and I thought everything was going swimmingly until she said no with me on the floor on one knee. She told me that she loved me but felt I was not ready. I have a child with another woman whom I had when I was 21 and my son is 13 now. I take care of him as much as his mother permits because that woman is crazy. She would not let me see my son until I went to court and when that right. She will not accept me paying maintenance for my child because she came from a rich family and does not need it. My son calls me by my name and no matter how hard I have tried to bond with him father to son he prefers the wealth of his mother and grandparents. To my intended fiancé she feels that if we get married before all this is resolved it will haunt our marriage as I love my son and I guess I am partially to blame as I complain often about the situation. Now I wish I had never told her my problems because I love her so much and want her to be my wife.

I don’t even know what kind of help I am asking for but I need advice on how to make her marry me considering how impossible this situation is. I don’t want to lose her and she says she loves me.

What do I do?

Thank You


16 thoughts on “Majuba 66

  1. Hi Sam
    I am married to a guy who has unresolved issues with the mother of his son, till today 80% of our fights are because he often complains or regrets what is happening. This has put major strain on me I hate seeing my husbands unhappy but I feel like he blames us at home he is not with the son. This has me starting to resent him because I feel his energy is focused more on the boy even though I had nothing to do with their breakup. There is no win to this situation, and the more you focus on the son you will lose more . Eventually your boy will come to you when he is ready, he knows who you are. Life is designed in a way that we o backk to where we come from tõ find out who we are. Lamenting on a situation you can’t change just brings agony.

  2. Hi sam, why do i feel like she’s only making an excuse? your letter says “…she says she loves me…” do you see and feel that love, words are something else actions have to show. Your Son is 13years old and the issue is still unresolved how many years again its gonna take for it to be resolved? what if it will never be resolved and that’s all the relation you can have with your son? Does that mean she will never marry you? I think what should be important for you Sam Is that atleast you son knows you’re his father, even if he calls you by name. Again you’re not wrong for confiding in her because she’s your woman but if that is all you talk about always perhaps she feels like that’s the only thing that matters to you and I hope she’s not threatened by our baby mama’s wealth.

    Think of a way to settle this matter “your son” and move on…

  3. Thanks Team
    I agree, Vusi and Lungi are indeed in the same what’s up group, trouble just follows them.
    @Sam – there is a difference between telling her about your problems and complaining about your problems. The latter does not inspire much confidence, and frankly I would also run…

  4. Thanx Mike, I’m starting to be a big fan of majuba. Londiwe just remind me of the movie Gone girl lol. It never rains, it pours😂, @ Sam, I understand you love your son, but why can’t u just accept the relationship u have with ur son as it Is, because if I was your girlfriend, I would think you are obsessed with your ex and your son, you have done everything that you can to show your son that you love him, but it seems like he is not giving you what you want. Your son will come and connect with you when he is ready, when he wants you in his life, you will never have to chase him. It’s obvious that your baby mama still have an upper hand in your life, she can even use her own son to control you, so I get where your girlfriend is coming from, no woman want to compete with that. Sort your life out first.

  5. Lol Vusi life shame 😅
    Sam there is more to your story than a crazy ex and a child choosing his mother family. Have you ever tried organizing a date between yourself, currently girlfriend, your son and ex. Maybe your girlfriend can get to the root of your problems on why you not seeing the child.

  6. Same here, vusi has this dark shadow following him so i will not be surprised if his mother dies. Vusi should just stay far away from both naledi and lodiwe they will continue to bring missery to his life. Start a new life with a new girl at Limpopo. This londiwe is nonsense and naledi silent killer. Start afresh vusi, get a new job and a new girlfriend at venda, you will find a well mannered maduvha kind a woman at venda

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