Majuba 58

Did you know that when the Americans dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over a 100 000 people,

the first creatures that were found alive in that area after that were cockroaches? The same thing happened in a place called Chernobyl in Russia where a nuclear spill happened in the 1980s and the place was deemed not habitable for a 100 years but guess what creatures have been found alive there, cockroaches! I say this because looking at Simon standing at my mother’s doorstep I could not think of anything else but cockroaches because he really was incredibly similar to them. A slimy disgusting person who seemed to be an unwanted inheritance from that rich uncle who abused you as a child! The true face of the devil is not some red monster with horns; it’s a person you know who for you carries all those qualities. Simon to me was a woman beating weasel who was sleazy and revolting. I did not like this man for many reasons and he in my home was one of those things that made me want to destroy him.

I was frozen there for a second.

“This is awkward!”

He immediately said when he saw me standing there gawking at him.

“I came to see you. I wanted to make peace with you because all these things that are happening are not healthy!”

He said to me. I don’t know how he came up with that because I could tell he was lying.

“How… What…”

I stuttered but the question would not even come out. It just would not. I did not know what to say.

“I know what you are thinking but you are wrong!”

He stated a matter of fact and much as I would have liked to punch him I remembered sitting a jail cell.

“No you don’t! How do you know my mother’s house?”

I asked him. He had not expected that question. There is no way he could have known that I was here and I doubt very much that Londiwe could have been stupid enough to have given him my mother’s address.

“That’s a long story! The most important thing is us making peace!”

He said dismissing the question. My mother then came out from behind me and said,

“Ah Simon you are here at last! Come in please!”

She said coldly to him.

“Mum how do you know this man?”

I asked him as he walked past me.

“I called him over because someone had to intervene after you got arrested. I told you I hired people to put this matter to rest remember so that’s how I found him!”

She explained which was a very plausible answer had she not looked so dodgy. She immediately turned away when she said that so that I did not look her in the eye. I know I had said I was leaving but I wanted to know what was going on.

“So you are Simon? You are the problem between my son and his …fiancé?”

My mother asked as soon as we were both seated.

“It’s not like that. When I got your message I was very surprised and I realized that what I was doing is wrong!”

He confessed to my mother.

“Vusi, I called this young man here to offer him money so that he can walk out of your life. The money has already been paid so you can’t say no! I have a contract here he must sign which says that if he comes within 200m of you he will be have to pay back every cent. Don’t worry its perfectly legal!”

My mother said to me in what looked like a rehearsed speech.

“Are you serious right now? Am I supposed to buy into this?”

I asked her.

“Yes why not. Why else would I have this contract on me for him right now if it was not true?”

She asked me getting up, going to her bag and coming back with it. I must say if I was being played I was being played by super stars ah. How could I dispute this vele?

“Mum I can’t do this right now? You can stay with your son Simon! Simon, you can have her too!”

I said standing up.

“Vusi I never slept with your wife!”

My mother immediately cleared her throat. I did not take it to heart as I walked out. I left. I should never have come home. I went and booked myself in a cheap hotel in Braam!

Two Days Later

“Are you ready for the gynae?”

I asked Londiwe when I called. This was the first time she had picked up my calls since two days ago and I am sure that was the only reason why she was picking up.

“Yes I am.”

She told me casually as though we had been talking all along.

“I am coming to pick you up in an hour!”

I told her authoritatively.

“Nope, don’t bother. I am very capable with taxis! Please tell me where to go and I will meet you there!”

She responded dismissively.

“No come on, we are going to the same place and it does not make sense that we arrive separately.”

I explained to her but she would hear none of it. She insisted that she will take a taxi otherwise we can cancel the whole thing. I already knew she was pregnant as she had thrust that paper into our faces but I had refused to read it. I did not want to know I wanted my doctor to tell me herself.

“You are being dramatic!”

I told her but I lost that argument. I sent her the location to where we should meet. Joburg has been hot lately so I felt sorry for her because just getting there she would burn properly. I got there before her. I was actually a good 45 minutes early. The nurse at reception told me that the gynae was not well today and they could not get another gynae to sit in for her. They had instead asked another doctor to sit in.

“Why didn’t you call for me to postpone?”

I asked her.

“Well you said you and your wife just want to check if she is pregnant so it did not make sense for us to cancel but I can still do it if you want?”

She said seeing my obvious annoyance.

“No its fine I will live but this is unprofessional! If she is not a specialist then am I still paying the full specialist amount?”

I asked in my clever black can I speak to the manager voice. We tend to act very superior in moments like this. There was a slow clap from behind me and I turned around,

“Ezile… Ezile Mchunu?”

I said to the lady clapping her hands.

“I never thought I would see the day the mighty Vusi had a melt down at a gynaecologist office! This is epic I should have taken a video and posted it to all our friends!”

She said smiling and I immediately went and hugged her.

“Dude I haven’t spoken to you in months where have you been hiding?”

I asked her. Ezile and I went to school together and she had even dated one of my cousins because of me. We were friends but not too close clearly if we could go silent from each other for months. I respected her nonetheless.

“I know it’s been hectic with all the running around!”

She told me.

“What are you doing here? Are you… Wait are you expecting?”

I asked her and she laughed. The nurse interrupted us at that moment and said,

“Doctor I have transferred all the files you need. Thank you for coming on such short notice!”

She said to Ezile. What the hell?

“I am the doctor you think should be underpaid!”

She said as she walked away.

“Ah come on I did not know it was you Doc, sorry!”

I said. This was going to be awkward. Now I really had to be on my best to prevent Londiwe from making me look stupid in there. Ezile knew most of my friends and we had a mutual respect. She had chosen medicine out of high school when the tech bug had hit me. We kept in touch but clearly not too well.

“Hi, I am here!”

Londiwe’s voice woke me from my daydream. I was going to die, what on earth was she wearing. She was wearing a floral print dress, one of those you buy at the flea market and I am not even talking the ones on Small Street. It was more yellow, or is it orange than anything then she went on to put too much make up. I could hear my ancestors dying all over again in laughter as this was truly a disaster. It was bad.

“How are you?”

I said trying to be pleasant but even now her makeup was distracting. She was like one of those impressionist paintings were only the artist could understand what she was trying to say. You know what your partner wears is a reflection of you, had it been any other doctor I would not have minded but this was someone I knew. How could this be though?

“I am good. What’s wrong you looking at me funny.”

She told me.

“I don’t mean to but did you really have to wear that dress? I mean you have so many beautiful dresses why did you pick this one?”

I asked her. I did not want to say this because right now I wanted her on her best behaviour.

“Oh come on, it’s just a dress! I tried new make up today, I had to put a lot to cover up the bags under my eyes from all the crying!”

She said and I could see she had done it on purpose to annoy me.

“Sir the doctor will see you now!”

The nurse said to me.

“That’s good, let’s go!”

She said walking ahead of me. I could not stop her and even though instinct said turn around and run this would end south I followed her. The nurse showed us which consulting room to enter.

“Good Afternoon sir and madam! How may I help you today?”

Ezile asked me pleasantly but professionally. She took one look at Londiwe and I could see that she wanted to burst out laughing but she did not. It’s easy to have called it rude but the way Londiwe looked today was ridiculous to the extreme.

“How are you doctor? My husband and I believe that we are pregnant and want to find out more!”

Londiwe said sweetly. I know that to a lot of people accent does not matter anymore but for some reason at this moment I felt exposed and rather ridiculous. Londiwe obviously still spoke like she was still in Jozini and I don’t mind that at all but today with the way she was dressed and next to people I grew up with, she felt like she was …less! I have never been ashamed of her ever yet today I just felt like a loser!

“That will be fine!”

Ezile did a few tests with Londiwe and left us in the room together. It was awkward especially because we were not speaking. When she came back the silence between Londiwe and I was quite deafening.

“Maam sir, congratulations you are pregnant!”

The doctor said. She looked so happy as she told me that.

“How far along am I? We just need that for clarity my husband and I?”

She said.

“Four weeks.”

She responded. I immediately started calculating.

“Thank you! It’s the best news ever. Now please tell my husband to count the weeks that he slept with me so that he knows the baby is his and I did not cheat on him! We not all trash like he is sleeping around with the first whore to open their legs to him!”

She said and she stood up.

I swear to God I wish the ground could open up and swallow me whole right now.

She had managed to humiliate me!

Ezile just blinked in shock and I wow…

I was shook!

*********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day bhut’ Mike and team.

I’m sure you hear it enough but your blog is one of the best I’ve ever came across.
My letter is quite long so please bear with me. I have been contemplating with myself for too long now whether to write this letter or not so here it goes.

I am a 22year old lady and in 2012 I was gang raped and it resulted in me getting pregnant, I couldn’t abort because I found out at a later stage that I’m pregnant. I was doing my matric then and from that day my life went downhill..throughout the pregnancy I was depressed and at some point I tried committing suicide but sadly enough I woke up, when I came out of the hospital my mother gave me a beating of my life and told me that next time I should make sure that I die, I’m just a human waste, I’ve got a nerve accusing people of rape ekubeni ngihamba ngivula amathanga. From there onwards I endured emotional abuse from my mother and my sister.
I decided to keep my baby because at some point I felt like I have something to love for, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I named her Hope, guys from that day things went from bad to worse.
I had no source of income whatsoever so i had to sleep with men for money yama nappies,food and baby clothes, my mom would just swear at me every day and i had to endure it because we needed shelter..
I passed my matric by the grace of God but my results were poor, hence I couldn’t go to school or get funding..i applied for jobs with hope that I’ll get to move out and focus on my baby, but nothing came and i had to continue sleeping with men for money.
A year ago I got a hospitality learnership and I thought things would get better but my mother would demand money from me because we live under her roof and eat her food, so I gave in.
I had hopes that I would be given a permanent position but unfortunately it didn’t happen. so I’m unemployed again, crying myself to sleep every night on top of that I’m being accused of all sorts of theft because I’m the unemployed hurt to the point where I feel like poisoning my child and me and just end our lives.

I am so tired of the pain, I’ve even given up on praying because things keep getting worse for us, I’m tired of holding on hoping things will get better.

Thank You

43 thoughts on “Majuba 58

  1. i really doubt if it’s Vusi’s child. i assume that Vusi is infertile, and that’s a secret that he doesn’t know, yet. it is a secret that is kept by his mom, fiance and simon. q&a, Lihle, your letter is, rather TOO SAD.

  2. Hi Lihle, I feel your pain by just reading your letter. I’m sorry that you have to go through such at the hands of your very own mother. it’s clear she has her own issues and is just using you as a scape goat for all her misfortunes. Your child is your very own blessing from God never mind how she was conceived. I know its hard but keep on praying and living for your daughter because she needs you. trying getting help from social workers, I am sure they might be able to help you and your daughter out but committing suicide can never be an option.

  3. Hi Lihle, your story is heartbreaking. Don’t give up on life surrender to God and let him love you. One day ur story will be a testimony & it will bring hope to others.

    Please try contact Musa mathebula on Facebook, he runs an NPO with the aim of assisting people in your situation. Hopefully u will get the breakthrough u need.

    Pray & believe that God will turn ur situation around ❤

  4. Guys remember that when pregnancy is calculated, its calculated from the date of your last period, not the date of conception.

    which means londi could have gotten pregnant in the last three weeks, and also remember how she has been trying to sleep with vusi at every given chance.

    1. Yeah exactly. So the only way she really is pregnant was after her lie. Either that or this story has been going on forever in this weird loop and now we can’t calculate accurately. Hopefully we get an explanation tomorrow.

  5. Mike I smell a conspiracy here. why today of all days that Londy has not been taking her “husband’s” calls, she now answers and wants to make her own way to “his”doctor who all of a sudden is not in and is being replaced by someone know to the family as they grew up together. ai maan akukho kwaLondiwe omithiswe uVusi la. Vusi uyinyoni enya amasi struuuuuu bengaboni la, kulungile abaqhubeke bamgile negoda leBoom Shaka nuh.

  6. Oooh Lihle how I wish I could take some of your pain, your mother is such pathetic excuse for a parent. Please don’t give up on God

  7. Hayi nam I prefer YES than Majuba, i feel the storyline is very slow and rotating in one place. Nakhona why is Londiwe always phunyuking from all her shenanigans without being caught even one bit. And Vusi’s mom the same story. Very confusing indeed

    Needless to say, Thank you Mike for the daily dose, much appreciated.

    Lihle, please continue praying gal, God is God of restoration and healing given enough patience and perseverence. All the best for the future.

    1. Yazi ingiqedile..finish…well until Londiwa was pronounced preggies

      andwasn’t she also supposed to do a sonar…or was I reading wrong?

  8. How stupid is Vusi though? Both the women in his life are just full of lies and he always falls for them. Now Londiwe is 4 weeks pregnant, how? Isn’t it supposed to me more than that? I mean it feels like it was last year when she lied about being pregnant.

    Looking forward to YES tomorrow, something is really missing kulo Majuba

  9. Hey Lihle, firstly, I believe you. I believe that you were raped and that you are suffering as a result. I believe you sisi. Secondly I am so sorry that this happened to you, I am so sorry. Thirdly, everything you have gone through in your life, however difficult and painful, you have survived it girl. You have a 100% survival rate with battle scares to show for it. Sukudinwa! You are breathing today and with Hope not only in your arms but in your lungs and spirit. Hold on to that Hope, and fight, fight for your life. You owe your dreams and aspirations your patience and a thousand attempts at this life thing. Here are the details of the South African Depression and Anxiety organisation. Please send them a text, they willl call you back and you will begin a journey of healing. It will not be easy, but it starts here. All the best. I believe you and I love you. You matter.
    For counselling queries e-mail:

    To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday,
    Call: 011 234 4837 / Fax number: 011 234 8182

    For a suicidal Emergency contact us on 0800 567 567

    24hr Helpline 0800 12 13 14

    SMS 31393 (and we will call you back)

  10. I have never loved Londiwe like this day…..serves Vusi right…..maybe she has always been pregnant remember the doctor ddnt test her she just said what they wanted to hear……

  11. Au kodwa Vusi the make up and dress part I was in stitches…something amiss here and Vusi’s mother is a starring
    Lihle what a sad letter Im in tears , hang in there sweetheart there is always a silver line in every storm our Lord will never forsake you…what you went through was tragedy and now that a person who was supposed to be your pillar is abusing you shame on her…go to social workers and tell them your story they will assist you and your hope…Good luck my angel

  12. I have only read up to Goodafternoon Sir and Madam…angaisahlekil ekanje…kodwa yini Bra Mike uqedile ngami today…Londiwe though…eish let me finish reading

  13. Am just waiting for YES, I feel like this story is going nowhere slowly and we are always confused and left to wonder

  14. Always knew Londy was preggo’s…Serves Vusi right. He is just as stuck up as his mother..all of a sudden his wife is rural & embarrassing. Uyeyisa shame, I loathe him

  15. Lihle my dear I feel your pain if you are around Dbn or Jhb please find a company called careerbox it recruits for a company called CCI I work there and they always hiring alternativly please contact me on 0786467318 or on so I can get one of the recruiters to contact you

    1. Lihle,it hurts me to the quo to hear that you have such a dreadful mother. @Nokuthula God bless you dear we need more people like you who have a solution for Lihle and others. I feel we need to stand up as south africans and open more such organisations that will offer solutions to young people and women who are genuinely suffering. Lihle All the best my dear and please do update us on how far your life is going forward

  16. Epic! How do U do this over & over again brada Mikie. Vusi meeting Ezi. Its like South pole meeting North pole. Hold it there, its like bringing Donald Trump in the same room with Kim Jong-un to discuss their hair styles followed by nuclear issues. Wow! While I pick my jaw from the floor let me read the letter. Thnx a mil my guy

  17. Hahahaha…..ok hol’up a minute… Londiwe has been pregnant for how many weeks?Firstly 4 weeks is round about the time we found out were pregnant for the first time when we miss our period…..but she has been preggies in this story for quite a while,therefore seems dubious it would be Vusi.2ndly…’s calculate weeks using the date of your last nenstrual period,surely Ezile did more than just ask Londi for her date?….A scan is unlikely to show a 4wk old baby, perhaps only from wk 7 so somethingbis definitely amiss…..what are Vusis mom,Londiwe and Simon up to?

  18. This story is just boring nje always leaving us confused and doesn’t really make sense, can we just rap it up and focus on YES we should have voted for the other story because this one nje is too slow.

    Any way thank you Mike for your good work, God bless.

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