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YES 167

Now that I was fully alone I went to the internet. I did biology in Life Sciences which included the Human

Reproductive System but that was a long time ago. I needed to find out my potential baby daddy’s before I went crazy. My memory was fuzzy but I think I could figure this out on my own. I had slept with 2 and a half men. Half being Mbuso because yes the horny bastard got it in but I remember something had distracted us making us stop. Azwindini and Sfiso however had fully enjoyed the cookie so in my head it had to be one of them. It only made sense. This was a total mess though! Why couldn’t I be one of those women who look at who is the richest dude amongst the lot and pin the baby on them?


I cursed out loud alone in my apartment.

“I don’t know who the father of my baby is! I don’t know who the father of my baby is!”

I told myself out loud in disbelief.

“Lungi you are losing it!”

I laughed at myself for talking to myself but you would too if you had no one to run things by.

“Google you better have answers for me!”

I told my computer. Now I wish I had an Iphone to just ask Siri for answers. I googled everything from conception to giving birth. Ah, if you see videos of women giving birth it is not nice at all. It is plain discouraging. What if it ruins my lady parts? I did not want this vele ah it looked so painful.

“Oh My God!”

I said out loud when I was reading up on when a baby can be conceived. This was shocking.


I wanted to die. I needed to know the dates. I had to pin down when I had first slept with Azwindini, when I had first slept with Sfiso and obviously when I had almost slept with Mbuso. I looked at the dates. I slept with Mbuso and Sfiso about a week apart. I know this because I still had the conversations around that date. Whatsapp can really be like a diary if you use it cleverly. I went through my chats and things started getting clearer.

“I need to call Ezile!”

I found myself saying to myself yet again. I needed clarity on the dates. I actually didn’t know how far along the pregnancy because I had not asked. I had been too ashamed and to ask because at the time I was not even sure whether to believe it or not.

“What is it Lungi are you ok? What time is it?”

She asked me groggily. I felt bad for waking her up but I needed to know.

“I am sorry to bother you this late, I am so sorry!”

I apologized.

“I wanted to find out how many weeks you said I am pregnant!”

I told her.

“Ah I can’t remember that but it’s in your file the one you took home. Just go through that!”

She told me

Oh yes there was a file.

“Thank you!”

I said jumping up hanging up. It was on the kitchen counter where I had left it and for some reason I had not followed up on it. So much for laughing at people who don’t read. This was the same. It was only two pages so I got the days fast enough.

“Oh shit!”

I cursed out loud.

“No no no!”

I found myself sitting down with my mouth wide open. Suddenly there was a knock on my door which startled me. I went to the door and there was my sister all dressed up coming from dinner as she was carrying a doggy bag.

“When did you come back? I saw the lights on and I knew it was you!”

She said smiling walking in and hugging me.

Behind her was most possibly, I can’t even say this,

My baby daddy,


The fuck!

“Why are you looking at Mbuso like that?”

My sister asked in a tone that was a bit defensive.

“Like what?”

I asked her.

“Mbuso can you please leave I would like to talk to my sister please!”

She said calmly.

“Good to have you back!”

He said as he walked out of the apartment.

“Did you really chase him away because you thought I was looking at him?”

I asked her sitting down.

“Yes I did because I saw you. I did not want to have this conversation with you so soon after hospital!”

She said sitting down.

“We are not doing this come on? He is not my boyfriend and was not boyfriend. We don’t have anything to discuss!”

I told her.

“Still it’s only polite. He is your friend and I did not expect for things to go down as they did. I like him Lungi. I feel like he gets me!”

She explained to me.

“That’s good for you. If you are happy I am happy!”

I told her. I really did not want to discuss this right now as I had to figure out these dates. Mbuso and Sfiso were literally a week apart and the weeks that Ezile had given me matched Mbuso. The research I had done showed that as long as a man had Precum when he enters a woman there is a possibility you can get pregnant. Google helps but is annoying at the same time! Now I was freaking out inside.

“I need to bath and rest can we talk tomorrow!”

I asked her politely. To her it looked as though I was kicking her out and to her it seemed I was kicking her out because she was dating Mbuso. I know my sister.

“Ok cool tomorrow then!”

She said. She hugged me awkwardly and then walked out. I sat down and five minutes later an SMS came into my phone.

“I heard you were in hospital and I am sorry for my part. My wife told me I overreacted and she is right. You will not be hearing from me again. Sorry for the furniture. Hope your boyfriend forgave you. Congratulations on your baby! M.”

That’s what it read. It sent a chill down my spine. It was Mthobisi no doubt. Whether he was coming for me or not it made the slightest difference to the dear I had for him.

“How did he know about the baby?”

I asked putting my hand on my mouth. This was crazy. I lay my head down because much as Ezile had asked me not to overwork I was doing just that. I was too tired.


I dreamt. I was at the market but I am not sure where. I was with my grandmother again. Will this woman just leave me alone though?

“Please leave me alone Gogo. I am tired.”

I told her.

“Nonsense! We are family and we stick together.”

She said to me playfully slapping my hand.

“No I don’t mean I don’t want family I am just saying that today I am tired. I have been busy the whole day so I don’t want to go to the river!”

I told her.

“Who said anything about rivers though? No one wants you to go to the river? Today I want you to buy me something nice!”

She told me. The market was one of those that sold tradition prints. I was fascinated by this yellow one and that’s the one I liked.

“Look at this one Gogo, what do you think?”

I asked her opening up.

“It’s very nice but yellow is not my colour, it’s yours. You must look out for a woman who will be wearing yellow beads. She is coming to help you. You must accept her help but she is not good with children so don’t tell her about your baby!”

She was advising me. Today I was calm. It was a happy sunny day and I was not as anxious as I usually am. When she said that however I felt my mood darken. What was this woman going to help me with?

“Where will I find her?”

I asked her but she was gone. I slept through and I did not remember much after that. I woke up early in the morning! I don’t think I had slept well at all because I was very tired when I did but that soon wore off.

“What is that smell?”

I asked myself out loud as soon as I sat up. I had not smelled it yesterday that’s for sure. I went into the kitchen and realized that it was the bin. I had not taken out the bin in a while and by the looks of it nobody had either.

“Oh Simba you can clean the house but not take out a bin? Really brother!”

I said to myself. I needed to call him.

I put on my flip flops and went to throw it out. It really smelt. After I threw it in as I walked back I found a small bone on the path. Normally I would just walk past but it was shaped so funny it fascinated me. I picked it up to inspect it further and I thought I heard my phone ring. It was instinct I guess so I ran back to the flat but was not ringing. It’s something that I had thought up. I had to replace the plastic in my bin as well since I had taken it out. It’s those small household bins, the silver ones which you step on a lever so that it opens its lid. Mine had not worked in a while and today I decided to find out what was jamming it. Stuck in between the lever and the mechanism was yet another bone. I took it out and it rather looked stupid of me. This bin had not worked for weeks and I had even contemplated buying a new one. Now it worked perfectly.

“Stupid bone!”

I said placing it next to the one that I had picked up. I was feeling revived so the first thing I did was bath but I had my phone with me. I called Simba whilst I lay in a bath.

“Hey how are you?”

He said happily.

“I am good hey and you?”

I asked him.

“I am good too. Sorry I could not come see you last night I had a lot packing to do. Will swing by the hospital around eleven ok!”

He explained to me.

“That’s why am calling. I was discharged I am home already!”

I told him.


He said cheerfully and playfully.

“That’s great news. Is it ok if I come see you later? You got me worried there hey I am so relieved!

He told me.

“Of course you can come through. I will be home the wall day. I am craving beef ribs from Rocco Mamas please bring me some.”

I told him. I really was craving them. If you have never had them before then you haven’t tasted heaven. I stayed in the bath until the water went luke warm. When I was all dressed up and clean there was a knock at my door.

“Simba and his ribs!”

I told myself as I ran to it.

“O Aunt it’s you?”

I said when I saw who was standing there. I was rather disappointed.

“Who else were you expecting?”

She asked me. She was with another lady I had never seen before.

“A friend of mine is coming. I had asked him to bring me food!”

I told her.

“What happened to your hands? You have a kitchen and a fridge, a stove and two hands!”

She said in obvious sarcasm which annoyed me. My aunt was getting out of order now. She was starting to sound like my mum, always with a clap back.

“Lungi this is Mama Rhoda! She has been my friend forever! This is my niece Lungi!”

She said by way of introduction.

“Nice to meet you!”

I said taking out my hand to greet her. I almost jumped out of my seat because she was wearing four bangles that looked exactly like the yellow material from my dream. The fuck…

“Nice to meet you too. I could not help but noticed you have started finding your bones. You still need many more though!”

She said casually.

“What bones?”

I asked her.

“There on the counter. When you accept your calling you find bones which will you will use to throw. Those bones found you; all you did was accept them!”

She explained.

“Aunty I don’t understand, no offense but who is this woman?”

I asked my aunt feeling very uncomfortable.

“I told you I can’t help you with your Twasa, this is your Gogo. She is also your friend’s mother!”

She explained,

“What friend?”

I asked her.


Mara Modimo!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am sure you hear this all the time but I will say it again, you are one of the best South African writers of our time. You are absolutely amazing and for this God bless you.

I am 24, well turning 25 and my boyfriend of two years cheated on me with my sister. I was angry at him and I broke up with him. My sister is married, she is 27 and her husband is my boss. He gave me a job (family connections) and recently I found out he is sleeping with one of the girls at work. I have not spoken to my sister since I found out about her and my boyfriend. Now I have a choice to tell her about her cheating husband which will hurt her and I will be happy or keep quiet. She probably won’t believe me thinking I am trying to spite her but the satisfaction of having done that is so tempting. I also worry it could jeopardise my job and I am only still in UNISA so getting another job could be hard.

How should I handle this?

Thank You


16 thoughts on “YES 167

  1. Thanks Team. Sesizithwasa sonke manje la!
    Rosebank – stay out of it. Just continue working and ignore everything else, akuyona eyakho le!

  2. Lungi and drama ….Unisa lady thread carefylly dont tell yo sister yet the drama will unfold on its own remember stats of unemployment are too high and u are not gona loose a job over pettiness

  3. Buti Mike though, God has blessed your brains how bathing, YES has got me feeling like a nyaope boy needing a fix everyday. You are truly blessed. I love your work and may you keep going strong.

  4. Thank you for this blog Mike. I can totally relate esp with the calling I feel like you are telling my story. Keep up the good work!

  5. UNISA – why are you bothering yourself with things that dont concern you? yes, she slept with your BOYFRIEND – not HUSBAND – not BABY DADDY… That man is not worth breaking up a family for. Your boyfriend is not your relative, your sister is your relative and will always be no matter what bad things may happen between you.

    She will eventually find out the husband is a cheater & probably forgive him – tswa daar my gal. Just continue with your life & oneday that broken bond between you and your sister will heal.

    Leave them in peace and focus on your studies and career…

    Who knows, maybe the sister’s husband will even promote you 🙂

  6. Self-preservation, leave it alone until you will be in a position to not be affected by the mess. Mind your own business, slay your books and observe the dumpster fire from a distance. Sisters though

  7. Iyhooo. i hope for evryone’s sake that Lungi is not pregnant, that this is a fake pregnancy to get to focus on her calling and not chase after men. All she has been doing is sleep with so and so.

    Mbuso cant be baby daddy when he is sleeping with the sister.

    Also, Mbilahelo, this is forced love, already she slept with di bro, so based on Azwindini’s character he will be chasing after LUngi even if she is married to his brother.

    Clean slate for Lungi please.

    Simba, naye with bo magosha..

  8. ooooooooh Lungi, Mbi is your baby’s step Daddy, uthanda ungathandi!

    Yhu when blood is not thicker than water! Your sister and her hubby are in an open relationship straight. Tholukuthy they both aware they are cheating on each and your plan to expose her will blow up in your face, my advice here, let it play out it will explode on its own. Its a major concern that your sister has no respect of certain boundaries. In future, she might sleep with your husband if she could do it with a boyfriend. You need to check her ass for that so she knows.

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