Majuba 53

Why do people cheat? Let’s see, opportunity, lust, greed, power, revenge and a lot more reason than I care to

mention. The question to be asked actually is the people the people that don’t cheat, why don’t you? More often than not it feels as though you have more reasons to cheat than not to. People are shit on most times now imagine being with one shit person for the rest of your life! That’s the reality of marriage and no matter how good you are these things always come your way where you end up being a victim of your own goodness. I was disappointed. I was tired of speculating what she could be up to and if anything the heated exchange she had with her mother had just made me see her for what she was, a liar!

“You made me do this! She made me do this!”

That’s what I was telling myself as I drove towards Sandton. When you are married condoms are hardly ever an option but if you are to cheat it’s always wise to have them.

“I am surprised you changed your mind. You hardly sound like the type that does so!”

Naledi said as I before I even entered the apartment. She was at the door and she was wearing a dress that was just slightly about the knees. It just brought out her curves even more. She was not really that much of a curvaceous person but some people know how to dress for their bodies.

“I was doing something but it got cancelled last minute.”

I explained to her. It was partially true.

“Thank you for coming. Can I offer you something to drink?”

She asked me.

“What do you have?”

I asked her.

“I have wine and a Jonny Black somewhere! I don’t have anything to chase with though!”

She explained.

“Is there any juice?”

I asked her.

“Juice? Come on don’t be boring?”

She protested almost immediately.

“No the juice is for the Jonny.”

I explained to her and she laughed.

“Oh my bad. Yes I have pomegranate juice!”

She said taking it out and the bottle of the whisky. It was a brand new bottle.

“Do you mind pouring yourself some because I have a heavy hand?”

She explained. I came to where she was standing and when I reached for the bottle she brushed her fingers on mine and the electricity was immediate.

“Are you sure you want me to drink?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know you don’t have because I can offer you something that tastes even better.”

She told me.

“I like the better for dessert if you don’t mind!”

I said. She moved closer to me and we stared at each other for a second then we kissed. It was not a soft kiss by any means. It was a hungry demanding kiss as though she had not been kissed in a long time.

“Thank you, thank you!”

She whispered hoarsely as she literally kissed every square inch on my face.

“We are not about to have sex in this, go dress up for me and show me you want it! I am not just another guy walking through your door!”

I told her. She was a bit surprised by what I had just said but she said,

“Sit right here and don’t go anywhere!”

She said seductively. She went into her bedroom. The reason why I asked her to go was because I needed to convince myself whether I was doing the right thing or not. I could just stand up now and leave.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

She said from the other side of the door two minutes later. That was flippen fast ah.

“I can’t wait…”

I told her. Curiosity had gotten the best of me and I had clearly stayed.

“Do you like this?”

She said whispering as she spoke. I found myself loosening my collar and rightfully so,

“Dear lord mother of … Wow!”

I exclaimed when she stepped up. If she had meant to seduce I was already lost in lust. There really is a difference between the main chick and the mistress. This difference starts with the attitude of all parties. Your mistress will dress to impress you because she already knows her competition exists. You wife does not care how she wears because she expects you not to cheat because no competition must exist. The irony in that though.

“I take it by that expression it means you like what you see?”

She said and she put a naughty smile on her face that made her look even better.

“Yes maam I do!”

I told her. She was wearing barely there sexy lace black thongs with a matching see through bra and cherry red stilettos. They made her look taller than she really was but not only that; they also made her leg look amazing and her ass pop when she walked. There is a reason why the colour red was picked to paint stop signs. It’s a very arresting colour and if it’s worn by the right person red dress, red shoes red anything makes a woman look like she is on fire. Her thong went into her ass and made that whale tail at the top as she swirled around for me.

“You like?”

She asked again.

“Have I already told you how amazing you look?”

I asked her.

“I don’t want you to tell me, I want you to make me feel it!”

Look I don’t even know what that means but I was excited.

“Here is to SARS!”

I said under my breathe but I think it was louder than I thought.

“I beg your pardon?”

She asked a bit confused.

“I said here is to sex!”

I said immediately realizing I was about to give myself away.

“Yes that’s true!”

She went and took a sip out of her wine and she walked towards me slowly. Who knew walking could this sensuous.

“I have wanted you from the first time I met you…”

She whispered. For someone who had been aggressive in the manner she had kissed me I was very surprised at how the sex went down. She was slow, genuine and yes single women have all the toys. She had feathers and other toys I had never heard of. It was so amazing that I got lost in her valley of dreams.

“I am all yours…this is all yours papi…all yours!”

She screamed before she orgasmed and no she did not fake it! The sense of power it gave me.

“That was amazing Naledi!”

I told her.

“Want to go again?”

She asked immediately,


I asked her incredulously!

“Nah am just kidding!”

She said.

“You should see your face!”

She said laughing. Now I know why men buy mistresses houses for r2.1million. The right ‘kuku’ delivered the right way can make you sign your fortune away. I stood up and went and checked my phone.


I cursed.

“What is it?”

She asked me.

“I have to go; my person has called three times already!”

I told her turning the phone for her to see.

“There is no water unfortunately. You going to have to bath at home big boy, I am sorry!”

She said with a naughty expression. Shit! I could not do that. I had to make a plan on where to bath otherwise Londiwe would kill me. Sex smells and don’t let people lie to you; if you have sex and you don’t bath we can smell you. Think about it, if you can smell yourself that means we can smell you! That’s how simple it is.

“I guess I am going to have to!”

I said back to her already thinking of calling Tumi. I could shower at his place.

“Do you really have to go though? We can stay a bit longer and just cuddle maybe the water will come back by then!”

She advised me. It was getting late and I knew she wanted more time with me but after cheating on Londiwe for the first time in our relationship the guilt had now replaced all that justification I had been giving myself.

“No Naledi, we already crossed a line; please let’s not spoil it right now!”

I stopped short of telling her it was a mistake what we had done because well, women are volatile like that. Nowadays a man must be extremely careful how he leaves the scene of a first shag. She can choose to expose your affair on social media or worse, argue that she did not give consent. It’s worrying.

“Ok then, I won’t stop you but know that I love you! I am not saying it lightly or to scare you but I love you. I enjoy your company and the way you make me feel. It’s new and you have someone I know so I will stay in my lane.”

She explained. I was stunned silent. This is what happens when you dick does all the thinking.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know you think I am psycho for this but I prefer to be honest from day one! No games!”

She went on to say.

“I love you!”

She said and that’s when the breaks came off.

“I have to go!

I got out of there even faster than the time it took Faith Nketsi to get to the airport to greet Migos! She must have slept at the airport Shem but even with that I was faster than her. She loved me? This will not end well. When I got home, I sat in the parking lot for a while longer than was necessary. Londiwe called me and asked me where I was.

“I am in the car in parking.”

I told her after contemplating whether I should lie or not.

“Dude you fucked up!”

I told myself as I got out but somehow I did not feel like I had messed up that much. I had a mixture of guilt but satisfaction. I don’t normally break the rules so this felt extra. There are fewer things more satisfying than revenge. I just wanted to bath.

“There you are?”

She said cheerfully when I walked.

“Yes here I am! What’s the urgency?”

I asked her trying to lighten my tone as I was already feeling like she could see my guilt.

“There is no urgency but guess what?”

She said as soon as I got in.

“When you called that time I was not at SARS. I went to Greenstone to get you a suit from this shop called Simoni Exclusive! They were having a sale and I know you will look good in it!”

She said with a huge smile on my face.

“So why didn’t you just tell me that?”

I asked her very surprised,

“How could I? You have been mad at me for a long time and you would have said no. I had to lie because you were going to ask too many questions.”

She told me and I just looked at her flabbergasted. She was holding the suits.

“They were too nice and I even took an Uber home because I did not want them to get stolen on the way back. The charge will be on your card. Oh, the receipt is also there in case I got the sizes wrong but I doubt that!”

She said handing it over to me. I looked at the time on the slip and if I calculated well from town to buying it had taken roughly an hour which made sense.

“Oh Londiwe what have you done?”

I said sitting down holding my head.

“Did I do something wrong? Don’t you like them? I am sorry love I figured with all the fighting we have been having all of which my fault a suit would be the best way to say I am sorry and show you that you are the only man I love and always will!”

She said hugging me.

I should have taken that shower!

“Now I want you to make love to me right now!”

She suddenly said taking off my clothes!

I just sat there!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I finally get the courage to write in after having commented on so many letters. This is intimidating. Thank you for your stories. They are very educational and cover so many topics. I am proud to have followed you since the days of Zulu Girl.

I am 43 years old and I have three kids. My first born daughter is 22 and a university student. I am a pastor at my church and a youth counsellor. Recently I found out my daughter has a boyfriend and she is pregnant. I have always had an open discussion policy in my house. She would not tell me who the father was because she was embarrassed. I then got a call from my older sister saying that we needed to talk. I had not told anyone about the pregnancy. My sister and I are two years apart and she is older than me. We share both parents. She was scared to tell me what she had called me for and when she finally said why I got so lost. My daughter is pregnant with her son! He is her brother for crying out loud and I even asked my doctor about the complications and he could not emphasize enough how bad this could turn out for the baby. In my church we are anti abortion and I strongly believe in it. What do I do now when I advise my daughter? Do I become a hypocrite and advise her to meaning I abandon everything I believe? She said they have been sleeping together for a year now. How did I not even see it? I am even ashamed for being a bad mother even though she did this.

Please advise me anyone on how to handle this?

Thank You


8 thoughts on “Majuba 53

  1. Oooh Mike, what a humbling lesson…Never cheat on a person because you think the other person is cheating, you need to be cock sure of such things… am even embarrassed to think I said: ‘Enjoy SARS!’ Mmmmhmmm, mgodi vuleka ngicashe …
    @Qwaqwa – am lost for words… Why do our children do these things and put us through hell? Guys we need to pray for our children, families and ourselves. Qwaqwa, good luck with whatever decision you and your family make.

  2. Dear Qwawa, sisi, remove yourself as a mother from this situation and advise as a youth counsellor. I assume that your focal point as someone who is shaping young minds, stems from your beliefs and religion. But it would be a shame if you do not teach these young minds the value of their right to make choices themselves and for their lives, even if those choices go against other’s beliefs. It would really be a shame to know that you have a positive impact on society but it does not allow for freedom of choice and for others to be prochoice about their bodies. Your daughter is pregnant, not you. Although the act may be one we all cannot comprehend, but an unwanted pregnancy is not the cross you bare for doing stupid things, a child born with defects is not the price that child’s pays for all the decisions you have to make. If your daughter wants an abortion, please let her have one, and I do not say, allow because it is her body, her baby, her mistake. You do not get to carry that for her. All the best.

    1. I totally agree with you…well said Vuyo 🙂 … I learnt not to judge other people for the choices they make simply because it is not inclined with what I believe in …

      CHOICE …is an important thing in one’s life!! So they are able to learn from their mistakes

  3. Wow, the sex scene between Naledi and Vusi got me excited. Qwaqwa, even if you ask her to have an abotion, it wont make them stop sleeping together.

  4. Thnx @Mikie. Choice & Decisions was order of the day. Kanti planB of bathing at his friend failed. PlanC. Always have perfume in yo car & a face cloth plus a bottle of water.
    These are part of every smart man’s emergency kit for dry clean etc.
    @QwaQwa, this is one exception where I wud encourage abortion albeit with a heavy heart. All the best in whichever choice is made by the family or individual. These kids have a way of making us question our own sanity. What na efd up situation (no pun intended). My gosh! Lord have mercy.

  5. Qwaqwa I know you feel betrayed by your daughter and nephew. They decided to date with catious mind of what they are doing be alert they don’t share the same father. Even though it is humilating to the community just accept the situation as it is.

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