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YES 160




Sometimes does it feel like the whole world around you is mad and you are the only one that is sane? If you don’t then sorry because that’s how I felt right now. It really did feel like I was sitting on the sidelines watching my life happen to me.

“This is one big joke, like the fuck!”

I screamed in the car hitting my steering wheel. I was not going to stress about this I resolved because only a doctor can tell me that I was pregnant and I was not about to stress about my aunt. In fact I think it was time to cut her off. That woman never ever brings good news just warnings and threats. It’s always like that. This was the reason why my mum kept us away from her for such a long time. She never ever brought good news.

“I need to drink today!”

I told myself. Yup that’s what I was going to do, drink! I had gone through enough and for this I only had one person in mind!

“Nthabiseng love don’t you want to do drinks today! I feel like dressing up and just doing something fun!”

I told her as soon as she picked up the phone.

“How about we do lunch and do the drinks now. I am done for the day I was about to head home and funny enough I was just thinking about you right now!”

She told me. I love those moments where you thinking about someone and it tends out that you crossed their mind as well. It’s not one sided.

“Awesome I was going to go home and change again for the second time but fuck it; I am good as I am. Where do we meet?”

I asked her.

“You will have to pick me up because my car is in the shop and I really don’t want to ask the driver at work. He had agreed to take me home but since you around you get that honour today!”

She told me and we both laughed. Girls lunch is always fun because you get to catch up and gossip about everyone even your other friends. I know there are girls who lie to the world saying girls who talk about other girls are bad but realistically what else makes a girl your best friend? It’s that thing of having someone to share your deepest darkest secrets with and also having someone to gossip about other people with. It’s embarrassing to admit to but it’s the truth. There is not one woman who has never not spoken about another woman who was considered a friend to another female friend. If that person is there she must go replace God in heaven because that’s the Whatsapp group she belongs to shem!

About 45 minutes later we were in a Sandton restaurant.

“I want to start off with two shots please, one for you and one for me!”

Nthabiseng said cheerfully. She was in a good mood.

“Dude what’s going on? Tequila in the afternoon, that’s not like you at all!”

I told her.

“I know hey but today we are celebrating my friend!”

She told me.

“What are we celebrating?’

I asked her.

“Your success and mine! I am so happy. At work they offered me partnership this morning!”

She said and I know partnership is a big thing because for most black lawyers, unless you open your own firm it’s very rare for a white legal firm to offer you partnership.

“Wow congratulations! Why didn’t you say?”

I asked her standing up to go give her a hug.

“I didn’t even know and it took me completely by surprise!”

She explained as she hugged me. Our waitress came back and she ordered but I stopped her and said,

“Make those four tequilas please, not two because we are celebrating here! Gold neh!”

I emphasized. Tequila drinkers will tell you that silver is the one that makes you sick very quickly so advice is, stay the hell away from it.

“I think it had something to do with your case! My case load has been high lately and I have been doing well to be honest. I have not lost anything over the last 12 months. I think your case pushed me over the wall and I got it!”

She told me cheerfully as our tequila’s arrived.

“Let’s make a proper toast and we down them both!”

I told her. With Tequila because it is so strong you always have to make sure you prepare your lemon and salt first before even goes on your lips.

“This is to both our success and may our stars continue to rise!”

I said to her in our toast as we downed our shots! Goodness this was strong. We ordered food and a bottle of wine and we started catching up. Halfway through the conversation she stopped and asked me,

“How are you holding up with your mom gone now?”

I had not expected that question because truth be told most people start avoiding the topic.

“I am fine. I don’t think my sister is though because she is starting to do stupid things but I will fix it!”

I told her. She empathized with me. We went through that bottle of wine quicker than I imagined. It tasted good too but with the earlier shots of tequila also in the system it meant I was properly tipsy when my phone rang and Simba was calling me.

“Oh finally the Mighty Simba calls!”

Nthabiseng said as the caller identity came out. I smiled like a school girl in love when I picked up.

“Hey love I am still having drinks with my friend Nthabiseng!”

I told him as soon as I picked up. I don’t know why I felt a need to confess because it’s not like we were in a relationship.

“Lungi you need to get to my place right now!”

He said totally ignoring what I had just told him. There was urgency in voice even and I don’t think he had even heard what I said to him at all.

“Ok that’s a bit demanding don’t you think?”

I said to him a bit surprised by his tone. He was usually polite and controlled when he spoke to me, a gentleman some might say not this. If he was feeling empowered because of what had happened last night between us and thought he could talk to me like this he had another thing coming.

“Lungi it’s serious! The police are here!”

Ok I was confused now.

“The police? Why are they there and what do they have to do with me?”

I asked him. I had had it with police and all the drama they brought to my life. In fact for me the police and my aunt were in the same whatsapp group, bearers of bad news.

“Lungi just get here now!”

He said and he hung up. I could sense panic in his voice but anger as well. What had I done now? Honestly there must be a big target sign on my back written, “Attack Lungi”.

“My love please let’s go to Simba’s! Something is wrong and I think I have drunk more than I should!”

I told Nthabiseng.

“Are we leaving already? We haven’t even gotten to happy hour yet!”

She said and we both burst out laughing. Alcohol can make even the sharpest minds stupid.

“I know hey! He is so going to owe us one hey!”

She said.

“Yes he is!”

I responded.

“So how are we going to get to his place? We are too intoxicated to drive!”

I went to ask her,

“And advocate you are an officer of the court you can’t break the law!”

I said and again we cracked up. I was too drunk, this was beyond tipsy!

“Did you just use the word intoxicated? Why can’t you just say drunk like normal people? When you have been drinking don’t complicate things!”

She said and again we drank.

“Don’t worry I called the driver from work already. He is on his way?”

She said and even in this state I was surprised. I had not seen her do it. Twenty minutes later he arrived and the next struggle became how to direct him to Simba’s place in this state. I was actually more drunk than I thought hey.

I called Simba.

“Lungi where are you?”

He asked me anxiously.

“I am coming. This is a bit embarrassing though eh Simba, I need help. I was having drinks with my friend so now I am a bit …”

We both laughed Nthabiseng and I,

“Did you say a bit dude?”

She asked me. She out of order in a funny way.

“Ok fine we are very tipsy. Please send your location.”

Asked him.

“If you tipsy who is driving?”

He asked me.

“It’s their driver from work. Please send location please!”

I asked him again. He hung up and sent. The good news was I was not so lost. We were actually five minutes away. We drove cracking jokes all the way. When we got to his estate we entered. As we approached his house there were two police cars. Nthabiseng who is forever alert immediately said,

“‘Kante Lungi did you kill someone?”

Of which I laughed but she did not. I think she could tell it was serious and I immediately also tightened up.

“Am I smelling of alcohol?”

I asked her.

“Yes, eat this!”

She gave me halls! I think I ate four of them before I left the car. I was so nervous because now I was scared! What the hell was going on?

“Let’s go in before Simba calls again!”

Nthabiseng said. It’s amazing how the presence of the police cars really caught our attention so much so that we tightened up. We did not stagger like drunkards into the house. We held ourselves together quite well (I think) as I walked in. There were like five police guys. This is what I mean when I say that justice is not fair, why send five policemen to a rich guy’s house when you can’t even send one to a poor man’s house!

“I am scared Nthabiseng what’s going on?”

I whispered to her as we approached the door.

“Don’t say anything when we get in there then. Whatever it is I will handle it!”

She told me. Why can’t I just have one full good day though? This was ridiculous. It was when we both walked into the house that we both went like,


This was at the same time.

“This is bad!”

I told myself inside.

“Lungi there you are!”

A visibly stressed and unhappy Simba said. I don’t know how best to describe what I saw, his house was completely empty! There was not a single piece of furniture in the house. I am not even joking from the lounge to the bedrooms the only left here were curtains. I did not understand and because cops were here it meant he had been burgled of course.

“Officer here she is. She is the last one who left the house. She called me saying that she put the keys over there and when I came back I found the keys on the kitchen sink with everything I have ever worked for gone. They even took the salt and milk from the fridges! I don’t get it…”

He was telling some cop hands on his head but at this moment my head started spinning. This was unreal. I wanted to throw up; in fact I was going to throw up. I ran to the bathroom, straight to the toilet and all that alcohol came up!

I was in trouble and thank God I had come with Nthabiseng.

My first suspect…

Not him again!

As I was thinking this my phone started ringing. It was Mbuso! What the fuck did he want? I ignored the phone of course but 30seconds later a message came in.

“You need to come home now! It is super urgent!”

He said.

Fuck him!

He wanted to talk about my sister!

Selfish bastard.

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I messed up a lot and I don’t know what to do. I had sex with my sister’s husband and now I am pregnant. My sister and I are close and she asked me to come take care of her kids when she went away for work to Cape Town for two weeks. I am 19 and a student. Her husband and I have always been close. My sister has always allowed me to drink even when I was in high school so when I came to her place she had bought me a bottle of wine etc. Her husband also had a cousin over, a girl so the three of us had drinks. He is 29. This was two months ago. We drank, got wasted and I slept with him when she passed out. I don’t know who started what. We both agreed it was a huge mistake and never to tell my sister. It was not planned, I don’t have nor have ever had a crush on him it’s just that things got out of control. I found out I was pregnant when I was with my sister and she is strict about abortion. She told me I can’t get rid of it etc. I also don’t want to do that but I am so worried. She wants to know who the baby daddy is.

What do I do now? This has very serious implications for all involved. I betrayed my sister so much I can’t even live with myself. It was a genuine mistake one I can’t take back.

Please advise


34 thoughts on “YES 160

      1. I saw something stupid coming!! The details in her hiding the keys….
        The thief is mean though…. salt and milk???!!! Haiboo!! *claps*
        When it rains it pours kwa bo-lungi. She must just get right with the ancestors!!!
        Thank you Mikey!!
        *let it not be a holiday in s.a this week. I’d die*

  1. Yoh Lungi must learn to take her aunt’s warning, the ancestors must be very angry and disappointed with Lungi now. Thanx Mike. Nice read

  2. Simba is being entirely too extra right now. I get the trauma of being having someone invade your home and take everything you have worked for but surely he has insurance.

    Durban, you did not need your sister’s permission to sleep with her husband why do you need it to abort his baby?

    1. Insured or not, Lungi was the last one to leave the house so of course he will be like this. If you have been burgled you will know how violating it is. The police I am sure will want to question Lungi.

      1. I have Lindelani, that’s why I said I understand the trauma of having your space violated. But at the end of the day it’s just stuff. For all Simba knows Lungi could have been in danger. We need to learn to value people over stuff.

  3. Abort dear. I dont know what else to tell you. Otherwise keep ot and say the baby daddy died or you were raped. If he comes out looking like your brother in law then deny deny deny. You said you are 19 even so you have your life ahead of you. What is your brother in law saying about this ? Is he being involved in the lies? Does he know you are pregnant? I think Mthobisi is still screwing with Lungi which really isnt fair coz she is suffering for Azwindini’s issues which she wasnt involved with. she should have just told the truth that she sent Azwindini away and not involved with the guy. Yes its being impimpi but at this rate he will surely kill someone she loves.

    1. Did you just say she must lie and use the word RAPE? Ladies when are we going to learn that RAPE is not something we lie about under any circumstance? This is highly disappointing

      1. Well clearly this woman didnt really think about sleeping with her sister’s husband. In a way she was because she didnt consent to sex with a lucid mind. technically she was sexually assaulted. you can be disappointed in me all you want, this doesn’t make her baby go away now does it?

    2. Whaaaat? Lie and say she was raped…are you for real right now? Icannot believe you actually thought about this and actually wrote this! WOW!!!!!

      1. a woman or man for that matter who has sex in an intixicated state has been sexuallya ssaulted. She didnt say yes but she didnt say no either.

  4. Durban… not to sound dismissive but your story sounds the same as some lady’s story who called on ask a man. Anyways, I dont think you are being honest with yourself you are using your sister as an excuse to keep the baby. You know very well that if you keep the baby your relationship with your sister is ruined and most likely her marriage too. You know your options, choose what will work for you and stop using your sister and what she said as an excuse for everything. She doesn’t believe in abortion, so what? what do you believe? remember this is your body and your choice, she has very little say. If she knew you were carrying her husbands baby she might just want you to abort.

  5. Saw this coming 😄 Was actually thinking about it yesterday. The key was under a flower pot and mthobisi has lungi followed

    1. Kanti what does Mthobisi want from Lungi now? Eish Lungi naye is a rebellious child she never does as she is told and wants everyone to do as she says but i love her regardless. Bhuti Mike I love YES like its drug i get so excited when I see a new chapter. Well done with the twists and turns that always keep us waiting for more. Your talent is appreciated.

  6. Wee!!! Simba mrena dnt tell me ur suspect Lungi of robbing u,Yooh Lungi u need to go away 4 a while dear,the people around u a toxic,stru nase.yooh

  7. Durban its a pity u r a woman nd the blame is gon* be on u nd this is goin to destroy ur relationship le sesi yaago,mara wat do we say to the guy i mean he is married to ur sister nogal mxm le lona ruri hae

  8. Tjoo Durban u fucked up str8 is ur brother-inlaw the only guy u slept with? Or u want him to be the father coz never said u was a virgin by then

  9. The bad luck that keeps following Lungi though,if only she coul dget off the high horse she is riding and actually be cognicent of what her aunt tells her.
    Durban you fucked up royally girl, excuse my french but you did. You know very well that if you keep the baby it’s gona destroy your relationship your sister, her marriage and most probably yor family won’t be happy too. Again, you could resent yourself in the future if you actually abort the child. So YOU need to decide what to do and be honest with yourself. If you truly do not have any feelings for your sbara, like none whatsoever then i would say abort the baby. Also you said it was unplanned meaning your sober self was not ready for a child anyway so abort girly or risk losing your sister, destroying her marriage and getting backlash from your family. Your choice

  10. Yhoo Lungile Mbatha.. Ancestors follow you 🎵.. trouble follow you 🎶🎶🎧

    Girl don’t you dare cry rape.. Please!.. now if you want to abort then go ahead and save your relationship with your sis but I tell you now, you don’t strike me as one who’d be able to live with it, it comes with a lot of emotional baggage my love. In any case mina I think your relationship with your sis was ruined the day you and hubby got drunk and betrayed her. I’ve been drunk before sisi and quite frankly, I’ve NEVER woken up the next morning with a guy I wouldn’t fuck when sober. What I’m trying to say is you also need to stop hiding behind that wine bottle your sister bought you and realise you did this YOURSELF, don’t try to make it seem as if life threw this at you. Just tell your sister the truth, there’s no way you’re gonna keep this a secret forever, besides there’s a baby involved here, a baby who’s gonna want a relationship with his/her daddy, and it wouldn’t be fair for you to deprive him/her of that relationship just to save your own relationship with your sis. Break it down to your sis the most easy way you can and in all that you do think of your baby and put your child first, all the best.

  11. Have a feeling simbas furniture is at lungis house that wud b sumthing

    Durban uthi u had no feelings whatsoever 4 usbari? Ngoku nimunyana nikhululana impahla surely there was a little voice in yo head asking ukuba wenzani or this wrong..kanti benisela eyiphi i wine old brown ne i heard it makes u horny..


  13. Thnx Bra Mike didn’t see this 1 coming….can’t wait for wed
    Really Simba, hes so unbelievable right now…did he think Lungi can stole from him ai some people*clap once* Lungi is millionaire for crying out loud, only Phara can steal salt and milk lol.
    Vuma idlozi Lungi otherwise uzohlanya

  14. Let him marry you both after all it’s culturally allowed.

    What are your future plans little one.
    At 19 you hardly lived.
    Sad part is your sister will be the one raising your child.

    She will eventually forgive you both.

    Just stop hurting her, she deserves better.

    As for him he has tasted the forbidden fruit.
    Sadly he is probably having affairs.
    You were just dumb as your are one of his side chicks.

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