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YES 171

Firstly when I woke up this morning I had not planned on ending up in Durban. When I got to Durban I had not planned

to go to an event on a boat. Who does that? How was I supposed to have known that my business trip would end up on the one spot that I should not be going to? I was starting to feel like everything that was happening to me was a set up. This was not supposed to have been a holiday but a shot left where business could be done. I had not chosen the location nor had I wanted it to on a boat for goodness sake! Who has ever had a meeting on a boat? This was crazy.

“Lungi are you coming or not?”

Miriam asked me annoyed at me for not moving knowing how late we where.

“I am sorry I did not know it will be on a boat. I suffer from severe motion sickness, can you please take the meeting alone!”

I told her and I even stepped back. She was very surprised at this and she even took a step towards me after that.

“Please understand where I am coming from. We can meet again tomorrow if you want or even later when you come back. I am sorry Nonhlanhla!”

I told the girl we were meeting but she did not even look surprised…

“Its ok you are not the only one but we really need to go!”

She told us. Miriam looked at me disappointed but because things were happening so fast I think she realized that she had no choice.

“Ok then as long as you will be fine!”

She said to me.

“I will be fine forward me Jerry’s number they can’t have gone far!”

I told Miriam. I watched her go and she sent me the numbers as I had asked. I called him and he was very surprised to hear from me but he agreed to turn around.

“I know I look stupid but I can’t get on a boat. I have never been so afraid in my life!”

I had told him trying to make a joke of it. You know when you are the hot or rich girl and you have been showing off or being difficult and you fall in front of people everyone wants that from you. They will laugh at you and say its karma. That was me right now. I could feel Jerry and his friend having a good laugh at my expense. Maybe I should have just asked for an Uber.

“You will find me where you dropped me off.”

I had told him but he gave me a firm no.

“It’s not safe. Just find a place to sit because it’s not too safe to be in a parking lot by yourself. At least in there you will have people around!”

He said and had hung up immediately. He was right about there being people, a few security people patrolling.

“Ok then!”

I told myself. It’s funny how even now being in such an open space I was feeling claustrophobic. That water thing had really gotten into my head. I was feeling dizzy so I looked for a bench to sit down.

“What’s happening to me?”

I asked myself.

I think I passed out.

My grandmother again. This was getting old now come on.

“Splash your face with water and you will be refreshed I promise you!”

My grandmother advised me. It made sense. The water would make me feel better. I just needed to reach for it and splash my face that’s all. It did not sound difficult with water everywhere but this was the harbour.

“I am scared the water is too deep. I won’t be able to reach!”

I told her.

“Nonsense child, you can’t stay there its not safe, splash yourself!”

She said her voice starting to sound a bit more impatient.

“Ok ke I will do it if it will get you off my back. I am tired!”

I screamed at her. I felt myself stand up and take a step forward, then another. I was not controlling myself because my body felt light. I could see the water and it was not scary. It was the river and I was on the banks. The water was not that deep and from where I was I could even jump into it. I moved a stepped closer and suddenly I felt someone’s hand pull me by the arm.

“Lungi what the hell are you doing?”

A man’s voice asked me. It was Jerry. He pulled me back.

“Jerry… I …”

I tried to explain it was only after I looked at where I was that I realized why he had literally yanked me backwards.

“Are you crazy? You would have died if you fell in there?”

He said very shocked.

“I was just trying to peep to see how deep the water is I was not going to go in. Come on Jerry I am not that crazy and I think I love my life enough to not be suicidal!”

I said cracking a joke. I had lied obviously but how was someone going to believe me if I had told them that I had no recollection of how I had ended up at the edge as probably I was sleep walking. How could someone understand I had an annoying grandmother who came to me in my dreams to torment me?

“It’s fine let’s go!”

He said. I don’t think he fully believed me but then again what choice did he have.

“I don’t get it why did you miss the meeting, was the boat full?”

He asked me.

“No. I did not know that the meeting was on a boat because I would have saved everyone the trouble!”

I explained.

“I don’t follow; did you think that it would end up like the Titanic?”

He said in a rather macabre joke but I was going to indulge him since he was my ride after all.

“Nope hey I have severe motion sickness. When Miriam said meeting she neglected to mention this so when I got here I realized I was not going to be throwing up on people.”

I said and he laughed.

“Its ok, you are stuck with me for two hours now before she gets back. I am going to Eyadini to pick up someone if you don’t mind.”

I told him.

“Eyadini? The name sounds familiar… Isn’t it that place with the woman who dances with no underwear on?”

I asked him. I knew her name, it was on the tip of my tongue but I just could not bring it out.

“Yes Zodwa Wabantu! Crazy times we live in hey. Women are more and more naked because they say it empowers them but the truth is it empowers men to sexualize them even further.”

He said offhand.

“It’s her body though so she can do whatever she wants with it!”

I reminded him coming to her defence.

“Yes it is her body and we respect that it’s her body. She does it because she a celebrity of some sort. Other ladies, even younger ones, have seen how much popularity it has given her and they have started doing it too.”

He explained,

“I have a daughter; she is 16 and likes things. Do you think I ever want to see her surrounded by men ogling her?”

He asked me.

“Of course not but it’s her choice that’s the point!”

I explained to this backward man. Women can do whatever they want with their bodies.

“Of course she can but I how do I protect her from the animals out there when they decide that being teased like that is not enough? She can dress however she likes in safe environment not at a shisanyama full of strangers and criminals. I never want her to be a victim of assault of any sort and my job is not just to protect her but to support her as well. You tell me then how do I support my daughter who finds women like Zodwa as role models because they are famous, how do I support that?”

He asked me. He had a good point but even amongst women nowadays we all know we can never stand with men when they bring up these topics. We will defend short skirts even if it meant the bum was out but look how we will attack an older woman for wearing the very same skirt. All of a sudden we start saying she has no pride, she is shameful etc but me at 29 can fit in that skirt and tell the world I am empowered.

“Ok I won’t win this conversation but just know things won’t end well!”

He said to me. I think I had won the argument. We got to Eyadini and it was so packed we literally parked on a hill.

“Is this place always this full?”

I asked him.

“Yes, in fact today it’s not that bad!”

He said as we walked out. We walked in on our own; there was no one next to us.

“Dude there is a thorn bush on your pants, here let me take it off for you!”

I told him. I bent over and I took it off for him then we walked inside. He was really here for someone; a group of his friends were drinking.

“Guys, this is Lungi this is….”

There were three guys; I did not care for their names so I just nodded my head. They discussed some business whilst they drank and they got me a bottle of wine. I was not hungry at all, that incident at the pier had turned my stomach so I was good for now. When we were done, we left.

“Please don’t tell Miriam we came here!”

He asked me as we drove off.


This guy wanted me to lie to my friend!

“She wanted me to take her here and I refused then these guys called asking for us to meet up so now it would be odd if I took you here!”

He said to me. I knew exactly how that would have looked but for me to lie to my friend that would be crossing a line. I just kept quiet. We got there a bit early and we waited for her. When she came she looked excited.

“Things went well! I am in love with business!”

She said excitedly. I vacated the front seat for her and she went to her rightful space.

“What did you guys get up to?”

She asked us.

“We drove around to a few places actually! So are you going to buy the business?”

He asked her immediately. I saw what he had done there, he had changed the topic and fortunately Miriam being Miriam she had so much to talk about she took the bite.

“Lungi are you ok? I was worried about you there but I was also disappointed. You should have told me. We looked a bit unprofessional there but I managed to fix it!”

She explained to me proudly.

“I am fine now hey.”

I told her.

“I found your friend about to jump in and swim when I came back for her!”

Jerry told her and she laughed thinking it was a joke I suppose.

“It’s a good thing you rescued her imagine the scandal…”

She told him rubbing his arm.

“Tonight I just want to celebrate! Please let’s go to Eyadini! I know you said that you don’t want to but come on!”

She asked him. To be honest I doubt he wanted to go back because he had already eaten and he will most certainly be busted if he came in again.

“Lungi please backs me up!”

She pleaded with me.

“Yes Jerry let’s go to Eyadini!”

I said taking her side.

“No ladies, we will do it tomorrow!”

He said impatiently. Miriam was annoyed. My phone rang and it was Azwindini. I was very surprised.

“I see you are in Durban!”

That was the first thing he said to me.

“How do you know? Are you having me followed?”

I asked him.

“I am not but I am in Durban too for work!”

He said.

“We should hang out!”

I was so confused. How did he know I was here? I hung up the phone on him rudely. Five minutes later I got a text,

“Wow Lungi you went to Durban without me? Who is the hunk you have there? ”

That was Nthabiseng. I had not told her I was here! I called her,

“How do you know?”

I asked her,

“Go check the Eyadini page on Facebook!”

She told me. I went to check their Facebook page and there were too pictures of me there. They had taken a picture of us entering and someone had tagged me already!


I had to tell Miriam!

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am proud to have been one of your followers from the early days. I have seen your stories evolve and I am glad I have been a part of that.

I am a married woman. I have been married for 7 years now to a man who was amazing when we first met. He did everything for me and for us. Our sex life was great and everything perfect. In the second year of our marriage we realized that we were failing to have kids naturally so we tried to go get help from doctors. I went on many different strategies but nothing worked. We were both tested and it came out that I was the one with the problem not him and a second opinion even proved that. I then went to a Sangoma with my sister and the Sangoma told me that another man’s seed would do the trick. When I went on holiday with my sister (cruise) I met a guy there and I slept with him three times. I am pregnant now. We did not swap numbers, it was a holiday fling and all I had ever wanted was a baby. I cheated on my wonderful husband. When I told him I was pregnant he was happy at first but I can see that he is suspicious. I know I was selfish but we both wanted a baby so badly I took the easy way out. I cannot tell him I cheated on him and I also don’t want to lose him.

How do I work around this?

Thank You


24 thoughts on “YES 171

  1. Lmao! Hai iyahlekisa indaba kaLungi. Forever in a mess. Bra Mike your writing captures me. I feel every anxiety that Lungi goes through reading this. Thank you bhuti

  2. Im so confused,doctors said its you with the problem then the sangoma says you need to sleep with another man,which actually,didnt know sangomas advise on cheating. Too bad you only had one problem now your bf has 3 problems.
    1. Emotional stress from you cheating
    2.Fathering a child that isnt his,resentment is bound to manifest itself on a child that isnt guilty
    3.Trust issues,the killer of all relationships
    Your marriage is over kahle kahle sisi,phephisa.

  3. Lizzie you knew exactly what you were doing, you knew the consequences of your actions. What exactly are you asking us?

  4. Lizzie, you committed a mistake and now you must face the ramifications of your actions. I think you must tell your husband the truth, the fact that he is suspicious should tell you something and besides the truth has a way of coming out. Your actions not only impacted your marriage but also your unborn child, he/she might want to know who her biological father is and since you have lost contact with the man who impregnated you, it will be a mission to reconnect. You had unprotected sex with someone else, putting your health and that of your husband at risk, you also broke the trust in your marriage. There is no coming back from that unless your husband is a forgiving person and agrees to fix things with you.

  5. I’m super confused. If the problem is with you then why should you sleep with another man to fall pregnant?
    Unless If it was a typo you meant the husband is the one who’s got problem…
    Please explain..

    But either way… your marriage is over..

  6. Haai, bo Lizzie. You made your bed…

    Mike, I’m confused:

    1. Lungi is 27. I remember this very well as when you described her red BMW in earlier posts I thought “wow, at 27. Yes black girl”. I also remember comparing her to the Dr. who’s 26, because she (Lungi) herself made that comparison. She’s not 29.

    2. Is Miriam not heavily pregnant?

    May I kindly suggest that you keep a profile of all the characters aside? That way there won’t be unnecessary confusion.

    We appreciate that this blog is free, we really do. But let’s also strive for excellence- it’s the black norm 👌🏽


  7. Lizzie you deserve to have a child i promise u even if ur marriage falls apart you will neva regret having dat child in ur life even if u raise him/her on ur own.its hard being a single mom but de luv u gonna have for dat human being u r expecting its imaginable so look forward to dat.

  8. Is’t me or Jerry wanted 2 b seen with Lungi than with Merriam bcos he didn’t have a problem to go with Lungi, he could have droped her at home mos… This Jerry guy otletse makhirikhiri

  9. Kanti isn’t Mirriam pregnant and almost due? So now ufunani eyadini? I’m confused.

    Lizzie, no one has ever planned murder out loud. What is your husband thinking? Be careful there, rather tell him and get it over with.
    Another thing, if YOU had the problem then how did you fall pregnant? Hayi cc your story doesn’t add up. Write another letter and explain

  10. Lizzie Girl , thula uze ufe..
    Don’t say anything , Guilt is making you think that your Husband is suspecting , you don’t have to confess anything to him enjoy your pregnancy Girl, the rest don’t worry too much about it.

  11. Go to the grave with that secret who knows maybe it’s your hubby baby.

    What you did is not new generations before you have done that.

  12. Ta bradaman Mikie.
    Sistaz, u literally & metaphorically cooked yo cake. Chances are yo hubby will do dna without yo knowledge & catch U out. There too many coincidences, soon after U went on a vacation boom UR preggies!
    Funny how most women think most men do not know these things. Most will do it for love or for the peace & look after that kid or those children know they are not theirs. Besides in the old days who knew dna so much. Where wud U do that back in the day?

  13. But these things, I am not getting married ever in my life. Ke gore mosadi nje o tswa fela and have sex with another guy, as if that’s not enough u even bring evidence to your home.

  14. Lizzie your husband does not suspect anything, its your conscious which is playing tricks on you my dear. Relax my love, you did what was best in that situation, Your hubby is happy that you will have a baby

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