Majuba 52

When you give an ultimatum to someone it’s important to make sure that you maintain that level of resolve. If you

don’t do that it means to the person you were not serious in the first place. Weakness for me is a person who gives up on someone they love easily. A lot of men would have turn Londiwe into a punching back or let her go by now. Its how this world is. Once upon a time if a person cheated on you as a person you would cry for months to but nowadays no one has time for that. Lezi febe zamanje wa cheater ziya cheater same day! Aibo nina! I am more old school and if its weakness that I fight for the people I say I love the so be it. How many people are you going to break up with every time problems arise? I loved Londiwe and yes I had lost my trust for her it did not change how I felt at all.

“Are you coming to bed?”

She asked me.

“I will follow shortly. I want to watch soccer.”

I told her. She cantered to bed literally dragging her feet.

“Please get me a beer before you go!”

I asked her. Londiwe hated that. She hated this thing of serving her man yet she prided herself on being a true Zulu maiden. She was the type that cooked for you because she wanted to cook for you not the type you asked to do something for you on a whim.

“Is there something wrong?”

I asked her after she stood there frozen.

“No baby there is not!”

She said. I flipped the channel to emphasize just how much I was nursing her feminist ego as she called.

“Ok cool. Is there still biltong?”

I asked her.

“No it’s finished!”

She said gritting her teeth.

“Why are you sending me around when you can get it yourself?”

She finally asked. I know it really gets to her this thing of being sent around.

“I was curious to see something!”

I responded cheerfully and much to her annoyance.

“Curious to see what?”

She asked me.

“I wanted to see what kind of a feminist wants to be a submissive in sex? You have always maintained that you strong alpha woman so after the conversation we had earlier I was just tasting that theory.”

I told her. The soccer had started. She came and she placed a beer in front of me with the opener. She then walked away but I could see her annoyance in her walk.

“Submissive my ass!”

I said out loud but I don’t think she heard it. The soccer was boring so I passed out on the couch. It was totally not intentional but I was tired.


I heard a voice in the morning. It was Londiwe waking me up.


She said again.

“Yes Londiwe what is it?”

I asked her.

“You don’t have to be rude just because you are angry at me. Why did you sleep on the couch? Should I not have told you what I did?”

She asked me.

“We are not having this conversation again so time to move on from that!”

I told her groggily as I sat up.

“I passed out, my intention was not to sleep on the couch and look at me now I am sore all over!”

I said standing up. She stood there and just shook her hand. It was the truth but when you are fighting with someone such things start to look as though they are intentional even when they are not.

“Lobe today I think you said you going to check in your new job. Go do that. Don’t worry about me or us. We are fine!”

I told her but I knew very well that it was cold comfort.

“You know what? Yes you are right! I am actually looking forward to the next couple of days so nothing is going to get me down!”

She said as she walked away into the kitchen. I went to bath and when I came back I heard her humming a sweet tune. Don’t know what the song is but it was a happy one.

“Baby I made you breakfast! I am going to shower as well now please don’t finish all the bacon ok because I am eating for two nowadays and I am still too skinny!”

She said as she bounced into the bathroom. It’s like her mood had taken a 100% twist since the conversation started this morning.

+Ok cool”

I said to her as I watched her walk away. It was funny but odd at the same time. She normally takes a long time to bath but this time around she did that in 30 minutes.

“What’s you plan after the job thing?”

I asked her.

“I have a few errands to run. I am going to fix my SARS things I did not have my proof of residence the last time I went. This proof of residence thing is an enemy of progress Shem!”

She added that last bit for humour and she was right about it too. It’s the most annoying thing ever and often hinders a lot of people from doing things.

“You can say that again. I am driving that direction so I can drop you off at SARS if you want!”

I offered her sweetly.

“You are funny! I was always going with you to be dropped off. Did you want me to take a taxi when I have the world’s most handsome chauffer to drive me around?”

She asked me.

“Oh my bad I did not realized. It’s a date then!”

I told her. We left together and I dropped her at SARS as she had requested and I drove away. I was by Carlton Centre so I found underground parking so I parked there and immediately doubled back. I was taking chances because it’s about a ten minute walk but I was in luck, she was still there in the line outside. She was talking to someone on the phone from where I stood.

“Shame on you Vusi for stalking your wife!”

I told myself out loud. I wanted to see where she would go from here and whom she would see. I had worn light shoes to make sure walking won’t be a mission.

“You are going to hell for this!”

I thought but the reality is when you think someone is cheating on you these things almost feels normal and you justify to yourself why you are doing it. You go through your partner’s phone secretly and check their movements. It’s not a good thing at all but you find yourself feeling backed up to the wall. There was little cafe like shop across from the building which gives direct line of sight to main entrance so it was a perfect vantage point. She went in and did not even take 30 minutes much to my relief. When someone is not expecting to be followed they hardly ever look back no wonder why people get hijacked or robbed. We never check behind us.

“What are you up to woman?”

I asked myself as she walked briskly weaving through people. I soon got my answer as she met up with Nonjabulo and her mother. I thought the mother was back home actually. They went into a doctor’s surgery.

“Is the mother sick?’

I asked myself because I had spoken to Nonjabulo just yesterday and she was fine, Londiwe this morning and she was fine too. Here there was nowhere to sit so I stood there for an hour looking like a criminal until they came out.

“What are you up to?”

I said in a whisper. They looked stressed.

“This is what you get for being stupid! I don’t know how I raised you girls but you really disappoint me. Must I always be praying that things work out for you when you do stupid things like this?”

The mother was shouting at them in the street. I could not help but wonder what she was mad at though but the girls did not fight back.

“You go home to your husband and stay there. I will think of something and you let’s go! You are only good at making money on your back Nonjabulo! You are like a bridge where men go in and come out on the side! No one parks there they all pass through like a sieve and it’s not even a good sieve it’s the ones you buy on the street!”

She shouted angrily.

“I am sure you now a bucket down there the way you bitch around with no direction! Dear God really why me, why am I the only mother with a stupid for a daughter. She can’t even feba right! Dom kop, asambe!”

The old lady was fuming but now because she had shouted at Nonjabulo I was no longer sure who had they had come for. She stomped off pretty angry,


Londiwe called after her but the old lady raised her finger to silence her,

“Thula nxa!”

And she said it with such feeling too even the lady who was selling belts and old jacket where I stood commented.


They parted ways immediately without anything else said. I followed Londiwe and she got into a taxi for home. I know the rank because when we first met I showed it to her.

“I am coming home too what’s going on!”

I had to go fetch my car so could not follow her further. There really was something fishy going on. As I drove my phone rang and it was Naledi.


She said.


I responded.

“We need to talk please its important!”

She told me.

“I can’t, I am rushing home right now!”

I told her.

She let out a defeated sigh when I said that. I drove home and when I got there Londiwe had not arrived. After an hour I called her and she did not call me back but rather sent me a text saying,

“Love will get back to you. I am still in SARS the lines are killing!”

Yah Neh.

Even I could hear the sound of me swallowing spit. I called Naledi,

“On second thought I am coming through. My day just opened up!”

I told her.


She said teasingly. Well at least someone wanted to see me. I went to my car, stopped and the garage, bought condoms as I drove to the high rise apartments of Sandton.

“Enjoy SARS!”

I texted Londiwe back!

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I have always wanted to write you but somehow it feels so strange when you actually sit down to do it. Thank you for the talent you share with us always.

My story, I am 36 and I have been married to my husband for 4 years now. We have one child who is six years old. My husband has another child from an earlier relationship and his child lives with us. I treat the child like my own and I get along with the mother. The problem is I want another child and my husband has flat out refused. Before we got married we agreed that we will have three children. After we got married (note we already had our son) he changed his mind on his own. I have begged him but he refuses. We both work and earn around the same. His excuse is that because of his other child who lives with us we already have two kids. I totally disagreed. Anyway I have decided to make a child with someone else who wants to have children with me. I grew up as a single child and it was not a nice experience. If the mother of his child takes her child back I am left with one. I don’t want that and I am getting old. I have not cheated on my husband physically but I have been talking to some guy I know from my past. I know the consequences of my actions but I desperately want children. My husband and I still have sex but he always wears a condom. Imagine we are married and your hubby wears a condom! I am so annoyed right now. We test every six months because he is paranoid and look where that has gotten me.

Should I go through with this or risk regretting not doing this when I had a chance? If I have a child I can say it’s his which is the part that is conflicting me. I really want this.

Thank You


17 thoughts on “Majuba 52

  1. ‘Enjoy SARS!’ – hhheeehhheee…

    @ Joburg – pls speak to your husband, involve your families if you have to, but please, PLEASE do not get yourself pregnant by someone else whilst still married. Consequences of your actions will lead to another ‘cabinet reshuffle’, please speak to your husband, seek advice…

    And to you Mike and the Team – you’re the best, todays’ read just made my day… hhaaahhaaa…

  2. Thanks Mikey, you’re the best!!
    Mara Joburg, why involve a third party and an innocent child in this? I don’t think the risk is worth it…I am laughing as I type this but wouldn’t picking holes in all the condoms in the house be better than cheating?
    Good luck

    1. LOL @ Pyro i was about to write the same thing, Joburg pick the holes in all the condoms in the house even when he does DNA the child will show as his

  3. Poke holes in the condom. Although deceitful it’s better than sleeping with another man and passing the child off as his.. The truth always has a way of coming out

    1. Can we reshuffle cabinet please!! BOTS people need this just to visit s.a hahahah!!!

      That was my first thought poke the comdoms… I actually know of a lady who did this and it worked. Hubby loves the child but doesn’t want another 1… So worked for that couple.

      With my only concern with JHB and her hubby is the every 6month testing. What the is going on here? I think hubby might be naught on the side why test so frequently when you know you are doing the right thing? I’m sure the Drs are asking you to just chill.

      So hun, talk to him and not get pregnant with another man’s child.

  4. i cant help but to think that londiwe thought that she was pregnant in the morning and after visiting the Dr she find out shes not, now shes with Simon.

  5. Im glad Vusi is waking up now but he is now avoiding his issues by running to Naledi. Joburg and if your husband asks for a DNA test then what? Other than emotional reasons, then what?3 children in this day and age coz yes you earn a bit today what about varsity fees x3 down the road? Some people dont want childrne at all and some people only want 1 or 2. You could break your marriage up with this insisting.

  6. Londiwe must just enjoy Sars !!!!!
    Joburg aybo sisi are you willing to destroy your marriage because of this ? Get him drunk ngcono and make the baby atleast the baby would be his rather than what you’re planning to do.

  7. Joburg, trick your husband the right way just tell her as you guys are married you have to go on a pill or any other contraceptive than a condom then after some time you stop taking them and fall pregnant, than having a child with someone else which will come to haunt you in future.

  8. Thank you Bhut Mike and the team 🙂 … Londiwe is devious man yhooooo

    Joburg : You need to speak to your husband….what kind of marriage do you guys have if you cant openly talk to each other?? Involve elders if needs be…but cheating on your husband will only result in you guys getting a divorce and if having another child is worth you losing your husband over , then tell him that!!

    I was also faced with the same situation with my boyfriend and I told him that I will , under no uncertain terms marry him if we do not agree on having more kids… To which after pestering him about the topic, he eventually agreed to it 🙂 …..

    So talk talk and talk , until you turn blue on our face or you get what you want!! Let him know about how you grew up as the only child and how it made you feel!! Make him see reason!!!

    All the best nhe….

  9. Thanks Mike. Joburg . mmmh thatha naliti uyibhobose condom mina ngeenza njalo ngimithi sikhuluma nje ngoba naye wayengasafune ngane kodwa manje akusenjalo. Iyahamba futhi neminyaka ungagangi ulale nomunye muntu zama inaliti zobona wena.

  10. Bra Mike you r the best forgeting the rest, bless ur hustle @jhb what if ur husband already have child no3 without ur knowledge so his afraid to tell u this, just think about it u were agreed about 3 kids and now he back off just like that

  11. Thanks Bra Mike

    Jhb get syringes from pharmacy , check your periods is how many days,half /middle time is called ovulation, during your ovulation take the used condom and pull all the sperms and inject them inside you. Stay 30 minutes with your legs up and waste flat . It works magic as Dr’s uses almost same method for in vitro fertilisation. Or simple tamper with condoms . All the best I know that feeling of wanting a child and he refuses.

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