Majuba 65

On your marks

Get set….

The problem with politicians is that the moment you hold them to account on any public broadcaster they will sell their mothers if they must to come out looking good. My boss literally demanded answers as to how the tender had been awards and stated facts. The MEC did what they do best and promised that there will be an inquiry into it but my boss being my boss was not done.

“Tomorrow morning I am going to Hawks and I am going to open a case with or without you making that inquiring. MEC we are tired of corruption because some of us are hard working people wanting to advance and we will hold any such nonsense to account!”

My boss rattled on. I was just shaking my head at this moment because this was not going to end well at all. Another thing politicians do not like is being embarrassed so publicly on funny enough things they actually are supposed to do. Yah neh. I did not sleep well all at night because this would have consequences. First thing in the morning my new frenemy called me for a meeting, Naledi’s father.

“How bad can this man hurt us? Does he have connections you know of?”

He asked me.

“I don’t know him well at all sir but he is the kind of man who is like a dog with a bone, he is relentless!”

I advised him.

“I tried to warn you yesterday and you did not listen to me! I know my boss; he will not let this rest until he gets his pound of flesh!”

I warned the arrogant bastard.

“You see what’s wrong with the timing of all this, if it was on any other time we would have squashed this easily but with them electing new people soon our friends might not be so ready to sneak their necks out for us!”

I honestly could not tell whether he was scared or not as his face did not betray it.

“So does this mean we are at the messy of the law now?”

I asked him.

“Not quite. There really is no proof of anything against us. I told you before I have been doing this for a long time. Only a testimony from one of us would be cause to worry about so no don’t worry!”

He warned me. I tried to think who could betray the group and it gave me a little comfort knowing Tumi’s love for money he would never. My mother was loyal to this guy and Naledi loyal to the father. If this was The Weakest Link show somehow I was the one whom they would worry about the most? Did they already think that? Shit! The way this man was looking at me weird even or was it in my head.

“You can go now; I will call you if anything further happens!”

He dismissed me and I walked out towards my car and I heard a voice behind me!

“You need to trust you know he knows what he is doing!”

Naledi said.

“Before I even address that I really would like to ask, how do you do that?”

I asked her,

“Do what?”

“Every time I come here you sneak up behind me and I never see you coming!”

I asked her.

“I don’t know how I do it but if I do all the time that means that clearly you are a slow learner!”

She said

“Ouch! That’s not a nice thing to say!”

I told her.

“Well you seem to not learn from past mistakes that means that there really is nothing else that can be said!”

She told me.

“So let me guess you came here to mock me? That’s classy!”

I told her.

“No. I came to tell you that I told my father to back off us. It’s a good thing he likes you too because I had an ex who I never heard from or of again!”

She said looking me straight in the eye.

“Huh? What do you mean you never heard of again? Where did he go?”

I asked her curiously but I do not think I was going to like the answer so maybe I should not have asked.

“What do you think?”

She said looking me in the eye.

“No he didn’t… Did he?”

I asked her. She had flinched but when she saw the fear in me she burst out laughing.

“Ah dude come on I am making it up. My father did no such thing I am just kidding! You should see your face goodness Vusi you really are scared of my father!”

She said to me laughing.

“Well you were not there when he was threatening me to stay away from you but yes damn straight I am!”

I told her.

“Well he gave me his blessing so there is something I hope will cheer you up because you are looking kind of glum!”

She said and she turned and walked away. I think she was trying to be sexy the way she walked but right now my mind was not focused on that. In a game of Chess it is the pawns that are sacrificed and if this thing ever went south which it was already, I have no doubt I would be the pawn that clicks all the dots. I stopped by MacDonald’s for food because hotel living is very expensive. My surname is not Mugabe after all I needed to go back to my flat soon.

“Speak of the devil!”

I said out loud. It was Londiwe and she was calling me. I parked in the parking lot. What did she want this time? I picked up because part of me wanted to hear how she was.

“I am surprised you picked up!”

She said,

“Because I was about to hang up!”

“I am sorry I was taking a shower!”

I lied for no specific reason.

“I am getting discharged today will you please come pick me up?”

She asked me.

“No I can’t I am busy and besides I don’t even know where you stay remember!”

I told her cheekily.

“Of course you don’t know where I stay I will direct you silly!”

She said playfully.

“Londi it won’t be appropriate for me to come pick you up considering all that is happening right now come on! Why are you making this more difficult than it really should be?”

I asked her. I was not so much annoyed to be honest. She was a familiar voice that I had shared so many moments with so talking to her was not as distasteful as I thought it would be.

“I am not. I just want someone to pick me up from here and taking me home!”

She announced.

“I am sorry that is not going to happen. I do have things to do hence why I was showering. Get an Uber or something!”

I told her and she chuckled sarcastically.

“Are you serious?”

She asked me.

“Yes I am. You do have a bank card which I have not blocked mind you and I am not going to block because my child needs you healthy!”

I told her which to be honest was rather patronizing but it came out like that.

“I was just taking chances its cool; I will get someone else to pick me up!”

She said,

“Yeah you do that. I am sure Simon is waiting at the corner already!”

I told returning the sarcasm right at her.

“That’s petty Vusi even for you but its ok I deserve that even though it’s for a crime I did not commit!”

She said but I cut it,

“Save it for someone who cares Londiwe!”

I told her about to hang up the phone even when she said,

“So there I was listening on the radio and I heard I am sure your boss talking about a contract your company was trying to get!”

She told me.

“Yes so what it to you? I really don’t have time for this hey what do you want?”

I asked her. It had nothing to do with her.

“Yes you are right it has nothing to do with me. I just a dumb wife who…”

She said,

“You not my wife Londiwe and never will be!”

I corrected her.

“How so? What have we been since you paid lobola?”

She asked me in one of her sarcastic tones. She was not hurt by what I had said at all which was unlike her.

“Yes just lobola we did not sign anything!”

I told her.

“Are you sure? People came to our ceremony and there were witnesses. If I go to court I will live with half of everything because as you always told me that lobola is virtually in community of property!”

She said toying with me.

“You already took the furniture everything, I am left with nothing so what half do you want?”

I asked her half heartedly and incredulously at the same time. The nerve of this woman.

“That’s neither here nor there; I was telling you about the radio interview I listened to last night!”

She told me.

“Yes what about it?”

I asked for the umpteenth time.

“I know for a fact that you were bidding against your own company and you told me yourself that money will most likely change hands. You also had no doubt that you will win the tender so far as I am concerned that is the corruption they were talking about!”

I could see her thinking now and this was a problem considering the meeting earlier on.

“Londiwe you have no proof!”

I told her.

“Actually I do! Dude I live with a guy who is almost a genius in I.T. and did it not cross your mind that I would know a thing or two about where you put things in the computer?”

She asked me. I looked stupid now. When you are married to someone and are as honest as I thought I was you don’t think of passwords. In fact if you ever go to a premarital counselling session they have a question they like asking,

“Why put passwords for your partner if you have nothing to hide?”

And it makes sense when they are explaining it. Phone has password yes because it leaves the house but the home PC has to be unlocked. When I was doing the project I did not want my work PC to have that information for obvious reasons hence why I saved some of the meeting notes on the home laptop. The amount of information there was quite damning so she had to be taken seriously.

“Londiwe you can’t do anything with that information!”

I protested immediately.

This was bad actually.

“I don’t want to do anything with it actually!”

She said.

“I am not so evil, I love you remember!”

She told me. I could picture her face right now, she was probably smiling.

“So what do you want?”

I asked her again confused.

“I want you to marry me within two weeks. I give you until tomorrow to decide and we will go do it in court! My child won’t be born a bastard no matter how much girl power single mothers have!”

My jaw was literally on the floor!

This was Ntsiki from the real Generations level blackmail! The Generations that didn’t steal content from bloggers and pass it off as their own!

Yeah I said it!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Compliments of the season! Thank you for reading my letter, I have wanted to write this for a long time.

I lost my virginity when I was 14. It was with a boy from my street and he was 15 at the time. My teenage years were bad because I slept with anyone and everyone. I was what the ‘bicycle’ of my area and I say this candidly because as women we never accept the truth. I passed my matric well enough to go study in Cape Town (am from Nelspruit originally) and by the time I got my degree I was calm and grown up. I think I slept with almost 20 guys before I was 20. Today I am 37 and I have a 14 year old daughter same age when I started and I am so scared for her. We are surrounded by women especially on social media who are teaching young girls that she can have sex because it’s their right plus their bodies. These women keep telling black parents to stop being oppressive and give their children freedom etc. My daughter has started to be rebellious and because I went through this and became a proper bitch I really don’t want that for her. I opened up about my past to show that I am not perfect hence why I came to you now to ask you what it is I can do to help my child with the right advice without being patronizing or unreasonable.

Please help my child not make my past mistakes.

Thank. You


27 thoughts on “Majuba 65

  1. yes i knew it, i knew Generations stole that story line from here, that whole getty sangoma thing, sue them Mike re tla ba di witness tsa hao

  2. I saw that Mike at the end 😂😂😂😂😂. Basjwayela labantu. Stealing our good stuff bcz they lack creativity.

  3. Shaaaaaaa shaaaaa….Mike goes for the kill …what a jab 🙂 🙂 !!! My guy….uyi ngqawa wena ( I know you proly wont understand that and I honestly don’t know how to translate it ) but its a compliment 🙂 🙂 I think in tswana or Si Pitori I could say, Bosso ke wena!!


  4. lmfbaol ahhhh Mike that last line.

    thing is I honestly wish i could personally pray for Vusi. Is tooo much now.

  5. Where is Jackzorro again? somehow seeing PillzBerry reminded me of Jack I don’t know why.

    Londiwe neh…. ja i’m lost for words. But how is she supposed to walk away from a man who just became a Millionaire due to corrupted tender,,,

  6. Mike you really need a soapie. Londiwe is that villain from Dynasty, Generations or Scandal. My hats off to you . Thembi I thi think ku are talking about sexual reproductive health and rights and no we don’t give teenagers a free pass to have reckless sex. It’s quite the opposite. We talk about how boys say anything to sleep with girls and how the fastest population group with HIV infections are girls between 15-25. We talk body positivity and sexual harassment. We talk to them openly about adolescence, crushes and appropriate dating behaviour because if they have no one to talk to about sex, they will have no one to talk to when they are raped, abused, blackmailed.If you actually give a platform for your daughter to talk you might get somewhere. We are quick to beat and be harsh but never speak to our girls.

  7. Wuuuh Micheal, knock out punch – right there brother!!! Thanks Team.
    Londiwe reminds me of the late…, when he said: ‘You can’t force someone to marry you, it won’t work!’ What kind of love is this? How are they supposed to live after the forced marriage. This is not going to end well. Kukhona ozofa la!

  8. Sis Thembi

    my two cents worth would be talk to your daughter about the stage of life she is going through. problem with us “blacks” as some may call us, is that we are too afraid to talk to our kids or the younger crowd about sex and everything that goes with growing up. even at schools I have never heard my son talking about “Counselling or Guidance” class. that was one thing I found to be quite helpful when I was growing up and going to school. kids nowadays don’t have a place or person to go to for them to talk about such without the fear of being reprimanded. I know that all this is somewhat available in the public domain however if you think about it carefully if they cant come to you it is more difficult to go to another elder to ask such therefore the only option is to discuss it with peers and trust me a Teen does not know enough but all of us thought we were IT when we were that young.

    Start your own guidance programme yasekhaya.

  9. Lol Mike. You killed me there with the last line. I am so happy to see that you have noticed that Generations stole your story line. They did

  10. Thembi
    U need to brain wash her …it works,tell her u only broke ur V whn u wr 18yrs.Cause i had a girl who was always telling me to wait for her to be 18yrs.Nxa

    Thanks Mike

  11. Ta bra Mikie
    Blackmail the blackmailer. I’m sure after telling Nakedi’s dad Londi’s shenanigans with her sister visiting her family unexpected can give her one hell of fear to drop this subject. Londi is trying to swim in the ocean; waaaaay above her league.

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