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YES 166

Every single mother has a story to tell and most of their stories start with a happy relationship, a baby on the way,

a baby born if they are lucky then the guy ending up as a doosh! That story rings bells for so many women. Did you know that 53% of all families in South Africa are led by single mothers? There are more single mothers in South Africa than there are hospitals, clinics, schools, post offices and yeah you can include Postnet too combined. That’s a lot. I was about to join that statistic. You are all going to ask where have all the fathers gone but that’s not my interest because for me I knew where my two potential baby daddies were just that I had no one to pin it on. Some people love saying nice life choices when you have options but in reality it’s not like this when problems come around.

I couldn’t stay here.


I called out. This was about an hour after everyone when had left.


I had to get out of here. I had to go home.

“Yes Miss Mbatha!”

The nurse said practically running in. I guess my voice was a bit forceful.

“MY doctor just left now please call her for me before she leaves the building!”

I told her. She did not question me she went where she was told. Doctors in hospital really have power and are treated with so much respect by the nurses. I really hope they return the respect they receive. In about five minutes Ezile walked in.

“I was almost by my car is everything ok?”

She asked me.

“No everything is not ok unfortunately I told her sitting up!”

I had to show her I was strong even though the pain of the drip was killing me.

“I don’t think I should be here. Is it ok if I am discharged today?”

I asked Ezile. I looked her straight in the eye as she folded her arms. She was going to disagree that much is certain.

“No one more day won’t hurt you!”

She advised me but there was no way I was going to take that advice. Hospitals are not friendly and they are very much invasive. You can’t have your dignity if you stay in them and what’s up with those near naked gowns they have us wear?

“You need to recover from this exhaustion and if I have learned anything from you it’s that you never sit still. You are always busy! This is for your own good!”

She explained to me. She meant well I am very certain of that.

“If you don’t discharge me I will walk out on my own and that will look bad for everyone. Please don’t make me do that. You have helped me enough as is.”

I told her. She opened her mouth in shock but closed it immediately after that.

“I will discharge you after that little speech you just gave but it’s not a good idea. Do me one favour at least, let me drive you home and make sure that you are settled in ok!”

She asked me as she wrote down some things on my chart. She helped me pack up and called a nurse to take my file to administration.

“Here are your house keys!”

She told me when she found them in the drawer next to me. This was perfect for me because it meant I would not have to call anyone to open for me. I just wanted to be left alone so I could think my life through.

“Tell me when you are ready I will be signing you out!”

She said. Within an hour I was on my way home. The hospital is not that far from my place so I got to miss the storms everyone is talking about.

“What is it?”

She asked me as I stood there not sure whether to go in or not. That Mthobisi person had terrorized me and if I walked in and found Simba’s stuff still in there I was going to die.

“Nothing. I was just taking in the fresh air!”

I told her. It was not true.

“Here let me open for you!”

She offered. She took the keys from me and opened as I held my breath for her to exclaim at all this property but she did not. Instead she said,

“Your place is always so neat; I don’t know how you do it. My place is always a disaster you know!”

She said. I looked into my flat and the relief I felt in my chest when I realized that everything was gone. I could have danced shem if I was not still sick, doctors orders!

“Thank you!”

I told her. I was not the one who was neat, Simba was. He probably had done this to my place because the way it was so clean I am sure I could eat of the toilet seat! When were young and my sister and I would surprise our mum by spring cleaning she would walk in and remark how her furniture was not clean. Black parents for you! They believe they have a degree in cleaning the house which only they know.

“I am not going to stay long. Remember I told you I was on call. I just want to go home and rest now. Please get as much rest as you can!”

She advised me. I very much intended to.

“Thank you for everything!”

I told her as she walked out. She did not go to Mbuso’s place like I expected her to instead she went straight to her car and left.

“Alone at last!”

I whispered to myself. I was not going to unpack I was feeling tired. I took a throw and sat on the couch. I did not switch on the TV as it was going to make noise for me. An hour later there was a knock at my door.


I cursed in a low voice. I had really not wanted visitors and I suspected it was Mbuso for some reason. I just wanted to ignore him and pretend I was not there. I would have too but he knocked again. I went to the door to open and it was not Mbuso after all, it was my aunt.


I said weakly but with a smile. She stepped right in without saying a thing, strode inside my flat then standing in the centre she put her hands on the sides of her waist.

“I heard you were sick why didn’t you call me to come see you?”

She said visibly stressed. She was really not happy but I could also see a bit of relief in her face for actually seeing me stand before her.

“It was not me who didn’t call you. I was passed out if you have heard the full story. Doctors said there was nothing wrong with me it was probably just exhaustion!”

I explained to her.

“Your sister is so much like your mother. She is stubborn to the things in front of her of which she is clueless about!”

She explained.

“I know but aunty today I really don’t want to talk to about things which will give me nightmares!”

I told her trying to warn her off the Sangoma topic.

“I did not come here for that but I am not going to lose my nephew or niece because his or her mother does not listen!”

She explained. She took out a bottle of water and a stone, a little black stone. I had seen this stone before.

“That stone…”

I told my aunt as I pointed to it.

“Yes what about it?”

She asked me.

“I have seen it in my dreams. It’s the same stone I promise. Where did you get it?”

I asked her.

“I have had it forever from my calling. I am leaving it here today so that you sleep easy. If your dreams were anything like mine I would not want to wish it on anyone!”

She explained.

“How do you know about the dreams?”

I asked her.

“That’s simple. I also passed out during my calling but unlike you it was not because I was pregnant.”

She said trying to crack a joke but I will not lie, it was not funny.

“The water just pour a quarter of this bottle into the bath when you bath. If you were thinking of taking a shower I suggest you reconsider!”

She said with a wry smile on her face. Today I was not going to question her a lot because when I left the hospital I had made it clear that I wanted to rest.

“You are also going to make some tea with this water. Boil the water twice and you will get the best results.”

She told me.

“Like normal tea?”

I asked her.

“Yeah normal tea. What were you expecting? A tea that flies?”

She responded to me with a cheeky grin. Today she really thought she was a comedian but she really was not. It was time for her to leave vele.

“Aunty is there a…”

I started to ask her.

“I wanted to know.

“Is there a what?”

She asked me.

“Well I am not sure how to say this but is there a way I can tell who the father of my baby is? I was with two men during that period and it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know who it is!”

I confided in her.

“Yah neh!”

She said clapping her hands once,

“Imnandi neh eSatafrika!”

She actually said that. I wanted to be angry at her for not thanking me seriously but I could not help it but burst out laughing. I think I surprised her too with that.

“What’s funny?”

She asked me.

“Where do you know words like Satafrika? Those are young people things you know!”

I told her shaking my head very surprised by her indeed.

“I know things too ah. I might be old yes but I am not old dead!”

She said.

“And as to you question yes there is a way of finding out who the father is!”

She said wrapping her light scarf around her neck to show she was leaving but with her saying that I was relieved.

“Ah are you leaving?”

I asked her. I was hoping that she would tell me know who the child of my father was.

“Yes I am leaving!”

She said,

“Are you going to collect your stuff then so that you can tell me who my child is?”

I asked her standing up and coming towards her.

“No I am not going to do that. I need to warn you though that if you try aborting this child you might die! I am not saying this lightly because the answer you might receive you might not like!”

She said to me. This time there was no humour in her voice. She had really been in a good mood all evening since she got here. Maybe she was getting some who knows! I almost chuckled at that last part.

“Ok then but when will you come tell me who the father is? You said there is a way right?”

I pleaded with her.

“Yes I did!”

She said picking up her bag.

“Well what is it? Please help me!”

I pleaded with her still.

“You the scientist you should know better, it’s called DNA!”

She said and with that she walked out.

I literally stood there and looked at the shut door behind her feeling very stupid!

Yah neh!

*********The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and greetings to my fellow readers.

I am 25 and I have been dating by boyfriend for about seven months now. Everything is ok but I really wonder about him. When I asked him about his past he mentioned girls who were all notorious for sleeping around. Even the ones I did not know when I did a bit of stalking I found out they were all scandalous. I then went and asked him whether he had a type and he actually said yes. He likes girls with a bit of ‘spice’ he said again he likes loose women. He was not even embarrassed about it. I am the opposite because he is my second boyfriend and second person I have slept with. I just stopped taking him seriously after that but he went on and upped his game. We going to holiday end of December outside the country and it are my first trip away. This was a surprise trip mind you and he told me a few days before I was going to dump him. He completely caught me off guard. He has been super nice and everyone loves him. I am afraid I am falling in love too with this twisted guy. It is normal for someone to like women of that type! I made us go for testing soon after he told me that by the way. It’s like he was waiting to be triggered because even his sex game double in effort. What’s wrong with him? Is he a psychopath?

Must I run?

Thank You


20 thoughts on “YES 166

  1. JHB

    aM Not sure exactly what you looking for, here is the man infront of you loving, and you wonder about his past, who doesnt have a past . is he still with those “loose” girls naw, hayi susibhanxela wethu, there are serious problems in this SATAFRIKA.

    Eysh Lungi i pray Sifiso is the father, but when did you sleep with Mbuso i still dont remember tu.

    1. I’m with you Yawlah, she didn’t sleep with him per se. The moment it got in the wine bottle broke and freaked them both out. She said nothing about sleeping with him again. I still think Azwindini is the father. Sfiso would be too easy an option.

  2. Thanks Mike for the lovely read….

    Because u Sfiso uduke nezwe, Lungi must just get Mbuso’s DNA sample and do the test, if id does not match his then she’ll definitely know its Sfiso’s. I just hope there’s a safe way to do it while she’s still preggies without having to wait the whole 9 months of excrutiating frustration .

  3. JHB
    It’s not like people like loose girls for nothing it’s the things they do with man any other ordinary girl won’t do, as long it’s in his past it’s okay just think about the future and forget about the past.

  4. I have a feeling Azwindini is the father then Mbilahelo will take the responsibilities of his brother by being daddy to the baby then he and Lungi will live happily ever after

  5. Aunty yena is a rock star, she got comebacks for days!!!! Guys, how can Azwindini be the father? Was that not months ago and if so Lungi would be close to term already and seemingly she is not even showing if people can’t even tell she is pregnant. Or kufana neDays neBold, pregnant yesterday tomorrow the child is 10 already???

  6. Is it me or are South African’s obsessed with someone’s past? Yes someone might not change or their past plays a role in who they are today, but are you willing to punish omnye umntana over his past just because it is not like yours. He was honest, he likes them wild, would you rather he lied? Would you like being judged for being inexperienced wena? Does your lack of experience make you a serial killer(seeing that we are categorizing people according to their past and likes)? Can we please nje as a cowntry nawe JHB take a page out of the West? I mean, Drake still wanted to be with Riri after Breezy and still wanted to be with J.Lo even after that guy with the thin face, Diddy and the dancer and Ridge still wants Brooke after all the incest and scandals. Past is history, suzingcungcuthekisa with something you cannot help or change.

  7. lol, I am now beginning to have sugar mama crush on this aunty, she really makes being a sangoma fashionable.

  8. Like really though, can someone please explain to me how Lungi suspects Mbuso of being the father, haha was there even a thrust tlhe, one nyana lol. If mbuso is a suspect must we not also include, mbilahlelo I mean I remember him touching Lungis shoulder… hahaha

  9. Thank you for the read Mike…Nna I really think the father is Sfiso because they have slept together the night before lungis mom passed on I remember they had to make a u turn back home because Lungi’s mom had passed on. as for Mbuzo there’s no ways he could be the faher as there was no penetration, yes there has been some few interesting incidents but no penetration at all. unless I have been reading a different book. I remember Aunty warning Lungi about Sfiso’s dark cloud, and lungi told sfiso about what her Aunt has worned her about. that’s when things started to become sour between Lungi and Sfiso….as he thought Lungi was backwards to even believe in these things that she was saying to him.
    Kea gana it can’t be Mbuzo and for Lungi to even count him as one of the culprit , it doesn’t make sense to me….at all.

  10. I don’t think Mbuso is the father because the last time I recall it was barely a thrust, they were stopped by something that broke, bottle of wine or something. So my prediction is that Sfiso is the daddy

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