Majuba 26

We all love our mothers. We all respect our mothers. The problem is our mothers sometimes don’t know when to let us

go and respect us when we become adults. They all believe they know what’s best for us and it’s very rare for a mother in law to change her mind on a daughter in law especially if she did not like her the first time she sees her. My mother had made it clear several times that I could do better than Londiwe but for me my heart was settled.

“I can’t believe she just did that!’

I found myself telling myself as Naledi walked out. If I had thought my mother had changed her mind on Londiwe because of the baby then I was wrong. She had not changed her mind on how she felt about her daughter in law that’s for sure and was intending on charging forward with hooking me up to Naledi. I was wrong for subjecting Londiwe to this humiliation.

“Baby I am back. I was not sure what to pack for you so I just took your track pants. I would have preferred it if you came home today but oh well…”

Londiwe said first as she walked in. She was full of energy and was definitely happier now than she was when she left.

“You are all cheery now love what’s going on?”

I asked. Normally when she was left alone with my mother she would come back sour but this was different. She actually looked very happy.

“I think I need to apologize to you for something…”

She said with a smile on her face as she fluffed my pillow. I think that’s the word for it am not too sure now.

“But you have not done anything wrong baby!”

I responded to her a bit surprised.

“No I have. I am being selfish by refusing to stay with your mum. It makes sense for us so I have decided that going to stay with your mother is a good idea! It was your idea I am not taking credit for it.”

Londiwe said to me and it was the most bizarre thing because it was the last thing I expected.


I asked her.

“Why what?”

That was her response!

“I mean before you left here you were adamant that we must not go there and now you are more than ready to pack up and go. What did my mother do to my wife?”

I teased her and she laughed whilst playfully punching me.

“Oh that’s not funny. She rubs me the wrong way but she means well. I think if someone is trying to harm you or us its best to lay low a while!”

She said explaining to me her decision. I somehow got the impression that my mother had tricked her into it or at the very least spoken to her about it. As we were sitting a police officer walked into the room.

“I see you are looking much better. Is it ok you give a statement now?”

He asked.

“Yes sure its fine. Love please pull him a chair.”

I asked Londiwe but the cop immediately said he was more than happy to do it himself.

“I thought we had covered everything what’s going on?”

I asked him.

“There are a few things not adding up. Someone hired those boys to come after you and we will not be doing our job if we do not try investigating who and why? Is there anyone who you think would want to hurt you?”

He asked getting straight into it.

“I can’t say I know anyone. I am not in the business of hurting people or picking fights. I work I.T. So there is no one to be enemies with!”

I said trying to sound a bit funny. I thought it was a random crime to be honest.

“Sir, this is serious and because your mother has called our station several times already using some of her powerful friends it’s a case we have to pursue!”

I could sense his disdain as he said that. Is it just me or most people do their jobs better when more powerful people than them threaten them? My mother had friends everywhere which is what made her formidable. From what the officer was saying it was her who was demanding answers.

“My mother?”

I asked sheepishly. It’s a bit embarrassing really when she fights your battles for you and I looked at Londy who just smiled with that I told you so look.

“Ok then I don’t remember much. Baby you were there is there anything you saw since they knocked me out?”

I asked Londiwe.

“No, everything happened so fast. We were walking towards the car and the guys came from behind us. I screamed and they ran. That’s all I remember!”

She told him. I got the impression that she was holding back something but I could wrong. When something like this happens to you paranoia is the first thing to set in.

“Are you sure there is nothing else you can remember? We are still waiting for the security camera footage from the mall to see if we can identify their faces!”

He told us and asked at the same time but we both said no there was nothing.

“We will be in touch!”

He concluded when he walked out.

“I have good news baby. Your mother arranged for me an interview at one of the companies that she knows. The interview is tomorrow afternoon!”

She told me cheerfully. My wife had been looking for a decent job for a while and so far my mother had never helped her look. Why now?

“Is you getting a job a good idea considering that you pregnant? I don’t think it’s a good idea!”

I said immediately disapproving.

“No nonsense. Your mother said if I get the job it will be a desk job and will come with a car. I think we need this to ease the pressure on you for finances!”

She said cheerfully still. This was why she was happy when she came back from my mother. See I knew there was no way it happened on its own. She was even humming a song as she went about tiding up the place.

“Are you even listening to me?”

I asked her a bit annoyed.

“Yes I am but love I have wanted a job for a while and now that I can get something please don’t make me feel guilty about it. I want this and you know I am strong so don’t worry, your baby, your son I hope will be fine!”

She said trying to butter me up by saying a son. I have always wanted a boy but I would not mind a girl either. This was a bad idea and I had to talk to my mum about it. What was she thinking?

“I still don’t agree. This is a big decision that changes a lot of things!”

I told her but she was ready for me.

“Love when you got hurt yesterday I felt helpless. I could not help but imagine what would happen to me and our baby if something terrible had happened. I have no job, no money and nowhere to go!”

She said tears rolling down her cheeks. A woman’s tears are blackmail and Londiwe was good at this.

“Come on love I am still here. Let’s celebrate that and not what would have happened had I not made it!”

I consoled her. She made a good point. It’s not that I did not want her to work. I think everyone should work. It’s a human right violation not to find a job as far as I am concerned but the timing was wrong. There was baby on the way and I am not Nasty C I was not going to tell to get rid of it because pampers are expensive!

“We will talk about it some later right now I just need you back on your feet and healthy. That’s all I want. Please don’t stress about unnecessary things!”

She said to me. The rest of the day was spent with her fussing over me. My colleagues from work came to see me and I got a week off work. I don’t think my boss had much of a choice and besides he wanted that tender from my mother so he was super nice. The following day I was picked up by my mother when I was discharged.

“Mum why did you send Naledi to come and see me?”

I asked as soon as the car drove out of the hospital grounds.

“I knew you were going to ask. I just knew it and no I did not send her. She wanted to come see you at the office and seemingly you gave her a wrong number. She then called me to ask for your numbers and I told her what had happened. She insisted on coming to see you and I knew with Londiwe there it would have been bad. All I did was try save us all from an embarrassing moment.”

She explained.

“Mum I am going to say this for the very last time, please listen to me, Londiwe is my wife and if you keep pursuing Naledi or any other woman for me you and I are going to have a serious problem. I know you don’t like her, I get it but I like her. Please don’t make us fight. You are my mother and I respect you so please do not cause a rift between us!”

I warned her very sternly. I could she did not like what I said by the scowl on her face but I wanted her to hear my point clearly. What she was doing was wrong and she knew it yet she insisted on such rubbish.

“We are home!”

She said rather unnecessarily when we got home and by home I mean my parents home. She walked out and went straight in. She was still cross with me. The maid, Mapula had been with us for a very long time can’t even remember how long. I called her Aunty because she practically raised me and she was allowed to call me by my name.

“Why are you scaring us like that Vusi? When your mother told us what happened you scared us all!”

She said angrily but with a playful tone to it. My mother always complained about the close relationship I had with her and I think she was even kind of jealous. I had grown to see her as family over the years. Imagine when she first came I was in I think grade 10 and now I was this old.

“Ah they tried but they failed. I shouldn’t have skipped those karate classes!”

I told her and we laughed. I got in the house as my phone rang.

“This is the police officer who came to see you yesterday can you talk sir?”

A man’s voice said on the other side.

“I just got home but if it’s important sure!”

I said to him.

“Do you know a Simon Mamaregane?”

He asked me.

Simon Mamaregane?

“Yes sir I do! Why?”

I responded.

“How do you know him if I may ask?”

He asked again. So many things were going through my mind right now! What was he telling me without saying it?

“He is my wife’s ex boyfriend! Did he have anything to do with this?”

I asked immediately. Before I could answer we got cut.

This was crazy!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Boss Mike

Thank you for reading my letter sir, I am 28 male and from the Eastern Cape.

I have been dating two girls for the last 5 years. I met them right around the same time. For the first two years it was me cheating but eventually they found out about each other. They had a huge fight as it was situation of me getting caught with my pants down. They both dumped me but eventually both started dating me again. I know it’s hard to believe this but I love them both equally. They are very different in personality and even appearance. Admittedly one is prettier than the other but the other is way smarter than the prettier one. Somewhere somehow they started talking and much as the situation was bad they decided to make peace with it. I am not abusive and although I don’t have a high paying job I make sure I provide as best as I can for both of them. They even have that Girlfriend Allowance you taught us about sir in Zulu Girl meaning I do as best as I can. The problem is that they now both want a baby. I want one two but definitely I will not be able to afford two babies at once. Girl one is working retail whilst girl two finished her BCom Accounting last year. She is working. If I impregnate one girl before the other I am very certain that the other will dump me. My friends say impregnate the one with the better job but that will be rather cruel and unkind as she is already feeling the pressure. Oh, I am paying for her lessons at UNISA (the one in retail). Girl Two is smart and very self reassured. She made it very clear that she accepts our situation but she must get the baby first or she will walk. She kind of bullies girl one which again is another reason I feel it will be cruel to have a baby with girl two over girl one.

I made my bed I know it and I know people cannot love two people but I do wholeheartedly. I now have a problem I cannot fix on my own which is why I am asking for your advice my fellow readers. What do I do or how do I fix this?

Thank You

Eastern Cape

15 thoughts on “Majuba 26

  1. Eastern Cape’s story reminds me of Y.E.S. who knows, one of these ladies could be having a 2nd partner

    1. Right??? Like I’m wondering if this dude is intending on marrying either one of these women or both? If so he should probably get that done first.

    1. You are not the only one, we have read a letter almost similar to this one but tha tone involved a doctor I think. There are a few changes to the letter. I think the other writer needed advice because the ladies wanted to get married and one of the girls family does not believe in polygamy or something along those lines.

      1. i think we have read a very similar letter that was written by a Doctor gentleman…. Maybe the best advise would be coming from the DR, Dr please kindly EC, since you are in a similar position or were in one…. i think this is why feedback is important, atleast we will have an idea what works or not.

  2. Looks like we have another Mseleku on the cards… Sayenza indaba isthembu! Marry both of them broe, seeing that you are all one big happy family. Umshado phambili and then babies later…

  3. I agree with Mi_Casa and KaManyosi. Please EC do the right thing. Commit yourself to these women first, before you think of spreading your seed. If all three of you are mature and truly love each other, who has a baby when, becomes irrelevant. You will be a family and you will raise the children accordingly.

  4. ‘they hv dt gf allowance u taught us abt’… Jesus Christ hw i wish i ws 1 of dm cs atleast they knw about 1 anothr.

  5. This is probably the reason why I’m still single, I would’ve never stayed in that but ke asifani singabantu.
    EC you clearly love girl one more you just don’t wanna say it
    Do the right thing. Yenza kahle

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