Majuba 47

There are some things you think only ever happen on TV, you know that channel that plays bad sound quality Latina soap

operas. Yup, those channels that everyone skips over because the shows are usually ridiculous. That was how I felt my life was right now. I sat there for a moment and looked at her like she was joking but when she did not blink I knew she was telling the truth. He wanted to humiliate me in front of her and this was his way of doing it. What kind of man would I be if I allowed my wife to sleep with another man in front of me? Come on now. I know we say it’s her body nowadays she can sleep with whomever she wants but does marriage mean nothing. Can your wife or husband sleep with anyone they want with no consequences? If that’s the case why do we bother getting married in the first place? There was something else though as I also had to play my cards right because with the Yizo Yizo guys in the cell I don’t think sleeping here would be wise.

“You are joking right love; did he really ask for that?”

I asked her.

“Yes he did. He really does not like you neh?”

She asked me like she was asking about how many sugars I want in my tea.

“That’ request is a bit much though. He is asking to sleep with you in my presence, is he mad?”

I asked her. Look I won’t lie, at this stage I was angry at him but on the other hand, something I can’t say outwardly to Londy I was relieved that at least there was a solution.

“Was there nothing else he asked for? Does it have to be this?”

I asked her concerned about what this would do to us.

“Vusi I know you and your pride. This is just sex and we are done. We don’t lose money and more importantly you get out of jail. That’s the most important thing to me. I don’t want my baby, our baby to have a child in prison or who is an ex con because he was too proud to take a simple deal!”

She said to me. I am not the perfect husband, I think that’s something I have started to accept but even for me this sacrifice was too much. You know when a couple has a threesome it’s something they consent to and enjoy together but this one was different. I am not saying I wanted to sleep with Simon nor that I wanted to be part of this, no, all I am saying is the consequences of this will be bigger than the moment.

“This is your body and you say you hate Simon so much how are you going to allow him to sleep with you? It’s going to hurt you down the lone!”

I told her.

“It’s my body, you are my husband! You are the most important thing to me. I took the deal and I agreed to do it.”

She said. So all along when she was consulting me she had already taken the deal. See why it was easy to suspect that she was already having an affair with this guy.

“How can you take the deal without consulting me first?”

I asked her getting a bit angry now. I was not being a hypocrite here because I was the one who had to sit and watch his wife being defiled by that sleazy bastard.

“And you how can you go beat up my ex boyfriend to the inch of his life without consulting me?”

She asked me. Ok in the world of come backs that was a good one because after that I was stumped I did not know what to say.

“I don’t know what you want me to say. If I say thank you I am thanking you for wanting to sleep with another man. On the other hand if I get angry I am being ungrateful to you trying to save my life!”

I told her exactly the conflict inside me.

“I did not expect you to like it and don’t make a mistake though saying I want to sleep with another man, I do not want to. I am doing it because you have a child to rise!”

She told me. It was at that moment that my mother and some guy I had never met walked in.

“Vusi are you ok?”

She asked me. She ran up and hugged me.

“I am ok mum!”

I told her not really accepting the embrace. I could see Londiwe through the corner of my eye. They shared a cold greeting between them which was nothing new.

“This is John he is going to be representing you!”

She said introducing me to the lawyer. The cop walked in and said,

“Only two visitors are allowed so can one of you come out?”

He said. My mother immediately looked at Londiwe as to her having to leave.

“I am not going anywhere, he is my husband!”

She told my mum immediately crossed her arms and looked the other way.

“I am his mother and I have brought the lawyer so who do you think must go?”

My mother also said defiantly. They both looked at me as though daring me to choose one. Goodness these people just would not give me a break.

“Mum it has to be you. Londiwe has very important information the lawyer has to hear. I can always see you after!”

I told my mother. It was like I had insulted her. The look on her face was as though she was sucking on a lemon. It was one of disgust that I could choose my wife over her.

“Ok then!”

She said as she walked out defeated I guess. Londiwe smiled.

“Do you realize that this is the first time you have chosen me over your mother and whilst that is nice, it simply because you want something from me!”

She asked me and told me at the same time. The drama never ends.

“Londiwe please…”

I started but she cut me off and said,

“John, the guy pressing charges says he will drop the charges if I sleep with him. I have already agreed to do it so if you call his lawyer or him, he gave me a number he will drop the charges!”

She told him without even blinking an eyelid.

“I beg your pardon?”

John asked confused by how candid she had said something so sordid.

“John its just sex! It lasts 5 minutes and my husband does not have to sleep in this filthy place. You get paid and you go home!”

Londiwe said taking charge.

“Are you comfortable with this Vusi? I mean right now you are in jail there is no way you can’t say no to this but it’s under duress?”

He asked me.

“Eh John, why are you asking my husband? I am the one who brokered the deal and I am the one telling you not Vusi? Do you have a problem with women being in charge?”

She asked the hapless lawyer who was not expecting a Londiwe on the war path!

“It’s just that I was not expecting this Londiwe, that’s your name right, I was not expecting it that’s all. I have had of such deals happening but never under my watch!”

He explained to my wife.

“Londiwe calm down love. Please don’t cause a scene everyone here is trying to help!”

I pleaded with her because I could see she was in one of her moods.

“I am sorry I bit your head off. My issue is that I had to broker this deal and sit and smile with the sleazy arsehole whilst the agreement was made. I don’t like it as much as you do but it has to be done!”

I think it was the first time since she came that she shed a tear. I could see a tear roll down her cheek but she quickly wiped it off.

“He says he wants it in writing so John can you please start writing. I have to get to the hospital ASAP so he can sign. Right now he thinks he has won!”

She said. She had a plan. It was already late though.

“Will I be able to sleep at home?”

I asked him.

“Well technically no but with the right people spoken to yes you will be able to!”

He told us. I am very certain that he meant a bribe. This is me, I hate corruption and even when the police stop me I feel as though it’s wrong to bribe them rather pay the fine. I get angry at corruption in government and so on but right now, I would have paid anything and everything they wanted. Here is the reality; corruption is only corruption if it does not benefit you because the rest of the time corruption is opportunity.

“I will make arrangements for…”

Before he even responded Londiwe was on him,

“Dude when will the letter be ready? I want to take it for him to sign now before he changes his mind. If he sleeps on it we are screwed!”

She told him emphasizing it. There was a sense of urgency to it. I had not seen Londiwe this proactive in a long-time.

“We have to go to the office because…”

John started to explain but again she cut him off,

“So why are you still sitting there? Let’s go! I will send your mother in I am sure she is dying to see you!”

Londiwe said extremely sarcastic in the last part. With the way john jumped up it was clear this woman terrified him and me too to a certain extent. I had never seen her like this.

“Yes maam!”

He said trotting after her. I looked at her walk away with purpose, hips swinging from side to side and I must say I fell in love right over again. She could not sleep with that dude now ah!”

“Since when does Londiwe make deals on our family behalf?”

My mother asked as soon as she walked in. She was angry at me clearly but ah sometimes you roll with punches.

“I am so glad to see you mum, thank you for coming!”

I said changing the topic immediately.

“I am happy to see you to but…”

She started but I was ready for her,

“But nothing mum. I heard what you said about Londiwe, I will deal with it on my own don’t worry. I am not just going to be hasty and not have a plan. For now let everyone trying to help me out of jail help me!”

I told her with a smile.

“You should never have married that lowlife but ok then, I will support your decision. Where did they go?”

She asked me.

“To the office to sign documents!”

I was not going to tell her what the deal was!

“This is my entire fault. I should never have trusted someone who drives a yellow car in the first place!”

My mother said and then something triggered inside me.

“Mum how do you know Simon drives a yellow car, I have never told you that?”

I asked her. She immediately sat up.

“Say what? I never said that!”

She back tracked immediately.

“Yeah you did mum! Tell me the truth!”

I told her angrily.

“I have to go. You are being irrational!”

Immediately she stood up and she left.

What the hell was going on?

********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I finally get the courage to write to you. Thank you for the wonderful platform.

I am 28 years old and at 23 I got married to the guy I had been dating since high school. I got pregnant in matric which was shameful and I got in trouble for it. He was older than me but I did not care because we were so in love. Two years ago he passed away in a car accident leaving me with a son to rise. It was the most painful thing to experience. I was a widow so young and he was the only guy I had ever been with. I went on a date for the first time after I lost him six months ago. It was not a pleasant date. The guy got drunk and he groped me. I blocked him. My next date was with a colleague’s cousin only to find out he was engaged and I was to be the side chick. Recently I started seeing a new guy and a month into the relationship he hit me. I had never been hit before by a man. He said I was disrespectful. I blamed myself for all three experiences. Is it too soon for me to be dating and is this what I should expect if ever I was to move on. I feel like my deceased husband is punishing me for wanting to move on. I just don’t know what to do.

Please advise me on how I can move on with my life and make better decisions in men.

Thank You


19 thoughts on “Majuba 47

  1. Thanks Team
    I have only 1 piece of advice for Vusi – let Londiwe sleep with Simon, and after that move away from Jhb, dump Londiwe and also block your Mother. Those two ladies are pure evil, you will never find peace and happiness as long as those two are in your life. At times you need to be cruel in life and be selfish. Now is the time. You already suspect Londiwe of shagging Simon, let them do it officially now and don’t even dump her after this. Just do the dissappearing act on her, the ones that she has been doing on you. Shiya phansi lemihlola. You are not a schemer, leave the 2 alone and start your life someplace else… nnnxxx 😡😡😡😡😡

    @Ms Polokwane – just concerntrate on yourself and child, and enjoy being single, it doesn’t look like you are having any luck on the dating field. Stop looking, the right one will come along in time, and if he doesn’t just enjoy the single life; you do not need a man to complete your life.

  2. Londiwe didn’t even allow the lawyer to come up with a counter offer. Don’t you need medicals done first if you are going to sleep with someone for a deal including a pregnancy test? watch Londiwe have Simon’s baby. Ms Polokwane, you may have healed from the death and it has been 2 years. Its either you need counselling or you need a bit of research as you havent dated yet as a mature woman since you been out the game since you were a teenager. Sometimes its the way we approach dating and the cold truth is that there are so many frogs out here. the #MenAreTrash exist for a reason . Also some men actually believe that a single mum shouldnt have standards when it comes to dating and are desperate so be careful and research dating coaches

  3. Wow,Londiwe is so in hurry to sleep with Simon,I smell a rat. Is either Vusi’s mither set her up or she wants to go openly about her affair as the policeman said they’re still in contact.

    Pollok wane what you’re going through is normal as you want to compare every guy to your late husband, don’t rush you’ll be fine with time. It happens also after the break up were 1 feels like the new partner is not the same as a long term ex.


  4. Dear Polokwane.

    I suggest you take your time dating. We cant really say its too early or the right time to start dating.

    Rather just focus on your self for now, the right guy will come when the time is right .


  5. Vusi’s mother is something else, she’s so sneaky and evil tjerr. Also i think Londiwe agreed to sleep with Simon because she lied about being pregnant so perhaps Simon could impregnate her.
    Polokwane i personally do not think you have healed completely. You will always love your husband and nobody can take that away from you, however you need to heal to a point where you are able to move on with your life without feeling guilty. You are still young and you obviously long for companionship and and maybe intimacy but i do not think you are ready. Give yourself time to heal and focus on your son. Also you do not want to expose your son to a lot of men so take your time before yo go for another guy

  6. Both Londiwe and Vusi are dysfunctional as people and as a couple. It’s a good thing they’re not about to be parents.

    Polokwane 2 years seems like a reasonable period to have healed and be ready to move on. Only you would have the answer to that. Unfortunately though the dating pool is very very shallow at 28 and you will have to kiss some frogs before finding your prince.

  7. I am patiently waiting yo see how all this unfolds akere.
    Dear polokwane dating is a nightmare trust, just keep those standards as high as they are dont compromise the right guy will come along and if your husband treated you well expect that from the next guy… in the mean time date for fun not looking for anything serious and enjoy getting to reintroduce yourself to yourself.

  8. Vusi’s mother is too much shame. She’s behind Simon chasing londiwe non stop… all her fault. As for londiwe whatever possessed her to fake a pregnancy!

    With dating you have to take it slowly, don’t trust any guy you’ve known for a month or 3. Out of 10 guys you consider dating only one is worth the effort. Your mistake is trusting too soon. Banna ke ditsotsi. Most of them just want to use you and control you. You got lucky with your husband hence missed out on a lot of experience other girls go through.

    Men are weak, they are perverts, they are controlling, they are abusive, they are liers, they are manipulative, they play with your feeling to get what they want. No man is what he looks like or represents himself to be or what u think he is. They’re always hiding something. They will say anything u want just so u can let ur guard down. They call it “throwing bones” they want to see what is it that u want so they can attract u with it. (Crash course in dating)… You’ve got a lot of work to do before u find or tame the right man. Some are untamable unfortunately… learn the difference.

    Google Types of man to avoid Dr Tracy love library…Read every article… it’ll save u time. Read Steve Harvey’s book Think like a man. Then read Why men love bitches. Otherwise you’ll just be fumbling around wondering what’s wrong with u kanthe u letting men take u for a ride… hell even go as far as not speaking to anyone not worth ur time. Say this in your head until u believe it “Men are perverts, they want to sleep with me for as they wish, they don’t want me to ask any questions just surrender myself to them, SUCH MEN ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME” In a nutshell a good man is hard to find, be smart and keep ur standards high as u wait for the right man to come.

  9. Sis Polokwane

    I am in the same situation. My husband died last year in June and left me with 3 kids, he was also my high school sweetheart and my first. I am 30 years old now. I got so lonely and decided to look for someone 6 months after his death. I met a 43 year old, but left me because he was staying in another town and did not trust me, saying im too beautiful to be alone and that he believes all men wants me, I was so angry and told him that, him being my 2nd boyfriend in this whole world says a lot about me, but he dumped me anyway. That hurt alot and i missed my husband even more and hated him for leaving me. 4 months after that i met a 40 year old, it was good in the beginning but he also started to change 2 months in the relationship, he is an emotional abuser, a pervert and a liar, i broke up with him last month because for his age he is way too busy with woman. I just want a good man who will love me and make me forget about my late husband. Good luck sisi, lets just stay away from them and pray, God will send good men our way…Strongs..

  10. Vusi cut these two women out of your life yong! They’re just too much. @Polokwane sis let love find you. It takes time to find someone who will be what you want so don’t be in a rush to be in a relationship. All the Best.

  11. the obvious right now is that she’s already shagging this guy and she’s not our favourite person right now…but I just had a crazy thought, what if she’s really pregnant right now even though it started off as a lie?

    I’m just thinking of a solid reason why would she be so adamant to sleep with this guy. if she’s not preg than Vusi better take @kaManyosi’s advice
    Siyabonga Mike
    Happy Birthday Miss T

  12. Vusi’s mother is so cunning tjo *clapsonce*
    Also she has this whole planned out… break him up with Londiwe for Naledi smh

  13. But am I the only one seeing this? Londiwe is in a rush to have the agreement signed by Simon, so that he can “incriminate” himself for having tried to make her sleep with him basically under threat/duress. I hope the fool Simon falls for it. I really don’t think she’s been sleeping with him.

  14. What if Londiwe is really pregnant with Simon’s child and she and Simon wanted to cover up the mess of her pregnancy by pretending to make a deal like that. she knows that if she sleeps with Simon when the child is born and it have Simon’s resemblence she will says that but I slept with Simon and was on your permission Vusi.

    or She wanted to keep on sleeping with Simon and says that but it was deal that you Vusi made with anyone pointing a gun on your head just because you wanted to save your ass.

    or Rets is right that Vusi’s mother set them up so that after Simon sleeps with Londi she will insist Vusi leaves Londi for Naledi as she don’t like Londi anywat.

  15. This can backfire on londiwe as she is nt really pregnant, then simon score a big goal nd she is really pregnant this time. i sense drama coming.londiwe cant even wait any longer to sleep wth simon what a wife she is, wow!;:@

  16. Has Vusis mom all over it…..Simon loves Londi and wants to win her back for good so he wouldn’t denand what would hurt but a combination of a bruised ego and monetary motivation may be ‘persuasive’.

  17. Ta brada Mikie.
    Can we say, “Men are trash” in the same sentence as Londi & Vusi’s mom & their witchcraft?
    I say people are trash in general.
    It’s hard to find a decent woman as it is to find a decent man. Fact that most men do not open up & reflect or complain about the trash women they come across in their lives doesn’t make those women angels.
    How many women have commented, “Send me yo man’s No. right here, when trash women are messing up with a gud guy? Pity gud doesn’t always find gud. I rest my case.

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