Majuba 45

I made my way to the police station. My mother needed boundaries and this was me starting to create them. How do you suggest

to someone that their wife is lying about a baby? Come on now. She was now too much and I should have protected Londiwe sooner instead of allowing my mother to continue this witch hunt for her from day one. I got into the station and it was female police officer who attended to me.

“What can I help you with?”

She asked me when it was my turn.

“I want to open a protection order against my mother!”

You should have seen how her eyes widened in undisguised shock and disappointment. The police officer looked at me as though I was crazy.

“Are you serious you want to get a restraining order against your mother?”

She asked me. I don’t know why she was giving me that look I had not done anything wrong. It’s my right you know.

“Yes I am sure. Are you going to help me or not?”

I asked her.

“I am but think about this. This is the woman who carried you for nine months and I am sure made so many sacrifices for you along the way?”

She asked me. I should never have come here but at that moment the anger levels kind of dissipated. She had made me feel guilty for wanting this and it worked.

“You know what, never mind!”

I said as I walked out with my tail in between my legs. It can’t be easy being Londiwe though. My mother hated her so much she thought that she had lied about being pregnant. Did she even have a reason to lie?

Women who don’t like flowers are difficult to say sorry to. Londiwe was not even a clothing person so I could not bring her a pair of shoes to say sorry. There was one thing she loved though and it’s brown, sticky and sweet, my baby loved chocolate. I decided the best thing to do was to go to Sandton City, they have two chocolate shops both expensive but both amazing. I went to Lindt and Geldhof and bought her chocolate. She was probably going to kill me for this as she was staying away from them to lose weight but now that she was pregnant no more that.

I was quietly optimistic as I drove home. This could actually work.

“Honey I am home!”

I shouted as I walked into our apartment. The TV was on and there was something cooking on the stove.

“Something smells nice!”

I said as I went to the kitchen. She was washing a pot by the sink. She did not respond.

“Baby, I know I have been a total fuck up lately. I am really sorry for all the stress I have been causing you!”

I told her as I handed the chocolate to her. She received them, put them on the table and said,

“Who is Naledi? Tell me the truth once and for all! I also want to meet her!”

She said. Mmmm ok that was not expected. Why did she want to meet her? I did not put it above my wife to want a physical fight with her because Londiwe was indeed the type to fight for her man.

“If it will make you feel better then yes I will take you to her right now if you want!”

I offered her. I was not going to cast any doubt. I had settled my account with Naledi; she now knew that I was married so I no longer had anything to hide. Last night was not so bad after all. The problem was did she want to see me?

“Yes I want that. Give me your phone, no call her and put the phone on speaker so that I know you won’t tip her off!”

She said to me. This was real and this was happening. I debated whether I should go with my colleague who was still under instruction to lie or go with the real Naledi. I chose the latter.

“Hey I didn’t expect you to call me today in fact ever again!”

She said as soon as she picked up.

“Well surprise I guess. How are you feeling today?”

I asked her.

“Apart from a massive headache I am feeling very embarrassed about what happened last night. I really did not know you were married and should never have tried to throw myself onto you like that!”

Mind you she was on speaker. I was literally doing back flips inside of me at this moment.

“Its ok I…”

Before I could continue Londiwe hang up the phone for me. She switched it off.

“What are you doing?”

I asked her.

“Didn’t you want answers and for me to arrange the meeting?”

I continued surprised by what she had done. I had not expected that but I guess it kind of looked pre planned. That had to be the reason why I had been cut off!

“What happened yesterday?”

She asked me.

“She suffers from depression and she called me to come hang out with her. I could not say no because I thought she was going to harm herself in some way. I am sorry I went though because much as she was in trouble I should have come home to you!”

I told her. This was reverse psychology and it was working because I could see she felt a bit guilty about it.

“I have a friend in high school who suffered from it. She committed suicide soon after matric and the sad thing was that she was the only one who had passed well at school. She came from a poor family and she not killed herself she would be taking care of them today!”

Londiwe explained going to check her pot.

“I did not know that. I am sorry to hear it too. Regardless I should have told you. Naledi is in the company that we using to get the tender. I never lied to you about that part. We don’t have an inappropriate relationship and I have absolutely no problem with you meeting her!”

I told her going in for the kill. I knew I had turned the conversation. The one thing people don’t realize is that when you falsely accuse your partner of cheating with a specific person, it more often than not makes it easier to now cheat for real with aforementioned person.

“Ok I hear you but I am still not comfortable with this whole situation so please stop talking to her. I know you said it’s for the sake of the tender but is it worth us always fighting?”

She asked me. W

“Wait, are you asking me to choose between us and the tender?”

I asked her because I think I had misheard her.

“Yes I am. You work and I work meaning we can afford our baby without opening the door for snakes to enter!”

She said casually.

“I am not sure I understand you hey. We need a house and right now can we even afford that. What if that job does not work out? We need to be wise Londy. A couple of million will make sure that our kids will have a home and money for education!”

I pleaded with her.

“I like the fact that you say kids. I want more than this one as well!”

She said touching her stomach. What was my mother on about?

“Put your hands here…”

She said guiding my hand to her womb.

“He or she is too small to be kicking yet but he or she is in there and dying to meet his daddy!”

That was the sweetest thing. I could not help but smile. I knelt in front of her and put my ear on her tummy.

“I bet she is. I want a boy though so it’s a he!”

I told her and she laughed. She knew I did not mind so long as my baby was healthy. She seemed in a better mood now than before.

“Do you still want to be in this relationship? I don’t want to keep talking about us like this because it’s like we are not moving on?”

I asked her. It must be annoying because this is what we have spoken about every time in the last weeks.

“Yes. Thank you for the chocolates and the breakfast in the morning, that was sweet!”

She said to me.

“Did you manage to check on Nobuhle today? Is she ok?”

I asked her about our neighbour. I had not seen the big Nigerian so I also did not know. It would be very rude to escort someone to the hospital and then not check on them.

“Yes I did. I really think we have to go see Simon though. I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s important!”

She advised me. Usually my first reaction would be to snap but I did not do that. Not now.

“Yes we must go! I overreacted with him and I have to make amends somehow!”

I told her. She looked at me with a bit of shock in her eyes then she posed and she came and she came and gave me a hug.

“Thank you so much for this! I was so scared you would say no and then we would be in a situation of uncertainty with him!”

She explained and I was clueless as to what she meant but ok then.

“Let me help you with whatever you are cooking.”

I offered her. She refused and said she got it covered for now I should just sit down and relax. I was never going to insist. Finally light at the end of the tunnel. My mother tried to call me and I ignored the call.

“Why are you not picking up?”

Londiwe asked me.

“It’s my mum and we had a fight so I won’t talk to her for a while!”

I told her. If that was good news to Londiwe she chose not to show it but in fact she chose a more diplomatic route and said,

“All this fighting is not a good thing. If you have a problem with her talk it out just don’t ignore her. You know how your mother overreacts to everything!”

She advised. I know that too but if I told her what she had said I doubt very much Londiwe would be on the side of making peace like this.

“We will see. Let’s not talk about her now though!”

I asked her. Before she could respond there was a knock at the door. At my house when someone knocks and I am there it is my duty to open the door. I stood up and walked towards it.

“So are we going to Walter Sisulu Gardens finally?”

I asked her as I went to the door.

“You have been trying to get me there for a while now, I wonder what’s there!”

She said as she walked behind me but not towards me. She wanted to see who was knocking clearly. I opened the door and two officers were standing there.

“Vusi Zungu?”

He asked me.

“You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Simon Mamaregane!”

The officer said to me. He did not move towards me but in fact stayed where he was standing without moving an inch. I also did not move because it did not make sense.

“For the what?”

I asked him.

“Attempted murder! Please turn around!”

It felt as though the ground was about to suck me in.

“You are lucky her survived otherwise it will be murder!”

He told me as he placed handcuffs on my wrists. I had no words.

“No! You don’t have to cuff him he is cooperating. Please don’t embarrass him out of the complex!”

Londy cried hands in mouth.

“Please don’t hurt him!”

She cried.

I was led out into a police van.

I was so scared.

******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the memories you have shared with us in your stories.

I am 21 and a university student. I come from a poor back ground and my parents are not employed. I passed well enough for university but not well enough for a bursary. I was determined to go to school and I knew there was no money at home so I targeted a rich older married man when I was in matric. He did not want me at first but I was relentless until eventually he gave in and now he is mine. We started sleeping together. When he started buying me gifts I refused and told him that as long as he paid my fees we were cool. He started paying my fees. I do not love this guy but he is in love with me. He sends me texts and calls all the time. I can’t ignore him because without him I will not be doing my third year Engineering. I have been trying to get a bursary though but not working. He on the other hand does not want to help me get one because I am sure he realizes he will lose his hold over me. The problem however is that his daughter is now a first year at the same University with me and guess what she is studying, Engineering. Her father insisted that I be her mentor and help her. I have been doing that and now we have become very close. She is very sweet and nice and I must say she is probably my closest friend right now. She has used to tease me saying she thinks her father likes me in a ‘creepy’ way and I would dismiss it. I don’t want to be my closest friends step mother and I know if she finds out about us it will break her. She opened up to me about how her father, the guy who is super sweet to me, is abusive at home and beats up her mother. This guy has never shouted at me once, ever! I can’t help but feel like I am the cause of this. I don’t know what to do but I need to graduate so next year so I can’t confront him.

How do I survive another 12 months with a man I now loathe because of his abuse?

Thank You


10 thoughts on “Majuba 45

  1. Vusi thoe 🙌🏾
    Student you got in knowingly, goal oriented, finish e job and ditch that moron. Set your eyes on the ball and the rest you’ll pretend till e end

  2. Vusi now needs that mother he was ignoring shem. Such a naive oke.

    Student, honestly,i wont judge you. People do what they must to survive. Im just glad that all this will be worth it cause you seem to be progressing. That man is abusive because he is abusive, not because of you. Get that degree honey, mentor his daughter and move on from that life next year.

  3. Gal… you graduating next year. As immoral as it sounds – get your degree & continue being your sweet self. Dont get too attached to the girl

    1. Better karma hits her when she is rich than broke… Lotsa girls have sugar daddies and all they have when he leaves are clothes, an iphone and HIV.. atleast she’ll have a degree

  4. Heck you Dont own those people anything just finish your degree its not your fault he is abusive you are so close to the finish line Dont ruin it you have already put in to much work…

  5. finish you degree.everyone is in it for the win.he gets the cookie you get the degree. Benefits worth your while!!!!!!!
    get a job far away from where ever you living

  6. Vusi must start thinking & planning instead of just reacting to things. He’s the master of his own demise. Once one has a criminal record, it doesn’t expire. U just have to leave with it. Thnx bro Mikie.
    @student, I’m not gonna judge. We’ll have done things we’re not proud of be it small or big.
    Pls use protection as a smart girl. When the time comes U cam even use yo friendship with his daughter as an excuse that he figured out about yo little secret. Then get yo age-mate to show him UR serious about quitting & moving on.Then leave this maze of a life. Make him pay yo final year balance in advance so long if he’s very rich.

  7. Vusi o drama lwena tuu. LONDIWE y dnt u tell the truth abt pregnancy hawu,does it excite u dat u want Vusi to lean on ur stomach nd empty womb aowa sesi u mst b ashamed of urslf

  8. Student be also beware the old man can also harm you for taking him for a ride. Be clever on your move don’t ever estimate him.

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