Majuba 30

I have had terrible meetings before but this was the worst one ever. My mind from the moment this realization hit me

had not been here. My mind was far away. It was at my house. What was that guy doing there? Had he been there before? How often? Did he come to my house every time I left for work? How long had they been doing that? The biggest question however was, were they having an affair? Worse in my house? I was having a nightmare with my eyes fully open and in front of people who could potentially make me rich. Londiwe was becoming a problem and I blame that bloody policeman and he had planted that seed of doubt in my mind. There was a third guy who was in the bathroom when I arrived. I was not sure but he looked Indian. Must be a Gupta.

“Sir are you with us. You seem to be far away!”

The guy called Tebogo said to me. Oh I even forget. It was two guys Tebogo and Peter who had come. They worked in procurement in a government department not a private company as I had been led to belief.

“Sorry guys I was listening but can you just give us an idea of what is needed on this project?”

I asked him. I did not know obviously because well I was late so if they had said it already I had missed it. Fortunately I had not.

“It’s a simple spec. Our department and its provincial counterparts need an overhaul of their I.T. System. We need one service provider who will stop all this offline thing we suffer from. It’s like the first company that got this contract took us on a ride!”

He said and everyone laughed at a joke I did not quite get. Its true though how often do you go to a government department and are told that their offline. The municipality is even worse. You go there to join a long queue only to be told that ah there is nothing they can do for you.

“It is a problem and I actually did a paper on it back in university. We actually have a solution to that!”

I explained to him my ears twitching in excitement. This was something we could do meaning that we were not being asked to perform something impossible which will come out sub standard then one day find ourselves in trouble for poor service delivery.

“That’s good at least we not starting from zero!”

He said looking to his partners.

“Look I am going to be realistic here black people need to take care of black people hence why we are here. You are service providers and it can’t be someone that can be linked to us nor can we be linked to you!”

He explained. I was not comfortable with this conversation and I felt like at any moment the police will rush in and say we are being recorded. Ok fine blame it on TV I have watched too much of it but I am totally lately South African police are starting to have that kind of technology. Remember the SARS shit storm mmmm who recorded that?

“Yeah I know hey. We see others getting richer whilst the rest of us suffer!”

Tumi chirped in rather unnecessarily. The guy ignored him and continued,

“The allocated budget is for this project is about 13.5 million. The project however will cost only about 7 million. Rasheed here is a supplier of the technology we want in the specs. He will sell you the product at a cheaper than everywhere else but with his mark up of course! This way the money circles amongst us.”

He explained. I wanted to clap hands in slow motion because this guy had a degree in corruption. The way he had figured it all out. Wow. I was impressed by him indeed.

“And what’s your cut?”

I asked him.

“A man who gets straight to the point I like that. Ok we want 20% of whatever profit you make!”

Tebogo said with so much confidence. Had he done this before. He did not even care that he was meeting us for the first time.

“20 %. Of roughly 6 million is a lot of money. How do we send that to you without raising red flags?”

I asked him because the plan now really sounded risky.

“Don’t worry about that part yet. The first thing we have to worry about first is you coming up with the specs of what we need with Rashid here. That is what we will use as our advertising criterion. You need to work closely together on this!”

He explained.

“Won’t there be a problem when they ask who your consultant n this specs was?”

I asked. Everyone looked annoyed at me for asking that. It was as though I was that kid in class who delays everyone on a Friday evening from going home early because I raised my hand just before the bell went.

“It’s already taken care of. Rashid is the one in charge of that. Don’t worry it’s something straight forward. Are we on the same page?”

He asked and everyone agreed. I had done my level best to block Londiwe out of mind during all this and as soon as the meeting finished she came flooding right back in. The guys were gone buy Naledi was still there.

“I take it you are sleeping home tonight but I won’t ask since there are people. I am not happy though because it’s not what we discussed!”

My mother said but I was not in the mood.

“Mum please don’t start. I have a lot on my mind right now so yah please, let it be!”

I warned her as I put on my coat.

“Its fine but please take Naledi home. I came with her and since you are driving out it makes sense you drive her!”

Before I could even protest she had walked away leaving me speechless.

*Are we good to go?”

Naledi walked in from the sitting room.

“Yeah let’s go!”

I said stupidly. I grew up being told that family does not fight in public. She walked behind me as I led her to the car.

“That was a hectic meeting. I had no idea this is how the real world works!”

She said with excitement in her voice. Most people would be scared but I could see this really excited her.

“I had no idea too but we have to do what we have to do to survive!”

I told her. We had small talk as we drove mostly about the presentation. I already knew the way to her parents house as she said that is where she was going. She had the keys and I drove her in.

“Thanks for the ride hey. Can I give you a hug goodnight?”

She asked when she stepped out of the car.

“Sure, no problem!”

I came out of the car and I hugged her. When I pulled back she kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I was stunned. What does a kiss to the cheek even mean? I drove home now with mixture of guilt and anger. Guilt about the no meaning kiss and anger about the dog that had come to my house. Wait do I confess that a woman kissed me? On the cheek. What if she had lipstick? I quickly checked on my rear view and it’s a good thing too because I had a smudge. I had wet wipes in the car so I cleaned it up and threw away the evidence.

“What am I going to now?”

I asked myself when I got to my driveway. I was not going to just rush in shouting. I think suspecting that someone is cheating on you is the most torrid experience one can go through. It’s not a good feeling at all. Finding out that your suspicions about your person sometimes comes as a relief because at least mow you can move on. The problem with suspecting a partner and them knowing is that if you are wrong they feel betrayed. It’s like you have broken the trust you have for them. Today we had already fought about me not trusting her so how this going to go down.

“When I drove out I think I saw…”

I did not even finish the statement.

“You saw Simon’s car! Yeah I know! He came here but I did not let him in!”

She said casually. She took the air out of me. I was going to shout and fight but she literally punched the air out of my stomach. I felt like a flat tyre on Commissioner Street outside Delmore Gardens in Boksburg. Even the tow truck won’t come to help you there! Now what.

“How did he know my house?”

I asked her trying to maintain the anger.

“Your house Vusi?”

She asked me as though challenging me. She stood up to face me.

“Say that again I dare you!”

She faced me bravely. I was so mad because she was diverting issues.

“Yes my house! Your ex boyfriend showed up at my house! How did he know where you stay?”

I asked her not backing down. Was she trying to change the subject on me right by focusing on the house issue?

“I clean this house every day. I make sure that you don’t find a speck of dust when you come home. You food is on the table, your clothes are washed and are ironed and when you are horny you have someone to fuck in a well made bed! Do you know who does that and what she is doing here O ska mpaphela!”

She said to me furiously. Ouch!

“I beg your pardon?”

I asked her annoyed on that last thing she had said.

“Don’t beg your pardon me mxim! You need to respect me! Do you honestly think I would invite that man to OUR house? Have you lost your goddamn mind?”

She shouted at me. I was losing an argument I had started.

“So how does he know where we stay? If its Nonjabulo I swear to God I will cut her off! I will never talk to her again!”

I threatened her. I had to redirect my anger elsewhere and she seemed the only logical option.

“If it’s her I will kill her too but I strongly doubt that. She is not that stupid! He has been showing up in places where I am at and each time he says he has just bumped into me! I don’t know what’s going on really. It’s like he is stalking me!”

She said. They say the best lies are elaborate and now tell me if this was not elaborate? This was too elaborate she had to be lying to save her own ass!

I was going to catch her out though. The detective had said I must not alert her to their suspicions and surely this confirmed it.

What to do next?

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike & DOAZG Fam

I’m 28 and my partner is 35. We have been together for 6 years and have a son. He had be ok all along, I have been there since he had nothing to him buying a car and a house. Each time I also helped financially while he had debit orders. He has been loving yet constantly seeking a woman or two to flirt with, nothing has actually happened with all those woman. Our families are very close and I treated his sisters as my own as I have no siblings. We had our ups and downs with me finding conversations between him and other girls. With time I stopped taking care of him, cleaning, cooking and laundry. I figured since he has not paid a single cent for dowry, why should I slave myself for someone who doesn’t care. Why buy the milk when u get the cow for free?
With time I stopped trusting him and actually started being overly insecure, I love this man but only a fool can continue accepting apologies of the same stupid mistakes. I am resentful. Recently I accidentally found a conversation between his sisters telling her how he has fallen in love with a girl I have always known as a friend. They have been friends since I met him and I have never questioned it, she has been close, we party together and I decided to be numb to it. I installed an app in her phone and I saw every conversation they ever had, on about how they love each other and had I not been in the picture they would be happily married, my kid would be hers as he is a pure copy of his dad. I decided to chat with her and she told me how Bae loves me and I should hang on even when he fucks up. I realized the hypocrisy of 3 people that I trusted and I feel so betrayed. What I know is I will never let them show them that i already know and I will not gracefully leave the relationship (that is not an option) until all parties are hurt and broken to the core. How do I go about executing the best revenge plan on all of them? I want them to suffer and have sleepless nights. I have reached a point of no return and I will only move on once I see the irreparable damage I am most likely to cause. Please help me find the sweetest revenge plan ever.

Revenge Seeker

29 thoughts on “Majuba 30

  1. What is londiwe up to eish. The suspense is killing.
    Revenge seeker revenge will only hurt you more than the person you revenge to. But if you desperately want revenge for a man e best revenge is an attack on his ego. Belittle him straight up. Humiliate him and you will scar him for life.

  2. Thank you Mike..great one.
    Revenge Seeker is it really worth it though.Jus leave with your dignity intact honestly.they are not worth yo time

  3. the name of the app please?? lol. but on a serious note, thats your cue to leave. and put everything out there in the open so that they know you know, but the plot twist which is gonna hurt is when they do decide to get married, but i trust you can find a better guy out there, who will love you genuinely and ladies avoid oversharing, tmi with your BFF’s thats how they end up stealing your men. especially bedroom shenanigans

  4. do not seek revenge, it will only gratify you for a short while, the best revenge will be them seeing you happy somewhere with someone else.

  5. Revenge Seeker “Hanging on to a resentment, someone once said, is like drinking poison and waiting for other person to die.” You stayed in a toxic relationship for too long that’s why you angry and you wasted your time by letting him get away with cheating all the time. Having a kid with someone out of wedlock doesn’t guarantee marriage or life time commitment. You surely had too many expectations and now you feel betrayed. The only sweet revenge I can give you is “walk away gracefully”. All those people ain’t worth your time; why bother fighting a lost game. Maybe your relationship was never alive to begin with but cause of infatuation you never saw it. Always remember karma always finds its way home….walk away and be at peace

  6. The best revenge is to pack your bags for you and your son. Leave on a Saturday morning with a smile on your face,when he asks where are you going,you tell him you creating space for him and his friend that he is in-love. Smile as if nothing happened,don’t even shout and leave. The guilt and confusion will drive him insane.

  7. I do not have all that grace and forgiveness, I love revenge, but I love revenge that puts my mind at ease and causes little to no damage to my already broken spirit at the time of my spirit being broken. I have done this and it is so satisfying: A person I really loved cheated on me and broke my trust in a horrible way. I was so angry at the lie and being made a fool, so one day I made a decision, a decision to leave the table as love was no longer being served at the table and I was livid. Not just angry but livid. Following week I was extra nice, extra loving but couldn’t bring myself to speak like I used to so instead I just did a lot. A lot of cooking, Jamie Oliver had nothing on me, a lot of cleaning, you could eat off the floor and toilet, a lot of nice small gestures and little things he seemed to appreciate uswine. Those ‘remind him why he fell for you’ type of things. A whole week I turned into Emmanuel and gave him the best sex I could master up, I even surprised myself. On Friday while he was work, I packed all my things and left him a sandwich with peanut butter on the spotless kitchen counter with a post-it sticker written ‘ndimnkile’. Blocked his number and went home, cried about it and never spoke to him again. To this day, he still asks my friends and sisters why I left? He tried to communicate but I told him I am not interested. Leave nana, but do it in such a way that he feels his actions. Please also keep in mind that you have a son, and children are impressionable beings who see every little thing even those you will try shield him on. You are raising a future older brother, future mentor, future husband, future CEO, President etc. How you interact with his father will factor into the man he becomes. All the best.

    1. …And this here, is the psychotic phase of a woman, that every man should be afraid of. It’s a phase between that thin line of “I’m leaving your ass, no mess and no fuss”; or being stabbed to death.

      Nice one Vuyo. I’ve been through similar, reacted similarly; and it’s the most liberating act ever.

  8. Thanks Team… @Vuyo – peanut butter sandwich nogal, I’m sure he hates everything that has peanut butter on it, kwaaaaaaa. Will think of you each time he eats a sandwich…
    Revebge Seeker – no matter what you do to a person, you will not be satisfied, you will always want to hurt him some more. Just leave him and be the best person you could possibly can, be successfull, buy the biggest Range Rover, and smile and wave when you see him …

  9. Revenge seeker – leave him sis leave. But before you leave break his dam ego. Show him he no longer man enough for you…whilst you are doing the dees…just stop him…tell him he is wasting your time turn to the side and sleep. In the morning be the happiest cheppy make him breakfast and go for window shopping with your son.

  10. I once heard a joke about a man who told his friend that his wife is cheating. He told him that it happens everyday. They then decided the man should do as if he is going to work. They will then sit a his friends house. His friend stayed opposite and they would be able to see everything happening. Like his friend said, the guy came ringing a bike. Got inside the house. After 30 minutes, the guy showed up smoking inside the house but blowing smoke out the door thru the burglar guards. He got in and after an hour. He left. The man cheated on came back home like in a normal day. Had his supper, bathed, watched TV and cuddled with the wife on a couch. They then went to sleep. He initiated sex. He did his best foreplay ever. He licked her from the ears, down the neck, boobs, navel to the love handles. When he was near the pubic area. He stopped and put his ear next to the holy grail and shouted ” Hhuh, what? U say there is a guy? What guy? With a bike” he did like he is conversing with someone with his ear on the punani. ” Oh, he comes around eleven, then have a smoke in my house blowing smoke wearing a trunk” ” he fucks u!” After finishing his fake conversation. He just rolled over the side and said nothing. He slept and woke up the following day and said nothing, no fighting. When the makhwapheni came the following day, what do u think the woman would say? I hope u deduce and get the moral of the story

  11. Londy is a glorified house maid really. Housemaid with a ring. That is what she is. Anyone can do the things she is boasting(?) about. As a woman you should be more to your man than a house help. There was a post I once read about a man who left a woman after years of her devoting her time and resources to him because he one day saw her as just that. You don’t need to be employed necessarily but just be more and do more for the relationship!

  12. Vuyo is a hero yaz! Umenze right! We need that app sister. Lol

    But I agree with vuyo. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. That’s your cue to leave

  13. I agree with Vuyo … I wouldn’t be able to be so nice though, I would just leave with a smile on my face nje cha … but let’s also just get back to the name of the app ?

  14. Revenge seeker
    If your “sister in law” has a man mo mure ka stina and make sure he dumps her for you that way your “sister in law” will hate you for life and your “man” will hate you for life for hurting his sister as for that “friend” jola le rragwe👌😁😁

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