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YES 132

With the way my mother had treated my aunt in life I would be lying if I said I was not shocked that she had her

covered in her policy. What made it worse was she raised us like a single mum yet both my sister and I did not have a funeral policy with her name in it. Its things we take for granted that often mean the most.

“Ok then we are going to move on this. Have you decided when you want her to be buried? We need a date so we can book at the cemetery? Are you going to take her home or she will be buried here in Jhb?”

My aunt asked us getting down to business.

“She has to be buried here. Mama loved it here and when last did she go to the villages. Aunty you know better than most that she did not want anything to do with that place!”

It was not an exaggeration and I think only recently I understood why she did not like Newcastle. My mother had taken this calling thing very seriously and I think to her going to Newcastle meant it would bring her closer to that fate. To her it was not destiny it was fate.

“I don’t mean to bring up the uncomfortable but your mother’s spirit needs to rest with her ancestors. You cannot bury her here because her spirit will always wander. It’s not my place to say this even though she is my sister but on this one I am begging you, please reconsider!”

My aunt said. I felt as though she had initially asked us about the resting place to trick us because if her intention was for her to go back home she should just have said in the first place.

“No Aunty, with all due respect Mum did not believe in such things. Please let’s not argue, let her be buried here. This was her home and everything she loved is here.”

My sister stepped firmly but politely. I was glad I did not have to be part of that decision because I was always seen as the one forever fighting. Let my sister fight for our mother for once.

“Lungi do you agree with this. You have heard both our sides and reasons as to why she must be laid to rest here or there?”

My aunt asked me putting me on the spot. I had thought too soon that I did not have to help decide.

“Aunty I think I am with my sister on this one. I am sorry!”

I told her avoiding looking her in the eye. After she had volunteered her funeral policy I thought it would like I was betraying her.

“Ok then I will respect that but Lungi you should learn to take advice and warnings as they come.”

She said. That stabbed me in my heart. Was she implying that because of me my mother had died? I have not forgotten all that had happened with her about the money and other things. I have not but this felt like an accusation. I bit my tongue and kept quiet.

“The church said they are going to come tomorrow for a prayer service. Are you going to attend?”

My sister asked my aunt.

“Yes I will. Why?”

She asked. The look on my sister was one of guilt. Maybe its ignorance I don’t know but I know my sister and in her head she was saying because my aunt is a Sangoma she could not come.

“No I didn’t know that…. I mean I wanted to say that…”

My sister stuttered her way to actually saying nothing.

“Aunty we are thinking of burying on Thursday. I know people prefer weekends but mum always said that if anything ever happened to her she did not want to be left in the mortuary for too long.”

My aunt laughed when I said this.

“She never changed neh. She used to complain when we were kids why people were only buried on weekends. Your grandfather once beat her up for it after she was rude to some neighbours who had lost someone. She said a whole week of mourning was making life bad for everyone!”

She explained. What stories did this woman have to tell about my mother? I realized I knew very little about what mum was like growing up. Who could we have asked as she had isolated us so much from the rest of the family?

“Your phone is ringing!”

My sister said. I had put it on silent when I wanted to click vibrate. It was Sfiso.

“Lungi am outside!”

He said. That was fast. I know he had said he was coming but not this fast.

“Come inside!”

I told him. It was hard to leave him at the gate and a time like this is not one where you jola in the car. He walked in and I met him outside.

“I finished faster than I thought so I drove here first!”

He said as he walked towards me. He did not have to explain for he was more than welcome to be here. I wonder if my mother would have approved of him in person. It will be quite something. I had never actually introduced any guy to my mother because we grow up being told as girls never to introduce unless he is marrying you. That’s the dumbest advice ever now though because all these girls who go missing often end up in such situations because they are forced to keep whom they are dating a secret exposing themselves to abuse. I am just saying.

“Thanks for coming. What are they saying at work? When do you leave?”

I asked him.

“Unfortunately tonight. I tried to wiggle out of it but I failed. This is the worst time to leave but I have no choice!”

He explained but I had already resigned myself to it. That hurt. To accept that he was leaving when things were like this.

“It’s ok. Come I introduce you to my aunt!”

I told him as I led him into the house. Sfiso was not the shy type. He had this confidence about him that always took my breath away. Let me explain the architecture of my house. When you walk in it’s through the kitchen, then into the sitting room. From there there is a door that leads into a small passage which then leads into my mother’s room to the far right, my sister’s old room in the middle then my old tiny room on the left. Next to it is a toilet and next to that a bathroom. When I was little I could tell who was going to the toilet simply because it was next to me. In any case when I had gone out my sister and aunt where sitting in the kitchen but when I came back it was just my sister.

“Oh hi how are you?”

My sister greeted Sfiso when we entered,

“I am good thank you. My condolences yet again!”

He said as he shook her hands.

“Thank you!”

As I was about to ask where my aunt was we heard her let out a loud burp then another one? For those who don’t know, when a Sangoma is receiving her spirit of call, often they burp. It’s the most disconcerting thing and can shock the leaving daylights out of you.


I said funny enough a bit embarrassed I mean Sfiso in the house now she does this.

“My aunt is a Sangoma so I think she is in her element!”

He on the other hand was quite shocked because I could see he was not familiar with it and I am ashamed to admit he looked a bit frightened by it. Talk about bring a guy home for the first time.

“Please take a sit with my sister let me go check on her!”

I said politely trying to act as normal as possible but inside I was bursting. Why did this woman have no timing? She was in my sister’s room sitting room now kneeling on the floor and she was clapping hands saying something. I am not naïve my aunt was not there anymore,


I called her as I took off my shoes to enter. She burped again and I knelt down in front of her.

“The ancestors are not happy. I sensed something when you left the room. I have been warning you my child but you are not listening. What have you brought into the house?”

She asked me. I can assure you there is no way my aunt could have known that the car outside was Sfiso. With all the comings and goings today that made it even more improbable. Even when I went out to meet him I had not told my sister or her who was on the phone.

“But Aunt… I mean Gogo…”

I protested but she cut me off,

“Get rid of this evil. He should not be here. Do you want to disturb your mother’s passage too? Get rid of him!”

She obviously was not speaking in English and besides I doubt my ancestors went to white schools so why would they instruct her in English. Jokes aside though this was getting ridiculous now. What did “they” have against Sfiso? Had they even met him?

“Ok I will do so Gogo?”

I said so politely.

“You need to tell him that he needs to see someone. It is not his fault but he carries with him a very dark shadow or a cloud I can’t see quite clearly and that thing will destroy him and anything he touches! Lungi, this is not a joke you take lightly, this is strong omen please Lungi get rid of him!”

She said. I stood up very confused and my aunt burped again just as loud as before. I walked out and when I got to the kitchen my sister and Sfiso were not there. I went outside and I found them by the gate. Thank heavens she had taken him out of there.

“I thought she needed privacy! What’s that’s all about?”

My sister asked. I could sense in her voice she was not comfortable with all this but really who could blame her! I was not comfortable with it either yet I had a calling!

“It’s a long story! Sfiso we have to go!”

I told him.

“Am I not meeting your aunt?”

She asked me.

“No not today. Sis, please take aunt water when you go back inside!”

I instructed her.

“What? You leaving me with her? I am not comfortable with this. Where are you going?”

She asked me with fear in her voice.

“I won’t be far I will be back just now. I just need to talk to Sfiso privately as he is leaving today. We will go to Maponya or something don’t worry! Mam’Dolly is there you will be fine!”

I told her but she was not fine. She even had to cry but there was nothing I could do, she had to stay.

I think it’s time I told Sfiso the truth. I mean if I really cared for him, I had to at least warn him of my aunts warning.

I was going to look like a lunatic!

*******The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am proud to be one of your loyal fans. Your books have changed over the years and have a lot of maturity in them. Thank you for this.

I am a 33 year old single female. Three years ago I was dating this wonderful man who passed away in an accident. He was my fiancé at the time and it was a week before our wedding when I got the news that he was in a car accident. I was devastated. Here is the kicker; turns out he died coming from his side dishes’ house. I did not know about the side dish but at the funeral word filtered down until it eventually reached me. I did not know the girl and apparently she was there at the funeral meaning she knew my face. Three months ago my younger brother came home and introduced us to his new fiancé. We all loved her and she was amazing. She is pregnant with his child and they signed papers at court. The wedding is only after birth I am told. Anyway as fate would have it turns out she was the girl who was sleeping with my fiancé. Honestly I was shocked. Of all the women in the world my brother in all his wisdom found her. Do I confront her? I have so many questions and I have never really gotten closure on this. Sometimes I cry for him because I lost and sometimes I cry for him because he betrayed me. It still hurts so bad knowing that’s how he died. Now the girl has walked into my front door and she is calling me sister? What am I supposed to do? If I keep quiet I die inside but am also scared if I speak out I will ruin how my brother sees this home wrecker!

That is my story.

Thank You


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  1. Bhuti Mikie, salute. Infotainment there. I wud love to ask the Education department when we will shack away these colonial shackles we still have. When will we start phasing out the Shakespeare and start introducing our new Maphoto etc. We cud have both European & African writer & do comparisons. BBBEE can’t be on economy alone. Our indigenous Intelligence is also an asset worth protecting & investing in. Salute again.
    Sis Joburg, U can’t avoid this forever. Bite the bullet instead of hiding it. Then when it comes out the wrong way, it will have more destruction. Call a family meeting soon. No better time than NOW sistaz. Then this was U all find a solution & U get some kind of closure & effects can be controlled.
    It’s not an ideal situation. Get to the bottom of it. Otherwise witchcraft is inevitable. More deaths cud follow. All the best wishes.

  2. The way Mike just made my home town (Newcastle) a village…………………lol!!
    I love your work this book is my favourite after DOZA.

  3. Miss Joburg you need to tell your brother let him decide he needs to know the kind of woman he is getting involved with. Yes there is a possibility that she has changed and is not the same person but for your own sake and for your brother’s sake. Let him know and be prepared to live with whatever decision he takes especially if he decides to go through with it especially since they are legally married chances are he will not divorce her now. I also feel you could have told him before they signed because now he is in a tight corner to make things worse they now will have a baby too. I know others will say keep quiet but look at it this way. One day the truth will reach your brother as I am sure you will not be able to keep this to yourself and you will share with others let it rather come straight from you because he will feel betrayed when he later finds out through somebody else.

  4. Joburg – talk to the girl first and hear her side of the story… what if she is not the one you think she is? what makes you so sure she is the girl you fiancé was cheating on you with? how sure are you that she was aware that she is a side chick? she might have been a girl who was in love with a guy and didn’t know he was engaged and only found out after the accident. talk to her before you involve your brother and the famiy

    1. Ms M, I am with you on this one… she can’t just go to her brother without knowing the girls side of the story and knowing men, it is even posibble that she did not know that the guy was engaged… i

    1. I have been to Newcastle several times. it is indeed beautiful. stayed in Signal Hill also. anyway I did not call Newcastle a village. I am from Polokwane and from a Village called GaDikgale. it’s about 30km out of Polokwane. when I am in Jhb and someone asks me where I am from I say I am from Polokwane. it’s the nearest town to my village. Please see it in that context.

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one, I see abantu eMadadeni are catching feelings lol… relax guys we know your town rocking, Casino and all 🙂

    Joburg, this home wrecker has got two up on you sisi and she stay winning. 3 years ago she indirectly contributed to your fiancée’s death. Now she is pregnant with your niece/nephew and is married to your brother. I think it’s too late for any plan to rid your home of this evil but you can still put the skank in her place.

    Confront her, tell her you know and make sure she has an unpleasant stay at your home. Make her life hell but love her kid to heaven. Don’t let your brother find out though, no need to have two siblings broken hearted by one loose home wrecker.

    Uphole sisi vha and learn to forgive your double-life living-almost-husband the late. Its best to keep the best memories of you and him because at the end of the day, you never really had proof he was seeing the chick. People can talk a lot of nonsense. Let his memory fade with the constitutional right of innocence till proven guilty.


  6. Thank you bhut Mike 🙂 eish inzima into ye Calling shame…my sister took her almost all her life to accept it… It is mind boggling I teel you. I was watching Isiko on etv…people can learn a lot from that, anywhooo, I digress !!!

    It would be great if culture was part of the school syllabus , just saying!!

    Jhb: You need to deal with this situation before it ruins you and your relationship with your brother, you will need to thread carefully ke sisi when you do so, as this is a delicate mess as it is… Decide first whom you will approach…Infact , tell someone else besides your brother and the fiancé and take it from there..

    Be prepared though that this might just come between you and your brother, you need to keep that in mind…thread carefully but you cant walk around pretending all is well when its not..This will ruin you!!

    All the best sisi nhe!! Goodness me, I cringed at the thought of what you going through shame 🙁

  7. After reading this blog for a while, I think it’s time my mom also accepted her calling but yena she keeps on brushing it off.

  8. Dear joburg three years is a long time ago, how old was this girl I bet she was young and having fun she had no fault because she was not committed to anyone, so she has found her happily ever after I think you should leave this thing alone hey, people change, I bet you not the same person as you were three years, so let this go or just talk to the girl because its not this lady fault that your fiance was not faithful to you. So please let it go let your brother be happy and I have a feeling your brother might know and not care or this lady might have forgotten about you

  9. Mike….you’re a blessing.

    JHB: i smell witchcraft all over this mina. This girl was inlove with your man but she didnt know he was getting married soon. He probably told her and she was mad and decided “if i cant have him,no1 will” and did her voodo. bitches dont play out here. She probably seduced your brother naye wamubamba ngentozakhe till they got married and then now, you are her sister…maybe she plans on making your life miserable. mmm myb iv seen too much crap. but either… “deal” with her.

  10. Thank you Bra Mike. Lungy seems to be more knowledgeable ngamasiko manje. Usazi nokuthi uAunty wakhe mayesezintweni zakhe uba uGogo.

    Joburg, I lost my brother from trying to show him the kind of person his then fiance was. It shattered our relationship kwaze kwaba sekufeni, may his soul RIP. To the point that I had to move out of our home, because not only did he believe I was against his happiness, but she took every chance she could get to discredit me, waze wakholwa nowukutha ngiyamthakatha. My very own brother engamazi for for 20 odd years. Losisi akaqalanga ngami, waqale wakhipha umawengane weminka ewu13 yonke. Two years into their relationship my brother wayengasazwani nano yedwa umuntu ekhaya. They even believed umdlisile. Thankfully they never legally married, but they have a daughter that we are no longer allowed to see since his death.

    My point is be careful. Think which is more important to you. Confronting this woman or your relationship with your brother.Clearly he is happy, support him and love his kids with her. She is not worth it. I forgave my brother eventually, but him dying without having repaired our relationship left me more hurt than any lies he could have believed.

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