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YES 164

There are some things in life that you are not prepared for no matter how much of an open mind you keep. The world says be open to surprises to avoid disappointment but sometimes even that does not work. It’s like a sham and a dream that is hard to believe even with your wildest imagination.

‘Let he who has no sin cast the first stone!’

His sister was a prostitute. This uptight, well raised gentleman has a sister who was a prostitute. Fiction I tell you. It did not add up. When Simba had said my sister I tried to replay in my head exactly what had happened from when we got into the car. I was not judging don’t get me wrong. These ladies had shown me so much kindness I don’t even know what to say. I had to find a way of thanking and I think I knew how.

“Are you cold?”

Mbuso had asked me I remember. He had turned around to offer me his jacket. I know he had heard the same thing but he had not reacted the same way. He wanted to stay out of it but the looks of it and even when I tried to hint at him to say something he had not. He simply did not want to get involved and who could blame him. This was beyond twisted.

“He must be sleeping with them!”

That is what I had thought and if Mbuso’s reaction was anything to go by then that’s what he had thought too.

“Its ok I can switch on the aircon if you are!”

Simba had said obviously trying to cut Mbuso’s offer short. Him being nice to me had not made me forget how he had been mean to her.

“No I am fine!”

I told both men. I had so much to think about. I could not shake the sight of Simba’s sister though. The way he had dismissed her was not the way you treat family.

“He is lying!”

A small voice said in my head but loud enough to cause a headache. I stood there in my house thinking of this and it just did not add up. No wonder why Mbuso had run the moment we got back. He knew a fight was coming and how could it not.

Fighting was my first instinct but at that moment I realized that this did not add up. People always tell me that you judge a man by how he treats the women in his life especially his family. Simba to me was super loving and caring. He was also forgiving and understanding considering that with all that had happened with Mthobisi he had not turned against me. If that was really his sister, yes I have my doubts because it does not make sense, why would he leave her like that? What kind of shit human being does that?

“Your sister? Are sure about that?”

I asked him.

“Yes! Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answer to them. She is my sister and that’s that!”

He snapped at me. The way he was saying callously and with disdain made seem so improbable. I actually thought he was a client because the way he had made us run away from there showed someone who was hiding something. There is no one in this world that is squeaky clean so if he was sleeping prostitutes he must come out with it and let not make me put my life and health at risk.

“Is that all you going to say?”

I asked him when I realized he was indeed going to keep quiet.

“What is it you want me to say?”

He asked me cheekily.

“Simba we just saw your sister, if that is true in the first place, we just saw you sister at a street corner selling herself!”

I pointed out incredulously. I told you that when I went to Simba’s place it was obvious that he had done really well for himself. Why therefore was he not helping his family?

“I don’t want to talk about it Lungi. It’s very personal and I don’t know you well enough yet to open up about such things!”

He said coldly.

“Oh wow, you don’t know me well enough to talk to me but you know me well enough to want to marry? That’s very cheap of you Simba but its ok, stay like that!”

I told him as I walked into my room. I actually had nowhere to sleep. Simba’s TV was on the bed with other things too. Sleeping at home was actually a bad idea after all but I was tired. I removed what I could, just enough to clear a space for me to sleep. As soon as I did that I lay on the bed and passed out. It was not one of those peaceful sleeps unfortunately because I had violent nightmares with Mthobisi featuring heavily in me. I woke up to drink water. I put my head down again and I slept. The dream was totally different now. I did not know where I was but it was familiar.

“Come home! Just follow me and we will make it before sunset!”

My grandmother said to me. I could not tell where home was because she was a bit far.

“Where is that Gogo?”

I screamed after her.

“Its here. Far away from the people chasing you. Come home and they will never touch you again!”

She said offering me sanctuary. I was tired of running, I was exhausted. Immediately after she said that I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and it was Mthobisi. He looked like a monster so I screamed.

“Lungi! Lungi! Wake up!”

I felt someone shaking me. I turned around only to find Simba standing there in front of me.

“Simba! What are you doing here?”

I asked him.

“I slept here remember!”

He told me but was not surprised I had asked. In my deep sleep I had forgotten he was here that’s all.

“You were having a nightmare there are you ok?”

He asked me.

“Yes I am I think. I am sorry for waking you up!”

I apologized to him.

“No you didn’t wake me. I could not sleep so I have been up.”

He told me.

“What time is it?”

I asked him.

“It’s shortly after 2am. Go back to bed I am sure the dreams won’t come back now that you work up!”

He told me. Wow I thought it would be morning already. I really did not want to sleep again but oh well, my body was tired and the dreams were not done.

“Lungi are you coming?”

My grandmother’s voice asked me. I could not see her but we were at the river again. Why could I not see her? There was the stone. The shiny black stone. Oh my lord it was beautiful, smooth and round like a baby’s bottom. How did I know it was smooth?

“Lungi go fetch that stone it’s our only way out of here! The sun won’t set for you if you have that stone. It’s the key that you need. Hamba uyo ithatha mntanam wami!”

She encouraged me but I started crying because I knew that voice immediately, it was my mother’s voice. It was her I know it. I turned around but something was blocking my view. I could see she was wearing the dress I had bought her but I could not see her face.

“Mama please come closer to the light, I can’t see your face clearly! I have missed you”

I called out to her. The funny thing is it was in the middle of the day but I could not see her face. She did not move forcing me to try walking towards her. I could barely move my feet were in the water now. How did I move from the side of the river to end up in the middle of it? The water was rising steadily.

“Mummy I can’t walk to you please pull me out!”

I said in panic mode. It was rising fast, I was sweating or was it water plashing on my face I am not sure.

“Mum I am drowning!”

I called out to her as the water splashed my face yet again. It was not sweat because there was too much water.

“Lungi, Lungi, Lungi”

I heard another voice call out to me but it was not my mother’s voice anymore, it was a male voice!

“Help me! Help me!”

I screamed as I felt as though I was drowning and the water was going into my mouth. I choked and coughed. The current of the water was getting stronger but it was not carrying me with it. The water was filling my lungs though and they were ripe and ready to burst. I was not dying though, I don’t get it.

“Help me please, someone help me!”

I screamed whilst gurgling the water at the same time. The thing that amazed me was that no matter how much water I took I was not filling up. The worst part is whenever I thought this was my limit, my end I would hold on a bit longer.

“She is not waking up!”

I heard in the distance. I could see red lights somewhere in the sky. I then felt hands on me. Then something pricked me and I was out.

I did not dream anymore and it felt like a long time but at the same time it felt like a short time. I don’t know how to explain because it was I think evening when I walk about at first I thought I was on the side of the river again and instinct told me to move further away from it. I started moving my body but I was so weak.


I heard a soothing voice.

“You ok now!”

A female familiar voice said to me. I was not sure whom it belonged to but I knew it. I open my eyes and had to blink two or three times before my eyes could familiarize myself with the space. I was in a room, white walls and a curtain!

“You scared us there Lungi, you up at last!”

It was Ezile. What, this bitch had better not have entered my nightmares too come on! What was she doing at my house now? I don’t need this kind of drama. I tried to sit up but there was something painful in my arms. Then it hit me, I don’t have white walls at my flat.


I let out a sigh of pain. It really hurt.

“Steady Lungi steady! You ok now!”

Ezile told me.

Was I still dreaming? I was confused.

“Where am I?”

I asked her.

“You are in the hospital Lungi.”

She told me. The jabbing pain was from a drip inside me.

“I don’t understand! I was at home when I slept, am I dreaming!”

I asked her.

“No Lungi I can assure you that you are not dreaming. You have been unconscious for two days now!”

She told me.

“What do you mean?”

I asked her.

“You have been sedated for two days now as all your vitals were elevated. Simba brought you here!”

She explained but she was not making sense to me at all. It had to be part of the dream surely.

“But I am not sick!”

I told her.

“Maybe not but for the sake of the baby we had to sedate you! You almost lost the baby had we given you the wrong meds!”

She said casually.

“Baby? What baby?”

I asked her. My aunts words rang in my ears and if I was not dreaming and in the hospital then wait,

“You are pregnant Lungi? Didn’t you know?”

She told me with a look of surprise on her face. I felt tears flow down the side of my face as I responded.

“No! I didn’t know!”

I said and I just closed my eyes and prayed I would wake up from this dream if I was still dreaming at all!

They were coming for me!

********* The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the always amazing stories. You take our imaginations to places unknown with your writings.

I am a 33 year old married woman. I started cheating on my husband even before we got married. We started dating when we were in high school and ended up at the same university. We dated through that and because we grew up a few houses apart our families always knew about us. I love my husband, he is my friend and my protector and he loves me too. The problem was I always I felt I married early without having weighed my options. We had a child in our last year of university and now we have three children. My first pay cheque went to buying pampers and curtains. All my memories are of him or us. I have never been single and there are times when I feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. I have never experienced any other life except one with him. I am not saying I am not grateful for him, I really am but I have always wondered if there was more. I cheated on him for the first time in my second year of working. It was with a guy from work. It was the most amazing time of my life literally which is wrong. It was fun dangerous and I was doing things I had never done. My hubby and I grew up the same way so we practically know the same things. This guy grew up different so he taught me different things. We didn’t last long but it was not supposed to last in the first place right. Two years ago I cheated again this time with a married man. My husband was working out of town when I met him. It was also amazing and fun. It’s not that my husband does not make me happy, he does but I just want more. It’s selfish, it’s cruel, and its mean I know but this feeling of there being something missing is overwhelming. Although we both work we can’t really afford extras or holidays with three kids. My husband does not really go out meaning I can’t also go out. He now wants us to join ZCC and I have totally refused and lately it has been causing tension. That church is conservative and already I live in a conservative home. I have three kids and a man who loves me and them but I am not fulfilled! Is that even normal? Am I bewitched and destined to be unhappy? I can’t understand this feeling I have.

Please advise me.

Thank You


Hey Guys

There will be no Majuba blog tomorrow Friday. I will be back on the road for our little project. It’s looking good. We are going to capture SA TV just watch.

God Bless and Be Safe


39 thoughts on “YES 164

    1. Mbuso was a 1 stroke wonder. The wine bottle fell and broke just as she sat on the D lol.

      Sfiso she mentioned using condoms unless one broke.

      Azwindini they did it in the kitchen so I think he’s our culprit

  1. Wow Mike super proud and happy for you. I’m not much of a television person, but I will most definitely check out your content. 😀

    Unfaithful, I kinda feel like you should have never gotten married in the first place. Since you are and there are children involved go into therapy first by your self to find out the route of your thrill seeking ways. It will help you figure out why you’re unhappy with your life and what steps you need to take to remedy that. You’re way to old to still be this confused.

      1. But how many guys had Lungi had sex with since this book started beside Mbuso, I only remember Sfiso and Azwindini and all of them they played safe?

  2. Oh my gosh I felt I was drowning reading that. Great chapter. Now, the mystery of the baby daddy, eyabani lengane and how will it go with her “calling” and future hubby Mbi! The plot thickens

    1. What do you mean “calling” ???? Sangomas don’t live under a rock, haibo…nor are they forbidden to have kids and get married….. Ithini na lento ngoku!!!!

      1. Nobody said bahlala ngaphansi kwetshe, it is a question of which someone can educate me on since she is not a full blown sangoma but usayothwasa & do they do that pregnant. Sibuza ngoba sifuna ukwazi sifundisane, I may not believe in it but I am not ignorant nor do I judge those who do.

  3. guys..what if it’s not even a baby…as far as am concerned…of all the 3 guys… pregnancy is impossible unless there was a mistake…I think the ancestors are doing theirvish

  4. I think Mbuso is the father, bt uLungi will think Sfiso is the daddy and mayb amshade thinking ingane eyakhe bt later found out its not, hence they were fighting kwiphupho laSfiso abt ingane engafani naye. well that’s my theory. loool.

  5. Bhut Mike man 😀 yhoooo what a chapter my guy 🙂 Dankie man for the daily dose!! !

    All the best with your tv stuff hey… Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    I fear this child is Azwindini’s hey…. Yhooo Lungi from “good girl” to not knowing who the father of your child is , hahahahaha…maybe once she knows how far along she is , she will know!!!

    Unfaithful: I fully agree with Bonnie , you need to go to therapy ALONE first , so you find the root cause of your “emptiness” …..

    Another thing…you need to start looking at your life from a different perspective…as in…try and change your attitude towards “your situation” and maybe , maybe you will start and appreciating all that you have instead of wanting things that you don’t have!!

    I am sensing a bit of ungreatfulness from you….in that…you have a husband and 3 beautiful healthy kids but still you want more….what is more?? Holidays and excitement????

    Do you know the 80/20 rule?? Please google it to and maybe you will understand what Im talking about!!

    Stop looking at what other people have and what they do ….and appreciate what you have infront of you… Speak to your Hubby about going out..maybe he might just let you go out if its what you really want!!

    You do need a break from it all…every now and again… Don’t you have friends whom you can chill with from time to time , away from your kids and Hubby??

    But you must stop this cheating business you got going , before you bring all kinds of disease in your home!!!

    All the best nhe!!!!


  6. Ayeye Bra Mike…All the best on your Tv project…Thanx for the daily dose nice read
    I think Sfiso is the father they once shagged without condom.
    Unfaithful why don’t you introduce some of the things that you learned from your side dishes just to spice up your marriage ke and stop cheating coz before bungena nkinga with your husband until you cheated on him. Remember Karma is a bitch make sure she always beautiful

    1. Oh yes at the hotel sfiso and lungi had safe sex.
      Didnt they have sex again when they went to Bongani’s home town,when Mariam discovered the first wife?

  7. Great chapter bra mike…. mbuso cnt be the father cz he nvr got the chance to ejaculate… its either sfiso or azwindini cz condoms r nt 100% safe…. abwt the tv project allow me to nominate Gaddafi frm generations to play the mthobisi part.lolz

  8. I literally read this twice clapping and making tjo tjo sounds the white lady next to me wanted to know what’s wrong but how do I begin. Today’s insert was off the hook the ancestor things is scary… but I love how real it is

  9. Wow , I can’t wait for next week. Is very hot in YES , thanks Mr Maphoto.

    Unfaithful you’re 1 blessed woman out there,you have it all,married ,have kids,successful career and loving husband.

    Some women at the age of 35 are still single some can’t even have kids let alone unemployed. Stop being greedy and enjoy your life. Holiday doesn’t need much ,save up and introduce things that you want in your marriage. Grass is not always greener out there,you’ll get diseases stop whoring.

    You have the ability to change your family life,toughen up and show your hubby how you want to live,he might be bored as well thinking that you don’t want changes also. All the best

  10. Sesi weletter please watch the confessions of a marriege counselor by Tylor Perry …there is nothing out there you are just fantasizing with a life that doesnt exist please becarefull you are travelling on a wrong parth and should you continue believe me ypu stand to loose your diamonds while collecting stones
    Theres really nothing out there honestly you have it all just open your eyes

  11. Tjo!!! On edge with this, type of person who reads a book from the end to beginning so now I can’t check to see ending ke sure inside I am dying with curiosity want this book everyday….
    Dear Lady you are not wrong to VW curious because while the rest of us were living and making mistakes you were committed but now you in a situation were you either choose yourself or your marriage and before you make a choice prepare yourself to live with the consequences regardless, sometimes your happiness comes first other times your family comes first… I wish you make a choice that will make you happy. But know men out here are not loyal its a struggle to find the one and if you in seek of your soul mate and true love than do that your children will understand or not.

  12. Been checking everyday hoping to find another chapter, addiction is a very painful thing, being addicted to YES, the only thing that’ll calm me down now is a chapter. Please have mercy on us Mike, we know and understand you’re busy but we can’t help it.

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