Majuba 38

It’s unfortunate that most take the value of makeup sex for granted. The way it’s so intense, emotional, personal is

created by the fat you have just gone through raw emotion in your fight with your partner. Make up sex is the one time when you let go of everything inside you and release yourself to your partner who just moments ago you wanted to kill in your anger. I use the word kill loosely because obviously we don’t support that. Londy was leaning on the wardrobe doors, leg on my shoulder and back slightly arched to push her pelvis area on my mouth. The way she was holding my head in place was so intense as though she was afraid I was going to pull back. I didn’t, today I was going to make her orgasm just with my tongue before I made love to her. Often men are too lazy to bring her to a climax because most believe that it’s simply hard work. Today was going to be different. I wanted her to orgasm as many times as possible and this was just round one.

“Baby ah… Baby… Don’t stop… Oh my God baby that’s it, that’s right ….”

She moaned as my tongue danced on her garden. I had not done this in a long time I won’t lie. When you are married and work in all honesty that energy is often lacking. You do have sex but in all honest who has time for five rounds? The truth is no one so on the day you decide to make love and not have sex the difference should show. Today was that day.

“Baby no no no stop I am about to…”

When she said that ten minutes later I held her tightly in place. It’s amazing the strength a woman has when she orgasm because when she did, the intensity of it as she tightened her thigh muscles through me off her. She squeezed her legs and literally fell on the bed in bliss breathing heavily.

“Where did that come from?”

She asked me. It had come from a place of frustration and anger that’s for sure. I was not done with her though. I stood up and went to wash my mouth. I had a reason for doing this. I knew she was sensitive now and fortunately I was hard already.

“Come I return the favour…”

She offered when I walked back in. I think she meant giving me a blow job and I did not want one. Yeah a guy turning down a blow job is a no no but I did not want one. Today was about her not me.

“No love, I want to pleasure you! I don’t want you to do anything ok?”

I told her which made her eyes widen surprised. I am very much a 50 50 person so what I do to you that means you do to me so me refusing that part was out of character.

“I promised to kiss you from head to do right so now let me do as I promised!”

As she was already sensitive I knew that every little kiss I placed on her skin would feel like electric shockwaves right through her body. Normally when I get her to orgasm she does not like being touched as she is too sensitive but today the exhaustion from that first orgasm must have made her give up her usual protests.

“Ok then go ahead!”

She told me. Each kiss worked the effect I had as she kept on squirming and curling her toes. I did not go near her garden this time around. She is especially sensitive under her boobs so I took extra time there. I think she must have orgasmed a second time by the time I was done with her because again she was panting heavily like an unfit athlete after a race. Now was the time to have my way with.

“Baby I am so tired…”

She said with a weak smile on her face as I parted her legs to mount her. Goodness ‘mount’ that’s the right word to use because at this stage my male friend was purple about to burst with anticipation. The bulge was bigger than I remember and because she was already wet, not too wet, parting the gates of eternal pleasure was even smoother than Moses parting the red sea.


She moaned as I went inside her. She was so tight. It felt as though I had not been with her in like forever. She pulled me down into her as her nails dug into my back.

“That’s it baby, that’s it…”

She said in a moaning tone as I took long deliberate strokes to make sure she felt every inch of me. She bit my ear with her lips playfully and the way it sent sensations through me.

“I love you baby, I love you so much and…”

I was not listening anymore. I was in tenth heaven, yes tenth forget 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 straight to tenth! Everything else she said was barely audible as she was too far gone for words. I started increasing my pace and she was responding then as the point of no return arrived something happened.

“Ah Naledi!”

I screamed out like the stupid stupid idiot fool that I am!

“Ah Naledi!”

That is what I said and as those words came out of me I so wish I could have caught them and swallowed them whole but it was too late. Now I had two options stop and apologizing or continue and pretend like I had not said it. Had she heard me? She was so far gone in the moment right. Ok fine if wishes were horse’s blah blah blah

“Stop, stop, stop…”

She said pushing me off her. Here is a lesson to all men, women remember ok and it doesn’t matter how far gone she was in her enjoyment of all the work I had put in at that moment her mood, her body temperature went from a hundred to zero immediately.

“What’s wrong baby? Why are you stopping us?”

I asked her innocently.

“Are you really going to act like you did not just say that?”

She asked me angrily.

“I did not just say what? Love what’s up? What’s going on?”

I asked her.

“You called me Naledi!”

She accused me.

“No I didn’t!”

I said defiantly.

“Are you honestly going to deny that? I was a few centimetres away from you!”

She shouted at me angrily getting up. We were about to have a fight that’s for sure and yes I was guilty but how was I supposed to agree that I had called her by another woman’s name. There are times when you are wrong and you accept the blame. It was not today. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Today I was going to go to live in the same spirit with Shaggy and say that it wasn’t me!

“I thought we were fixing things between us then you do this? Are you for real Vusi?”

She asked me.

“Love I don’t know why you think I said Naledi. Is she still in your head after the argument in the car from Jozini?”

I said deliberately twisting it around. I knew at some point she will start asking herself if she had really heard that. I was not going to change my story and she knew it. I had made a mistake, a genuine mistake and not even because I was thinking of her. Her name had just slipped my tongue and owning up to eat just looked worse than denying it.

“Please go find somewhere else to sleep. If you can’t I will go then. Please. I can’t be with you right now!”

I wanted to fight her but already with the guilt it would have not have worked. There was a loud knock on the door which stopped us from fighting.


A voice shouted from outside. It was my big Nigerian neighbour in that heavy accent of his.

“Oh wow look who we have become fighting like this, the neighbours!”

Londiwe said sarcastically.

“Love we not fighting!”

I told her as I went to the door. He knocked again before I got there.

“Vusi, it’s me please open up!”

He asked again a bit desperate now. I opened the door for me and looked at me with fear in his eyes,

“Sorry to wake you but it’s my girl, Londiwe she needs your help right now!”

He said. We both noticed he had blood on his clothes and he was sweating. We both left with him with Londiwe asking,

“What’s going on?”

I also wanted to know this because he had not said anything.

“I think she tried to do an abortion I don’t know. There is blood everywhere!”

He said crying. His big voice was cracking and I could see he was genuinely hurt.

“I am back with help.”

He told me.

“But why have you not called an ambulance?”

I asked him.

“I tried but my accent they did not accept. Please call one for me.”

He said to me and I did not understand what he meant at all. What had his accent have to do with anything? It was a bloody ambulance for God sake!

I took his phone from him as I had left mine at home. I noticed that he had already called an emergency number and spoken for at least a minute. I called for him and they answers and said an ambulance was being sent over.

“The ambulance is coming now!”

I told him.

“Thank you! The call centre lady refused to come for me saying foreigners don’t pay taxes!”

He told me.

I stood there for a minute and it did not make sense. Foreigners are people too and his woman wreathing in pain was a South African so what did he mean.

“What do you mean? Did she actually say that?”

I asked him very surprised. This was not America where black people have to think twice before doing some things.

“Yes. Don’t worry about it this happens all the time when they hear my accent!”

He said and I just stood there in awe!

Where was that damn ambulance?


********The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. Congratulations on Missteps. I will keep praying for you and your other works.

I don’t know where to start. I have been dating this woman for almost three years now. We were introduced by friends but now I don’t know what to do. She was abused by her ex boyfriend and she was raped by her brother in her past. She did not tell me this the first time we met but about three months ago. At the beginning of the relationship she used to avoid sex totally no matter how close we got. It was not appealing at first but I learned to live with it because she is actually an amazing person. When we started having sex she would cry and when I asked she would say it was how she expressed pleasure. It was creepy and again I dealt with it. Whenever I asked her about her family she would talk about her aunts and cousins but never her family. Eventually I went out with one of her cousins got him drunk and asked him for the truth and he then told me her history. She was raped several times by her brother and his friends. This is a brother she never mentioned before and to my understanding they are in prison. Years later her ex boyfriend used her like a punching bag. Him I can find and I will find because I am going to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

My problem Sir or rather guys is that now that I know her secret I don’t know how to look at her. I am not judging her in any way but I feel sorry for her. I am even scared to have sex with her because I fear I might hurt her. That’s not even my biggest concern, I feel like I betrayed her by asking for the truth on something which she did not want me to know. Considering how personal it is I feel like I messed up.

How do I fix this? Do I confess to her? I don’t want to lose her because I really do love her.

Thank You


13 thoughts on “Majuba 38

  1. Go to the grave with that secret. Stop feeling pitiful for her cause you will start treating her differently and she will but just show her there are good guys still around by the way treat and support through anything in life.
    Hopefully as time goes she will tell you and that will ease your conscience,maybe.

  2. Loser, make her trust you find a way of talking to her, book a psychologist or something but she needs to talk about it before it destroys her. Be her friend assure her you will never hurt or leave her. But she needs a professional help.

  3. Tjo!!! As for he screamed naledi name, as I was getting happy they fixing things, great one Mr author…
    As for loser there is a reason why she didn’t want you to know because she knew you will show pity, I think you should go to therapy and work through the pity and learn to see her in a different light and learn how to deal with this when you tell her you know phela its a very sensitive issue and she is very sensitive too. Just continue loving her, love restores

  4. I don’t often advocate violence as retaliation but if it’s true that her ex boyfriend used to beat her up I support you fully there on teaching him a lesson. Just don’t end up in jail for doing it.

    As for the secret it’s out now you can’t take it back but you also can’t bring it up either. she has been abused all her life and you sneaking around is abuse of her trust. They tried to break her but she is still standing and moving on so support that. don’t tie her to the yoke of her past.

  5. Ari and we are anti-black. No one has actually cared enough to start a relief for Sierra Leonne but when something happens in Europe or America we are first to say sorry and change our profile pics. Eastern Europeans are having the time of their lives in Cape Town and Asians are going to run Africa eventually but we focus on poor Africans. Yes some bring crime but not all. Why don’t we lobby our gift to help Zinbos to go back nd fight but all we can do is become xenophobic. Why don’t we starve Nigerians of a drug market by patrolling streets , being more involved with our kids and reporting crime, reporting bribe takers and heck living with our kids as far too many of us leave child rearing to frail and burdened grandmas.

  6. Mike, your work is outstanding. Hilarious at that. The shaggy line had me in stitches. Loser, sit her down. Tell her u know. First started by assuring her u love her and that you’ll stick by her side no matter what. Either u ask her to tell u herself, if she doesn’t tell her u know what happened to her. Assure her. And keep reassuring her. Then tell your girl to go for counselling. For herself and the betterment of the relationship. This option is highkey invasive though,so goodluck

  7. “Love I don’t know why you think I said Naledi. Is she still in your head after the argument in the car from Jozini?”

    I said deliberately twisting it around. I knew at some point she will start asking herself if she had really heard that. <<<—- this this is why men are trash. I am so appalled.

    Loser you should have never have invaded her privacy like that. You have given her another reason not to trust yet another man and that's pretty fucked up coz you seem like you're trying to do the right thing. No advise just judgement, sorry.

  8. Mxim Vusi is such a mess up! Thank bhut’Mike. You’re unpredictable. One moment you think you know whats gonna happen next but no!
    Loser…Just show that girl that you wont be like the other man in her life that have hurt her. Id want to know if you knew my history. It would take a weight off my shoudler’s knowing you fully understand me, where i come from and why i struggle with some things and you still want to genuinely want to be with me regardless.

  9. Coming from a similar situation were I was once raped and abused by my boyfriend I too can relate to tears when having sex I get that aswell all the time it is not pleasure it is pain of too many emotions. I think you should come clean with her and start going for counseling because you will never enjoy sexy with her ever again while you holding on to her secrets. Talk to her and hold her hand and go for counseling together. All the best as this is an emotional and painful journey she never wanted you to know about.

  10. Dear Loser
    We cannot “unknow” what we know and the truth has a very funny way of coming up. My suggestion is you both go for therapy. Preferable go as a couple. Focus should be on what is happening now in your relationship and sex life. Maybe she will open up. But if she doesn’t you will have to mention whilst in therapy, maybe after few sessions, that you know about her past. This is to allow her time to trust that you’ve got her best interest at heart. Disclosing that you already know might have negative consequences, but you will be starting your relationship without secretes and she might appreciate the fact that you didn’t run, but you are trying to help her.
    Good luck

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