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YES 159

I sat there for a moment and I was not sure what to do next or what to say. I am very certain the voice I had heard on the

phone was Ntheteng and just as I was certain of that I was sure that my sister had hung up on me. A breakfast date often insinuates people who woke up together but the word ‘date’ also says that they met up for breakfast. I am not sure what I was supposed to think at this moment.

“That little bitch!”

I said out loud standing up. One minute we were fighting and the next she was going out with someone who was my potential boyfriend. She did not know much about us granted but contrary to popular belief girl code is if I was with a guy then stay away from him if you my girl. She was not even my girl she was my sister. I called her back.


She asked.

“Put Mbuso on the phone!”

I said immediately.

“Who… I mean … How did you know I am with him?”

She asked me sounding a bit scared.

“My ancestors told me! Just put him on the phone now!”

I said angrily. Why was I angry? This was selfish anger indeed because I never wanted him. I mean I considered him but I did not want him.

“Here, it’s for you!”

I had her say. There was a bit of a delay in which I assume he was refusing the phone before he said,

“Hi Lungi!”

Before I could go off on him Ntheteng’s voice cheerfully said,

“Hi Aunty Lungi!”

She was so cheerfully my hardened heart just took a pose.

“Mbuso! What are you doing with my sister?”

I asked him angrily. Ntheti was standing in the background if the sound of her voice was anything to go by.

“It’s far from what you are thinking but with Ntheti here I really can’t discuss it. Here speak to your sister!”

He said and he handed the phone back to her before I could even interject.

“Where do you want to meet?”

I asked her.

“At your place since I am…”

I cut her off.

“I am on my way there now!”

I said hanging up the phone and I stood up to leave. What the hell was she thinking? This was a bad idea. My sister is lazy and sometimes she was lazy to even think. It hit me then that maybe she went to see Mbuso so she can ask him to marry me. Goodness the way that sent me over the top. This was embarrassing. Things that happen in your house should stay in your house under your roof. Why involve the neighbours? Had she forgotten that we had fought just yesterday? I went to the car and locked the door behind me.


I cursed out loud. I had not asked Simba if he had keys. I called him and he did not pick up the phone. I decided that I should put the key under the flower pot. Will call him later to tell him. I had not driven far when my aunt called.

“Lungi I need to see you its important!”

She told me.

“Can it wait because I am rushing home right now?”

I asked her.

“No it can’t wait its urgent so from home come to me ok!”

She told me. She was not asking. She sounded scared in her voice. Why all the drama though? I already knew that it had something to do with me getting the money. For some reason she always knows about such things.

“Ok I will!”

I drove home. When I got there I found my sister coming out of Mbuso’s car. Ntheteng was there too and she ran to me and gave me a hug as she always does.

“Aunty Lungi your sister is boring. She is not like you at all thank you for coming back!”

She said out loud making sure that both her father and her heard.

“Ntheteng that is rude!”

Mbuso said angrily but my sister did not seem to mind. She just laughed it off as kids being kids but Ntheteng was not just another kid. She was a smart kid and always made sure everyone knew that.

“Sorry dad you said we must always be honest and I just was. I am going home please come open for me.”

Ntheteng said pulling her father away and heading home. This left my sister with me. I walked towards my flat and she followed me.

“You are impossible you know that!”

I started shouting at her even before I opened the door. She did not respond but simply walked behind me. I entered my apartment and she walked in behind me. The place still looked the same so I guess Mthobisi had not come back. I was dealing with so much I really did not need this right now.

“Why do you think I am impossible Lungi?”

She asked me.

“Do you think I will marry him to save your ass?”

I asked her furiously.

“No Lungi it’s not what you are thinking!”

She explained. I could have punched her right now but after the fight we had before this was not a good idea.

“I am sorry about yesterday. I know the fight was my fault and I probably got that coming. I really don’t know what got into me and for that I am sorry. I hope we move past this!”

She apologized to me.

“I don’t want to talk about that. What were you doing with Mbuso?”

I asked her again. She had already said I had made the wrong assumption.

“When I got here yesterday to apologize you were not there. He invited me to come wait by your place!”

She explained.

“If that’s the case why didn’t you call me?”

I asked her.

“I did. You didn’t pick up. I went to his place and we started talking.”

She explained to me. I was not following. What was this about then?

“So? Is this what the emergency was?”

I asked her perplexed by all this.

“I don’t know what your relationship with Mbuso is. We slept together last night. I am sorry. I don’t know what happened. One minute we were talking and the next thing we were doing it. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I am so sorry!”

She said tears coming out of her eyes. Well that was fast.

“Couldn’t you keep that to yourself though? Did I need to know this?”

I asked her. I am not sure if I was even angry anymore.

“You had to hear from me and not someone else. The sad thing is I like him a lot. We spoke and we just clicked. It was like he filled some void inside me.”

She explained. She wanted me to vindicate what she had done but I was not about to. I was not about to tell my sister that it was fine that she had slept with a guy who had been actively pursuing me.

“Please just get out of my house!”

I told her pointing to the door.

“Lungi please!”

She pleaded.

“Get out!”

I shouted. She stood up slowly and she walked out. I was not done. I stomped out and went to knock on Mbuso’s door.

“Lungi let’s not do this here Ntheti is inside!”

Mbuso said. He already knew I was angry so he was prepared for it. We stepped out into the parking lot. My sister was still there hovering around like a prostitute at her night sport.

“I am sorry about what happened with your sister. We didn’t mean to hurt you it just happened!”

He started to explain. This was real then.

“She is my sister Mbuso not just some skank on the street! How could you do that? Right now you know she is vulnerable after the funeral you took advantage of her!”

I complained.

“I am right here you know. I wanted it too it’s been a while but that’s not the point. I am very sorry!”

She intervened.

“You two deserve each other!”

I said and I stomped off to my place. No one followed me and even if they had there was very little chance I should open the door for them in any case. I just wanted to get out of the messes I kept finding myself in.

“Aunty I am done here! Where are you?”

I asked her.

“At my house. Do you want us to meet at your mothers place?”

She asked me.

“No its fine I will come to you! I am leaving now!”

I told her. Meeting at my mother’s house would definitely mean I could bump into my sister there. I walked outside and the two love birds were still in the parking lot talking. They seemed to be arguing and my sister was crying. It’s none of my business. I got into my car and I drove off. My phone rang as I was on the road and it was Simba.

“Hi I saw your missed call what’s up?”

He asked me. I think in Simba’s head he had already gotten me as a girlfriend.

“I had to leave to go to my place. My sister was there so it was a bit of an emergency. I left the keys under the flower pot in front!”

I explained to him. He sounded distracted as there were people in the back ground talking.

“Ok cool. Got to go!”

He said and before I could say anything else he hung up. I drove to my aunt’s place and I found her waiting for me drinking tea in this heat.


I said giving her a hug. She did not hug me back which already meant something was wrong. See why I was saying I was done with all this drama.

“You took the money didn’t you?”

She asked me. I was not even surprised and I was not going to deny it.

“It’s my money aunty I worked for it!”

I told her defiantly but politely. It just felt as though there were too many people in my business.

“Lungi I warned you, I begged you even!”

She said putting her hands on her head.

“Aunty honestly with all due respect I have been listening to you all along. Why should I not take money I worked for? I did not rob anyone nor did I harm anyone in the process!”

I told her. I was not wrong either. Just because my ancestors were poor in their lifetime does not mean I wanted to be poor like them in mine. Lazy bastards, I worked for this!

“You do not listen. Give me your hand!”

She said in her own creepy annoying way.

“What for?”

I asked her.

“Just give it to me!”

Yah neh. I had opened this stupid door by entertaining her. This is why my mother did not want my aunt near her because this woman was actually quite destructive. She had a way of sucking all the energy out around her.

“No aunty I am leaving I can’t do this I am tired!”

I told her as I stood up to leave. She jumped up after me and before I could even react she had my hand in hairs

“Ah Aunty you are hurting me!”

I told her. I tried pulling my hand away but she had quite a firm grip…

“Its as I feared, you are pregnant!”

She said so dramatically but my response was not of shock but to laugh,

“Unless God wants another Christ in this world and wants another Mother Mary, that’s not possible. I am going now!”

I told her rather cheekily and sarcastically. She let go of my hand and I stepped away from her!


She did not follow me.

Imagine me pregnant!

When was my last period?


**********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you Mr. Mike for reading my letter. Good morning to all the readers. My story is inspired by what has been happening in the news.

I am a 33 year old teacher from rural Free State. I am not married and I have one child. Two years ago I started dating another teacher from a nearby school. When you are based in the rural areas access to decent men is actually quite limited that’s why teachers end up dating teachers. The guy was not a bad boyfriend at all only problem was half the school girls at his schools wanted him. As a teacher myself I knew he was not lying because even at my school the school girls do the same to male teachers. We have an assembly once a month dedicated to warning and threatening these kids to stay away from the teachers. I used to believe that it was the male teachers that allowed it to happen but no matter how strict a teacher was the girls especially grade 10 – 12 would come on to them. At district meetings the male teachers asked for the girls to be forced to wear track pants under their uniforms and it was rejected because we can’t tell the girl child how to dress. They argued that it’s a distraction in class when these girls deliberately sit with their legs open. Obviously we thought that because they are grown men they should know better. One teacher even reported to district that he has students that touch themselves in his classes during lessons to get his attention. He was laughed at. Anyway I could not handle the attention my boyfriend was receiving. He had to change his number twice because these kids would send him pictures whenever they got his numbers. As far as I know he never slept with any of them but realistically it’s only a matter of time. I broke up with him.

My question to your readers is that should all the blame be apportioned to the teachers when they start sleeping with students? I am a female teacher and I have seen it myself what these girls do. What can be done to stop girls throwing themselves at the only source of income in villages? There are no other professionals for miles around which make teachers the blessers of entire regions. Yesterday in your letter about a girl sleeping with a friend’s father for fees the people who advised said because it’s for school then it’s alright. What about in the villages were it’s for food itself for not just her but everyone at home? Is that still right?

I am curious for your thoughts.

Thank You


26 thoughts on “YES 159

  1. Blame should be apportioned to a poor society we have created for black children. For creating an environment that allows young girls to sleep with older men- and these older men sleep with younger girls for scraps. Yes we are all to blame for breeding recklessly, losing traditions and morals and bankrupting rural society. Rural girls probably think they dont have much to live for or lose so best sleep with someone who can give them money or food- and shame on parents who brought them in this world without a plan and then expect money that a 16year olds vagina brings home. If this intergenerational sex continues black people will never be able to elevate themselves past poverty. It will take 200years where kids in other countries are progressing past us in the blink of an eye.Our rural society not getting resources and attention will continue our poverty, mark my words and the more we accept that young girls (and boys) must prostitute themselves to survive we are in trouble. the older person is also taking away from his/her family by spending it on a young person also takes away at their ability to save , invest and be financially responsible. Do we really thiknk its financially wise to splash an apartment, car and lavish gifts on a mistress? Also if we realize that kids arent a blessing. In 2017 we cant justify birthing kids into poverty especially thise of us that know better. If you had 3 kids instead of 5 kids No 1 & 2 wouldnt be sacrificing themselves for the other 3 kids or kid 5 wouldn’t have to prostitute themselves for fees and lavish things. Also we love lavish things we cant afford as black people. Alcohol, weaves, designer crap and putting foreign gods above our infinte wisdom. amongst other things. *rant over*

    1. wasn’t it traditional to marry a man 20 years your senior? Wasn’t it on the news that old men r kidnapping kids and marrying them before they even turn 16? Bathong! Another thing kids are a blessing Sesi even in the bible it is written. You have a good point but the way u make it shows your ignorance. Tradition oppresses women, its patriachial and belongs in the dark ages! Its time for new traditions of building the girl child and empowering women to reject these ridiculous notions disguised as *tradition*. for example 5 children.. first born gets a dead end but stable job…middle children can’t or won’t get a decent job, some get babies others get hooked on drugs some sells fruits and veggies then boom last born qualifies for varsity and they all help him to get his degree… last born builds them all a house starts a trust fund for the nieces and nephews… Blessings.

      1. Educator

        A child is a child that’s why they can’t vote or even sign consent forms. Report this behavior and take disciplinary action, adolidoli is rough. These kids are test driving their newly acquired hormones.

  2. I think both teachers and parents are responsible and if working hand in hand can curb this problem. Firstly i would like to know if my child is fondling herself in class to get the teachers attention, simply laughing it off as an educator does not cut it for me. These little girls need to be dealt with one by one. It’s harassing the male educator, he needs to report it, parents need to be brought in and there should be measures that follow to discipline the child. If the educator is a willing participant other educators need to report this and he must be dealt with. “It takes a village to raise a child” everyone needs to participate in order for us to have focused, independent and driven women for the future of our Country. I do not condone sexual transactional relations for education or anything else for that matter, i see it as an easy way out.

    1. It use 2 b true that it take a village 2 raise a child will u allow ur child 2 get a beating 4rm 1 of ur neighbors answers is no even when a teacher where 2 beat up ur child still not allowed so which village r u talking about

  3. It’s sfiso’s child. I’m so hurt, I wanted Lungi to end up with Mbilahelo, now Mbilahelo will just disappear. I’m so happy for Lungi’s sister and mbuso. I wish they can date. I wish Lungi can get off her high horse, the way she feels like she knows everything thou, it’s really disappointing

  4. Gross… so Lungi and her sister shared a dick. Mbuso is community dick clearly. So disappointed in him.
    Educator, I couldn’t bring myself to respond to yesterday’s letter. The problem with a lot of young girls in the era of Instagram models making way more money than graduates is this sense of entitlement. The student who wrote in did not even try to get a job or a student loan to pay for her studies. She went straight for the easy way without worrying about the ramifications of her actions.
    My point is these girls need to be made aware that their actions have consequences. They need to be reported to both their parents and the police and action needs to be taken from there. The fact of the matter is male teachers who act on the advances of these children are in fact in the wrong and will most likely face jail time. Why they’re not taking steps to protect themselves is beyond me. I’m really ashamed of the girls of my generation and the generation before.

  5. But Lungi is also not straight, she kind of drags all the guys along, not a saint

    how will she handle this baby, Sfiso broke up with her, besides aunty warned her against Sfiso.
    She must just start afresh with a new guy, really: All her relationships are soiled

  6. Who is the daddy!!!!!? Sfiso??? Mbuso was touch and go…. maybe it’s that idiot Andizwini *sp

    Happy friday fam!!! Thank you Mike

  7. what if Mbuso is the father? on that 1 second episode they had, something came out, and they didn’t use protection if remember correctly. mhhh kusazoshuba…

  8. Hahaha, brada Mikie, that was epic. Lungi pregies! Nobody saw that one coming. She must start stealing hair pieces from all these guys now to test who the father cud be. Time for her to humble herself now. Fatherless child is no child’s play. Down to earth for princess, unless she aborts & start afresh. She attracts trouble bcz of the way she’s so selective. It’s like she’s made of gold & diamond. Who’s she!?

  9. @Educator, moral does not encourage or condone girls who sell themselves for food or education. It’s a pity our African leaders have failed us. No poor child shud fail to go further with education. But it is what it is. The systems in place have limited resources.
    As for students underage trying to get blessers out of educators is a real cause for concern. They are still kids & therefore need protection compared to somebody going to university or tertiary.
    School principals need to have their own systems in place together with parents to name & shame those kids involved. Teacher who report such need to be acknowledged too as it takes a brave man to draw such high moral lines. To most men out there, if it’s not yo child, ” nama ke nama” given the chance they will just chow or puff n pass.
    This scourge is actually centuries old & can be blamed on past systems that did not cater for the majority’s wellbeing. Hence as Africans we still believe by having more kids, its a success on its own without looking into the financial implications of it all considering times have changed.
    We can only hope the next 3generations to come will correct it gradually. That’s our community challenge. Sometimes it’s not the easy way out as other say. It cud be the only way out for others.
    Unfortunately for some it’s the way to glitter & glimmer without an future plan. That’s when we come in to tolerate the girl in the previous letter who is doing it not for shine-shine but for education. Hope it makes sense educator. It’s about chosing the less evil of the two deeds. Both are wrong.

  10. Don’t know if it’s just me fam, but the storyline of Mzansi Magic’s Indumba was waaaay too similar to that one of YES. Mr Maphotho, was that you?

  11. While U drive yo fancy car from yo mansion or even a simple car from yo bond house, do U donate monthly or regularly to any nonprofit homes that look after poor orphans? Do U give R1 or R2 tip to car guards or wud rather give R100 tip to a hotel employee or restaurant employee? Remember car guards are mostly self-employed while the restaurant & hotel staff are full-time employees.
    Is yo neighbour or if U leave in the nothern poshy neighborhood, are yo parents or relatives or their neighbours needing a little help that U cud easily assist with but U can’t even give little change to help? But when a girl takes up selling her body to save such situations wud U be first to judge her. What other options have U offered such ppl U probably see everyday in yo life? That’s how skewed our society is. And we have no conscience whatsoever as long as it not us or our family in that situation.
    We thought this treatment was dished only by whites to blacks but even blacks who are as wealthy or even wealthier than some whites still do it to their fellow blacks. As somebody said, if all the wealth in the world wud be equally distribute, nobody wud go to bed hungry. It’s a world of the rich vs the poor. Very few rich ppl care. I’m average but I have seen it happen to me. A friend whom I even took as a young brother, once they got rich, they wudn’t even look my direction. Guess that’s what money does to ppl. It makes us lose UBUNTU. Instead we JUDGE.

  12. Beside the girls from villages, also it happens in townships. And also it become difficult to be not tempted. We must acept that our children are sexually active at the young age.

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