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YES 181

There are people who are annoying in life but for me Natalie took the cake! This girl was more annoying than a

floater after Christmas lunch because no matter how many times you flush the toilet it just keeps popping back up! The part I liked however was that the person who was doggy styling her was just as big a turd as she was. I know some people would find it nice that here was a black guy with a white girl but I was not one of those people. My dislike for them had really grown ever since I started working. Don’t think that the ones who were carrying the old flag at the “Black Monday” march were in isolation because in the private sector where you have no choice they reminded you of ‘the good old days’ all the time!

“Where is your respect?”

Mbilahelo said angrily.

“How dare you bring prostitutes to my house?”

He screamed at him. It was such a fitting description to be honest because I know people don’t believe that white people can be in that industry but they are.

“No dude it’s not what you think? I could not do it in my room because I washed all the bedding and she just showed up! What did you want me to do? Take her to your room!”

The annoying idiot said in his defence. Azwindini was a boy in mans clothing.

“So what happened to Rudzani?”

The brother asked him and immediately he was like,

“Shhhhh dude come on! Stop it!”

Putting his hand on his mouth to gesture his brother to hush.

“Why are you hissing like a snake? That’s the only woman I told you that you could bring here and no one else! What is wrong with you really? What kind of a man sleeps around on a woman he says he loves?”

Mbilahelo went on. He was actually quite angry at what had happened and I guess to a certain extent I could see why he felt betrayed.

“Dude you are being too much right now! You said I could stay here with you and there will be no problems between us! I do that and I get myself a girl but still you throw a tantrum like I am a child. Get over yourself!”

Azwindini said and immediately followed Natalie to the room and thank God too because he was semi naked in any case.

“I honestly feel sorry for Rudzani. She is forever complaining about him cheating and this is not the first time he has cheated on her. Apparently there was another skank colleague of hers that almost broke them up now this! To him it’s all a game; women are a conquest so he does it! They seem to like him too and I wonder how stupid you must be to fall for his obvious fuck boy behaviour!”

Mbilahelo said holding his head and he went and opened the windows. If it was another day on another person I would have laughed because I would never have imagined someone as serious and mature as him to use the word ‘fuck boy’. Unfortunately in that moment I heard a loud voice inside me say,


Because effectively he had been talking about me. I felt like I was Natalie right now for I was that skank he was talking about and he just did not know it yet. I suddenly felt dirty because from how he had sounded, he did not approve of sleeping around. He actually sounded disgusted by it all. Men can sleep around and it’s cool but women no matter how much the decision is yours you will always come out as something cheap and nasty.

“I have to go! It seems like you have your hands full and I don’t want to be there when Natalie walks out of that room! We hate each other enough as is!”

I told him.

“Natalie? You know her?”

He asked me shocked. Shit I should not have said her name because now I had to explain to him how I knew her.

“Yes I do. She was a colleague of mine too but listen I don’t want to get involved. Please walk me out or I will walk myself out!”

I told him. He wanted to ask something but I stepped out and he came out with me.

“Sorry about that and you are right, I should not involve myself in such things!”

He said. I could still hear that he was annoyed and he was trying very hard to suppress it. I needed to get out of here as quickly as I could.

“It’s ok. I will call you ok!”

I told him. That was my way of saying don’t call me I will call you line and he sensed it immediately.

“No come on! We had the best road trip ever and we took pictures at every stop and now you are acting like all that did not happen!”

Oh yes that road trip, it was almost perfect. We cracked jokes laughed the whole. We literally stopped at every roadside garage on the way because it was fun. This honestly is the best way to get to know a person.

“Yes it was fun but my problem is this, your brother is a grown man and you cannot treat him like a child. His mistakes are his not yours and yes I know you want to protect him but there are things you should not be involved in. The people he sleeps with are not your problem and Rudzani should not be telling you such things. Does this mean if you and I have problems you will now run to Rudzani or my sister? Come on dude!”

I told him. I was right too but I won’t lie that the other part was meant to cover up my mistake.

“Its cool I understand!”

He hugged me and he walked away back into the house. I felt bad but some boundaries are meant to be established early. As I drove out my phone rang. I picked up without looking and it was Mam’Dolly.

“Lungi how is you?”

She said greeting me. I had not called her again about Miriam and I am not even sure whether or not Miriam had told her about what had happened.

“I am good and you!”

I responded.

“I have been trying to get hold of your friend are you two still together in Durban?”

She asked me cheerfully. She did not know. Crap!

“No I left her with Bongani there. They needed a time out and my business there was done! I just got back to Jhb!”

I told her.

“Oh that’s nice! Bongani is a sweet man. You need one too Lungi I know your mother always wanted that!”

She advised me. I was not as annoyed at it the way I would get when my mother suggested it but I realized that it was more complicated than I thought.

“I am working on it don’t worry. I will surprise you soon one day!”

I told her and we both laughed,

“Yes it must be soon because my grandchild will need someone to play with. Imagine if you guys gave birth around the same time and they will have the relationship you and Miriam had! That will be priceless!”

She said as she went on to hang up the phone. I felt a tear go down my cheeks and I think it hit me for first time properly that I was pregnant! I stopped into the garage and put my head on the steering wheel and found myself crying. This was too much. I had the money, I had everything I needed but why did it feel too much and overwhelming. I felt as though I could not breathe even which prompted me to open the door and step out.

“My sister are you ok?”

One of the petrol attendants asked me. I was having I think a panic attack.

“I am fine. I just need a second that’s all.”

I told him. I did not see where he went but when he came back he had a bottle of water for me. That was sweet. It started to rain though. Joburg rain always comes with lightening and I don’t like lightening so it was time to go.

“Thank you bhuti wami!”

I said to the petrol attendant and I offered him a r100 note but he refused it saying,

“Ah my sister, sometimes helping each other is more important than money! Just be safe and I hope whatever is bothering sorts itself out!”

He said as he ran to the back. I was wet now from the water but I was not far from home. As I drove home I could not believe my rotten luck. Why on earth do undesirables keep popping up in my life and they always seem to want to ruin it? I did not want complicated things in my life now I was going to become a mother. I drove into my complex and parked my car. When I got out about to walk towards my place a car door opened and I heard,


I knew that voice but that could not be, I mean


I said turning around. I had a tingly sensation inside me as I turned to look at him but it was not a warm and fuzzy feeling but rage. I held my composure.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked him what was possibly the only question I could ask.

“Wow Lungi is that the way people greet nowadays?”

He asked me with that grin of his that once upon a time had made me melt but right now, at this moment…nothing!

“Ok then. Last night when you spoke to me on the phone you didn’t ask me anything about my life. I will tell you. On my flight back today I thought of one thing and one thing only, you! I just landed and the first person I wanted to come and see was you!”

He said and he kept looking at me funny.

“On another occasion I would have said I was flattered but I am not hence you shouldn’t have bothered!”

I told him and he just stared at me.

“Ouch really!”

He responded

“Yes really. You left me when my mother died. You did not have the decency to check up on me even then. You looked at me like I was vermin when I told you of my calling. Now you think I will welcome you with open arms! How arrogant you must be to think that I will be waiting for you to act right?”

I told him. There was a thunder clap so loud I thought I felt the floor shake followed by a lightning strike so bright for a second it was as bright as day. It gave me a proper glimpse of his face and I could see he had stress lines. He seemed to have aged.

“I know and I thought about all that too, for a long time. I am a flawed human being and I am the first to admit I made a mistake!”

He said and he stepped back into the rain,

“I just wanted you to know that I am back and I am back for good! I asked to be transferred back home so I could be closer to you and I can finally build the life I want with you!”

He said and he disappeared into the rain leaving me standing there.

No! Not nice life problems at all!

“You shouldn’t have bothered!”

I screamed at the top of my lungs!

I was so angry!

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the great works. I must say yesterday I was left disappointed by your post. Do not let people discourage you because some of us love all your work. People want stories written one way and they don’t like anything that challenges that narrative. There is a new drama by Spike Lee called “She gotta have it” I binged it with my friends and they all hated it because it was not in the same manner that all other dramas they know. It made me think of you and I promise you I was surprised that I reached that conclusion. It reminded me of Majuba, when you wrote the two perspective thing it confused a lot of people because we are used to reading in a linear way. I will admit I was one of them but now when I think of it, it was actually quite brilliant. You showed us that the same events can be viewed differently by the same people experiencing them. That sir was genius and it’s a pity you did not have the right audience for it. I work at SABC and deal with content and I am sad to say that my team would never consider Majuba because we too are taught to see things in a linear pattern. We are not asked to challenge the minds of our people because we think they are not clever enough. Look at every show on TV and that includes Mzansi stuff like The Queen. They might entertain but they are similar to many other shows. We are the only country that does ‘Telenovellas” (soapie format) because somewhere it must be written that South Africans cannot absorb too much at one go. That’s the tragedy of our entertainment sector. People do not love Generations, Isibaya, The Queen because they are so great but because they are familiar and you see them every day so they feel like they are a part of your everyday. That to me limits how much knowledge you can absorb because even the most ridiculous thing because entertainment if you watch it long enough. Young Employed and Single should be on TV. It’s better than Being Mary Jane and so relevant to the South African because it speaks to the young female independent woman. Like Spike Lee’s show it is very relevant and speaks to more than just the gentrification of the young professional woman. Again it is brilliant like honestly sir I could go on and on.

In conclusion please do not be discouraged when you try new things because we will never break the glass ceiling unless we try new things. You can share this with your readers if you want because they too need to know that we all need to keep an open mind.

Thank You


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  1. Thank you anonymous, bra Mike and the rest of us needed to hear that. I truly love Majuba because it shows us the other side of life which most would consider boring. Abuti Mike please keep up your good work and never be discouraged.

  2. 😢sad ending of this chapter. I’m touched. Some men can be so arrogant. We’re expected to always be patient mxm.

  3. Good morning Mike, I totally agree with the anonymous on this we have a tendency to want things the certain way and if not then its boring. the irony is that even life doesn’t play to our rules hence we say its unfair… continue to do what you do best and not let people to dictate what to do with your talent. I am a fan of watching series but lately I find them boring because I feel it is the same thing just different characters… Do you But’ Mike and some of us will always be there to support.

  4. BRILLIANT.. just BRILLIANT.. thank you Anonymous, I pray you take this to heart Mike.. the same old is just that.. OLD! You just stick to your guns..this is your blog afterall….

  5. The way i’m so irritated reading this blog without my dose ya Majuba, it goes to show we were right Mike, you pay more more attention to this. so sad…….As i read.

  6. And this is how Sfiso is written out of Lungi’s love story. I was a fan of his for the longest time and couldn’t possibly imagine how Lungi would ever settle for Mbilahelo but today, I’ve literally FELT it! Ladies, we all know that feeling when someone we once saw as the sun falls from grace, that feeling when you wake up and the person you’ve adored so much just doesn’t look the same to you any longer, that feeling when you finally get to breathe after thinking you would never get over that ONE person you thought you couldn’t live without. I see it now! Blerrie satan! 😂

    Yes Anonymous, you’ve summarized it for us all!

  7. Yeah, Lungi, life problems. all these men wanting you. Am sure before you fall asleep, Simba will call you.

    I dont think Sfiso is back of his own free will. But ke sis, choose wisely. You now remind of people’s letters who have Boyfrined A and boyfriend B…but in your case there is C and D.

  8. That’s sooo true anonymous, I wish people could watch the Movie Lucy , it will be aired on etv this Sunday ( sorry Bhut Mike 🙂 )
    Its about the human brain and how little percentage of it we as humans make us of!!! And also the possibilities of what one can do , if and only if they could use more of their brain!!

    Most of the time, we , humans are scared of , the unknown, we are scared of change, we are scared of light…

    A quote I once came across says ” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness , that most frightens us.” And that , is the reality of most of us…..

  9. Good Day Bhuti Mike thanks for this story.. It gives me so much joy in my heart wen I think of it.. I can relate to YES cus it explains my life.. I always look forward to reading it some people will think some of the things happening to lungi are made up but these do happen in real life.. Some of us are blessed with special gifts which we run away from n that’s wen everything starts to go wrong.. We tell ourselves the calling is not for u and life is too good n fun to take that road worse when u r a beautiful young successful woman.. And there is that stigma amongst our people that treat us we are some kind of disease sayn we making things up n see witchcraft in us which is very wrong.. We are born with this special gift n it comes from God.. Anyway I’m happy that u writing this story so that people understand what we go through n that having a gift is for us to help people n to serve God… Anyway good luck with all ur stories and the programs u working hard on.. May God bless u even more Bra Mike we all love u 😘

    1. Tasha, I have a cousin who has the calling as well, she too like Lungi is a “science person ( don’t want to say a non-believer) lol!!

      She has , however taken her Sangoma calling in her stride I must say, she is the seciest Sangoma I know. She does her nails, her make up still. We mock her at home saying , isigodlo sakhe ( consulting room ) will have DSTV and people will make electronic payments, lmao!!
      Her “mother” says akamameli ( rebels ) as she does things “her own way”

      I wont lie, I too was prejudice when it comes to izinto zesintu ( African culture things ) but are we humans not like? Question and mock things that are foreign to us…but the real question to me is, if Culture is foregn to us, then what are we???

      1. That’s NYC tlhe.. If u accept everything just goes accordingly.. Her mum should stop stressing as long as she does her work.. After all we r the new generation we HV to mix tradition with modern life.. By the way I’m a pure prophet of God.

  10. Mmmhm Lungi, kunzima ukuba uwena, yerrr… How will you tell Mbi that you were the slut from Rudz’s workplace that slept with Azw. Lesson in life, cobhoza la, ushiye uye kude, uyocobhoza kwenye indawo! That helps avoid this criss crossing yakho! As for Sfiso – still too early to tell!
    @Anonymous – thank you for the well put and eye opening advise.
    Mike and Team – get your creative juices flowing and continue writing and entertaining us. Good luck!

  11. we said Anonymous…I actually liked it when Mike wrote from 2 perspectives. Made me realize that my boyfriend and I experienced our situations differently! you know when you are in a conversation/arguement with a person and you’re like…but is this person experiencing this moment with me or are they in their own planet? Majuba has taught me a lot and I would be deeply saddened if you stopped writing it.

  12. Thank you Ann .I love Maiuba coz it teachers about a men’s perspective in a relationship it has always been about how women feel and this is refreshing

    Tash I feel you and I always loom forward to YES to learn more about the calling and Mike you are so brave for such as its a no go zone even for most of us with the gift

    Stay blessed and keep educating us

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