Majuba 54

Jumping to conclusion is the hallmark of all bad relationships. We judge people we suspect of something without

giving them the benefit of the doubt and when we respond to our suspicions often we cause more harm than good. An eye for an eye is the new South Africa when it comes to relationships. Part of the new age of gender equality says that cheating is just the same as dating so you do it because it’s your body and you owe no one an explanation.

“Vusi you acting funny what’s wrong? Is it the suits baby, I know money is a bit tight but you needed a new one and when you go back to work all those girls will be running around mad that you are taken.”

She said putting her hands around me. Crap what I still smelt of sex or worse she had left bites and scratch marks on me. How would I explain that right? Now?

“Nothing is wrong love I am just surprised that you are frisky all of a sudden. It does not add up at all because lately with all the fighting you have been physically distant!”

I lied but my heart knew what I had done was wrong. I know we tell each other to never confess but when you are looking into the eyes of the person you have just betrayed its hard not to.

“Please baby today, for this moment I just want you to make love to me! We need to turn a corner because all this fighting, it’s not good for the baby!”

She told me and I think she had a point.

“But how do you think having sex with me right now will help that? I am not horny right now!”

I told her.

“Vusi I am your wife and I don’t have to beg you to fuck me! What is wrong with you? You accuse me of sleeping with other men which is not true and when I want to sleep with you, you reject me! What the fuck?”

She said angrily. How could I tell her that reason I did not want to have sex with her was because I had just screwed another woman less than an hour ago? How could I tell her that I screwed that other woman because I thought she had gone to be screwed by someone else?

“I am sorry love I am being weird! Kiss me…”

I told her.

“Mmmm I don’t remember you being this demanding and commanding before sex…”

She said taking a step back.

“I thought you said you like being dominated!”

I reminded her. She looked surprised by it almost about to deny it.

“Yes I do! Just surprised that’s all!”

She said and came over and started kissing me aggressively. I pulled her by the hair (not painfully)

“I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck very hard and you will remember it in the morning that much I promise you!”

I told her as I lifted her up. She put her legs around my waist and I never realized I had that much strength. When you look at a person they either look very heavy or very light and when you lift them up it’s the opposite of what you think!”

I looked her in the eye and even though we were both lustful at this moment I could see the anger in her eyes and the annoyance from the fight we had just had. Both of us where on the edge and because we so angry and annoyed with each other it seems that the only reasonable way to fix us was to fuck and fuck hard. This was not making love anymore this was almost like revenge sex. She forced herself down from the lift position and pushed me to the wall. I was not expecting it so u actually bumped my head a bit.

“You are tearing my shirt off!”

I told her as she ripped it apart!

“It’s too late we will buy another one!”

She said as the torn shirt fell on to the floor. Don’t try this at home, clothes are expensive, you can’t be buying a shirt every time you have sex! She sucked my tongue into her mouth then she bit into my bottom lip but not painfully. She never actually does that.

“I have missed you so much!”

She whispered loudly into my ear. She dug her nails into my back and much as it hurt a bit I wanted it because if I had any scratch marks from Naledi I could now say they were from her.

“I want to go down on you!”

She said aggressively.

“No love you don’t have to I have not showered since I got home!”

I said trying to stop her. My dick had been in another woman and there was no way I could allow this,

“Vusi stop it! Your body belongs to me! I do what I want!”

She said but I pushed her back and said,

“I am going to fuck you now! Stop telling me what to do!”

I told her as I pulled her skirt up and yanked down her panties. I lifted her again and this time I went to the bedroom with her. I shoved her face down on the bed and with one thrust I was in making sure she felt every inch of me!

“Is this what you want? Is this it? Do you want it rough like this?”

I asked her.

“Yes baby, take it, it’s all yours….”

She was screaming. Much as this was new territory I did not think I was uncomfortable with the entire name calling in bed. I had never ever had sex twice in one day so this was new territory for me. The second sex definitely was not as nice as the first and I was not sure why.

“That was the best sex ever!”

She said to me as she crawled herself up the bed for a more comfortable fit. I stood up and walked to the bathroom to take that shower I had wanted so badly. It was too little too late but two women on my body was not a nice smell. People who say that sex does not smell have clearly never had it, it stinks!

“Baby are you coming out any time soon?”

Londiwe screamed from the bedroom.

“Almost done!”

I shouted out.

“Good! I feel like round two!”

She said and you should have seen the look on my face. I was exhausted and I don’t think I still had sperm left inside me. I did not respond but I took as long as possible. Eventually she came out to me. My body felt raw and sensitive.

“I am done baby but there will be definitely no round three!”

I told her as I walked in. I found her taking pictures of herself.

“What are you doing?”

I asked her.

“Someone told me that the afterglow of sex is sexy so I wanted to see! What do you think?”

She said showing me one of the pictures.

“Nah love nudes on your phone are dangerous because if your phone gets stolen you will end up on the internet or being the next Pulane!”

I warned her and she laughed.

“I like Pulane, I think she is hot! I am not sure about soccer players though they seem to have too much drama in the long run!”

She said and we laughed together. There was a bruise just under her eyes and I only noticed it now.

“O crap did I do that?”

I asked her concerned. She was blackening really fast too and the eye was swelling up,

“Don’t worry about it love its nothing? I enjoyed the rough sex and I want it again but once in a while it’s too much work!”

She said.

“Let me get you a frozen pack off something!”

I said to her as I ran to the bathroom. When I came back I found her taking a selfie of herself.

“You can’t take a picture like that it’s not pretty!”

I said concerned.

“Nah its nothing love come on stop being dramatic. I am sure I left scars on you too!”

She said laughing. I gave her an ice pack which she placed on her eye,

“Ah it’s so cold!”

She complained and indeed it was because my hands were cold. Her phone was lying down facing upwards and she saw me looking at it.

“My password is “I LOVE VUSI” its one word!”

She said and stood up to take the frozen vegetables back to the fridge!

“No don’t take those back. There must be on you for at least ten minutes!”

I told her. She listened but sat in the kitchen. I followed her and I did not touch her phone anymore. My phone was off because I was scared that Naledi would call. We had not established boundaries yet and this was definitely the last time that happened. That thing she had done with her tongue though … Sigh!

“Baby when are we announcing our wedding dates? We have not even discussed them. You keep calling me your wife but at some point an engagement ring is not enough!”

She suddenly said looking at her ring figure. I had not expected that at all!

“We will discuss it properly after I finish this tender proposal. I don’t want distractions at all when we start planning because like you said before you want me present in the planning every step of the way!”

I made the first excuse that came to mind.

“I am going to take a shower Vusi. You never want to discuss this topic and its getting old!”

She said. She put the ice in the fridge and walked away. She was right though I never did especially with all that had been going on lately. We had been stuck in this engaged zone for a long time now. I heard the shower running and I went to her as she entered,

“I am sorry we will talk about it soon!”

I reassured her but she did not respond. Instead she just went into the shower. I went back to the room and I picked up her phone. I put in the password she had given me and I was in and as she had been taking a picture that is where her phone was open. I scrolled her pictures and she seemed to have taken only pictures where she had scratch marks or bruises.

Why would she do that?

“This is how someone frames you for assault!”

I told myself. See this rough sex thing, we living in dangerous times. I proceeded to delete all the pictures she had taken. I then went into her whatsapp. There were no chats with any guy but there was thread with Nonjabulo. I opened it.

“Londiwe: I think Vusi went to see Naledi. He never switches off his phone in the afternoon. When he comes I am going to try having sex with him which he never refuses. If he does it means indeed something was up!”

The sister replied,

“Nonjabulo: I keep telling you that Vusi is too stupid to cheat. Stop causing yourself too much stress for nothing. You having sex with him won’t prove anything.”

She advised her, of which the response was,

“I read somewhere that a man can’t do it three times in a row the sperms run out. If on the third time there are no sperms I am going to use those pictures to…”

I had the shower switch off and the door open. I quickly logged out and put the phone down which was stupid, I had already deleted her pictures so she will see I was in it.

“Baby I hope you ready for round 3!”

She said shouting from the kitchen.


*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the blogs. They are very educational and I enjoy reading them a lot.

I am 23 and never went to university. I started working when I was 19 in Shoprite and now I am at Clicks. I was saving up for college in all this time. I live at home and when you live at home there are always problems. Firstly my father is abusive especially towards my mother. He loves to humiliate her and put her down. He is cheating on her openly and it’s killing my mother. I know people say don’t intervene but I am her first born if I don’t I will bury her soon. My father is the patriarch of our family so even when I have asked for help nothing ever happens. I have 2 other siblings both of which are headed for a life of delinquency. They are always partying and getting into fights. Its two brother’s one is 16 and one is 19. They have my father’s personality. I have decided to move out and take my mother with me (using that money I had saved up for school) but my mother will not leave her sons behind. I definitely can’t afford to take them with me and even if I could I would not be able to tell them what to do. What do I now? My mother won’t last another 2 years if she stays with my father and I won’t last that long if I take in my brothers as well. Is it also wise that I use the money I had saved up for so long on my family as opposed to going to school as I had planned?

Thank You


13 thoughts on “Majuba 54

  1. Vusi you are stupid son of a gun…. Londiwe will blackmail with those pics… this woman dont love you at all…. Its okay for to switch her [hone off but not you…

    Thembi you cant sav someone who dont want to be saved, your mom needs to decide for herself if she is leaving your dad or not. Leave your brother and live for you, you dont owe anyone anything.

  2. Hahahaha! uLondiwe is a little witch yho! I cant figure Vusi out, he NEVER listens to his gut.
    Tembi just go school beyps and better your future. Your mom is grown and will not leave your father until she decides to.

  3. Thembi
    what will happen if you use your money to move out and on the day that you move in your mother dies? Your mother has lived her life and is content with her situation because otherwise she would have moved out or made a change. She has no future prospects and only death awaits her if she herself is not waiting for it. She is old, old people die. Take your money, go to school and make a better future for yourself. Invest in your future baby girl otherwise you will be trapped in the same cycle as your mom.

  4. Thembi ay no. Go to school babes, its the best thing you could do for yourself. You can not save your mother when she hasn’t tried to save herself from this man.

    1. That’s what I thought. But knowing how stupid Vusi is, he won’t do it.
      I think he’ll be more happy with Naledi.

  5. Thembi dear. Go to school and brighten your future. Once that is sorted out, you’ll probably be earning better than now then you’ll come back to rescue your mother and you can even take mug better care of her. Taking your mother in now will strain you financially and you can’t play mommy to your big brothers as well. You are too young with a bright future ahead of you, don’t destroy it

  6. Thembi….School definitely.The fact that youre asking means your gut is telling you this too.Financial Sustainability is key to long term survival.

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