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YES – Chapter 128

First thing the following morning I went to my mothers place. I always tell my mother when I travel even if it’s for work purposes. I have learned that not telling her just gets her rubbed the wrong way. I can even hear her say in my ear,

“Always let someone know where you are going so that if something happens someone knows where to find you!”

So I realized that a long time ago that it’s easier to tell her where I am going than not to.

“I am going out of town for a few days mum. It’s a road trip kind of thing.”

I told her and she looked at my sister with a mischievous smile.

“It’s with a guy isn’t?”

She asked me.

“Mum come on you know we don’t discuss such things!”

I told her but she was clearly in a good mood even before I arrived.

“Mmmm yes tell us please!”

My sister chirped in playing along with mum.

“Its funny that mum said to me in the morning that she thinks you have a boyfriend!”

My sister added.

“You such a traitor you know that for not telling me but anyway I will tell you what you want to hear!”

I said defensively as I felt like a sixteen year that had been caught by her dad talking to a boy at the corner.

“Ok fine, yes it’s a guy, I won’t tell you his name and I really like him and he likes me!”

I told them. My mother decided to be idiotic and started chanting,

“Riye riye riye riye”

By way of ululation. It made a shrieky sound which made both my sister and I laugh.

“Mum come on it’s too soon for that!”

I told her.

“I know it is but I feel in my bones. This is the one I am telling you!”

She said. Up

“I feel like I have been so hard on you for so long and I am sorry!”

Drum roll please…louder…. No this needs those American college marching bands to sing,

“Glory Glory Hallelujah”

A black parent, my parent apologizing was like a politician openly owning up to corruption and resigning. It is as rare as seeing a poor gay guy and even more rare than a girl who wears make up admitting she looks better without it.

“What have you done with my mother?”

I asked her teasingly and she got the joke.

“You are funny now. For too long I have been consumed for what I thought was good for you without actually considering that you are a grown woman and you can decide that for yourself.”

She said. I could see she was not saying this because of impulse but it was something well thought out.

“Thank you mum. I really needed to hear that from you.”

I told her and I meant it. This was good hey; my mum was healthy and happy. I had to go get a travelling back though. When it comes to luggage mine is the worst so I was not going to embarrass myself.

“I will come back later mum!”

I told her and I meant it.

“Please buy me that pie you used to buy me.”

She shouted as I drove out. I loved my mother that’s no doubt. I had not driven out far when Nthabiseng called.

“Lawyer extraordinaire…”

I called her with an excited tone in my voice. She had done wonders for me this girl and I loved her for it.

“Oh wow Lungi are you really going to call me that?”

She said and we both laughed.

“Yes I am going to call you the title you deserve.”

We laughed again and she went down to business.

“Ok so I have good news and semi good news…”

She started to explain,

“What now? Should I be worried?”

I asked her. With my amount of bad luck I would not be surprised at all so crossed my fingers on to my steering wheel.

“No of course not you have nothing to worry about at all. The semi good news is that we are already speaking to the bank are going freeze your accounts for a couple of days as you know before you receive such a large amount of money it had to go through FIRCA”

She explained to me. How was I supposed to know that?

“They have sent you some Proof of Wealth forms please feel them in as soon as possible. There should be nothing wrong what so ever and you not a PEP in any case!”

She reassured me.

“What is a PEP?”

My ignorance really was showing.

“It’s a Politically Exposed Person!”

She told me and that’s a phrase I had heard before. You cannot stay you live in South Africa if you have never heard that before.

“I have enough cash on me and I have a full tank so I am happy with that. When will they do it?”

I asked her.

“As soon as I put the phone down and call them. The thing is once it’s done you can’t get it reopened until they are done. She told me it takes less than a week!”

She explained.

“Ok wait, I just want to buy luggage. I am already at the mall.”

I told her.

“As soon as am done will tell you ok?”

I told her. She agreed with me. Luggage is expensive ah. When those Toyota taxi drivers stop toyi toying for the price of a Quantum someone should tell those girls that travel to Dubai to come toyi toyi against the price of luggage. It’s crazy. It did not take me long before I called her back.

“Its done, you can call the bank!”

I told her cheerfully. What’s a few days anyway if I was going to be a millionaire?

“Well ok but I hope it won’t be too long then my friend we are hitting the road. I have always wanted to go to New York!”

I told her and she laughed.

“Shouldn’t Dubai be first on that list?”

I asked her.

“No never. Dubai is the new Lagos, I am fine with it! Imagine posting a picture in Dubai and what it represents to many people!”

I told her and we laughed. That country was definitely off my travel plans no matter how many nice things they said about it. I had too much common sense in me than to want to go see sand and men who think women are as valueless as cockroaches!

“Ok fine then to reiterate. I will ask the banks to hold the accounts then now to make it move faster. It should take about a week though. It’s all these FICA things.”

She said again. Realistically how much money does one use in a week? With me it was about 5k but only because I liked things. I am sure mind to matter I could use less. Sfiso called and asked to meet at a close by eatery.

“Dude what’s wrong you look like you are about to break my heart?”

I asked him and he nodded his head in the affirmative.

“Sfiso just come out with it man!”

I told him.

“They want me to come to England as early as Friday. There is a delegation coming from this side to discuss this whole downgrading business. It’s very huge for us and they want all their aces on the table!”

He explained.

“Does this mean we are postponing?”

I asked him.

“Hell no, it means let’s just get into the car and go right now. We will book hotels as we drive you know; it will be fun and spontaneous!”

He told me.

“I am a girl you know I have to pack some stuff!”

I told him intrigued by his idea.

“Awesome then. I am going to check out of that place and look at the time. Its almost 6!”

He said.

“Are we really doing this?”

I asked him when two hours later, my bags in his car.

“Yes we are so let’s toss a coin to see which direction we will drive?”

He said and I laughed out loud. This was crazy even for me. A spontaneous road trip without a place to sleep at that.

“Ok I say Durban or Sun City?”

I told him.

“Fine choices maam! Heads therefore is Durban and Tails is Sun City!”

He said and I agreed.

“Well my lady you get the pleasure of choosing then Heads or Tails?”

He said already the coin in his hand.


I called.

“We will flick three times and best of three wins!”

He said and for some reason it was funny and we were laughing. I was so happy. I cannot remember the last time I had been this happy.

First Flick.


Second Flick


“Ah it’s your turn to do the last click!”

He said since he had been the one tossing.

“Ok no problem!”

I told him.

I flicked the coin and guess what,

“Heads it is!”

Durban here we come.

“This is going to be fun!”

He said smiling. I was not going to drive so I had my wine in a flask. I know many couples both drive but reality often is that it is the guy that does the most driving.

“This thing of driving without a map is called Shot Left!”

I started to explain to him. I don’t know if he had been around when the campaign started but it was as good a conversation starter as any.

“Do you have any sing a long road trip songs?”

I asked him. He had not prepared that far so we found ourselves listening to the radio. We got lucky because the song that was playing,

“The storm is over, the storm over now, I can see the sunshine, heaven is…”

I was finally going away with the guy that I knew was for me. What a day I had had. Funny thing is that I had enjoyed it so much. My phone was ringing and it was my sister.

“Crap I told my mother I was going to stop by before I leave and I forgot!”

I told Sfiso. We were already two hours out imagine, eish! I did not want to pick up at first because with what she was going through it was going to bring my mood down. I know I am being selfish but it’s emotionally exhausting. I ignored the first call then she called again immediately after.

“Sis, what’s up?”

I asked her. I did not show annoyance in my voice at least.

“Its mum Lungi, she is gone…”

She said to me.

“I don’t follow? Where has she gone, when I left she was saying she is going to bed don’t remember her saying she has plans.”

I tried to rack through my brain to see if she had said anything about going anywhere.

“No Lungi you don’t understand, mum is dead Lungile, our mother is dead!”

She cried.

The world stopped.

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hey Guys

I am sorry for the absence. things are not going exactly well for me currently. I am really trying to hold everything together but its easier said than done.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

Hey again

Some of you might have noticed the Sanlam poseter I posted fore on Facebook… we still at it and I have gone through the drama in the select group and its brilliant.

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  1. Hi Mike.

    Thanks for our daily dose. Tough times never last but tough people do – you will be okay. Love and light ❤

  2. Yoh!!! Lungi has the worst luck ever! This is so sad 🙁 If it’s her ancestors then they are really playing dirty.

    Bra Mike, whatever it is that is not going well for you I hope it works out. Things will fall into place sooner than you know. Continue with your good work and keep your head up. Go tla loka

  3. The aunt warned her and she ddnt listen… She tld her nt to take the damn money or they will b death

    Mike ngathi konke ngalunga kube ryt

    1. But didn’t the aunt refer to Lungi’s death directly? Been waiting for something bad to happen to her directly not a family member

  4. Bra Mike, thank you and all the best to you. Whatever it is eyenzekayo, look at the many other things you have gone through and conquered. You can do it again.

    These ancestors are ruthless!

  5. Lungi’s bad luck hayi ngeke. Now she has to plan funeral with no money. These ancestors hayi ngeke. I would rather stick to my non complicated faith. @mike you’re a conqueror. You will always rise above the rest.

  6. Hi Mike whatever u going thru will pass jst hang in there n trust in GOD.
    Hi shame poor lungi her Ancestors are tough ijoh!!! i feel for her shame hope her luck will change soon

    1. Don’t be an ass hole, Mike is doing is a favor (FREE entertainment) and keep in mind that he is going through alot right now yet he still gives us our daily dose. Don’t be ungrateful!!

      1. Tsek wena Tina, senzeni when we love some characters and happy endings. Don’t be acting all brand new lana trying to be an ambassador yamasimba.

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  9. Hi Mike, whatever you are going through, you will be okay by the grace of God.

    Poor Lungi, she should have listen to her aunt, money is the root of all evil, the ancestors are probably protecting u from something big, hence they don’t want her to take the money, at least Lungi’s mom died after she made peace with everything, she was in peace and happy

  10. Yazi i suspected this because of the way she was being nice and all even to her sister that she hated… i knew this was coming.

  11. Is it really the ancestors or the enemy? Her aunt did say she has an enemy who is stronger than she thinks. I suspect Rudzani had a lot to do with this. She loses her job cause of the 5 million and Lungi loses something too.

  12. I have a feeling that Lungi’s mom had accepted her calling that was supposed to be hers in the 1st place, that’s why she had apologised to her sister and made peace, she knew that like it or not this will affect Lungi, so she took it to spare her daughter.
    lungi need not be a sangoma anymore

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    why am I getting the feeling that Nthabi is gonna do something to Lungi’s money?

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    I suspected Lungi’s mom could die when she asked to speak to Merriam in private and made peace with her sister. I think somehow this happened to save Lungi. Now Merriam must give Lungi the message.

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  17. Haybo she died? Just like that?
    Lungi spends 5K a week? Yhoooo if her life wasn’t so dramatic I’d envy her

  18. Thanks Mike for the dose
    This is going to be very devastating for Lungi, I hope this brings her and Sfiso even closer
    Now she will never get to know what her mother wanted to tell Miriam

  19. Thank you Mike for an amazing chapter.
    That was dope.!!…I must say, the fact that you are not predictable intrigues me.It keeps me hooked. Keep up the good work.

    Eish….I feel for Bongi shame….Did not see that one coming.

    What ever that you going through Will come to pass. God Will never throw a challenge at you that, he knows you can’t handle. Just hang in there.

  20. Lungi has been warned about the money yet she took it.A bad n horrible thing happened as the aunt said.Thank u bra Mike

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