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YES 155


Did I even believe that she had been mugged?

Why was she telling me this only now and why the hell was she walking around with our mother’s letter in the first place! My sister had always been the weak one! She could never do anything on her own no wonder why she was a submissive wife.


“Why were you carrying the letter around?”

I asked her angrily.

“You don’t even ask if I am ok.”

She said to me.

“Of course not! You can’t be ok in the head if you can walk around carrying the last thing mama ever said to us in your hand bag in Jozi! How dumb are you?”

I asked her angrily of which she got angry and she pushed me so hard I fell.

“Mind how you talk to me! I am your older sister and you must respect me!”

She said angrily still. I stood up immediately and I pushed her back!

“Ok the older dumb sister, are you happy now? I am not getting married to save the house! I don’t even have someone willing to marry me so there! You are going to have to find yourself a new place to stay because that’s not happening!”

I told her angrily. Our voices were getting louder as our tempers rose.

“See that’s your problem Lungi you are selfish. You always think of yourself and mama always said it and you know it! That’s why no man wants to marry you; you never humble yourself enough to hear anyone else’s opinion!”

She retorted.

“Oh that’s well and good, at least I don’t have to watch my husband walk around with 19 year old because I could not keep a man in the house!”

I didn’t see it coming. She punched me on the nose so hard I flew in the air like they do on TV and landed on my ass.

“How dare you?”

She screamed. I could hear the pain in her voice as she asked that. I had really hurt her with that but there was no time to think as she was already on top of me beating me up. She had the element of surprise and much as I fought back she also had momentum.

“But it’s true! You act as though it’s perfect but it’s not! I don’t want to get married to end up like you! No thank you!”

I said driving the dagger in. She had really annoyed me and how dare she hit me.

“You look down on me because I am not as smart as you!”

She shouted at me and that not even the point I was trying to make but oh well this was a fight!


I responded angrily as the punches flew my way. I was just pissing her even more. Next thing I heard loud knocking on the door!


I heard Mam’Dolly’s voice and next thing she opened the door as it was not locked. Why is it I am always the one that gets called out and not my sister.

“Lungile what are you doing?”

Mam’Dolly said coming in between us pushing us apart. My sister was like a rabid dog and she still wanted more.

“She started it! She told me that the reason why I am back home is because I am a useless wife!”

She screamed angrily and broke into tears! See now I was the bad guy.

“She punched me first! I did not start the fight she did. She punched me and look I am bleeding!”

I told her. I had a nose bleed but not a hectic one. Nothing felt broken though thank God but still the sight of blood. I reached over to the sink and took a dish cloth and put water on it to stop the nose bleed. I guess this dish cloth now had to be thrown away.

“Your mother’s body is still warm in the ground and you already want to kill each other? Is this what you want? Is this what she wanted for her two daughters to tear each other apart like this! Shame on you really shame on you! You don’t deserve her as a mother. That was my best friend and she raised you right and this is how you honour her?”

She asked and next thing she too was crying. The drama of this woman really.

“She needs to learn to stand up for herself and not want everyone else around to do things for her!”

I said picking up my bag.

“You can’t leave with things like this!”

Mam’Dolly tried to advise me but I was done. I did not want to be with my sister anymore she made feel sick! If she thought I was going to get married to save her ass she had another thing coming.

“I am leaving. Don’t talk to me again. I am sorry Mam’Dolly!”

I apologized to our neighbour and I walked straight to my car and drove off. In the car things did not get better either. My sister had really crossed a line in throwing that first punch. I had every intention of blocking her off everything. She will see where she will get money from. My phone rang and it was Nthabiseng. Shit! I had forgotten to tell Nthabiseng that the money had arrived and I could not lie about it either because I am sure she knew as my lawyer.

“Hey love!”

I said trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

“I was meaning to call you hey just that my day got super hectic!”

I told her before she could even say anything.

“Mmmm I thought now that you a millionaire you don’t remember some of us little people!”

She said and we both laughed.

“I won’t be that kind of millionaire! This is money you can blow off in seconds if you with the right people!”

I told her and she laughed again.

“It’s true hey meaning I don’t have to warn you about being responsible in how you use it. Don’t do drugs!”

She said and we laughed together. It hurt to laugh though because my sister had punched me good.

“I won’t. I take it you also calling to ask for the legal fees?”

I asked her. Lawyers are probably the most strict when it comes to paying them back. They know the law and they use it to their full might. I am going to be honest with you lawyers are glorified debt collectors; they are the muscle for every one you have ever borrowed money from. It’s their thing. I am sure the filth was there when they took our land and still covering for them to this day.

“Legal fees? No my dear we already took our legal fees. That was part of the deal!”

She explained.

“Uhm and how much did your firm take?”

I asked her.


She explained. What I did was stupid though not even reading the fine print.

“I need to give you back the money you loaned me for my mother’s funeral. You really came through for me at a tough time I owe you!”

I told her.

“I told you that money was not a loan. It was my contribution so you don’t have to give it back.”

She explained to me. I did not know what to say at this moment because I had the money to pay her back but she did not want it. She had done me right.

“Thank you!”

I told her.

“Anyway Friday drinks on you neh.”

She told me rather than asked me. It’s good to have friends you can rely on and friend who do not want to use you. We have all had our fair shares of those so called fake friends and for me Nthabiseng was not. Cindy let me down and look what happened? She was my best friend. My phone rang again and it was Simba.

“Hey are you still coming?”

He asked as soon as I picked up the phone.

“Oh wow do you doubt me?”

I asked him.

“I have been stood up before so I don’t think I ever want to experience that again!”

He said laughing.

“I am still coming. I have to go home first and change. I had a fight with my sister so I need to freshen up before I come for dinner!”

I told him. I guess I needed to tell someone and it happened to be him whom it came out to.

“Family drama is always heightened when you lose someone!”

He told me,

“But it’s ok though you will tell me all about it when you come over!”

He continued without pushing. I liked that about him. He had a way of not insisting on things whenever he spoke.

“Ok cool then!”

I told him. I drove home. As soon as I got to my estate I had this sudden chill. What if I had been followed or what if someone was waiting for me inside. This was a bad idea I should have stayed at Miriam. I could not go inside. I literally froze.


I said as I turned back. I could not go in. I drove straight for Simba’s. When I got to his place I buzzed.


Was his response.

“It’s me!”

I told him.


He said. He sounded very surprised at this.

“That was fast you must have been very hungry!”

He teased as he opened the door.

“Nope it’s not that…”

I started to say then he went like,

“Goodness what happened to you!”

He asked looking at my state of dress. After the fight I was obviously a mess.

“I told you I fought with my sister.”

I told him. The look on his face when I said that was priceless. He was not sure how to react.

“I did not realize that it was physical!”

He told me.

“You need to fix this. Family sticks together no matter what!”

He advised me.

“Can I please clean up and can I borrow one of your shirts!”

I asked him.

“Sure come this way!”

He said escorted me. His place was very decent I must say. I took a shower and put on his shirt. It’s not attractive at all I must tell you that’s a white people thing!

“You look great!”

He said when I walked out.

“Thanks very much but you making that up! Something smells good!”

I told him and I was not lying. It did smell really good.

“Thank you. I hope it tastes good too because I used a recipe so I am not even sure if the food is the right taste!”

He said and I laughed at him for not having that confidence. The food however was delightful. He really went all out. A starter and a main course. Something was missing him.

“Where is the dessert?”

I asked him.

“You are looking at it!”

He said but there was nothing. No ice cream no cake nothing!

“Do you really think this is how the story ends?”

He asked with a huge grin on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked him.

“Well you said the last time you were here that you do not do the no sex thing?”

He said and that was the last thing I expected to hear! I almost choked on my drink.

“Calm down!”

He said smiling. He stood up and he put some music on.

“You are so cheesy!”

I said to him laughing.

“Am I really? You said you needed a man in every sense of the word right?”

He asked me.

“Yes I did!”

I stuttered as I said it.


He said and standing in front of me and the next thing he took off his shirt…

Dear God!

**********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am finally getting the courage to write to you after three years of reading. You are intimidating in big brother way Mr. Mike and that’s a compliment. We have learned to respect you over the years so thank you for creating a safe space for us to share our issues.

I am 43 and I have been married for 17 years. We have 3 children the eldest being a girl who is 20 now. My husband works for a private company and he is 47. He used to take my daughter to work as she wants to be an accountant. She is in university. One day he bumped into my daughter and his boss who is over 50 with my daughter at the mall. My daughter confessed that she has been sleeping with his boss since she was 16. It was a huge mess and I tried to get him arrested only to learn she was not under age. He threatened to fire my husband and we finding out made my daughter move in with him as she had nothing to hide anymore. His boss started taunting him telling him how good my daughter is in bed etc because I tried to get him arrested. My daughter plays along with the boss and comes to the office in short dresses and skirts and kisses this revolting man in front of my husband and colleagues. It is humiliating. The boss knows my husband can’t quit his job because at 47 who will hire him. My husband has not taken this lying down and I am afraid he will do something stupid. He is angry and always plotting against his boss. I am genuinely scared he might hire someone to try killing his boss.

How do I intervene?

Please Help

Pretoria North

23 thoughts on “YES 155

  1. Holy shit that’s some movie shit. Cut all ties with the daughter,let her be. She will realize when its late that family is everything,because clearly right now she doesn’t respect both of you guys.
    i hope the dad does his best not to kill his boss.

  2. Oh Bra Mike, such suspense!!!
    @ Pretoria North, this may sound crazy but leave your daughter, let her find out for herself how cruel the world is and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive her when she comes crawling back to you. As for your husband, he needs to find an outlet for his anger, killing another human being is not easy, the guilt alone will kill him.

  3. Pretoria North, your husband needs to go the nearest CCMA and report his boss, he can’t fire or threaten to fire him for no reason, that is an unfair dismissal. He must also seek legal advice about this, and I’m sorry, ube right.

  4. Dear Pretoria north for your husband sanity he should leave that job or seek employment else where or just leave it and start a small business, I know your man ego can’t take this but him going to jail is worse than him being unemployed… This revenge thing will be his downfall and as for your daughter I hope she wakes up from that man hook. The most easy thing to open is a shebeen

  5. Thanks Team…. ooh wow, what a Friday. So Simba is going ‘Happy Spring Day’ on Lungi, hope he is springing something worthwhile…
    @ Pretoria North – wuuuh jecoooh, askies sisi, hope the boss rots in hell. As for your daughter, let her be, she will cone around and ask for forgiveness once that man is done with her!!! Is the boss not married, if he is, involve his wife…. nnnxxx, am so pissed – izingane zethu ezithanda izinto, namadoda akhohlakele….

  6. This chapter gave me chills, Lungi could have been followed home and has now put Simba in danger.

    She should just marry him out of community of property to save her sister, family is family no matter what

      1. Mike kanthe isn’t Lungi’s sister a cop? Why ait she going back to work and is always mopping?

        Ende what’s happening with Cindy, since she lost the baby there hasn’t been any activity there.

  7. But Pretoria North I am assuming you guys are educated and know how the law works and all. The boss can’t fire your husband unless he is not perfoRming. Get your husband to file a grievance with HR because that is bullying in a workplace and he needs to be dealt with.

  8. Thank you Bhut’Mike and Team; hai kodwa Lungi uyayithanda igingi vleis-thyini uyakuzila nini?
    Pretoria North – your husband is still employable, some companies do look for people with extensive experience. My only concern is that the evil boss may not give him a good reference just to spite him. Unfortunately, as long as your daughter does not realise her mistake she will not leave this guy, as difficult as it is you have to let her be. If you guys are still on speaking terms with her, sit down with her and tell her how you feel about this how hurt you are that your lovely daughter is dating a guy older than her father and what you foresee in future. Do not shout at her, or tell her what to do it will just make her more rebellious. As they say when being corrected no one likes cruel words; however, they appreciate and listen to kind.
    All the best mama and be strong – ukukhulisa abantwana is hard work on its own

  9. Pretoria north, i feel your pain and the Man above does too, please call on Jesus Christ like you never did before, tell Him exactly how this makes you feel, He is merciful and shall turn things around for you. He already knows what your family is going through, only He can talk sence to your daughter. I have seen Him doing the supernatural in my life. Please try my remedy…you know i call Him my Medicine and Healing for i have seen Him do the impossible. No man has power to fix the impossible besides Jesus, i assure you. Please try Him and you would come out with a testimony.

  10. Hi Pretoria North.You and your husband can still get the boss arrested seeing that he started sleeping with your daughter at 16, this is called “statutory rape”. How this is applied is that the age at which this incident started is considered and is crucial, regardles of how old she may be now. This means at the time when the boss slept with her, she was still legally incapable of giving her own consent to sleep with anyone. The only possible problem here is that you will need some kind of evidence proving that indeed he’s been sleeping with her before she was 18. A witness will do even, if at the time when your daughter confessed this to your husband there was anyone else nearby, that person will need to testify to this in court and your case will then be airtight, regardless that at the moment your husband’s boss and her are, and can legally be dating. If your daughter confessed to your husband alone, then you both should manipulate her into confessing that in writing, without her realising it, after obtaining that confession of hers then I guarantee you will win this case and get the busters out away in prison for a very long time…good luck, do not walk away from this, your husband’s pain and suffering must be avenged. Regards,Magaiga

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