Majuba 56

A lot of people will tell you about how tough things are but I would love to believe that marriage is the toughest

thing you can ever enter voluntarily. It’s so hard to find the right person to propose to because nowadays especially marriage is almost an embarrassment for people. A girl cannot be proud of getting married without someone telling her how bad things will turn out for her. We call them haters but they call themselves realists or Black Twitter.


I screamed at my steering wheel as I drove to my mothers.
Walking into my mother was not a moment of triumph. It was a moment of profound disappointment and failure. I had failed at the one thing I thought I was good at, loving someone. To love another person is to see the face of God right and here I was. People like saying that men don’t hurt or don’t care but it’s not true at all. We hurt just as much as the people we hurt only difference being usually we choose not to show it to the world. We compartmentalize that pain and pretend it’s not there.

“Vusi what’s going on?”

My mother asked when I entered. I had not seen her car when I parked so I had thought she was not there.

“I did not see your car, where is it?”

I asked changing the topic.

“I dropped it off at Mercurius last night its due for service. I did not want to wake up super early for no reason!”

She said. Taking your car to service is the worst thing ever and there is no other way of seeing it.

“Yes that makes sense!”

I said. She stood there looking at me waiting for me to say something and when I did not she then said,

“And then? What are the bags for?”

She asked me. I was tempted to just ignore her question but when it comes to making a scene my mother can humble you. It was therefore not worth it.

“I have decided to take a bit of a break from Londiwe!”

I told her. I could see her eyes literally light up immediately.

“What do you mean a break? You seem to have packed very few things!”

She said to me.

“It’s a short break. Things are not going well with her and she is making me question everything about us!”

I confided in her. This was the best news ever if you were my mother because she did not like her one bit.

She stood there and started clapping her hands slowly.

“What’s that for?”

I asked her.

“It’s a slow clap; do you know what that is?”

She asked me with a big smile on her face.

“No, humour me!”

I asked her but I kind of already knew what she was doing her. It was sarcastic applause.

“I don’t give you enough credit you know that. For you to have lasted this long in that sham of a relationship you deserve a statue!”

She said increasing the pace of her slow clap in more of a loud ovation.

“Mum this is not funny, it’s not a game, and it’s my life!”

I told her very annoyed with her. I walked away from her and went upstairs to my old room. I was ashamed. At my age I should not be coming home to my parents home but the last 48 hours so much had happened. I turned on my phone to see if I had any messages and in total I think I had 27. I for each year Mandela was in jail I suppose I don’t know. I switch it off. I did not want my phone on.

“Not now Londiwe!”

I said silently to myself.

“Vusi my ride is here! I am going to the office!”

My mother shouted from downstairs. This is why men have secret pads were they run away to have fun from their wives. Now I was at home and this was hardly dignified. Two of my colleagues rent a house with two other people. Each has a key and when they cheat they go for privacy. I refused to join them because oh well, I loved my wife.

“Ok mom!”

I shouted back. I dozed off and about two hours later a phone rang downstairs. IT was an Iphone ring tone and my mother had a Samsung. There was someone else in the house with me. I left my room to go investigate and the person was on the phone. I knew the voice, it was Naledi. What the hell was she doing here?


I said as soon as she got the phone. I startled her a bit.

“Dude doesn’t creep up on people like that it can induce a heart attack!”

She said laughing. I was not laughing.

“What are you doing here?”

I asked her.

“Good morning, almost afternoon to you too grumpy! Why don’t you greet guests?”

She asked me. What the hell was she doing here!

“Hi Naledi! What are you doing here?”

I asked her again. I was going to let her off the hook that easily. This was crazy and stupid.

“Your mother said I should come for brunch but she must have forgotten because when I came she was gone and when I called her she said it was you in the house. The lady who works here let me in!”

She explained to me. For some reason I could not look her in the eye. I was embarrassed of myself.

“Mapula, that’s the lady who works here. How long have you been here for?”

I asked her.

“About two hours. I decided to let you sleep and besides there was something I wanted to watch on TV. I figured if I woke you up you were going to disturb all that so letting you sleep was a win win situation for both of us.”

She explained like that not creepy at all.

“So what do you want to eat?”

She asked me.

“I don’t know!”

I responded curtly. I just wanted to be alone. Now was not the time for me to be mingling.

“I need to be alone a lot of things are happening with me right now. I am bad company. I think you should just leave and when I am feeling better I will come and see you!”

I told her. I obviously had no intention of going to see her I just wanted to lie down and sleep.

“No can do Vusi. When I was having my episode you were there for me so I will be damned if I walked out of here leaving you in this state!”

She said defiantly. She took off her heels and sat down even flipping the channel to make it clear to me that she was going nowhere.

“Suit yourself then!”

I said to her out loud and turned to go upstairs. She ran after me.

“Dude you not going to leave me sitting by myself. Its rude now come on!”

She said.

“Have a bite to eat at least because I am certain you have not eaten all day.”

She offered and she was right I had not but somehow I had no appetite! I had not eaten yet I was not hungry at all.

“I am ok I don’t want food!”

I told her. Is this what heartbreak feels like? I just wanted to call Londiwe right now and apologize.

“Come on dude, your mum invited me here to eat and now no one wants to eat with me. That’s messed up!”

She said.

“Bye Naledi!”

I said shutting my door. I sat there for hours thinking what next. I had to switch on my phone at some point. I wanted to make some calls to Tumi especially because I needed advice. The friends you keep around are often the people that advise and if you keep friends that have the emotional maturity of a rat you will get advice from people like that. Tumi had the emotional maturity of a rabbit not a rat. He cheated often on people and moved on so maybe I could get over this conundrum with advice from him.

“Baby please don’t hang up its me!”

Londiwe said as soon as I picked up.

“Yes I can see its you. What’s up?”

I asked I did not use a rude tone at all. I wanted to be civil.

“I know you said that our gynae visit is end of the week but can we please do it tomorrow. The end of the week is far. You had a point and I am sorry I did not listen but can we do it tomorrow. Can you call whoever you called so we can do it tomorrow?”

She begged me. I could hear she was travelling.

“Are you in a taxi?”

I asked her.

“Yes I am. Please say yes to what I said!”

She begged.

“Yeah sure!”

I told her. Why prolong the misery right? In my reckoning if she was pregnant that least would take away one of the major problems then next would be getting rid of her sister out of her life! If she was not pregnant then my stay here will be permanent. The buzzer went off,

“Are you at my mother’s house?”

I asked her but she had hung up the phone. I heard Mapula open and I realized what was about to happen, Naledi was downstairs. Thos was not going to end well. I had to think of what to do. I even considered trying to hide Naledi in the wardrobe but that was stupid and childish. I walked downstairs heart beating like crazy and when I got to the staircase I heard Londiwe,


I heard her say to Naledi I think. This was about to go south I am sure when the introductions came.


Naledi said.

“Wait a minute, I know you right?”

Naledi continued. Her voice warming up. You know when you have been bored all day and someone you know comes along you get excited. That was Naledi right now.

“I met you with Nobuhle right? You came with her and we had drinks…”

Naledi said and Londiwe cut her off and said,

“Oh yes I remember. Wow how are you? Come give me a hug!”

Londiwe said to her. I was so confused right now. These two people belonged in two different worlds yet here we were! I walked downstairs and entered the room as they hugged each other.

“You two know its each other?”

I asked very shocked as they were still in their embrace…

“Yes we do, it’s a small world hey but I can’t remember names unfortunately, there were too many people at the session!”

Londiwe said answering immediately as though I was in a quiz session turning to Naledi.

“How do you guys know each other?”

Naledi asked and it was clear that she did not remember Londiwe’s name either. I have those moments when I can recognize a person but the name slips my mind so I wait for someone else to say it.

“Oh I am Londiwe, this is my husband Vusi and you are…”

Londiwe introduced herself and for a moment Naledi stood there with her hand stretched outward,

She was expecting a response and with the realization Naledi knew what was going to happen next.

Don’t do it!

I whispered inside me!

Then my mother walked in…

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Good morning to you and all the readers.

I have been dating the same guy for three years now and we have a very good relationship. My problem with this guy is that he lies about everything to everyone and to me too. He will lie about the simplest thing just to avoid having to explain himself. We have fought about this several times and the problem is when you argue with him he is so convincing you end up feeling stupid. I live in a small town so I know his ex girlfriend. Every time I bump into her she brings up his lies and so now everyone knows the kind of person he is. It is very embarrassing I must say people knowing that your man cannot be trusted. My friends have advised me to get rid of him because he will say something that will bring problems back to me. We are very good together but is this something I should tolerate if we are going to stay together?

Thank You


6 thoughts on “Majuba 56

  1. Thank you bhuti Mike .

    @Liar i believe that relationships should be based on honesty….yes most guys do tell lies but from your message it seems like lying is part of his DNA . If your bf can lie about small things how sure are you that even your relationship is real ??He could even be telling people that you are not his gf. I’d suggest that you break up with this guy before he gets you in trouble but the choice is yours .

  2. @ Liar I know exactly what u’re going through cc. I also have a lying manipulative man, it’s been 4 yrs now. I can tell when he lies n telling the truth but the way his tongue bit/move even on the telephone I can knw when he lies. I knw it’s draining to be lied on bt I can not tell u what to do coz 1st @ times I wanted 2 leave him bt coz of love I got used 2 him in an extent of knowing when he tell lies

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