Majuba 49

How would you feel if your partner for whatever reason wanted to sleep with his or ex boyfriend? I have heard of sex

for favours or money and a lot of people especially on Twitter nowadays believe it’s the way forward if you want to get ahead in life. Girls are actively encouraging each other to feba nge direction but they forgot the broken person left behind. It’s nice to say men are trash but what of women who are readily available for other men as soon as there is trouble in their relationship. Londiwe was questionable in the way she was handling this situation. I had a slight headache even thinking about it. It felt as though Londiwe was hell bent on getting Simon off my back whatever it took. I could not let her do this. I had to stop her. I called Nonjabulo,

“I need to know where Simon stays right now!”

I told her.

“No you don’t! It’s a bad idea! Don’t you ever learn?”

She asked me surprised and did not mince her words when she went on to say,

“You almost killed the dude. Stop obsessing over him the way you do! It’s not healthy!”

She told me curtly. I know when she is in a bad mood because she is exactly like her sister.

“That weasel lied at how bad I hurt him and is blackmailed your sister into sleeping with her!”

I told her hoping it would change her mind but well, it did not.

“Come on Vusi that’s low even for you! How dumb do you think I am to actually fall for that?”

She said.

“I will give you a r1000!”

I said.

“Done, come pick me up I am at my place I will take you!”

I should have led that. The way this girl loves money is like the way the DA loves going court!

“I am on my way!”

I told her.

“I take cash I don’t want Ewallet because people always tell you stories!”

She said. I was going to use the ewallet trick on her but she got me before I even said it.


I drove like the wind and stopped by the ATM just for her. This was a non negotiable matter. I would have given her r10000 if she had asked me.

“That was fast where you already around here?”

Nonjabulo asked me when I got to her place. I was breathing heavily even though I was driving. I think I was having a panic attack. How did we even ever get here though because this was insane?

“No I was at home!”

I told her literally out of breathe.

“You seem angry are you sure you want me to show you?”

She asked me. I think it was the way I was that was scaring her. I was scaring me too.

“Yes please it’s very important.”

“Why don’t you just call her?”

She asked me.

“I have been trying to call her but her phone is off! That’s why I had to come to you!”

She said.

“I can call Simon for you if you want!”

She offered.

“Yes that’s a good idea! Please call him and just keep him on the phone this way he will not do anything!”

I advised her. I was hoping that with him on the phone it will give us time to get there

“But if I keep him on the phone that means that means that I won’t be able to give you directions!”

She advised me. Crap I had not thought of that.

“Can’t you just give me the address and I can navigate there!”

I asked desperately now running out of ideas.

“No I cannot because I do not know it by head obviously!”

She told making me feel a bit stupid if I must add because what I had said was indeed a bit stupid.

“Just call him then!”

I told her not sure what to do now. Maybe we would be able to speak to Londiwe who knows. She called him and guess what, his phone was off too. This day was really a nightmare. I can’t believe I could have such tough luck in one day.

“I can’t find him.”

She told me. She could see I was angry at this. Maybe that money she had extorted from me was not worth it after all.

“We have to go on the highway!”

She told me calmly as we drove. There was no route that could avoid it so we ended up on it. There was a traffic jam that added thirty more minutes to our trip. When we eventually got there. I had reached boiling point. All sorts of things were playing out in my head right now.


I said knocking on his front door loudly.


I shouted. Someone walked inside the door and opened. It was Simon. I was going to kill this man. He was in track pants and a t-shirt. I held him by the collar.

“Where is my wife?”

I asked him angrily.

“Londiwe where are you? Let’s go! Londiwe!”

I shouted as I walked into the house with him firmly in my grasp as I pushed him backwards.

“Relax man, she was here and there is the contract, she tore it up nothing happened!”

He told me. At first those words flew past me because I was blinded by rage.

“Vusi let him go did you hear that? He said nothing happened!”

She told me and only then did it click. I pushed him back and he fell into his couch. Yes I had heard her but I still had to double check. I went from room to room checking but she was not there.

“I told you that she was not here!”

He said when I eventually came back to sitting room.

“You are slimy Simon. What you are doing is wrong? My sister is married how can you even ask that of her?”

Nonjabulo was asking him when I got there.

“The two of you can get out now or I will call the police. This time Vusi you know you will not come out for threatening me and coming to my house like this!”

He warned me. He was right too. This would look very bad and I had thought of this when I first came and was prepared for the consequences. We left his house and I was a bit more relieved now than I was when I came. I was breathing.

“Please take me home!”

Nonjabulo said sensing that the mood had indeed lightened.

“Of course, I was not going to leave you in the street like that!”

I told her.

“I just want to ask; most men I know by now would have beaten up my sister, cheated on her or left her! They would have revenged so to speak! Why do you stay?”

She asked me. I did not expect that question and even with how she said it I think it was something that she had thought of earlier not a last minute question. It was good question though.

“I stay because I love your sister and I take my feelings for people seriously. She is not the easiest person to love but I do!”

I told her and I think I was expecting to be commended on being a good man but I was not.

“You are stupid then!”

She told me folding her arms across her chest. That felt like a slap across my face.

“How so?”

I asked her.

“You appear weak that’s your problem. Girls like my sister are used to guys that assert dominance by beating them every now and again. Yeah I know these are the days of social media what what but where I grow up if you don’t smack her around a bit she will walk all over you!”

I know I was supposed to act surprised and all by this but truthfully I was not. I had heard this argument before from not only men but women as well.

“I am not going to beat up your sister Nonjabulo. It’s wrong and it’s illegal!”

I told her dismissively.

“Wrong yes, illegal yes but the truth is you always be doing these trips looking for you woman. That is not a life. What kind of a man are you that is calm about your wife coming to fuck another man? Come on dude grow a pair. I respect you so much as my brother in law and as person. I don’t want to lose you as a brother in law either so man up otherwise you will raise other people’s children!”

She warned me and that last part kind of stung. This guy would have slept with my wife when she was pregnant with my child. What kind of evil shit is that?

“I can’t believe you just said that!”

I told her.

“Said what, the truth? Let me give you an example you might understand. When teachers stopped hitting students at schools, did the schools improve or deteriorate?”

She asked me. Where was she going with this?

“They deteriorated why?”

I asked her.

“Same with marriages. When the government stepped in and we got more rights, marriage became a joke. I can predict to you that 80 no 90 percent of all urban marriages after 1998 ended or will end in divorce and that divorce is initiated by the woman!”

Ok firstly this was not Nonjabulo speaking because she was not one to speak in statistics and secondly she was clearly mistaken.

“Where did you read that?”

I asked her.

“I heard it on radio and I don’t have to question it because when we go to the taverns we are partying with people’s wives and their side boyfriends. When you ask them why they all say it’s my right or complain about how their husbands work all the time, don’t have money, are boring, don’t take them out etc. That’s the truth that’s out there but because you are too busy staying in your apartment you don’t see it!”

She told me. I honestly did not know what to make of this conversation so the best thing to do was to shut her out. Listening to her was sipping from a poisoned chalice.

“We are here!”

Those are the next things I said to here because the rest of the way I had driven in silence. I did not want to entertain the thoughts she had just said. Domestic violence is just low for me.

“Thank you for the help!”

I told her as she left. She just shook her head as though she pitied me. I drove off immediately. I called Londiwe again and this time her phone went through but she did not pick up. I drove home regardless. Just before I got into the gate she called,

“Sorry I missed your call was in the shower!”

She told me.

“What’s up?”

She asked me so casually. It’s like all that had just happened never happened.

“I am at the gate!”

I told her really trying to be calm but. I was so pissed off. Nonjabulo’s words just kept ringing in my ears.

“Ok shap I am hungry!”

Imagine! No remorse, no panic, no anger nothing! It’s like this was a game to her neh!

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Greetings brother Mike and to all the readers.

My husband and I have been fighting for almost three months now. The problem started when he came to my work place and found me flirting with this other man. I am going to accept that had he not caught us I probably would have slept with that guy already. I had a major crush on him but never acted up on it. He joined our work force in January and every woman wants a piece of him. He is not worth it I know but he is hard to resist. My husband and I have a good marriage. He has cheated once before and he came to confess about it on his own. I was hurt but I forgave him. Me and this guy is not revenge on my husband as I had moved on from that. I never brought it up after we moved on but the way my husband has been behaving since he saw us I am about to throw it in his face. He is so insecure and even though I was tempted I did nothing about it. A new problem that arisen is that we are going away for work as a unit for a week end of this month. He is part of that team of 3 women and two guys. I am still resisting but I don’t know what will happen.

How do I get over this crush of mine and how did I reassure my insecure husband?

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Majuba 49

  1. the only way 2 re-assure your insecure husband is to video call him daily, anytime he wants it…. It works 4 me & so far I have had peace in my relationship because no matter how many times you can speak – actions are the best problem solver!

    unfortunately there is no cure for insecurity (that I know of)

  2. OMG! I hope Vusi is not intending on hitting his wife. That speech Nonjabulo gave made my skin literally crawl. Either I live a very sheltered life or maybe it’s time for an apocolypse… this can’t be life.

  3. Vusi is so stupid. His wife is probably sleeping with simon, its obvious she still love simon. His mom told him that Lindiwe is not pregnant but he chose not to believe her. He keep chasing Lindiwe and its exhausting.

  4. He must just leave her before he start taking Nonjabulo’s advice and beat her up. I wish he can just divorce her. I’m so tired of Londiwe. I hope he won’t beat her up. It will be stupid of him

  5. Thank you so much Mike for not only the chapter but you gave us something to think and talk about.
    I really hope Vusi does not give in to Nonjabulo’s words! Some men believe it is their duty and right (maybe even to “discipline” (using violence) the woman when she cheats or “misbehaves”! And when the men “misbehave” or cheat they expect to give an apology and all is well yet a lot gets broken in the relationship! Sadly there are women who think like Nonjabulo. I am not exempting women from this behaviour of cheating or hitting their partners but am responding to Nonjabulo’s thought process and belief. In my opinion influenced by both my cultural and religious beliefs a man shouldn’t use his muscles to express his feelings or set boundaries in a relationship with a woman. It will not bring any good but will make things worse. It is brutally abusive and is no different from killing a fellow human being. Also Not good for the relationship. Vusi must just be strong ito his beliefs and not hurt Londiwe.

    Standard there is nothing as enticing and easy as giving into our feelings, desires and weaknesses! Just remember that once you open that door you might not be prepared for what happens and maybe it is best to stay with what you know how to master and handle. For building trust with hubby I support the video calls suggested by Roses. To avoid your weakness avoid being alone with the colleague, no visits to either your room or his the entire stay there don’t test yourself. If u get so turned on you can’t resist just use your fingers in your room dear or even have phone sex with your hubby. Take care

  6. I hope Vusi is not about to beat londiwe and their relationship is toxic Shem…I like londiwe and I love Vusi but truth be told Vusi is not a saint here just like Londiwe.

  7. disgusting speech by Nonjabulo, utter BS! Anginamazwi actually for the bile I just read.

    Side bar, praying for Jozi after math and today praying for Durban. These storms are too violent.

  8. I don’t know why everyone is finding fault with Londi and not seeing that Vusi himself is trouble. 1. He’s a mammas boy. 2 He’s outchea beating up folks due to his own insecurities. 4. He’s is insecure. 5 He’s obviously got something on with Naledi.

    Through all of this what did Londiwe do? She lied she was pregnant and left home a few times because Vusi’s insecurities and mammas Baby tendencies upset her.

    1. I am with you K…Vusi is trying to make himself a victim in this entire situation and trying to justify certain actions by putting it all on Londi! He is not innocent and neither is that evil mother of his.

  9. Dankie Mikie. Seems who ever coined the saying, “Love is blind” forgot to add “dump & deaf” Vusi is all the above. Psssss
    Sadly there’re ppl like that in real life.
    @standard (hope not the bank), it’s like U need to convince yoself first B4 U even try to prove yo sincerity to yo man. Can U resist yo colleague or U still fighting the urge. If so, fo how long. First things first. Stop flirting with him. Once yo man is yo everything it will just show with everything else U do in yo relationship. Yo actions speak louder than yo word. Keep chatting with yo man at any given opportunity telling him how U miss him already when U go to this outing.

  10. Why do I get the feeling Nonjabulo said all that to make Vusi angry so he can hit Londiwe and then she “miscarries” is it just me?

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