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YES 149

Having a friend like Miriam is fun in that she will always keep you entertained and on your toes but also dangerous

in that more often than not she will get you into trouble because of her big mouth. There was no doubt that she was tjatjarag and her loud personality was one of the reasons why I had stopped partying with her once upon a time! She also has a tendency of picking fights with other girls especially when we are out and that’s not something alike. Loud people like attention and Miriam is an attention seeker. This is why we were here right now because she was fire like that.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mthobisi Jumbe! Do you always introduce yourself by name and surname?”

I asked him trying to crack a joke but reality is I could feel my under arms moisten immediately; my heart was beating so loud I thought it would come out. It was thumping against my chest in a way I don’t recall ever feeling. My fingers curled into a fist, my sharp nails digging into my palm. All of a sudden I was scared to look him in the eye but I knew that if I did not he would see that we knew who the car belonged to and we will all be dead. You know when you think of a thug or criminal you picture and ugly looking dirty full of scars man but this guy was totally the opposite. I can’t even picture him saying ‘voetsek’ as all gangsters on South African TV say. It’s like the lack of creativity has us all believing in one thing. He was a gentleman and his confidence was quite inspiring.

“I am Lebo and this is my girlfriend Palesa!”

I said lying about our names because there was no way in hell I wanted such a man to know our real names.

“Lebo and Palesa! I would never have thought hey you have a Zulu accent!’

He said taking note.

“We from Jhb what do you expect? Everyone here speaks something other than what they should be so that does not count!”

Miriam chirped in. I could literally breathe a sigh of relief because thankfully Miriam caught on fast enough she did not dispute the names. She had heard that name too, Mthobisi Jumbe and she would have been dumb to try and make a noise now.

“Girlfriend as in you two are together?”

He asked me a bit surprised and I think he did not quite believe us. I don’t know why I said that but it was the first thing that came to my mind.

“This is the 21st century surely you can’t be asking such a question!”

I told him trying to sound offended. I know most same sex couples are very good at taking offense when you ask them such questions. You can never act like you don’t know nor you don’t accept otherwise the list of names that will be thrown at you are enough to drown you in a teacup.

“No offense sister I was just curious! I have never been to a home run by two …two… Ladies!”

He said uncomfortably. I think the word he could not find was ‘lesbians’ for the fear of offending us further. Maybe he thought we will go Mduduzi Manana on him I don’t know but he backed down. My phone rang at that moment and it was Mbilahelo. It was so loud definitely ignoring would be weird. I picked up and said,

“Hey babe I have been waiting for your call!”

Mbilahelo was so confused by that greeting it showed in his response as he went on to ask,

“Since when am I babe not that I don’t like it and did I say I was going to call?”

I kept the smile on my face even though he could not see it. I was not going to answer that question as how would it look if I started explaining to him why when Mthobisi was sitting there.

“Are you on your way love?”

I asked him and again he asked,

“And now am love?”

He was curious to know what was going on but I wanted to get my point my across. This not the way I normally speak to him and if anything I am quite mean to him. I don’t mean to do it; it’s something that comes naturally to me.

“I am on my way there to pick up the other car. I am with Azwindini unfortunately because he needs a doctor but he is refusing to go alone. You might have to drive the other car for me if you don’t mind unfortunately!’

He went on to say before I could even answer what he had said before. Look there was no way I was going to drive that car no matter what. What if I was followed what then? I could not say that obviously at this moment so I tried something different.

“Oh by the way do you know who owns that red Ford Focus in the parking lot. There is a man who came here looking for the owner?”

I asked him totally not answering his question. It was deliberate so that he could see that something was up. This would surely make him get the hint of what was going on.

“How am I supposed to know who stays in your estate though? I mean come on Lungi are you sure you know who you are talking to?”

He asked me. Maybe I had tried to play it too hard. Crap now he won’t know what I was talking about.

“I was just asking. It’s ok if you don’t know!”

I told him and I think it is only then that it clicked to him.

“Wait did you say a man? Is Mthobisi there?”

He asked getting the code immediately. I was so relieved that he did though because it meant he knew we were in danger.


He cursed!

“Yes my dear. What time are you getting here?”

I asked him pleasantly so as not arouse suspicion. .

“Don’t do anything rash to spook him. I will be there in about 10 minutes. Try get rid of him but politely. Does he know that the car is from your apartment?”

He asked me.

“Nope. Ok thanks talk later I am being rude to our guest!”

I said and I hung up. I was not sure what to do and Mthobisi who now had a cup of tea in his hand seemed to be listening to our conversation.

“Sorry about that. So what do you do in life Mtho?”

I asked him trying to sound as casual as I put down the phone. I did not want it to seem weird but I had hoped that he had heard we were expecting guests and would leave.

“I work in accounting. Ladies I have to go. I can’t stay long. Just clean that blood on the walls hey we don’t want anyone thinking it’s your blood!”

He said getting up already walking out. Neither of us was going to protest and ask him to stay.

“So soon but you have just arrived?”

I asked him. I scolded myself immediately for asking that question because it was actually a rather dumb one considering I wanted him to go.

“Maybe next time when I am not rushing to work and besides I know where the two loveliest lesbians I have ever seen stay!”

He said. It was in the way he said that made me realized that he was said it in a mocking tone. I don’t think we had convinced him on that. With that rude remark he walked out. It took us about 2 minutes before either of us could speak.

“The way I was so scared I thought I was going to wet myself for a second there!”

Miriam said rather unnecessarily. I was furious at her. What she had done was very reckless indeed in no uncertain terms.

“How do you invite a stranger, someone we both don’t know into my house Miriam? You should know better!”

I shouted at her. There is nothing like ubuntu in Jhb because inviting a stranger in be it a man or a woman more often than lot leads into problems. A man especially can rob rape or murder you. These are the animals we live within Jhb and it’s far from being an exaggeration because just look at the statistics.

“Yeah I am sorry I was not thinking there!”

She acknowledged.

“Damn straight!”

I called Mbilahelo immediately.

“Are you ok I am almost there?”

He asked me.

“No don’t come. He just left and what if he is outside seeing who comes here! He left rather hastily so I suggest that you don’t do that. Send a person from the rental agency you hired the car from to pick up the car rather!”

I explained to him and he agreed it made sense. With the rental company all he had to say was that the person who hired it was in hospital and they will send a person to pick it up.

“Ok cool I will make a plan. I suggest you leave and go out so that you don’t attract any danger there!”

He advised me. I was already ahead of him there I was never going to stay in the house now after all that.

“Ok cool! Will call you later!”

I told him.

“He advises that we must go out somewhere so that we are not stuck in the house in case he comes back!”

I told Miriam.

“I am going to bath!”

I told her and I went and took a quick bath. She then came in and bathed after me.

“Where are we going?”

She asked me. Ah this woman. She had to go home to her husband yet here she was trying to hang out with me.

“I want to go Cindy. I haven’t seen her in a long time and she has not been picking up my calls!”

I told her. I had been thinking of seeing her for a while now but things had conspired in such a way that every time I thought I had time something had always got in the way.

“But you can’t just show up Lungi that will be very rude. If she wants space give her a chance to have that space!”

Miriam advised me as we got into the car. It was not what I wanted but now I had to listen to her as she had a point.

“Ok you are right. Let’s go to my mother’s house then because I want to go dig out that WILL. I don’t want to die before I see what she wanted to say!”

I told Miriam who agreed with me. I had not forgotten about my mother’s will. We had driven about ten minutes when Miriam said,

“That black car has been following us or I think it’s following us.”

She said showing me through the rear view mirror. I looked up to see what he was talking about and I had seen the car earlier but I had not paid attention.

“Ok I am not sure you are scaring me let me off ramp and see if he follows!”

I told her. I was in the furthest lane so I cut across rather dangerously and without indicating. The car was already in the second lane so he could always have intended to off ramp I don’t know but next thing he too was off ramping.

It was following us.

I was scared.

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Greetings to all the readers and thank you for reading my letter.

I need wisdom here as I am at a point where nothing makes sense anymore. I am a Christian and the church I attend is a Christian prophetic church. It all started at church where I was told I had received the Holy Spirit. I started receiving dreams and visions. While in church I could see visions of sick people and all of that and what to do. I went to my prophet and explained to him but the answer was he can’t help me cause I come to church once In a while (which I did cause I know longer stay close to church). Regardless I continued going to church but no longer told him anything.

A family friend then asked me why am I delaying myself by not completing my job at hand which confused me. Next there was my mother’s friend telling me about how I needed to do umqobothi and bare in mind my mother never told her anything. My mother did it in the same week I had a vision of me doing umqobothi of which I had thought it was me who was supposed to have done it. I can have dreams and visions of all I need to have and do. I don’t know this or what but my life it doesn’t come together in every life expect. I have prayed every prayer you can think of woke up 3 at 12 but life to come together dololo I know some will tell me about patient I’m every patient person it will give me hope if I can have a tiny light.

I’m really confused cause I thought in church especially Christian this no such now here I am confused more than before.

Thank You


18 thoughts on “YES 149

  1. lenna i am also confused. my guess is you go to a zionist church(based on umqombothi, healing the sick) and unesithunywa, if so then ulandelelwa ukuba umthandazi or spiritual healer who prays and also uses traditional medicine. if my guess is wrong and then i doubt it is the prophetic type that you get from kubazalwane or the born agains, which still leads to ukuba a prophet or spiritual healer. all of the above are just assumptions

    my other question is are you born again? does your prophet teach salvation in only the name of jesus who died on the cross? it is very difficult to answer you as a lot is unclear. you need to be more specific then i can try and answer

  2. :'( MT Must just leave Lungi out of this ayyyy , im not liking where this is going why am I so scared for her ???

  3. Yo I’m scared as if the black car is following me. Thanks team

    V I understand your confusion, and I’ve been there but not exact situation. As a born again I know that we font believe in umqombothi and all but let me ask if your dreams are specific and direct or if they’re indirect. If they’re direct pray and fast for answers about mqombothi. In my own opinion I would do it but don’t follow any ancestral protocols. If you need me ask Mike for my email address.
    All the best

  4. Confused I understand you and I can relate though I dont know how to advice you.
    In my family majority we are prophets those that are in churches and those that dont attend church they are traditional healers.Either way it is a calling .

  5. Dear V
    I’m a born again Christian and what your pastor did was and still remains very wrong. I will encourage you to pray and seek God’s counsel, ask God to lead you to a church where you will be able to submit and fellowship at. If you don’t mind you can get Mike to give you my email address so that we can talk fully on a private platform.
    May God bless you as you fix your eyes unto Him

  6. MT is on a mission here. Watch the space. What a masterpiece braMikie.
    @Confused, it’s not enough that UR confused, U now want everbody to be confused like U! The only word that made sense to me was “dololo” bcz I think U quoted JM. May I quote JZ to balance the equation pls. “Yerrrrrrrrrrrr! Yerrrrrrrrrrrr!”

  7. @spijo, U trying to figure out the question from the writer has brought so many questions instead of answers. The person is confused already & I don’t know how he/she will be after reading yo questions now.
    But is there a question or the person is just telling us his/her life story? Ek weet nie!

  8. I don’t like Mtobisi since miss steps he is a piece of work that one,

    V I fully understand u cause I went through the same thing, pray harder and ask God for guidance He will show you people who will help u, that life is a tough life where u loss everything and everyone just so God can be your only source of dependence n that’s when He will start to use you according to His will, I know the struggle where u get sick but no one knows what’s wrong with you, read your Bible about the story of Job and Mosses struggle before they could be strong Men of God, I wish you all of the best, most don’t understand cause we are different, unique with extra ordinary powers straight from God🙌😍😘

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