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  1. Ahhh no Mike. I am enjoying this blog because it’s unpredictable and different. We rarely get an opportunity to read from the man’s perspective, but if majority disagree then it’s up to you.

  2. Good day Abuti Mike

    Yes please do continue i want to know what happens to Vusi and Londiwe , his mother and and Simon i want to know if the baby is his or not i want to know what haapens at the end.

  3. I really look forward to reading Majuba weekly. I believe you write a blog based on how you view things and if people are discouraging clearly they are the ones who are such situations. I also think you should continue since its your craft and bread and butter. so continue please. I love your work.

  4. You can not please everyone. I personally love reading the blog. Always waiting to see what will happen to Vusi. My advise to you is continue with it. Those that don’t like should stop reading the blog. You are a great writer.

  5. I don’t know if its love or stupidity. But Vusi is annoying sometimes. Maybe that’s why people are giving negative feedback on the book. At the same time readers shouldn’t dictate how a book goes. Writing skills are on point. I’m not complaining.

  6. It will be pointless to try and please everyone. I humbly suggest that you continue until to the end.

    Please Buti Mike

  7. I personally feel this blog is moving in circles, but we want to see it to the end, how Vusi will be free from Londiwe, please continue.

  8. The dislike they have for the blog is the hate they have for Londi …THAT MY FRIEND IS GREAT WRITING…..so please continue

  9. Dear Mike, please continue with this blog. I love reading it. Yes it not going to please everyone, however, this is life and true!!! Life lessons are being taught, reality is written and it makes us hungry for more!!!! Please continue and do not feel discouraged…

  10. The way people comment means they are engaging with the story. With the other blogs ppl usually say thank u n reply to the letter. With Majuba they comment about the characters and story. We want to know what’s next.
    But if you are no longer inspired to continue, it is your choice.
    When is YES coming to an end? Time for something new on that end. No pun intended

  11. I’ve got my husband reading Majuba with the others he couldn’t be bothered so…. Time for a new blog to Replace YES

  12. I get a heartbreak Everytime you don’t post Majuba. I love the thrill and how you mess up with my emotions when it comes to Londiwe and Vusi’s relationship. As boring as a few people may think it is, what you’re writing is happening. it’s reality and some of us have experienced it. please continue. I love Majuba. Vusi’s mom, Naledi and all. I love it.

  13. Good morning Bhut’ Mike,
    Please kindly continue with Majuba. I love it ♥
    This is from me and family, as we all read and enjoy Majuba

  14. personally i think its the time frames, you show more dedication on YES more than you do on this blog so we also see that. You can skip days not posting anything and then you post YES yet it was the last one posted. The book is interesting but nawe Mike you need to show committement to it not just focusing on YES, that’s my 2cents worth.

  15. Personally I say you should continue as I would like to see how the story will end… because lets be honest somewhere somehow we know of a Majuba in real life facing similar problems with them trying to break free from toxic relationships. So I wanna see this to the end. Mike, majority has spoken.

  16. I’m one of those readers who don’t comment at all but read the blog everyday, please continue writing the story. Please post today’s episode

  17. I think a lot of people commenting negatively are struggling to differentiate between their frustration with the characters (a testament to your talent) and the story itself. Please continue.

  18. Wrap it up Mike… this story is just moving in Circles… You are also not writing from Londiwe’s side…. bring back Missteps

  19. I like the blog and would probably want you to continue but honestly I dony feel your usual energy in it, some times you skip days without posting then you come back. I dont think u like it.

  20. MIKE NOOOO!!!

    TODAY’S CHAPTER PLEASE RRE MAPHOTO, id like to see what this wicked Londiwe is UP to!!!

  21. MIKE PLZZZZ CONTINUE, I would die if you stop i LOOOOOVE this blog. Plz post today’s post, why you don’t take this blog seriously though than you do YES?

  22. Mike please don’t disrespect us,wheres todays dose of Amajuba.
    Dont ask us such questions,anyome who doesnt like the blog can simply not engage in it.
    Anyway,scelo our daily dose today.

  23. Please do continue Mike, I have never read anything on men’s perspective and I find it interesting. Yes Vusi can be irritating but to me that shows and talk to talent on your part… Thank you

  24. Bra Mike, the blog is good, please continue with it. I think people, including myself are personally tired of Vusi’s stupidity, how can a whole adult be so stupid? It’s like o jele korobela. The story was more interesting when you wrote it from both Londiwe and Vusi’s perspective. It would have been nice if Londiwe was also telling her side of the story, to know why she’s so dramatic and how she managed to fall pregnant. Also you have showed less commitment to this story from the beginning, i think hence the predictable story line. Its clear that Vusi is gonna get arrested and his mom will come to his rescue as always.

  25. Us women always want to know what goes on in a man’s mind! Thats what frustrates most people in relationships. The fatc that men cant seem to make up their minds about certain decisions – which usually pushes women to take things into their owns hands & end up being labelled as *bossy*.

    For me Majuba has been an eye opener & has taught me to understan a man from a man’s point of view. Vusi is undecisive and easily manipulated – this happens in our everyday lives with the men we date. Only problem is they hide it so well & women are not the most patient creatures on this planet

  26. HI Mike
    When I read the feedback and the blog I notice that people are just annoyed with the characters. To be more specific, Vusi is not the kind of a man they would like to date as he is a “wimp” while Londiwe is the kind of a woman they would like to dispise as she is playing a good man away. Vusi’s mom has been exagarated a bit on her treatment of Vusi and Londiwe though mo.

    Unfortunately, these are people who will not be satisfied no matter how the story is improved because that is the type of people they can not tolerate in life. These are people who will never understand the comedy of Mr Bean, Jim Carey, etc. as it displays stupidity at high level.
    When the story started, you indicated that it was about a young man who is being harassed (or abused) by his partner and people voted for it (ok, some people). So continue with the story as we understand the context.

    BTW: Once your energies come together or you dont have much progress on this story, give Liondiwe’s perspective so we can close some of the gaps on why she is doing what she is doing. (Of course its me who said you can use one person to help you focus)

  27. Hi Mike

    Please continue with the blog. I agree with the above sentiments that people are frustrated by the characters and not necessarily the development of the story. Just as an example, Y.E.S is on chapter 180 but nothing has changed with Lungi and there are no complaints so it’s clear that the time it takes to develop a story is not an issue to the readers.

    Just my 2cents worth

  28. I think people r frustrated more with the characters more than the actual blog ..even kwi tv soapies that happens but u neva c scandal or generation stop airing..people just opt 2 stop watching so nalapha those hu have a problem will just have 2 stop.. this story just makes me angry but 4 sum rezon i can’t stop reading

  29. Its Londiwe that we dont like…lol…We like Naledi…anyway
    …I think that we readers like predictable storylines, once we aew not sure what will happen next we get irritated. I say continue, the fact that they comment to say it must end means they have read it already. Operative word “READING”

  30. I love Majuba, and would love to see what will happen between Londiwe and his bae in the end.
    Thus said, Please continue with the blog

  31. Dear Mike, I admire your work and I must say you cannot please everybody. As much as you are getting negative feed back on this blog, I feel you must proceed with it till to the end. There is somebody and/or a couple out there in the very same situation as Vusi and/or Lindiwe and they are very keen on a possible solutions you might bring for their problems. Some of us your work has helped us in our personal predicaments, so I do not see a point in cutting a good story short because of certain individuals who are more interested in fiction. Please proceed with your story to the end… It might help someone out there.

  32. Dear MIke

    People are giving negative comments because Londiwe is not your typical good girl?wife and Vusi is not your typical guy/man. Their roles in their marriage are somewhat jinxed and that irritates people. But then again why would you want to write a blog and portray a happy perfect marriage. That would not intrigue our minds therefore would end up boring us as well. If people want perfect loving relationships, they should hire a Chick Flick movie, get a box of tissues and watch “perfect love” on Romance Movies!

  33. Bhuti Mike please don’t stop Majuba. I hate Londiwe but love reading your work and ngiyavuma this story is moving in circles with Londiwe always having the upper hand but yisono ngo Vusi hey, so u see that is why i must be here 2-3 times a week just to support him. nakhona if you discontinue Majuba, are we going to get YES 5 times a week??? if not then totally not worth it…Today’s chapter please

  34. I need my daily dose of your blog. I don’t understand why people continue to read and then hate on the blog just read something else. I love the blog Mike and its your story to tell please continue.

  35. The real question should be do you enjoy writing Majuba? That should inform what you do with the blog. To me it sounds all over the place as if you don’t know what to do with it and are writing kuba you started and kufuneka uqhubeke. But as your audience we only see what is infront of us. We don’t see your blue prints, we don’t know your vision for Vusi so we can’t tell you what you should do. But I am curious to see how he gets out of this mess with Londiwe

  36. Please continue. I have never commented but I log on daily to read the stories. I agree with everyone that your energy is not on par with this blog and we have seen it through the inconsistent posts. I always tell myself that I won’t ever read the blog again as a result but I find myself drawn in by this storyline.

    It is very rare that a written story can pull and play with our emotions like Majuba does but as stated above, that is testament of your talent and how you’re able to draw the reader in.

    Anyway… re KOPA POST YA KAJENO PLEASE! Ha o sa e ngola buwa fela re kwate, threaten to abandon the blog and come back again tomorrow or next week if we’re really passionate about showing you hore re kwatile. Lol

  37. I am Naledi – Vusi is my ex who wants 2 reconcile with me but Londiwe is in the way (and they got 3 kids) 🙁
    Mike – please finish this story, maybe I can also make a decision in my real life

  38. First comment ever
    I came here looking forward to today’s chapter.
    Abuti Mike Please continue with this, i enjoy it and curious to see how far Londiwe will take this, if Vusi will ever man up and end this marriage / if the mother will ever accept Londiwe and how she is involved with Simon. I think the reason Londiwe and her mother in-law dont get along because they both have something with Simon.

  39. pls continue with the blog its interesting to read an not predictable i want more an am sad i did get a dose of it this morning

  40. Majuba has a sense of reality that some people don’t want to acknowledge. It’s not a typical love story so people are frustrated by that fact. I personally love it and I want to see it to the end.

  41. Mike Nooooo! Pleeeeas Don’t stop Majuba. You are a brilliant writer and your storyline is an eye opener to most of us. We relate with most of the rurns and twists of your story. So Please Moshito ga o tswele Pele Mrena.

  42. Just when I think I’m having my daily dose then this 😂😂… Mna I’ll be honest, was interested when it began first.. But as the time went on I got bored… But I never complained not even once coz it wasn’t bad. I stopped reading that time when Londi went out for the first time with friends leaver husband with the neighbour, was kind of boring at the time… I continued with Yes… But last week I read Majuba again and found it very interesting… All in all I’m saying don’t stop we want to see where it will all 🔚

  43. This is just one of Mikes tactics not to deliver today…we have gotten used to the blog but lately he doesn’t post on Thursdays and Fridays…now he want to discontinue using the spectators as an excuse…grow some balls Mike if you don’t have time just say so coz there’s rarely negative comments here …besides as a writer you should know that no crutic is bad critic it simple means improve…you gonna be producing a tv show yet you can’t handle critics from a blog? Naah fam respect us…we still want today’s post nje

  44. Hi Mike,

    I haven’t commented in a while, well I think the reason you getting negative comments from people is because this story is going in circles and the fact that it feels like its not going anywhere that is what frustrates us, please post at least 3 chapters a day than you can skip at least one or 2 days but not more than that as we really want to know what happens with Londiwe and Vus. I enjoy YES more though. Thank you for the good work we appreciate it.

  45. Please continue. Why? I remember reading Pride and Prejudice. YHoooo the bore that was the first chapters I wanted to stop but I had to write an essay on the book. After re-reading the first 80 pages over and over for two weeks I finally got why it was such a bore. Relation. We all know a Vusi and we want to drop him in an ice bath and slap him to wake up, we want to brew him buckets of coffee so he can smell it. We are just annoyed by him on the book as we would be in real life, so it projects to the story. Keep writing wena bhuti.

    Side note: Guys, kanti there is so much of us on this blog, can more people advise on the letters posted, different perspectives make for easy decision making .

  46. Keyboard warriors please come out the shadows and air your grievances.

    I enjoy this story and I am a firm believer in “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say a thing”.

    This story is different and that’s what I appreciate about it, the fact that you got into the mans head and we are able to view men’s decision making. We usually only hear of scheming girl siblings when it comes to guys who can provide stability but here you are walking us through it with a first hand experience.

    Please continue. Asseblief toe.

    Just a caution, Words hurt guys. The same words that bring us daily joy are the same words that can pierce through Abuti Mike. Be sensitive, be considerate.

  47. Jackzorro, KaManyosi, Bhejane, Pillzberry no Lekgarebe nithuleleni mara???

    Mike please continue with this blog, aseblief tog.

  48. I loooove Majuba. Those who have a problem with it should stop reading it qha. I can’t stand Rhythm City but you don’t see me trashing it because I know there are people who enjoy it. Each to their own, let us enjoy Majuba in peace. I was really looking forward to reading Majuba today, please post Bhut’Mike

  49. Lol I did not like majuba, I felt like the story line was too slow, and it was not moving fast enough, but now I have just realised that it will break my heart if you end the story because I’m dying to know the ending, I have a sister who is axactly like Londiwe in her marriage, so Please Mike, don’t end it, rather add some spice to keep us on the edge the way you do with YES. Or end it. I want to know how the story will end

  50. Hi Mike
    Please continue, I don’t get enough time to read but I make sure every spare minute is used to catch up.
    Wonderful work keep up the good work, don’t let a few negative comments pull you down.

  51. Hi Mike,

    I really enjoy this blog, please continue!!! I am always frustrated when you don’t post it on Fridays (when it is on the 3-day a week stint). Yes there are times where I am annoyed and frustrated at the developments , characters and outcomes, but that’s all part of the journey! I would love to see Vusi get one, maybe two, up on Londiwe, but I respect your work enough to trust you with the story. Please do not be discouraged, ngiyakucela.

  52. Mike please continue with the blog the problem is most of the people who comment here are women so they don’t like reading bad things done by women, if Londiwe was doing good things they will like to continue reading. And it’s a reality happening out there were a man is always blamed yet he is cheating with another women out there, and then hey point out and say man are dogs but it takes two to tango.

  53. Really bro Mike, really? listen people complained about generations did you see its ratings go down, no? Metro FM ppl complained about change of Djs, did the listenership go down I don’t thnk so. Now recently there’s this show the imposter I thnk everybody is complaining yet they are still watching, need I continue???
    Ntate can you just continue and leave these people that are complaining alone, the fact that they give you bad feedback means they are reading, so continue abuti

  54. Please continue.. It’s a good blog and a long to learn. I think most people get annoyed because it seems to be prolonged and we want to know what happens to vusi. We all hate londiwe we want to see her suffer

  55. hey mike
    I just wrote a paragraph on why you should continue to write this story but somehow it disappeared and I’m so angry and I can’t remember what I wrote in it…pls proceed Mr Maphoto

  56. Pls continue the blog , yes its unpredictable but that’s where the curiosity is created. We are not reading it because we are bored, but because we you got us curious and that’s something. I’ve been pissed with the characters here and there but why am I still reading it? because you got me hooked! as always!

    Please do not let the negativity get to you, we know you only human.

    I hope Missteps will make a come back soon.

  57. Hi Mike

    I am a Londiwe (well partly).

    My husband comes from a not so well off background than mine. I went to varsity and he didn’t. His mother didn’t like me much. He would drop everything if and when his mother calls him home. He is very indecisive, no sense of urgency except when he is called home; which most of the time gets to me and I end up pushing him to do stuff.
    I sometimes understand why Londiwe reacts the way she does to certain situations, and from this blog, I get to see a man’s perspective. Please continue Mike, I am definitely one of those who are learning from this blog.

  58. This blog depicts what happens when a wife/ girlfriend and the mother in law fights for the guys attention. They will both end up doing the extremes to get his attention and love. The guy ends up being in a messy situation because he failed from the onset to balance the 2 relationships and make sure no one steps on the others toes.

  59. Continue please.I’m intrigue and not sure whose side I am on.Londiwe pisses me off but also I feel sorry for her at times.Vusi is those good guys that somehow lost their way.

  60. To be honest I really dont like this blog simply because of the lack of direction in the story line…when Londiwes pregnancy was confirmed thats when i realised nah might as well.skip this. Why? …even if Londiwe was eventually pregnant there should be atleast difference in the weeks from when she lied and when the doctor confirmed. Secondly when Vusi was stalking her and she met up with her mom and sister …what was that about..there was never a follow up about that part.
    Whats the connection between Simon and Vusis Mom. At the beginning we were made to understand that Londiwe isnt smart so pulling off a fake pregnancy amd now recently framing Vusi ay doesnt add up. Some parts of the story are just there but no impact towrds the story line eg the neighbours…what is their part…i doubt that everything is still to be revealed
    Having said that it is a good story and i dont think it should be discontinued…i just prefer to stick to YES…I love it!

  61. I for 1 did not understand majuba at the beginning of things but i kept on reading it couse i just love your work ,but now its a diffrant story I LOVE IT and discontinuing it wouldnt be the best idea as yet … PLEASE CONTINUE WITH IT

  62. People are never satisfied really and you can’t please them all, all I can say is you are teaching us something new with each blog so please carry on with the blog because some people Dont understand this blog because they are not in that situation in their lives so please Dont stop writing this blog PLEASE because I will go out my mind trying to come up with my own conclusions of the ending..

  63. Hhhahhhaaa…. MaVuyo dear, forcing me out the closet there (was hiding); personally I think the story is going around in circles, Londiwe is cunning and irritating, Vusi is too naive for my liking, I really would appreciate seeing some action and direction on this story (quickly futhi). I am a firm believer that if you have nothing good to say, it’s best to just keep quiet. So it is really up to Mike if he is up to the challenge to wake this babé up!

  64. Hao Mike!
    couldnt u post that at the bottom of the chapter atlst?
    people like different things. some of us love all your blogs.

  65. Abuti Mike,
    I love reading your blogs. Majuba was very interesting in the beginning, hence we chose it instead of the other one (can’t remember the name). But now it seems its going round and round in circles. same thing in different scenarios. it feels like you are trying to prolong the story. but we all want to see how the story will end so please continue.

  66. I’m really not a fan of this blog, from the beginning I preferred Wololo…I love your writing but this blog its not the one, rather carry on with Wololo, please Mike, but all in all ur an amazing writer

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