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Yes 174

When I was ten Miriam and I once got into trouble with our parents. The geniuses that we were decided that we knew

how to take a bus from home to town and back. I mean how hard could it be to just go to town which we had done countless times and come back. It was my mother’s birthday and I wanted to surprise her. I had saved up some money and wanted to buy her a hat. I had seen these hats every time we went to town because the bus stopped not more than a 100m away from that shop. We were going with my sister but when the bus came, after we had boarded she changed her mind and went back home. The way we cursed at her and gossiped about her when she left. Anyway on this rainy day the bus driver decided not to go to the normal rank in town because there was construction so we were dropped off a few blocks earlier. I noticed the difference but Miriam said I should not worry she knew how to get back here. Needless to say we got lost and that day it rained so much I cried. Around 6 o clock it was already dark and now the panic stations were at a maximum. We had no hat and we were lost. Miriam told me not worry we must find a police man they will direct us. The only problem is the only police we saw were white so who was going to explain to them. We eventually found a security guard who was knocking off. He was not even going our direction but the opposite. He took us first to our rank where we were told it had changed for the day then took us to the temporary. He explained to the driver and we told him where we stayed. Needless to say when we got home a crowd had gathered to start a search party. The way my mother beat us both up that night and oh, my sister too for being irresponsible and letting us go alone. My point, I don’t have many friends, I accept that. I am the problem in these friendships; I accept that too so when I say Miriam is the one friend I did not wish to lose it’s something I mean from the bottom of my heart.

“I have to go after her!”

I told him.

“Why? She will be fine!”

He said.

“Are you serious right now? You threw me under the bus there!”

I told him angrily.

“What do you mean?”

He asked trying to sound innocent.

“You could not find something else to say really? She is my best friend Mbilahelo; I love her to death and now you have made her probably hate me for the rest of my life!”

I said to him starting to walk in the direction she had left. I could not see her as it was crowded and a bit dark.

“I am sorry. I did not realize!”

He apologized not that I cared.

“If you care for me you will help me find her. She does not know anyone here, we came here for a meeting and she knew this guy that’s how we came out! Now she is lost in Umlazi because of you!”

I said starting to raise my voice.

“Lower your voice and don’t draw too much attention please!”

He said clearly looking uncomfortable. Why was he so worried he had already ruined my life when he got his target.

“Why? You caused this to happen just so you can spy on someone and arrest them! You put us at risk just for you to get an arrest! This is why I can never date you! You are stupid! Did you hear me, stupid? What kind of a man threatens a woman?”

I asked him. I think I had confused him now because he had a blank stare on him.

“Let’s find your friend so I can leave you alone!”

He said. As luck would have it, Miriam walked towards us. Her mascara was running and people were asking her what’s wrong as she walked towards us.

“Miriam where did you go?”

I asked her.

“Can we go now please?”

She said coldly. We had to go together. In the car Mbilahelo tried hard to apologize for the situation. I think he lied to us when he said,

“The orders were shoot to kill. You know with Fikile as Minister people are trigger happy these days. I know you both hate me right now but imagine if you had both been caught in the cross fire. My sister you are pregnant and police are rough. They would have shoved you into a cell and who knows what could have happened!”

He said making a slight whistle to emphasize the danger we were in. I think he got through to Miriam with that last part because she whispered,

“Thank you!”

And then looked out the window as we drove to Umhlanga. We had nowhere to stay but I remembered what Jerry had said about there being hotels in Umhlanga. We booked into the Royal Palm Hotel by Gateway into a two bedroom apartment. Thank God they had space because I did not think I would have had the energy to search for a place to stay thoroughly.

“I left all my clothes at his place and so did you!”

She said as she lay down. She was not crying anymore.

“We will buy clothes tomorrow the mall is just across the road!”

I told her.

“I want to bath but I am tired and my tummy feels a bit funny. I am just going to sleep!”

She said and after all the excitement she had today I was not going to argue with that. She passed out long before I could comfort her on what had happened. In the car on the way here I had told myself that I needed to talk to Simba. He was the only person that seemed normal but that one secret of his that I had discovered made it even more imperative that I should not let it slide. As soon as Miriam passed out I took my phone and I dialled him.

“This is a surprise how are you?”

He asked me when he picked up.

“Sorry to call so late I hope I did not wake you up!”

I responded.

“Nope, had some work to do. Do you want me to come pick you up? I could do with some company right about now!”

He said. He sounded like he was in a good mood.

“Sorry to disappoint you but I am in Durban my guy next time will be there waiting to picked up!”

I told him jokingly.

“Oh nice, you should have invited me I would have loved to tag along! I am very good at carrying bags you know and I am also good at paying for shopping! I promise you it’s a skill!”

He said and we both laughed.

“Are you offering to take me shopping Mr. Tizora?”

I asked him teasingly.

“I believe I just have, like I said I am brilliant at swiping especially if you give me a chance to pick a thing or two for you of my choice!”

He said. I won’t lie I was a bit surprised at this because Simba to me was a caveman, he was that mans man guy you see in adverts who can live in the bush. He was an African in the truest sense of the word so he saying he knew about shopping was funny.

“As long as it’s not lingerie then we have a deal! Simba that’s not the reason why I called you though…”

I said and I let it trail at the end.

“Why do I get a sense that I am in trouble? I am already feeling like a naughty child who has done something and I know everyone else knows too!”

He said pensively but still in his humour tone.

“I don’t know how you going to take it because you said I should stay out of it, it’s about your sister!”

I told him.

“Ah come on please let’s not go there! I asked you not to go there!”

He protested.

“I know you did but the way I saw her that day is something that’s haunting me even now and fuck am on holiday. She looked lost and she is suffering. I can’t look away nor can I walk away! I am sorry!”

I told him putting my foot down. I was not going to let him get away with it. If you allow a man to treat the women around him as trash he will treat you like trash too. No excuses.

“I promise you. I am not doing this out of an evil place. She is my sister and I love her but it’s not for my lack of trying that we are here today!”

He explained.

“I get that but if you have tried all that you can then give me a chance to try!”

I told him.

“Try what?”

He asked me.

“I am good with people. You say you have no hope on her that’s fine meaning you know I will not go in there with high expectations!”

I reminded him.

“So what do you propose?”

He asked me.

“Give me her numbers. That’s all I am asking. Leave the rest to me!”

I told him.

“Oh ok then but that’s if she is still using those numbers. With her you never know because there is always someone or something chasing her!”

He explained but he was not too convincing in the way he said it.

“Please don’t give me a wrong number because if you do I will go camp there where I met her until I find her!”

I warned him. I would not put it past him at this stage because he really was hostile about this.

“I am not the type for such games.”

He said and I could hear him pressing numbers on his phone.

“Do you have a pen?”

He asked me.

“Yes I do!”

I told him going into my bag. He gave me her number and I thanked him.

“You are doing this against my will just so you know. I know you think I don’t love my sister or I have not tried hard enough but I can assure you I almost lost everything for her just to try save her!”

He explained to me.

“Everything like what?”

I asked but by his tone I could hear that I had pushed him as far as I could.

“Just don’t get your expectations high. That’s all I have to say and when things go wrong please don’t come to me!”

He said.

It was his sister and I could not believe he had just said that. It was fine though I had gotten what I wanted.


I heard Miriam calling from the other side.


She called again.

“I am coming. Listen dude I have to go!”

I told Simba as I stood up to go to the room.

“Are you not going to kiss me through the phone or something? Where is your sense of romance kante?”

He asked me.

“I will kiss you in person the day we go for dinner at your place me, you and your sister! Bye!”

I said to him and I am sure he was left in shock. When I got to her room I saw it, there was blood everywhere.

“Lungi! Something is wrong, call an ambulance!”

Miriam said as I ran to her. She was on the bed, white bedding but it was soaking and blood red.

She was losing the baby!

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the good reads, hope all is going well with the tv series deals.
I had been single for quite some time (about 4yrs) a friend of mine convinced me to join a dating site, which I did. I met a guy there and we just hit it off, after a week or so of communicating on the phone we decided to meet up.
I went to his place and the chemistry between us was just so amazing, we ended up having sex that day. A day later we had the talk and both agreed that we wanted to try for a relationship. Everything went great for about a month and a half and then we had this little disagreement and I say little because it was a silly 2min disagreement which I quickly backed out of and thought I’d let him have his space to cool off, it’s been 2months since then and I have not had any proper communication from this man. The only time we spoke during this time (via text) I had initiated and I’d made a comment to him that he has disappeared and his response was “I’m around hey”
After that I made the decision to just let him be and move on but it’s been difficult. I check his whatsapp last seen religiously. Should I just contact him maybe to try and understand what went wrong? Call? Text? (To get closure at the least) or should I just let it be and accept the situation as is??
Stuck on stupid

20 thoughts on “Yes 174

  1. please God, let Mirriam not lose the baby. Miscarriage will put a strain on her friendship with Lungile.

    I like this Simba guy, cant they date maar?

    Mbila just focus on your career and leave Lungi alone.

  2. Thank you Bhut Mike 🙂

    I am sooo curious about Simba’s sister and what she has to say hey!!!!

    QnA : It is ALWAYS preached that communication is key…but truth be told , it is easier said than done… I have been dating my giuy for 4 years now and the one thing I appreciate about us , is the willingness to talk about the most uncomfortable things to each other and move past it !!

    I haven’t always been a great sport ke at this , but with time , I learnt that if I don’t speak up , I will never know anything and we will never understand each other…. So you need to talk to the guy, whether he explains what happens because maybe you might have said something that upset him… so talk…don’t be that person in a relationship of …I do this , you do this…. You are trying to make things work for YOUR relationship so whether he initiates the talk, or you do…it has to be done!!

    Or you move on without you knowing what actually happened!!!

    All the best

    Today’s letter has to be the silliest. I mean you did things in reverse:
    you met him at his house and this is the “first date”
    You sleep with him on the first date
    and now only when you’re done you decide to have a relationship,something that you should have started with.
    Come on girl even a 13 year old would have foreseen kuth meeting at the guys house was the plan for him to sleep with you and then never talk to you.
    You were a one night “stand sisi”.
    People have serious problems,awume nge drama yakho encinci which you could have stopped.

  4. Its a good thing Miriam is Lungi’s friend and not mine, uneminciza nje with that said though I hope she doesn’t lose the baby, nobody deserves that pain.

    Stuck with stupid… that Lol….So how can I put this, hayi Just like the book and the movie, “He is just not that into you”! Move on darl.

  5. heheheh! gal – you fell for the *lets meet at my place trick* – its like those guys who say *lets go fetch my jersey at my place*!LOL! u wont make it out in 1 piece

  6. Thanks mike. Q n A. sisters just let be that the way. The brother wanted to sika lekhekhe . That’s it. I believe if a man loves will always try to sort things out, Also because why is communication is on your side only. Just block the number. Nexttime also don’t just go to a stranger’s house. women are killed

  7. You met on a dating website and first date wasika le khekhe. He is probably looking again on that website to find another one like you. Forgive yourself and move on cc, i hope its the last time you give it away on first date.

    I hope Jerry did not put something in Mirriam’s drink to get rid of the baby. He only wanted a good time and silly woman gave him a baby.

    I hope Simba is right about the lady being his sister, i would hate for him to be that gentleman who buys kuku on the street.

    1. My thoughts too about Jerry, I don’t trust that one. Maybe he hated that another man would lay claim to his child

  8. Thanx Bra Mike…poor mirriam I also hope she dont lose the baby and cant wait for Lungi to meet up with Simba’s sister
    Q n A askies sis that was not a relationship to began with just let it go cos the guy is not interested but next time be careful ku rough la ngaphandle uzofela emanyaleni stru

  9. Don’t u dare meet stranger at his house ppl get killed and burried in shallow grave out there, u must b the bravest woman ever. The is no closure that u wil get just forgive yourself and move on

  10. You know it puzzles me on how mo girl Longi is so quick to fix Zimba’s sister’s live while she herself can’t even face the fact that she is pregnant and she doesn’t even know the father of her baby! Then she goes on to drink a bottle of wine! Yah neh it must really be nice to be her

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