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YES 156


“In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight!”


The Lion.

He stood there in front of me and for the first time I saw what was hidden underneath that shirt. This man was quite unconventional in his approach to charming a woman that’s for certain but when it came to his physique I can proudly say wow! He had a real six pack not those fake ones most guys we know have.

“Simba and then? How am I the dessert?”

I asked him and I could not help but smile because it was funny and sweet at the same time. Who says that really?

“I don’t know you tell me!”

He asked me smiling back.

“What happened to the no sex before marriage stuff you once said to me?”

I asked him sarcastically.

“After I said that you didn’t talk to me for two weeks. I looked like a complete and utter idiot for saying so yup, lesson learned”

He responded.

“What lesson is that?”

I asked him.

“Its important to you meaning it’s important to me.”

He responded in what probably the cheesiest response he could give me. For a man with a body like his and the success he had achieved it was a bit disappointing to see that at this moment he was unsure of himself.

“You should not always do thing just to please a woman. I find that a lot of the times things work better for you if you do things that impress you. If it’s me you want then why must you change who you are just to impress me? Down the line don’t you think you will change your mind and hate me for having changed your core values?”

I asked him. He chuckled and said,

“It seems like you are trying to deny me now and I am a bit stuck here. I was told by many people that I was not accommodating enough of other people’s viewpoints so here I am doing so. I am always in charge and bossing people around if you know what I mean and I think with you I want to be at your mercy!”

He said sweetly and he knelt down before me. I was confused for a moment as I was not sure exactly what he was saying.

“Are you saying you want to be my slave sexually or in the relationship?”

I asked him teasing him but also very curious. If as a woman you have never wanted to be in control or dominant over your man then you really are part of the reason why women will never be on top both figuratively and literally. It excited me and even the thought alone was enough to give me a wet spot.

“I am saying I want you to be in charge if we end up together completely and I will do your bidding.”

Remember I was wearing his shirt. I stood up and walked to the kitchen to wash my hands for no apparent reason. He stood up and I turned around and snapped,

“Who said you could stand up?”

He looked confused but immediately kneeled right back down. Oh my heavens oh sweet heaven what was happening here. I had read some many Cosmo magazines as part of my emancipation but to have my very own Christian Gray, where I was Christian was something I had never in a million years thought would happen.

“I am sorry I did not realize that you wanted me to stay down here!”

He said calmly. Make no mistake about it his calm tone under the situation was so unnerving I did not know what to do. Why was he willing to put himself through all this just for me? Was there more to this than I was seeing.

“Where can I find your ties?”

I asked him. I have a kinky side too ok and I have read enough things like I said to know what to do in a situation like this.

“My ties?”

He asked me.

“Yes your ties!”

He told me that they were in a drawer in his bedroom. I walked up to his bedroom and for a guy this man was supper neat. He would never survive my clutter. I took three ties from the drawer and I walked back to where he was still kneeling. For a boss at work he followed instructions well. I would not have stayed on the floor that long that’s for sure.

“You can stand up now.”

He did as he was told and he stood up and walked towards me.

“No, take that chair and put it over there!”

I told him pointing to a wide arm chair that was in the corner next to a lamp. He did as he was told and as he walked to it he said,

“You are very kinky wow!”

Of which I responded,

“Did I ask you to comment?”

He did not respond and just put the chair where he was told. I liked this a lot, a man who actually listens. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to give a man commandments which they actually follow as they are told to do them?

“Sit down on this chair and put your arms on the sides!”

I told him. I was not really shouting but my voice was stern enough in spite of me wanting to burst out laughing. This was funny and because I had never actually done this before it was also actually awkward. When he sat down I walked towards him slowly opening the buttons of my shirt (his shirt the one I had borrowed). I was still wearing a bra and matching panties (thank God I had chosen to match today and it was my red underwear at that). This was the first time he had ever seen me naked and I so him take a deep breath and heard him breathe out.

“You are beautiful!”

He said to me. Cliché but flattering. I did not say thank you. I came and I straddled him on that chair. I trusted my instincts that it would not break because that would be embarrassing for sure and fortunately for me it held firm. My boobs were literally on his face and he was breathing heavy.

“Can I touch?”

He whispered.


I responded harshly. I took his ties and tied his hands on the sides of the armchair loose enough to allow him to move. I was getting good at this. With him restrained I stood up and I took of the shirt I was wearing completely and my bra allowing my ladies to come out in the open fully.

“How long have you planned this? Wow!”

He said to me. I did not want him to talk and he kept insisting. I chose to ignore him this time as I took the other tie, the remaining one. I walked sensually (or at least I tried) towards him. I should have played music but I had none.

“You should have brought two how you going to tie both my legs down?”

He asked me. I put my finger on my lips to signal this motor mouth to keep quiet and he listened. Who said the tie was for that? I was actually very horny now. I took the tie and I walked to him and only now did he discover what the tie was for, it was a blind fold.

“But I want to see…”

He protested as I went behind him and covered his eyes with it.

“Not today…”

Was my response. He was mine now and at my mercy. He kept on moving his head from side to side trying to anticipate my next move. I liked the power. This is where a woman like me belongs, on top. I pulled down his pants and now he was completely naked though sitting down. His dick, yes I call it a dick because it was a monster stood proudly in front of me for the first. Men from the North summer had come indeed!

“You are blessed!”

I whispered to him in his ear.

“Thank you!”

He responded and I think he knew immediately what I meant. Men with big dicks are never scared to show their pride in their members!

“You will not be fucking me tonight…”

I whispered to him and his body tensed up in a slight panic!


He pleaded. He was so turned on this dude. I went to the table where we were having dinner. He had ice there in a small ice bucket. I took it. I went to the kitchen were earlier on I had seen a brand new feather duster. Its head was still in its plastic. I pulled out one feather. I also took a few things I needed and went back to him. He was still looking from side to side trying to anticipate my coming.


I took the ice I had brought and placed it on his throbbing member. It was so unexpected for him he took a sharp intake of breathe and his body tensed up.


He groaned as ice tends to have that effect. I rubbed his dick with it for about thirty seconds and when his dick was about to deflate I immediately replaced it with my mouth. The extreme changes of temperature and the unexpected nature of it sent his body into sexy convulsions as he tried to readjust his body wiggled. As soon as his dick got hard again I would replace my tongue with the ice.

“Where did you learn how to do that?”

He asked me in his moment of pleasure. I ignored. With my free hand I took the feather and gently ran it on his tummy chest neck then ears. Its sensation is like an insect walking on you. Normally you would jump because it’s freaky but in this situation with your heightened senses it is tickly as hell especially on the ear. I took my ice to his nipples (mans nipples are often just as sensitive as a woman’s) and with my very soft feather I tickled his inner left ear whilst my mouth was nibbling on his right ear!

“Ah Lungi what are you doing to me?”

He squirmed and wiggled under his restraints.

I felt his body tense up and note I was not even touching him.

This dude!

He came!

What the fuck?


He screamed!

Oh well!

That was easy!

I was so disappointed as I still wanted to play with my shiny new toy!

He was going to sleep on that chair in those restraints until he learns to act right!


******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. A friend referred me here to ask for help. I am grateful.

I have been dating my fiancé for three years now and we were a very happy sexual couple. We go everywhere together and we have sex all the time. I am emphasizing this to show that my fiancé has a huge sexual appetite. I am 31 she is 28. We both work decent jobs and moved in together. I gave her a ring 5 months ago and we are doing lobola in December. She is still on contraceptives as we want a child in the marriage. Anyway my fiancé has a very kinky side, she likes porn and we always experiment with what we see. It was all fun and good until she wanted us to try sex with another couple. At first I thought she was joking because no couple would ever want to do that. I told her to make it happen and told her I don’t do prostitutes. It was meant to be an impossible task but within a week of me saying that she came with a friend of hers that I know and her boyfriend. She had found a willing couple so fast. I was suspicious. It just didn’t feel right as I felt they were familiar because they were too comfortable. As I started to ask her questions as to why them and so on I discovered that during our relationship she had been having threesomes with them. I had never cheated on her and it hurt knowing that she was sleeping around. She could see I was hurt and that started pulling us apart. Imagine knowing your fiancé is someone else’s scuftin.

I am not sure what to do? I love this woman but can I trust her. I already doubt myself that I can satisfy her alone because of her appetite. I am now angry and jealous of what she was doing when I was so busy being loyal.

What should I do about this situation?

Thank You


31 thoughts on “YES 156

  1. Thixo wa se George Koch!!!!! Lungi Gray!!! Adonbilivit lol.
    Fred i am so sorry but i have to ask. This sex with another couple thing does not make sense to me. Is it just 2 couples having sex at the same time in the same room or is it group activity where everyone is doing everyone, taking turns, rotating? Like dintshang? is this like an orgy?
    Also i think it’s a bad idea and things could easily go wrong. Your fiance is not to be trusted and the other couple too considering the fact that they’ve been having a threesome with her. I mean you guys are engaged to be married so whats gona happen after you are married? It sounds like she wants an orgy and again i say, bad idea especially for a couple that’s about to get married.

      1. Pillz an orgy is more like a 3sum, only it can be more people taking turns on one person or so. Enlik ake sure but I think thats what it is.

        1. Mike can you tell me why everytime I comment, it is always waiting for moderation? Or maybe gaonyake kefana ka temosho yaka?

        2. Ohhhh okay…Thank Lee….Im outchea thinking orgasm but heeey Tholukuthi its not making sense, lmao….

          People do weird things out here hey…… Let me stick to my boring lane shame …with HIV and STD’s batho ba nyaka di orgy’s heeeebana!!!

  2. Wow dat sex scene left me speechless n wantin sum😜.to fred u wil neva be enough for her neva no matter hw much u try ur best to satisfy her so its either u get int this 4some thing or jst no gore shes always gonna cheat on u.n de fact dat she wnted u to b a part of dis it shows dat she was starting to fil horrible about sleepin with sm1 else

  3. Yhooooo bhut Mike…sooo many sex tips….yeeee man, and its cold today in Cape Town what are you doing to us mara, lmao!!!

    Tjooooo Fred morena , this is a mess my guy….. Whats going to happen when you guys are married?? You need to sit her down and ask her these things…and if you give her this , she will want to experiment with more stuff and more people!!!

    Khona….her having a 3sum with these people is it a sexual urge of hers?? Becuae if it is then she will never be satisfied with having sex with just you….and no this is not about you fulfilling her sexual fantasies and needs. So before those lobola negotiations commence , ya’ll better sit down and talk about all these things….

    All the best my guy!!!

  4. Can we all just reflect on the fact that Mike is writing these raunchy sex scenes. Hello Mike awufuni ukuba yi skaftini sam he?

  5. Personally I wouldn’t involve such sexual experiences (other people) in my soon to be marriage it causes lots of problems in future trust me

  6. Thank you Mike!
    Iyooooh… Could Mthobisi and madlozi take a hike kancane hle and let Lungi have a peaceful session without disturbances. I kinda like Simba. Phela she needs a husband so that her sister can have a place to stay.

  7. Thanks Team, and thank you for the sex tips…
    Fred – if you are uncomfortable with the sex life and fantasy your lady has, just cut your losses and move on. You won’t be able to trust her going into that marriage, akuyona eyakho le, move on Fred, she belongs with other like minded sex experimenting ppl like her…

  8. I believe we have so many divorces not cause people do not want to commit but due to marrying people we know they are not good for us or just for the sake of having spouses. Fred this is clearly not your dream woman…Its better you got to see the true colours before tying the knot.

  9. Let’s rename it sex stories of the young and employed lol 😛
    Tjo Fred, this is a red flag hey (in my opinion) and her huge sexual appetite doesn’t exactly make it okay for her to do such. Do you wanna spend the rest of your with someone who takes sex more seriously than her marriage? She will never be satisfied with just having sex with you alone. She is not a monogamus woman.

  10. Sex is sacred! If you go on and marry her You will spend your life wondering if you’ll ever be enough for her. This will cause problems between y’all and you’ll eventually divorce. A girl that does not understand the institution of marriage is not worth marrying

  11. Personally I think you should wait kancane with the lobola neg, wat will happen wen she gets bored with this 3some she will move on to the next n wena u will have to accept and if she has such a sexually drive hlampe she has anotha nigga she’s busy wif, experiencing all shapes n sizes ngeke how do u trust such a person n how many other men is she sleeping wif? N she is good coz she been having sex else right under nose yhoo emini she gets else where n cums bck to get from you ngeke ndoda awume kancane ngama lobola

  12. Yhoo Mike I see where u get the scene inspiration.
    Mara Fred my situation is different, I just asked her what kinky thing has she has done n she had a foursome with guys n now she only enjoy missionary with me on top with legs closed because in not that big it make her come(she never became bae)but became friends with benefits . It never worked cause nje.My guy ask her if they used condoms on the 3some cause it’s not easy to change condoms with two women 👭 it’s either u join that lifestyle on u jump the ship 🚢 but u will never b the same if get a normal woman 👩 she could bore u. Jump ship baba it’s on fire but into a life boat. Women a freaky now Fred,she’s not ur ideal wife

    Ladyzee,Legalese n Pills ladies what do u do for a living I’m a technician, just asking

  13. This is the first time I’ve weighed in on any letter that’s been posted on this blog. Why, coz everyone else is implying that there’s options to ure situation. The way I see it there’s no engagement here. For the 3 years you’ve been faithful to this woman, she’s been having 3sums regularly. Remember this is 1 page of a dossier we don’t know contains how many more issues. The girl you’ve known to be ure fiancee’s friend is dating(or married) to the man who has been co-fucking ure woman for 3 years. Putting this into consideration he must be a stallion in bed (coz fucking 2 women is serious work boss)
    Now that you’ve seen the scope of the situation, how do you even fix the relationship? In my opinion the only option is to bounce this woman. Her ratchet ass has to go.
    The only form of compensation I see is to renegotiate the deal such that you also get a personal 3sum (that’s what I’d do) Hit that Congo dust if you have to plus 1 or 2 viagra pills , that should be sufficient for a weekend of action or whenever. If ure with the good guys just let her go because in truth any woman who’s willing to be a scuftin in that situ was probably getting super orgasms coz sbali for 3 years. No man, let’s go slaughter 1 of those beasts you had in ure budget to celebrate that you dodged the RPG that was aimed at you. In truth tho my sympathies lay with you guy. It’s a hard pill to swallow but stay strong bro, the right 1 will come along someday

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