Majuba 31

I had been outplayed in my own argument. She had made me look like a selfish abusive man who does not appreciate the

effort or sacrifice his wife puts into the marriage. I was going about this the wrong way but I would be lying if I did not say that the trust was broken. Looking at her there just showed me that the person I had been putting on a pedestal did not deserve it.

“So that is how little you think I think of you?”

I asked her. She looked at me and stood up to go to the room. She came back with a pillow and a blanket.

“Ah come on now you want me to sleep on the couch?”

I asked her surprised by that.

“No it’s for me. I will sleep on the couch. Please don’t argue.”

She said without batting an eyelid. I was not going to win this one and fighting it was not necessary. We were entering a bad phase of which something had to give.

“Goodnight then!”

I said as I walked to the bedroom. When I got in the bed it showed that only one person had lay on it. Her side of the bed was open and my side was well made. I say this because I still had Simon in my mind and crap, I had forgotten to ask what he wanted. I went back.

“Londiwe you didn’t answer why Simon was here?”

I asked her. She looked at me with disbelief.

“Are you serious right now?”

She asked me.

“Yes. What made us fight was him and you haven’t said why he was here! I obviously want to know!”

I told her. She could see I was not joking around.

“Well since you asked so politely. He was here to see you. He said he heard you were in an accident and came to check on you! I got the impression he wanted to see if you were dead so that he can offer me a shoulder to lean on.”

She said and I could tell the last part she was being sarcastic. I know sarcasm when I hear it.

“He seems to know a lot of what’s happening in this house! Does that not worry you though?”

I asked her. This time she sat up and looked at me weird. She was clearly agreeing with me and seeing my point.

“Ok then I am calling Nonjabulo?”

She said.

“Please do!”

I told her. She called her nosey sister and she picked up immediately.

“Ah Londy I was thinking of you. I am selling Tupperware and I think you will like it. Can I send you pictures pretty please and then you can show some of your friends and they will buy too!”

She said as soon as she picked up the phone. Nonjabulo spoke a mile a minute.

“Why would I want to buy Tupperware from you? You always sell broken stuff!”

Londiwe responded.

“Ah now that hurts! Really that hurts! How can you even say that?”

Nonjabulo asked her obviously shocked by her sister’s frank talk that did not favour her at all. She had expected her sister to go along with her but “Londiwe was genuinely upset.

“Why did you tell Simon where I stay? Why do you want to destroy my marriage? Now Vusi and I are fighting all the god dam time!”

She shouted at Nonjabulo. If she was putting on a show for me then I really did not know acting from reality as it was convincing.

“What are you talking about?”

She asked Londiwe.

“This evening he showed up at my place to check up on Vusi. He said he heard that Vusi was in an accident and only you could have told him that!”

Londiwe attacked.

“Vusi was in an accident? When? Where? How? Did you tell mom?”

She asked her sister many questions at once.

“Didn’t I tell you that Vusi was in an accident?”

She asked her sister.

“No! You did not tell me! What happened? Is he ok?”

She asked her. Londiwe looked confused and so did I. How was it possible that she had not told her sister, her only sister that her husband was in hospital?

“Yes he is fine but I want to know how Simon knew where I stay?”

She asked her but Nonjabulo was on another tip as was.

“I don’t get this. You could not tell mom and I that our Vusi was in hospital? Are you that much ashamed of us? I am so disappointed! And for you to think I can even talk to Simon!”

She said and she hung up the phone. I was not sure what had just happened but it did seem as though Nonjabulo was not the one who had told Simon where I stay.

“Ok now I don’t know!”

She said looking down before she looked at him.

“I know you think I am lying but I don’t know who told him and I don’t know how he knew!”

She said. I did not say anything as I left the room and let her be. It is what it is right. Some people are born with a lying gene and some just don’t want to be happy. You work so hard in building a world for then one day they surprise you saying that they never asked you to do it in the first place. This was going to happen to me I could feel it.

I had not sat alone for long before there was a knock at the door. Londiwe was not there to get the door as she usually does. It was on me. When I opened it was Tumi.

“Why are you here? You should have gone to work!”

I told him as soon as he entered my place. He was dressed in track pants as if to show that today he was skipping work.

“Go to work are you for real? We did well. I liked everything that guy was saying so I figured I should take the day off so that I could come and discuss it with you.”

He said making himself comfortable on the couch. Tumi was that guy you don’t go an airport heist with lest he go buy a Lamborghini with the money. If lifestyle audit ever happens he would be the one that gets you caught.

“We don’t have the contract yet so you can’t be doing this!”

I told him.

“Doing what exactly? I have leave days and I figured I should come chill with you whilst you recover and we can catch up!”

I do not think I minded the company. I did not want to be alone all day in any case.

“Yes sure! I see you came prepared, six pack and all. Life is good for you neh?”

I teased him as he was carrying a six pack of Black Label.

“Very funny. Life is not that great just saw you know. These maintenance bills are killing me!”

He said with an annoyed voice.

“I keep telling you that it’s cheaper to buy condoms and you keep saying a man’s legacy is his children so be the father of the nation!”

I teased him and he laughed. On the real though this guy had babies everywhere. He thought that the money he sent would raise them and one day they will love him when reality is that they probably would hate him as I think only one of his four kids knew what he looked like. 29, four kids, four different baby mamas’! It’s amazing really.

“You know condoms are not for me! They are uncomfortable! You know that part when you have take it off after you are done! That’s the part I hate the most!”

He was telling me. He was crude and descriptive like that. I did not have to see that image in my head at all yet he I was being disgusted by this idiot.

“Oh wow did you really have to go there! Man that’s nasty ah!”

I told him but we both laughed. I laughed in annoyance and he laughed because knew he had managed to disgust me.

“I was supposed to give you some documents from your office yesterday. That bitter lady you work with called me and said that your boss wanted to give you some documents to look through during your recovery.”

He explained.

“I could not get hold of you so I called your mother who gave me Londiwe’s number on the phone! Your wife needs to learn phone manners. Even after I explained how and why I got your numbers she shouted at me for it! I kid you not! She was mad that I did not ask her directly and that she would have had the pleasure of telling me know. Imagine, she told me that to my face ok no to my ear but you know what I mean!”

Crap! I wanted to smile at what Londy had done but I could not because remember I had also accused her of having his numbers. She had not been totally honest about it because I am very certain that she had not spoken to him since I deleted his numbers of his phone and his version of events was probably the true one. I had shouted at her for them and she could now not tell me that she had shouted at him too either because she was defensive or to punish me for not trusting me.

“Thank you for bringing them and picking up. Yesterday after that meeting I think we were all too buzzed and excited I would have forgotten too!”

I told him but he was already on to the next topic.

“Man did you see Naledi though. Out of ten how many would you give her? The way she is beautiful it’s like she carries onions to bring tears to my eyes. When she talks her lips move in slow motion it’s like standing in queue at Home Affairs!”

He said and we both laughed.

“Home Affairs really?”

I asked him.

“Yeah don’t act like you did not see her. Even the way she walks! It’s like rich people go to walking school! You can dress up a township girl all you like but she will never carry herself the way a rich kid from the suburbs does! That girl can fart I promise you and we will praise her for stopping global warming!”

He said and we laughed. In fact the whole day was him cracking jokes and me laughing. Only around three did Tumi leave and it was only then did I realise something, Londiwe had not come back. I tried to call her but her phone was off. Where was this woman? I opened the documents that my boss had sent me.

“Londiwe where are you?”

I murmured to myself as I read the document. It was the tender which had just been discussed at my mother’s house. I thought those guys had said that they still had to compile the document. Had I missed it because I was thinking about Simon and Londiwe? I had a problem here. My boss was saying that I was going to be the one in charge of procuring the tender on behalf of our company. I was the team leader! This was bad.


Sms comes in.

“I just need a time out. I am tired of fighting. I am going to Jozini to breathe. Decide whether you want me and when you do decide how you should treat me right. Londiwe!”

She did not have to sign her name because it was from her phone. She was being like that girls on IdolsSA who knocked to enter the door to judge’s pshhhh!

What now?

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Friends

There will be no blog from Wednesday until Monday. I am travelling as of tonight (Tuesday) and will be only back Friday. It’s actually Missteps business hence will inform you of the outcome. There is reason to be excited but let me come back with the right information.

Thank You


Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter I am very grateful.

I am cheating on my husband and have been for over a year now. He is not the most wonderful man in the world. He used to be abusive until I threatened to get him arrested. He drinks a lot and he is lazy. Before I started cheating we had not had sex in almost two years. I used to complain but he would laugh in my face and call me fat. I took to the gym lost weight and looked better. He started noticing at public gatherings that people were complimenting and got jealous. He beat up one guy for complimenting me. The reason I stay with him. I have a job but it’s not a good one. I graduate next year with a better degree. We have three kids the youngest being 8. I am 42 by the way. They are all in school and all on his medical aid. He is paying the bond (or half rather as we share). On my own I won’t afford it out there something which he constantly reminds me of. It’s not ideal. I can’t leave with the kids because I won’t afford them and he said several times to their faces he will cut them off if they do anything funny.

I am really stuck now and I don’t know what to do. His family seems to encourage him as all his brothers are losers.

Please advise

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Majuba 31

  1. Have a good trip Mike. Please be safe as you are priceless to us. Will miss the blog immensely but a man gotta do what a man gotta do so you go follow your dreams. much love .. BTW thank u for a good chapter. I sense trouble in this marriage and a bad divorce. Would you also do a Vusi mum P.O.V? would like to know what’s going on In her head too

  2. Thank you Bhut Mike….ooohhh wow Missteps 🙂 🙂 I am excited already!!! All the best Bhut wam!!!

    Ladysmith… Im not sure what advice you looking for?? Do you want to leave your husband, are you inlove with you side guy?? Im confused here…But I do know ( Okay not personally ) Nthabiseng Monareng who specialises o Family can find her on Facebook , she can advice you in the legal side of things…

    All the best nhe

  3. Thanks Team, safe travel Mike, am already missing the blog.
    No offence, but I do not trust Londiwe, hhayi kabi. Why would she go home (Jozini is far), when she is about to start on a new job? Why didn’t she tell anyone from her family about the attempted robbery that other evening? And then the issue of Vusi’s friend and the phone number, I have a feeling that she has already slept with Tumi… (hhayi kabi, but nje…)
    Ladysmith – you guys need to work on your marriage, maybe it’s just a phase you are going through, join these marriage promoting groups, go for counselling, but just know nje ukuthi iyabiza idivorce and some say it is worse than death, you have to be very sure if you want to embark on that route… Whatever happens, and whichever option you choose – good luck!

  4. Good luck Mike….and we love Misteps… crossing fingers,eish imagine Mxo live….imagine seeing him life on tv📺 ,look at my mind running wild….lol …ke rata ditaba

  5. Uhambe kahle Bra Mike, and all the best with whatever you are cooking…can’t wait…whatever you do at least keep it on Mzansi Magic…lol!

  6. Have a good trip bra Mike i hope u come back with good news.

    If i were londiwe i would leave too. She’s being accused of too many things at once. Vusi must just talk ta his wife about what the detective said.

    QnA do u want ta leave him for ur boyfriend or do u want ta leave him on ur own? I believe in making a marriage work no matter what. If u loved each other or rather if u could tolerate each other enough ta get married, then surely u can work through ur issues. All you’d have ta do is go ta social workers with his details and ur children’s maintenance will be deducted from his next salary. You won’t even need ta go ta court ta fight it. I wouldn’t worry too much about the medical aid cover because children hardly ever get sick enough ta need serious medical attention.

  7. Ladysmith I suggest you plot your exit in the meantime. Focus on getting your qualification that will get you a better job so you can singlehandedly raise your kids and divorce his ass

  8. Vusi is trying by all means to convince himself that Londi is cheating on him when its clear she is not. Abusive men like Simon are obsessive hence him stalking Londi. Uyena ofuna Naledi nalomawakhe okhohlakele with Harriet tendencies. I think she or Simon planned the mugging mxm.

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