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YES 134

There is a different kind of pain you feel when you lose someone to death and another to a break up. I am not

underplaying death at all but realizing that I might never see Sfiso again really broke my heart. I don’t know how else to explain it. With my mother’s loss I had a sense of panic and fear of not wanting to wake up tomorrow. I did not want to believe it but there was finality about death which I could not fight or get over. That’s the main difference, that finality. With Sfiso I almost felt like I could run after him and beg him somehow. I did not feel as helpless but I felt useless. That’s the feeling I suppose.

“Lungi where is Sfiso?”

My sister asked me when I walked back in. I think even though I was crying she could not tell it was because of him.

“He is gone. He has to fly to London.”

I told her as I made my way through to my old room. My aunt was in the bathroom I think I don’t know because I did not see her. I lay on my old bed as I had always done growing up. Over time it had become the store room so to speak so there were so many things in it. These were things which at some point we would have to clear up and go through my sister and me. For now though I just wanted to sleep. I wanted this whole night mare to go away but my phone rang and I could not avoid the call, it was Nthabiseng.

“Hey my dear, how are you holding up?”

She asked me.

“It’s harder than I thought. I feel so helpless. I am drowning with the pain Nthabi I just want to wake up from this.”

I told her honestly on the phone.

“I don’t blame you friend I don’t blame you. Listen I am on my way out I have taken the afternoon off so we can I spend it with you there. Please send me a pin of where you are?”

She asked me. You know technology, before there was android phones I would have had to give the address to put in her GPS to find me and before that how did people get to a place? The things we take for granted that made life easier really do come in handy.

“I will do just that.”

I told her. When I hung up I sent her the pin and then my phone rang again, it was a phone I did not recognize.

“Hi Lungi how are you?”

A female voice said to me.

“I am ok how are you?”

I responded.

“It’s me Esihle!”

My blood froze. It was the fake doctor. She is the one who had discharged my mother saying that she was fine when she was not. It was her.

“Yes Esihle…”

I said trying to hold it in and not burst into flames because of my anger and hatred towards her right now. If she was standing in front of me I swear she will be lying in front of me right now dead! I would have strangled her with my bear hands and more.

“One of the nurses about an hour ago brought it to my attention that your mother left one of her medications. She also left some toiletries. She left them when she was discharged and when they cleaned her bed someone was supposed to have informed you but clearly they did not! She also said there was a bit of drama that transpired but they won’t tell me what!”

She explained. Was she trying to make excuses before she could pass her condolences or what? It made me hate her even more.

“I can drop them over by your place if you want or you can come pick her up. The pills especially are too important as she needs to take them ASAP!”

She continued to explain. I was raking through my brain on how that could have happened. I was not there when my mother was discharged and if I recall correctly I only learned mother was home from my sister. She had been discharged and when home with her.

“What happens if she does not take them?”

I asked tears again started flowing. I wanted the whole story first.

“Well I believe your mother has some kind of blood disorder. Still waiting for the results though. The medication is a blood thinner which prevents her blood from getting clots. Clots are dangerous as she can have a heart attack or even an aneurism but don’t worry she is not in immediate danger. I took the liberty of adding more and I would like to examine her again if you don’t mind!”

She asked sweetly. I wanted to shout at her but I could not even bring myself to. It was my sister who had gone to pick up my mother. I had to ask her.

“Please can I call you back in a minute or so?”

I asked her.

“Ok cool.”

She said and hung up.

I went to my sister.

“The day you picked up mum at the hospital did you guys leave in a rush?”

I asked her. She was sitting with my aunt in the lounge.

“What do you mean?”

She asked.

“When you picked up mama at the hospital remember I was not there. What do you remember of that day?”

I asked her again. She was confused.

“I went to see her and they said she had been discharged. She was packing up but I was on the phone with you know who and we were fighting!”

She started to explain,

“Wait so you did not help her pack?”

I asked her.

“What do you mean? I found already packed. We just picked up her bags and left! The nurse had already explained to mum everything about her medication. That doctor friend of yours was not there and was delaying in coming but mum was impatient and I was in the middle of a fight!”

She explained. The maths was adding up now in some parts and not in the other. My mother would have insisted on knowing about her medication as she was those people with a medicine cabinet a doctor would be proud of.

“And the drama that happened?”

I asked her.

“It’s nothing I couldn’t handle. Is something wrong Lungi why the questions?”

She asked me. Was I going to tell my sister that because of her negligence and whatever the drama was our mother had died? She would blame herself for it that’s for sure. She was going through a lot.

“There is a medicine mama forgot to pack that’s all. The doctor called me telling that the nurses found the pills with her toiletries meaning that she left them.”

I explained to her. It was too big a secret to keep but note I did not blame her. I c could not lie to her because I am very certain that like me she too needed answers and this was going to have come out anyway.

“Wait, are you saying mums thing could have been prevented?”

She asked me.

“Well if it’s what killed her then yes it could have. I don’t know Sis but that’s what the doctor said.”

I told her.

“Can we sue the hospital? They are the ones that should have told us or packed for mommy you know!”

My sister asked me shocked by what I had just said. My aunt responded,

“Even if you sue them what are you suing them for? In hospital we all pack our own things when we leave. You are the one that should have made sure your mum had everything! Did you not get the brief from the nurses or doctor on what the packet of medicines you had was?”

My aunt asked her hitting the nail right on the head. She had said what I could not have said even if I wanted to.

“Ah come on guys how is this my fault? Lungi tell her she is wrong!”

My sister said defensively.

“Aunty she was fighting with her husband on the phone so she was distracted and mommy refused to wait for the doctor by the sounds of it. If we can blame anyone for this it is that husband of yours! That fight made you not focus!”

I told her. I had not wanted to say anything more so I stood up and went back to my room where I called the doctor.

“I did not think you were going to call hey because I was about to call you back.”

She said with a slight bit off annoyance in her voice.

“Must I bring it over?”

She asked before I had even let in a word.

“I am afraid I have a bit of bad news…”

I started of which she cut in,

“Bad news? Is he back in hospital already? Goodness that was fast!”

She asked and concluded on her own. She really did not know.

“My mother passed away last night!”

I told her. For a moment there was silence on the other side. I think she was thinking I don’t know.

“Nah tell me you are joking? Come on Lungi she was my patient don’t make such statements.”

She said almost exactly what I had said when I first heard.

“I wish I were I would never joke about such a thing. She was fine one moment and not the next moment.”

I explained to her.

“I, I, I don’t even know what to say I am so sorry!”

She stuttered through to her condolence.

“I am sorry too. I just lost my mum just like that!”

I told her.

“My condolences. Please send me your location I am coming there right now. I don’t know what to say right now.”

She told me. I sent her that and I sat on the bed. The story was slowly and painfully starting to come out. I knew who did what where and how. Nthabiseng arrived first then Mbuso then finally the doctor. This happened in a space of an hour maybe an hour and a half. With each I had cried.

“Can I talk to you on the side?”

The doctor said to me when all the commotion of crying was over. Earlier on I had wanted to kill this woman thinking she had sent my mother home before she was well and even now I wanted to but she was showing me that she was there for me. She had not had to come.

“Yes you can!”

I told her. We walked to the gate.

“I asked security to pull some footage from the lobby when you mother left. I wanted to see who picked her up and what not.

“It was my sister who came, she told me!”

I responded. What was she getting at?

“It was her that’s right but look…”

She played me the video on her phone. My sister arrived and two minutes later someone else arrived, her husband but he was not alone he came with the little mistress of his.

“You have got be fucken kidding me!”

I said out loud and the Doctor responded,

“I know it’s not done, watch!”

My sister and husband started fighting physically and when my mother tried to stop them she was carrying her pack of medicines. The little mistress pushed my mother to stay out of it and in the process three bottles fell. One bottle my mother picked up, one the little mistress picked up and put in her pocket before joining in to beat my sister too. That’s when the nurses and securities intervened before my mother could find the the third one.

“Is this ok if I show this to my lawyer? She is here already?”

I asked her.

“Ah you can’t sue the hospital on this. It’s not our fault.”

She said defensively.

“No it’s not the hospital at all. If anything the footage proves it, I have bigger more permanent fish to fry!”

I told her holding my anger within.

My sister’s husband and her little mistress had killed my mother by their actions and I could prove it.

Guess what Nthabiseng said when she saw the footage…

“There is a case of assault here, theft and I believe we can prove one of negligent or culpable homicide. All we have to prove is that the medicine she took and that fell as a result of their action was reason enough to have caused her death! This is bad! Who are they again these people?”

She asked me.

“My brother in law and his mistress!”

I responded coldly.

Her response,

“Let’s go get them!”


One more thing, my sister had lied!

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

When it comes to storytelling, you sir are the best. Thank you for giving us free content every day and the reason we get angry when you don’t post is because you really are the best at what you do.

My story, I am 16 years old and I am pregnant. I was raped by my uncle and I did not tell anyone because I was afraid of the implications. He is the breadwinner at home and takes care of my two little brothers and myself. My mother died and I don’t know my father. He is married and has 3 kids of his own. My aunt is his second wife and has wanted us out of the house (my brothers and me) for the last two years. When he raped he did not beat me up or anything, he told me that if I wanted to stay then I had to sleep with him. We slept together many times and I said yes every time he asked for it. I only found out that it was rape after a friend told me that it was. My little brothers are 11 and 9. If I accuse him of rape they will be kicked out too. We don’t have relatives that I know of and who can take in 3 kids plus a baby. My uncle knows I am pregnant and says that as long as I don’t tell who the father of the child is I can stay and he will protect me and the baby from his wife. He acts as though we are lovers, buys me chocolates and all that. He took me to the doctor and said he was my guardian and even pretended to be angry at my teenage pregnancy.

I am so stuck and all the while my belly is growing. It’s embarrassing to be pregnant in school and worse every day I live through my aunt’s verbal abuse.

What can I do in my situation? Please leave me anonymous.

Thank You


26 thoughts on “YES 134

  1. What has this world become? Kodwa Somandla, kwenzenjani emhlabeni? I am practically in tears reading the story ka Sixteen year old! Mmmh, sorry ngane yam! I have a child who is also 16, and this is so cruel…

  2. Dear Sixteen, what you are going through is very difficult and sad. No child should be going through this at the hands of an adult. It is advisable that you contact childline on this number 08000 55 555. They will find a social worker who works where you stay and that social worker will contact you. You will most likely be removed to a more safer place. Good luck with everything.

  3. Dear 16, write to this page : Ndicel’uncedo iyanditya nantsinto bakhaya … There are lawyers, social workers, etc there uzoncedakala, I promise

  4. Hi 16 yrs old your letter just broke me in so many pieces I want to help but I don’t know how yet, Jehova 😓

  5. Kukho abantu abasezakuphendula kuYehova ngenye imini. Indixhela umphefumlo lento ikwehlelayo Sixteen. Like the others have said, call the Childline and there should be a Social Services office near you, maybe they can help too. I just do not know what else to say but your uncle is mental and evil, he should be taking care of you not take advantage of you. Where on earth are we going to hide our girl children to protect them from such monsters bethuna?
    I pray that you find help and soon.

  6. damn!! Mikeesto dankie boss… this chapter was flames yeses… what brilliant entertainment this is 🙂

    16… Somandla!!!

  7. Yhooo hayi kunzima emhlabeni I’m in the bus on my way to work as I’m reading this letter and I didn’t even feel a tear down my cheek until a lady pointed it out to me,Men like your Uncle are Devils seriously and its Men like him that make people fear all Males ,all I can say is I’m Really sorry for what u went through and that your Uncle will get what’s coming to him one day,Qina ntombazana.

  8. Hi 16 year old your story had my heart bleeding of pain, please send Fikile Mbalula a personal message either on FB or Twitter I am certain he will lock up that bustard and in the process help you find a home.

    The truth will eventually come out sooner or later, so rather deal with this now and not have to go through such abuse. Look I am Christian and believe babies are a blessing no matter how conceived so nana please keep your child as the Lord will never give you a burden to heavy to carry.

    Good luck.

  9. I think you should call the child free toll number as given above so you can get counselling and have a social worker to help with your case your uncle deserves to be in jail he took advantage of you and complicated your life, a place of safety is a safer option for you and siblings. Please protect your siblings from this monster of uncle because as your siblings get older you Dont know what he will do to them.

  10. Dankie Mr Maphoto.
    How sad 16yr old. My tears are not coming out but I’m crying. Such things shudn’t happen. I think there human beings & sub-human beings in this world. Such cruelity!
    Aren’t there social worker in yo area who can help U & yo brothers. U might be separated but it’s better than leaving that life. Ask yo friend to do that for U & once done, that sub-human who was supposed to be yo malume will be arrested. Pls don’t identify with yo abuser. (Stockholm syndrome). All the best my daughter.

  11. Mike please get me in touch with this poor child. Child care numbers take long but social workers n police do a better job make sure u get the school involved n believe u me u and your brothers will be well taken care off in a place of safety. That no good aunt of yours maybe abusing you verbally but in private receiving orphans grant for all 3 of u😠 pls nana find a teacher you can trust and retell what you going through so sorry my angel not your fault hou didnt know bustard was supposed to protect u but took advantage

  12. Bra Mike! Bra Mike!!! I actually visualize all this as i read it. The dramatic pauses, anger, heart break. I feel it all. You are an amazing writer. Cant wait for the next insert.

  13. Dear 16, get your uncle arrested ASAP. This is statutory rape and you need help soon. I am really sorry you have to gor through this. Call childline.

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