Majuba 48

What is the worst thing a person has ever done to you? We all have stories of betrayal or anger directed at someone.

There are people you never expect to do you harm and that is why it hurts more when someone you trust let’s you down. My mother knew something because the way she had described that car meant she had seen it and if she had seen it that meant she had spoken to him in person. How did she even know him? For now however I had to worry about Londiwe. Yes my mother was on my mind but to deal with her I had to get myself out of the mess I was in right now. Have you ever heard of that saying that says ‘making a deal with the devil?” In essence it means you can’t trust some people you make deals with it because it could backfire on you at some point. Simon was no exception. He was sneaky and sleek.

“I am doing this for you. Stop arguing and just get out of here!”

Londiwe said to me. Our visitation was over unfortunately and I had to go back to the jail cell. I was not looking up to it.

“Chief you look like someone who has connections!”

The big guy said to me when I got back into the cell. Look it made sense to make friends with the biggest guy in the room. It offers you some sense of comfort.

“I am not sure how connected you want me to be but if I can help with something I will!”

I told him.

“I thought so. I need a lawyer, the money is there but you know how these things are!”

He said.

“No I don’t, you will have to explain to me so that I do the right thing!”

I told him.

“People like us don’t get the good lawyers. They give us free lawyers who are waiting for a pay cheque at the end of the month. I want someone who will fight for me!”

He explained. It’s funny that criminals do crimes that will get them in trouble knowing if they get caught it means jail. The joke is in that they too don’t want to be caged up like animals but they do the crime anyway. I had to be nice.

“My lawyer is new to me, the wife hired him but he looks sharp. I can ask him to look into you and if he can help I don’t see why not!”

I told this criminal. I was doing this to be nice and to come out alive. At the end of the day you do what it takes to survive even if it means I was using him.

“Thank you! I will really appreciate it and when we are outside I will owe you one!”

He said. Can anyone ever trust the word of a criminal though? This guy telling me that he will honour a favour was like believing a girl won’t get angry if you answer her truthfully when she asks ‘am I fat’!

“Will you make him speak for us too?”

The other criminal, the one who spoke like a character from iNumber Number asked.

“Shut up! Why do you enter conversations that you know nothing about?”

The big guy asked him. He really was not someone whose bad side you wanted to get on to. We spoke a bit longer before I heard the rattling of keys. It was the cop that had arrested me in the first place.

“Vusi, you are going home!”

The officer to me. He looked rather annoyed as he said this. It was the same officer who had harassed me coming here. This guy really had taken just one look at me and decided that he did not like me.

“Yes I am. I am going home to my wife!”

I told him cheekily. My heart sank though as I said that because if I was going home it meant Simon had signed on. This was beyond ridiculous.

“You have jokes now. Before you were crying like a baby but you know what, you will be back, guys like you might not see it immediately but the reality is you always end up here!”

He said as he walked me out. I did not intend to come back here so he was wrong. I had to get rid of Simon and all my Simon problems once and for all. Waiting for me on the other side was my wife and my lawyer. I did not even remember his name shame.

“Thank you so much!”

I said shaking his hand and hugging my wife. We walked out and for the first time in a long time I greatly appreciated Londiwe. It’s easy to jump to conclusions and say she was eager to sleep with him but I would like to believe that she was doing this to make sure I don’t sleep in jail. Tomorrow we will come up with a new plan of course.

“Mr. Lawyer, I might have gotten you a new client…”

I told the lawyer as he walked out with me.

“What do you mean?”

He asked me. I explained to him who he must go see. I actually thought he would say no but money is money. He left us and he went back in.

“I need to bath I feel and smell filthy!”

I told Londy.

“I agree with you there!”

She told me.

“Where is my mum? She was here and she left!”

I asked her.

“I don’t know where she is. That woman and I really are like oil and water. She was angry that you chose to see me and not her!”

She was telling me when we got to the car.

“You drove here!”

I asked her. I have said already her driving was shoddy at best so she hardly ever got to drive alone.

“Yes I had to and you can see the car is in good shape so stop worrying too much about me!”

She said happily. How could she be this happy though? She always maintained that Simon was her enemy; if I was her I would be mad at the world right now.

“You are my wife and this thing we need to discuss. We are supposed to be a together forever story and things like this will derail us!”

I warned her as I drove. She was not going to drive me that’s for sure.

“Yes but let’s talk about that when we get home. I just got you out and I am happy please don’t get me depressed again.”

She said and that’s where the conversation died. When we got home she made a light supper, bread and eggs and I didn’t mind that either because I don’t think I would have managed a heavy meal.

“Love I am going to bed. Today was a long day and all this running around can’t be good for the baby!”

Londiwe said. She knew I loved it when she spoke about the baby. See why I thought my mother was lying, she had lied about how she new Simon so now she was trying to drive a wedge between my wife and I by lying about this.

“Ok love goodnight!”

I told her as I kissed her. She fell asleep almost immediately and I watched her sleep. She was beautiful and much as I did not like the idea, she was willing to sacrifice even her dignity for me. How many women can do that for their man? I can tell you this right now, very few!

“My life!”

I whispered as I too fell asleep! In the morning I decided that I should go to the hospital and try and talk him out of this. Simon surely wasn’t all bad. I did not want Londiwe to stop me so I slipped out when she was still in bed. It was still too early though to visit so I decided that I should check up on Naledi first. She had been sick and it was the least I could do. I called her and she said she was having an early breakfast close to where I was. I went to see her.

“I am sorry about the other day!”

She said as soon as I sat across her.

“It’s ok. How are you holding up?”

I asked her.

“I will live if that’s what you are asking. It was a temporary moment of weakness. This disease does this to me!”

She said. I felt a bit guilty for the way I had treated her but it was the right thing to do.

“I am sorry for that.”

We sat there and I ended up having breakfast with her before I left for the hospital. Londiwe tried to call me but I did not answer because I already felt guilty for being here with Naledi. I should not be here but I did not want her cutting herself over me.

“What do you mean he is out of hospital? He was here yesterday and critical?”

I asked the nurse very surprised that they could release him so soon. There was no sense in that at all.

“Critical? You are talking about Simon Mamaregane right?”

She asked me.

“Yes I am. He was in this room. I was told his critical!”

She told me.

“Well I know what I am talking about sir. He only had a concussion and a few bruises! That is hardly what we call critical!”

She explained to me. I stood there for a moment, hands on waist!

“I am lost!”

I said out loud and shook my head.

“Well you are. I have already told you enough and you are not even family!”

The nurse said I think chasing me out. I was leaving in any case dazed and confused. What had just happened here?


I said out loud.

“I have to tell her this!”

I said as I charged outside. I walked briskly to the car as I tried to call her. Her phone was off.

“Stupid woman why is your phone off!”

I asked my phone out loud. She is the one who had told me he was critical and she had been stupid in that she had not seen that he was tricking her. How could she have been so easily manipulated though? As I drove I realized that my car was already in the reserve tank. I had to find a garage to refuel.


I screamed annoyed and again having failed to raise her on the phone. It took me 20 extra minutes to get home.


I shouted out loud as I entered the house.

“Londiwe! I have good news!”

I shouted but there was no answer. I went from room to room but it was quiet.

“Where is she?”

I asked myself. I went to the kitchen and on the fridge was a note.

“I tried to call you but it think it’s for the best you didn’t pick up. Simon called me to come to his place. I just want to get this over and done with! Love you always!”

Hell no. Had he not said that I was supposed to be there when this happens?


I had to stop her but I did not even know where he stayed!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and I must say wow you really are an incredible writer.

My problems are marital, I guess so are many other peoples! I married a man whom I thought at the time was the best man ever. He was loving caring and allez! When we dated we used to have our fights and he cheated once about 5 years ago before we got married. I forgave him for that. During that time I cheated too and never told him. When we got in 2015 things were only good for like six months then he changed. He started accusing me of cheating on him after we got married. This happened after his best friend and older brother found their partners cheating on them. Both were cheated on by people whom no one would ever suspect which made it even harder for my husband to accept. It was as though it was me who had cheated on those people. He became stricter with me and always shouting. I obviously fought back because their mistakes were not my mistakes. In June I don’t remember how he found out but he did, he found out I had cheated on him that 5 years ago story. He did not ask me if I had cheated but asked me if I was still in contact with that person. The answer was no which is the truth. The problem was since that day every time we fight he mentions that person’s name. I know he knows because it was a random guy. If I confess I am sure I will die but the way it has become so annoying the innuendo’s I just want to put us both out of our misery and come out with. Is this wise? How do I get him to trust again? I even wish I could go talk to his brother the one who was cheated on to come plead my case for me. Is that wise also?

Thank you for your time.


12 thoughts on “Majuba 48

  1. Mafikeng never ever confess. You think him mentioning his name is annoying wait till you confess. His gonna remember that one time last week you ddnt pick up your phone and claim you were with him. Confessions and men are not in the same whatsapp group. Even if he can tell you his got proof unless you see it and it’s watertight deny deny hela SESI KE RE DENY. There’s no bitter man like one who was cheated on so leave the brother alone his poison in situations like this. Wena just deny and throw tantrums and make someone sleep on the couch next time he mentions that guys name.
    And lastly but not least DENY AND NEVER EVER CONFESS

    1. I second sistaboss!!!! Deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny ×1million!!!!
      Even if there is proof and it’s you on top. Deny!!!!!!

  2. Omg! Is Vusi maybe sterile and now Londiwe needs to fall pregnant? No way a concussion and a few bruises can be interpreted as critical, Londiwe is no dummy.

    Mafikeng, it was before you got married. Sistaboss is right. Just keep denying.

  3. @Mafikeng, DO NOT CONFESS! DENY DENY DENY TILL YOU TURN BLUE. Men don’t forgive. So whatever you do don’t confess assomblief!

  4. Yeyi!! DENY!!! Deny till you’re blue in the face…Jesu akabuye before uvume intenjalo! You will NEVER hear the end of it & even in the family uyokhunjuzwa njalo ukuthi “you were that wife”.

  5. Mafikeng next time he mentions the guy’s name also ask if hes still in contact with that person he cheated on u with.. He’s not innocent too akere so why behave like a saint. Those people belong to the past….. He should leave them there.

  6. OMG! May Londi is gon come back and say Simon hit her and she had a miscarriage. Mmmm…as i wait for Friday!

    Bhut Mike keep up the great work. You’re really gifted.

  7. Mafikeng, there is nothing you can do doll. These are his insecurities that he needs to deal with. Even if you become that woman who stays at home every weekend, calls him the moment you get to work, calls him when you leave the office, speak to him via whatsapp throughout the day; he will still not trust you because he has issues he needs to work though. Do not confess anything, if it was a random guy you have no contact with then nothing will ever come back to you. deny, deny, deny!

  8. Going through the comments all is see is deny deny deny….hahahahha. I like it for the Mbokodo…lol.
    Myself I am the type who will deny even if I was court righthanded…I would say it wasn’t me :).

  9. Thanx Bra Mike…. Londiwe though #sigh
    Mafikeng…deny sis Jesus forgive but men don’t. when ever he bring that issue up please don’t defend yourself just brush it off, change a topic or something eventually he will stop.Don’t crucify yourself sis singaphela amadoda mnxi

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