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YES 147

You know there are people you wish you never get to see again in your lifetime. It’s definitely not people you

consider friends but often once upon a time they could have been. Others are people who hurt you in the past even if they were just strangers. For me this fool was neither friend nor a stranger. He was a bad mistake that happened in my life and definitely one I regretted. A lot of girls can testify to this, there are guys who we regret sleeping with. I make no qualms about it because its life but when those guys start showing up at your house like this then they are not welcome. I did not like Azwindini at all. I did not want to ever see him at my house and here he was lying on my door front in a bloody pulp. Honestly the amount of bad luck I was having was not natural. I wanted to turn him away.

“Azwindini I don’t know what you thought you would achieve by coming to my house but I can assure you that you are not welcome here now get out!”

I told him unsympathetically. He was wincing in pain but in that moment I really did not care.

Miriam gave me a sharp glare down.

“Ah Lungi come on you can’t turn away someone you know when they are injured like this!”

Miriam said immediately helping him up. This was not happening! If Miriam was not here I would have beat him up myself.

“Must we take him to the hospital?”

She asked me.

“Why are you asking me? I told you that I did not want him here but you insisted on dragging this piece of shit into my house!”

I told her off. See why I did not want him here? It means he became my responsibility.

“No I don’t need the hospital. It’s my entire fault that I am here and if I go to the hospital what will happen if the guy who did this catches me?”

He asked me. He sounded really scared as he said this. I wondered what he had done but I did not bother to ask him.

“I am not interested in your story. I just want you out of my house or I am calling your brother to come get you!”

I told him. He laughed and he said out loud but to himself,

“Mbilahelo you sly fox!”

Then he coughed and winced in pain.

“I have been trying to call him but his phone is off so that’s out. I just need a place to sleep and I will leave!”

He said.

“No that’s not going to happen. You are not sleeping here ever again. You are a snake!”

I took out my phone as I said. I was calling his girlfriend. Her phone rang and she picked up,

“Rudzani, come take your filthy boyfriend. He showed up at my place badly beaten up. I don’t want him here!”

I told her as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Azwindini is at your place?”

She asked me very surprised.

“He told me he was still on the rig!”

She said very sceptical but her annoyance was hard to mask. It’s not my fault that her man kept running to me. She must learn to cuff him because I did not want problems in life. It’s not for me.

“Well that’s between you and him don’t tell me your life story please!”

I told her dismissively.

“Well he is not my responsibility either. My boyfriend is on the rig so that’s not him!”

Was this bitch serious right now!

“What do you want, a picture? Do you want me to paint you a portrait before you believe me?”

I asked her very annoyed at what she had said. These are those women who let every other woman down. They can catch their man cheating and they will forgive him and blame everyone else but that man. They even blame themselves for their mans infidelity. I really don’t get it. He cheated, his dick went to another woman then you blame yourself for that? Come on where is your self respect.

“No don’t. If it’s him he knows his way home. Bye!”

She said and hung up.

“Call his brother maybe he will pick up for you!”

Miriam spoke up again. This time I tried the brother’s number and guess what, he picked up.

“Lungi hi, what’s up?”

He said on the phone when he picked up.

“Yes hi. Your brother is here, someone beat him up, come pick him up please I don’t want him here!”

I told him. He paused for a moment before he responded,

“My brother is here where? At your house?”

He asked me very surprised. Maybe I am not convincing enough when I tell people something because I am very sure I was clear.

“Yes at my house. Can you come get him please! Maybe you should bring an ambulance for him too he is busy whining like a little girl!”

I told him.

“No ambulance!”

Azwindini shouted from behind and his brother heard him.

“Why does he not want an ambulance? Kante what he done?”

He asked me.

“Mamela bhuti, I don’t know and I don’t care! Just come pick him up or you will find him in my drive way that’s for sure!”

I warned and I hung up the phone. He called me back immediately to say he was on his way and my response was,


There was no use in arguing further.

“I will get you an icepack or something!”

Miriam offered.

“No don’t get him anything Miriam. This is not a public clinic. He knows very well that he should not have come here and he did!”

I told her.

“Why do you hate him so much? What am I missing?”

She asked me.

“Well he and his girlfriend caused a lot of problems for me. That’s all I can say so believe me when I say that he is bad news!”

I told her. I was not going to give her all the details of what they had tried to have me to because it was embarrassing as is.

“Can I have some water please?”

He asked. I told him to go clean up in the bathroom because he was a mess. It took him about ten minutes before he came out of which I was being drilled by Miriam about him. She found him hot and called him a fuck boy. Even underneath all that swelling she identified that.

“Yeah he was a bad mistake during a bad time of my life!”

I told her as Mbilahelo called saying he was here. He came and he knocked and I opened for him.

“I am sorry about this hey. My brother is a hothead; I will get him off your hands!”

Mbilahelo said as he walked into my flat. He was so embarrassed he was not even looking me in the eye as he said.

“You fool what is wrong with you! Every time you are in town there has to be drama. I am tired of always having to bail you out!”

He to his brother and like me he showed him no sympathy. Some people really don’t deserve it.

“I am sorry this was not supposed to come back to you!”

Azwindini apologized sheepishly.

“Let’s go!”

Mbilahelo said.

“He is refusing to go to the hospital to be checked! Please convince him that it’s for the best!”

Miriam chirped in.

“I told you I can’t go there. The woman’s husband may find me and remember he took my stuff. It’s not worth it I will be fine!”

He said immediately.

“What woman? All this happened over a woman?”

Mbilahelo asked angrily.

“What is wrong with you? Why can’t you just leave people’s wives alone? I am glad you got caught because you never learn!”

Mbilahelo did not even give him a chance shem. I guess this was something that happened way too often. I felt stupid that I had slept with him because I was now one of many. That was not flattering at all.

“It’s not like that. The guy just showed up and of because I slept with his wife and he caught me at it there were bound to be consequences. I was just too slow and she was too fun!”

He explained. I should have known that’s why he was beaten up. He was the type to sleep with married women this one.

“So you caused all this noise because you were stupid enough to get caught?”

His brother scolded him. I am not sure if he was condoning it had he not gotten caught but boys will be boys right. A man will get so angry at his wife cheating yet at the same time praise his brother or friend for sleeping with someone else’s wife! They really don’t get this karma thing no matter how many hearts they break.

“She said her husband was out of town. He came back and he found me there. They beat me up and he threatened to kill me if he ever saw me again. They also took my wallet everything.”

Azwindini tried to explain to his brother who was clearly losing it even more. Mbilahelo came across as a straight up guy who does not take nonsense. I could see that his little brother feared him a lot.

“Fine then, let’s go take them back. Do you know his name?”

Mbilahelo asked his younger brother. Azwindini did not respond immediately.

“I am talking to you? Do you know his name or not?”

He shouted…

“Yes, yes I do geez calm down! She told me and it stuck!”

He said casually. He had this tone of superiority as he said that. You know how men talk when they think they are so cool, that’s how he told us. It was almost like it’s a matter of fact!

“Ok so wait, the woman told you the name of her husband before you slept with her!”

Mbilahelo asked a bit shocked.

“Yes she did. When I picked her up she told me her husband was a dangerous man and I could not resist I mean I thought she was making it up! You know I like danger!”

He went on to say. Men can be very childish at times. He was told that this man is dangerous but still went on to do that. What a stupid little boy parading as a man!

“Ok fine. What’s his name?”

Mbilahelo asked.

“Mthobisi Jumbe!”

He said. The mention of that name made Mbilahelo stand up and put his hands on his head.

“Are you sure about that name? Please tell me you are joking? Did you really just say Mthobisi Jumbe?”

He asked his brother come over to shake him as though he could not already hear him.

“Yes I did. Stop you are hurting me!”

Azwindini said surprised by his brother’s reaction. Even I was getting scared now from the way he sounded.

“Mthobisi if it’s the one I think it is phew, he is a piece of work and a complete psychopath! You have messed with the wrong woman!”

Mbilahelo said clearly worried. I don’t know who this man but if even a cop like him was scared of him then definitely there was something there.

“I fucked up didn’t I?”

Azwindini asked.

“Yes and you have to leave town now, today because that man does not forgive!”

That was pretty clear but what were the consequences for me since he was in my house.

This was bad.

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am 37 years and have been married to my husband for nine years now. We had a good marriage until he lost his job last year in September. He started looking for employment and someone told him that he had bad luck and must join church. He joined church and immediately got a job. This made him turn around his life but not for the ‘better’ more like for the worst. He is so involved now he is a totally a different man. He does not drink and insists I wear clothes that are beneath my knees. I cannot wear shorts or pants anymore. Things must be done in a Christian way and there is no more sex for pleasure because according to him it’s now a sin. There are no more outings out and I am not allowed to have friends who are not married. Even my younger sister is no longer welcome as she is lesbian. He used to be very close to her but ever since he joined this church h looks at her like she killed someone. Our kids are so unhappy and are scared of him as he hardly ever smiles and when he talks to them it’s about the bible. I don’t know what to do.

I need my husband back please help me.

Thank You


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  9. Looool Mike Rudzani reminds me of my ex, He lied saying he was going to work, later on boom!! accident ..when his mother told me ku he got an accident I just took my phone, check the time and told her ku nahh he’s still at work ,, went straight to bed and slept like a the morning I acted like nothing happened.. the look on her mother’s face though😂😂 ..guess I was fed up ..

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    there’s no other way of dealing with this than to sit your husband down and tell him all about what’s bothering you, if that fails, I guess you better start buying some nice langerie and bring the spice back into he bedroom, maybe that’ll knock some sense into this man and if that too fails then alas sisi I guess it’s BYE FELICIA to a healthy marriage

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