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YES 180

Girl code says that no matter what you should always have your girls back! In fact a lot women site the fact that

women don’t always have each other’s backs as the reason for their weakened position in relationships as men stick together. A man can lie to cover up for his friend even if he has no idea what the friend did in the first place. Call your mans friends and ask him what your man was up to last night and they will all make up a story to cover for his lying ass no matter how ridiculous the cover up is. Don’t forget the reassurance that they always give,

“Your man loves you so much. Last night he kept on talking about missing you!”

Yup something they always give you even if they know he is fucking their colleague from work. This is what I was supposed to say to Bongani,

“Dude do you have any idea how much that woman lying there loves you?”

But alas that voice on the phone was ruining it for me. Lying for someone else is not the easiest thing to do especially if the consequences of it are so great. You can mess things up so much even by not saying anything.

“Lungi are you there?”

He asked me again and Bongani was staring at me waiting to see what I will do next.

“Hi Jerry, its Lungi yes, I am standing with Bongani Miriam’s husband what can I do for you?”

I responded. I had to make him aware that we could not talk.

“Oh ok thank God finally. I have been trying to get hold of Miriam; the girl she is buying the hair shop from does not have a criminal record. I checked her up as you guys requested so it’s safe to do business with her. Is there anything else?”

He asked me. Goodness people are liars out there. Did you see how easy it was for him to make that up?

“Thank you very much!”

I told him.

“Miriam is in hospital right now. She had a bit of an emergency so we will call you when she is ready but thanks again for the help.”

I told.

“Ah that’s sad. I did tell her that she should just have sent you to the meeting but superwoman is superwoman. Anyway send my regards to the husband and God Bless!”

He said and he hung up. There are a lot of people that believe that women are great liars but when it comes to lying on their feet South African men are the best.

“There you go there is your mystery man!”

I told Bongani. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes and I won’t lie even I was a bit disbelieving at how well Jerry had done. I could have kissed him for this I swear…

“How stupid do you think I am really am?”

He asked me.

“You already said that you don’t know anyone who works at the police station here except for the guy you were with!”

Bongani said trying to sound clever.

“Yes I did. Jerry is a private investigator. Do you really think the police will do background checks for you? Come on you should know better!”

I told him.

“The police will even make you pay them for getting a document certified because they act like its so annoying now imagine giving them actual work which involves researching?”

I asked him. Yes it was a bit of overkill but it seemed to have worked for now.

“Ok then if you say so! When are you leaving?”

I asked him.

“Why? Are you chasing me away? You really don’t trust me neh?”

I asked him.

“You I trust and this one we both know she has her days but that’s not the reason why I asked?”

He confessed to me. Why do you marry a person whom you do not trust though? I don’t think I could ever survive being with a man whom I had to watch my back against every second and somehow I felt that this was the life that this man was living.

“Oh ok then what are you talking about then sorry I jumped to conclusion!”

I told him with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

“I obviously drove here and I will drive back if I have to but I don’t think that Miriam is ready to go home. I don’t want to rush her hone if she wants us to stay a few more days!”

He explained.

“I am thinking of us staying here a few more days just to allow her to recover!”

He told me.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. When someone suffers a trauma like this they want to be in their own bed, own home surrounded by loved ones. You can’t take her on a holiday at a time like this!”

I advised him. He looked at me for a while before he spoke.

“I suppose you are right. I think she will be discharged later this evening. I will book her flights for tomorrow but I really wanted to go home with her. We have lost a baby and I don’t want her travelling alone but I also drove here and can’t leave the car here!”

He explained and immediately I got what he was asking,

“Do you want me to drive your car back to Joburg?”

I asked him.

“Its a very big ask but the answer is yes please!”

He responded.

“Ok then!”

I said without hesitation. I did not want to be in Durban any longer than was necessary and I also did not want to be in their way.

“Wow thank you! I thought you would say no but thank you so much!”

He said again. I felt sorry for him though. He was mourning another man’s child who had been imposed on him by a lying cheating woman.

“No problem. Let me call Mbilahelo. He is flying back today so maybe he will agree to drive with me!”

I told him.

“Please do that! Two drivers are always better than one!”

He said and I just smiled. As women we know when we have something over a guy. I had no doubt and was not surprised at all after I told Mbilahelo that I had to drive that he immediately said,

“I can drive with you if you want! I don’t mind forfeiting my ticket and am not the one who bought it anyway!”

It’s exactly what I thought he would say as it would give him a chance to be with me for that long. Men are predictable if you read them right.

“I would like to leave in the next two hours if you don’t mind!”

I told him. I am a firm believer in having snacks when you travel so I wanted to go inside Gateway and buy a few things. He agreed to come to me and said his colleague will drop the car that had been hired for him at the airport. It was sorted, show me a girl who doesn’t love road trips and I will call out bullshit!

“Ok I got someone to drive with now so everything is sorted.”

I told him. Miriam was still passed out when I left. I gave Bongani the key card and two hours later I was outside by the car with Mbilahelo!

“What are you doing?”

I asked him.

“What do you mean?”

He asked,

“You are supposed to drive me that am why you are here! That’s what gentlemen do!”

The dude had gone to the passenger side of the car and had gone in.

“Is that so? I thought you are an independent 50\50 kind of woman so what’s wrong now? Does that independence only come out when it suits you?’

He asked me sarcastically and he did not budge. He sat there and even put on his seat belt.

“You are kidding me right? That’s not what 50\50 means. The man should still do his part!”

I told him and he laughed at me taking out an apple and taking a bite out of it,

“In Saudi Arabia women have just been given the right to drive and here you are trying to lie to me that it is a man’s job to drive women around? Where is your pride? Stand in solidarity with other women please and stop acting weak!”

He said laughing. He was joking around I could tell but I still found myself sulking as I drove out. Was he always going to be like this questioning 50\50?

“Tell me about your job! I want to get to know to understand what you do so to speak!”

He said as we drove onto the highway. In the five hour drive I learned a lot about him. This is what should happen on a date where you get to get to know someone else. We spoke about anything and everything. I learned that he had a younger sister who had a scholarship outside the country. He had been in a long relationship with a woman with a child and that woman cheated on him. He had a university degree in Criminology and was doing accounting now but wanted to stay in the force. He was not what people considered a police man to be. He was also very funny but not like Sfiso! Sfiso had an arrogance about him plus confidence, Mbilahelo was more of an African man if that makes sense at all.

“Please go stop at my place so that you can call an Uber from there!”

I told him as we entered Jhb.

“That’s not going to happen. I am driving to my house where I will get off and you can then drive the rest of the way home.”

Yes he had driven the rest of the way from when we left Jhb. He had said that when I sulked I looked like Grace Mugabe after she heard that he husband had resigned so out of mercy he took the car from me. He was obviously joking… I hope!

“That’s bullying though Mbilahelo!”

I protested at going to his place but the man drove on. It was only when I got to his place that I understood why. He lived in Greenstone in the East Rand which is just off the highway from Durban. If I had gone with him to my place he would have been driving backwards. He got out of the car and took his things plus the car keys and simply walked upstairs.

“Dude come on!”

I protested.

He ignored.

I chased after him upstairs complaining at how lazy I was and so on.

“What kind of a host would I be if I left you on the street?”

He said teasing. I had caught up with him at this stage as he opened the door. As soon as we walked we were in for quite a shock, there on the couch was none other than Azwindini shagging the crap out of some poor white prostitute I presumed!

“Oh my God!”

The lady said when she heard Mbilahelo shout,

“What the hell?”

And she went on to say,

“Dude you said you lived alone?”

The lady said and she ran to the bathroom but not before I saw her face!


I said angrily!

This bitch cost me my job!

**********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Abuti Mike & fellow readers
I am a great fan of your writings Abuti Mike, wishing you all the best in all your present and future endeavours.
This is more of a request than it is for seeking advice. I am an engineering student and have been working part time to pay for my fees. Recently I’ve had to resign to focus on exams and unfortunately i could not raise enough money to pay off my fees. The outstanding balance is R2442.00. I have been receiving sms’ since the 31 October 2017 to pay or it will gain interest and i won’t receive my results. I have been applying for bursaries and no response. If anyone can find it in their heart to assist me please contact me on: and i will send my full details.
Thank you

15 thoughts on “YES 180

  1. Lol why can’t I get my own Mbilahelo? I really get butterflies whenever I read about him and Lungi, there is something interesting about Mbilahelo shem. I love him

  2. As for Azwinndini, he is always up to no good, yoh this guy is bad news, he is a fuck boy for real. Lol drama follows him. I love YES. Thank you Mike.

  3. Nice one Mr MIKE MAPHOTO Sir…and yea to say we happy tht MUgabe resigned is an understatement…we hardly slept last nite..i guess this marks our independence day…..

    1. I think zim already has an independence day. Guess this can now be call freedom day as it frees everybody to now fully enjoy the already attained independence.

  4. guys Im starting to love Mbilahelo shame, and I hope he accepts Lungi with the pregnancy. they get along so well and the chemistry …yummmza!!

  5. Bad timing Mbilahelo, there is nothing bad than disturbing a man shagging before releasing his soldiers, blue balls all the way Azwinndini..

  6. I don’t like Mbilalelo for Lungie shame…we were made to believe that the ancestors removed S’fiso’s wife and unborn baby for Lungie then suddenly we are oframping to and ugly policeman with great personality…I can’t deal shame…Mike you have a lot of writing …you can’t just write off Sfiso and lungie

  7. Some poor white b!tch. Wait, it’s Natalie! Bwa hahahahaha. Never saw it coming.
    Was actually waiting for Mbila & Lungi finishing a wine bottle ending up in bed.
    Mr Maphoto, yo sense of humour & mine are in the same whatsapp group. I like

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