Majuba 40

I need a new life really. Relationships are not supposed to be this complicated to be honest. One man plus one woman should

equal love and babies. That should be the basis of relationships and again I emphasize the love part. I loved her and I know she loved me too. I had lied to protect that love. I had not done this to create an even bigger rift between us. I did not even trust her to start with and now her saying she is going to see her sister was not necessarily making me feel better. I know she was not cheating with Simon but why was she so distracted? I would like to believe that if someone is expecting a baby with the person they love they would be working so hard to be next to their man not far away.

“I am going home too ah!”

I whispered to myself starting the car then I realized that I could not go. I had come with my neighbour and he had no car. I now had to go and find him. I walked into reception and asked where I could find him. He is so easy to describe considering how big he is so I had found him in no time.

“Can I go to him?”

I asked the nurse on duty by reception. She was young and pretty and polite.

“Unfortunately not! I can go find out for you what’s going on but right now they are with the doctor so it won’t work!”

She explained. She went up but then came game back within 5 minutes.

“I am afraid even I could not find them. It will take about an hour before either of us can even speak to them!”

She told me casually. This really sucked now.

“Ok thanks!”

I said to her.

“You can sit in the waiting room. Its empty since there is no one there!”

She advised me. That was better than going to sit in the car for now I reckon.

“Thank you very much!”

I thanked her as she pointed it out to me. I was tired but I was not sleepy meaning that I was probably going to be up every second of the next hour. That really sucks. I had not sat five minutes before the nurse came back. She had two coffee mugs.

“I figured you would need some company so I took the liberty of making you coffee if you don’t mind!”

She said to me. I looked her over, guys do that ok it’s a natural instinct and she was actually very pretty. I have a secret fetish for women in uniform and the way her uniform sat on her just made look even better. I did not leer at her for too long otherwise it would have looked creepy.

“Thank you very much I could use the company!”

I told her. She sat down next to me and said,

“Thank heavens you said that it was going to awkward had you said no and I had to walk away carrying my two mugs!”

She said and we both laughed. Women when they approach a man are so scared of being rejected. The irony however is they reject us all the time and we must be fine with it but if you reject them it’s like the world will end.

“I am on the night shift and my colleagues are busy talking about the Queen. I don’t even watch it so am out of my depth!”

She told me and I laughed.

“It’s a very popular show even at work people talk about it. I have an idea of what’s going on but I don’t watch often enough to be included in their conversations!”

I told her and we both laughed. She had dimples when she loved and I spied that she had a broken tooth towards the back of her mouth.

“Oh well I am missing out then. So whom are you visiting? Is the big guy your brother or something?”

She asked me.

“He is a friend and a neighbour. He came with his fiancé so I was here for support. I could not let him come alone you know as he was not right!”

I explained making it sound like I had a choice.

“That makes it sweet of you hey. I am impressed. Most guys don’t come with male friends because for some reason men think its weakness to come stand with their boys at the hospital!”

She told me and that did not make sense at all. We spoke about everything from sports to current affairs. She seemed to be well read. I learned that she had a child from a loser ex boyfriend and still lived at home with her mother as she lived close enough to the hospital.

“He still pays maintenance though but the way he is unreliable I don’t know how long it will last before we go to court. He is erratic in his payments so ah!”

She told me a bit embarrassed by the situation she found herself in. Her baby was two years old and she was 25. She was single but told me she was looking so I must hook up one of my friends for her.

“My friends are all losers you don’t want them!”

I warned her laughing. It’s what most guys would tell you just to avoid the hustle of having to hook someone else up. It’s a lot of work hooking up people and when shit goes south they often come back to you like you the one who made them mess up. I was not interested in her at all but she had a great personality and we really got along. We actually spoke for two hours and long after our coffee had gone cold before we realized the time.

“I have to go check on my patients!”

She said to me when her alarm reminded her.

“Please check on my friend as well as it’s getting late and I have to get back home!”

I told her.

“Sure thing!”

She said. She walked away briskly and I smiled to myself. Who says men and women can’t make genuine conversation and create friendships without being creepy about it? Two minutes later my neighbour came out.

“Ah you are here, I was about to call an uber!”

He said as he stood over me creating a shadow over me even in a room. This guy!

“I waited. Did someone tell you I was here?”

I asked him.

“No no one did. Can we please go I have to come back with her clothes and pick up the car?”

He told me. I wanted to say bye to my nurse and it was only then that I realized that I had not asked for her name. In the two hours we had spoken I had not asked for her name. When we walked out by the reception there was only a male doctor who was standing there and one whom I had not seen before so I could neither leave a message nor ask for her name.

“Are you looking for someone?”

My neighbour asked me seeing how much I was craning my neck to look around.

“No its nothing!”

I said to him as we walked out. I felt disappointed and foolish. I had not asked for her name or number. I was going home to any empty bad! That’s the worst thing ever. I drove with my neighbour but he seemed too far away to want to talk.

“I know you want to ask?”

He said to me breaking the silence.

“Yes how is she?”

I asked him.

“She is going to be ok but she might never have kids again.”

He said. I immediately thought of Londiwe and our own baby. This must be very painful for him.

“I am sorry to hear that!”

I told him.

“I thought she was a responsible person. She was two months pregnant and still continued to drink and party like it was normal. She said she did not know but how do you not know that you missed your periods twice! What kind of nonsense is that? Adonbivit!”

He shouted angrily that last part. He was angry and feeling betrayed that’s for sure and I did not know what to say to him.

“Nigerian men we love South African women but sometimes they are stupid and irresponsible. They love partying so much they sometimes do it at the expense of their own families!”

He continued angrily. He was shaking. I could not help wonder if he would ever forgive her. We got to the flat but before I could go into the house I had a call from Naledi, this late!


I said to her as I picked up.

“I know it’s late and I am sorry but I did not know who else to call!”

She said after I said her name. I could hear she was crying but alone.

“It is late yes but its ok, what’s wrong?”

I asked her concerned.

“Can I see you tomorrow so we can talk in person? I don’t think I can say this over the phone!”

She told me.

“No you are crying now, where are you?”

I asked her.

“I booked myself a hotel because I wanted to be alone but now that I am alone I am falling apart!”

She told me.

Rich kids and their antics! Who books a hotel room because they are lonely in this economy?

“Ok what hotel I am coming there now!”

That was the first thing I said to her and it was not intended it just came out.

“No no you don’t have to I will be fine!”

She protested but this thing of trying to be a gentleman is what often gets us into trouble. I should be minding my own business not chasing to be hero.

“I insist!”

I told her.

“I am at the Garden Court in Auckland Park!”

She said also giving me her room number. I should have stopped myself at this stage but the thought of going into the flat alone really did not sound appealing.

“I am on my way!”

I told her.

Stupid stupid Vusi!

You should have stayed at home!

********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I am a 26 year old male and I have been dating my girlfriend for four years now. We went to university together and I got a job soon after whilst she is still looking. The problem is she wants us to get married and have a baby like now. We are far from being financially stable and this decision is so hasty I am worried. She has always been about us not rushing into things but a friend of hers got cheated on and dumped a few weeks ago and everything changed. She has been on edge lately and no matter how much I reassure her that what he did had nothing to do with me she is treating me like I was the one who cheated. She now wants to know where I am all the time and what I am doing. This is where the marriage thing came in. I don’t want to lose her because I have not moved fast enough but will that be the right move?

Thank You


10 thoughts on “Majuba 40

  1. At least Lindiwe was not mentioned today, I Just don’t like Lindiwe at all. She is too spoiled. She just don’t appreciate Vusi

  2. When Vusi is done at the Garden Court, ngicela azongibheka nami la e-3Towers, ave ngi lonely and am falling apart …lol…#LondiweFor Who?

  3. Thank you bhut’ Mike and team
    Intern: your girlfriend is acting like a spoilt toddler throwing an unnecessary tantrum. Forcing you to get married whilst you are not ready – whether financially or otherwise – is like commiting suiside. She cannot base wanting to get married on her friend’s ex cheating on her; that is just childish and petty. You guys have your relationship and what she is doing is just going to ruin it. Maybe you should have a conversation with her and ask her some questions like: – where are you guys going to stay? I assume you do not have a house of your own at the moment. How are you going to bring and raise a child if you’re not financially stable or emotionally/psychologically ready? If you succumb to her irrational demands now, what is going to happen when you guys do get married and you are struggling financially? You will be in debt for a very looooong time and she will still blame you for not providing for her and your child. I see this as a recipe for disaster.
    I wish you all the best.

  4. Thanks Team….
    @Intern – your girlfriend is being childish and imature. Getting married is a lifetime commitment and should not be clouded by feeling of insecurity. Tell her to relax, but please don’t be forced into it or hamba uyocela – and have a lengthy engagement. I bet she would feel differently had she been employed…

  5. Thanks mikey . @Intern. You girlfriend feel threatened. She thinks you leave her because you working and she not. Marriage is a commitment. you both need to be in it. Am assuming that you not a permanent employee. how does she expect you to provide for her.

  6. Intern your girlfriend is Londiwe’s little sister. Sit her down and tell her what you just told us and also how that makes you feel.

  7. Why is everyone on Londiwe’s case though? Vusi is a bag of shit,a fat bag of shit,who calls another woman’s name while “making Love” to their wife and tries to incriminate her? And so many other things!!! Aagggrrrhhhh!!! He is so exhausting. Now see where he is headed.

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