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YES 127

Ok I am not going to into detail with the multiple orgasms I had but what I can say is this, this British based man had learned a thing or two about sex from abalungu.

South African men, please Jesu please, sex is not a marathon of you pumping in and out like a security guard opening the boom gate at Medunsa Ga Rankuwa campus. That guy honestly must have muscles ah! Sfiso was a love maker not a sex worker. He did his shit right.

“Wow… Is there a Zulu word for wow?”

I asked him and he laughed. I was worn out.

“You can praise me with my clan name and ululate!”

He said laughing.

“Ngiyakubongela Ngcolosi…”

I teased him and he burst out laughing.

“Dude who said that’s my clan name where did you even get that?”

He asked me laughing. Indeed I had made it up.

“Did you want me to say Mapholoba like Khaphela and Khetiwe in Generations?”

I asked him and laughter filled the room. This guy really turned me into a comedian.

“Eish can you imagine those two having sex? Even the ancestors will die again of embarrassment and shame!”

He said laughing. Eish that word ancestors. Anyway back to the sex. The man I am telling you knew what he was doing. It was as though this was revenge angry sex after you took a man from someone who had been taking all your men before only to discover that he is an incredible guy. It was loving yes but it was dirty, emotional and I curled my toes at least 3 times with each orgasm. If I made a bad decision fucking Sfiso (again) then just know I did it again and again and again in one night. How many times to get it with your man? Pshhhh ni no mona njengo Babes Wodumo no Maphinstha, you complain when some of us are getting some but you at home with that boring guy of yours… Dololo!

“I have been wanting to talk to you about something which is very important!”

He said suddenly in the afterglow. You know after sex you just want to lie down and think about all the nasty names you called each other, how many scratch marks are on your back or worse, what do you call that thing he does with his dick when its inside you?

“Sure but please tell me we not doing it again I am exhausted! You have too much energy and you talk too much during sex!”

I told him and he gave me a weak laugh in response.

“I can’t help it. You make me want to talk!”

He said and that was true, he made me want to talk to.

“So what’s on your mind?”

I asked him.

“I don’t want you taking this the wrong way, I really don’t but its a discussion we need to have now before this goes on…”

He kept quiet for a second and I held my breath,

“Before what goes ahead?”

I asked him trying to act like he was going on about much ado about nothing but truth be told I was in panic mode.

“I really like you Lungi. Its not a joke I really do. I want to be with you!”

He said. I did not smile though.

“Why do I feel a but is coming?”

I asked him.

“Yes there is a but… I can’t be with you just yet officially. I mean you know what has just happened in my life. The last thing I want is for you to be my rebound because you really could be the one!”

He said. He was lying on his back and I was facing the other side away from him. I turned around and put my head on his shoulder.

“I know. Itโ€™s too soon. I tell myself that I must stay away from you for obvious reasons. I try to meet other people but every time you call I just don’t know!”

I found myself opening up to him. Many girls know this, there is that one guy who no matter what broken place you met in he has something that makes you know you can never fully get rid of him.


That was my guy.

“So what do we do? Do we stop seeing each other and wait for you to get right?”

I asked him. It was a good question I think because I really liked him and he really liked me.

“I don’t know. I feel selfish and guilty to ask you to do that. Selfish because you are stopping your life for me and guilty because my wife is barely in the ground and I am moving on already…”

Ok that last bit made me feel guilty too. Of all of my guys the one I liked the most was obviously Sfiso. They say real love waits for the person it loves but that’s only in the movies. You won’t hear me saying to a guy I waited 2 years for you nor a guy saying that.

“This is so complicated!”

He said as he sat up. I sat up with him.

“When are you going back to work?”

I asked him. I had not forgotten that he lived halfway across the world and imagine ladies if you can’t do a “long distance” relationship with someone who lives in Joburg and you live in Pretoria imagine South Africa and England? Its insane.

“I have two more weeks here and if that’s fine by you I would like to see you every day before I leave!”

He was making his play.

“Not for sex. I am the one who will get hurt here at the end of the day.”

I said to him the first thing that came to mind. My heart wanted it but logic definitely told me that would be a huge mistake.

“I never said anything about sex. You told me that you are off work right, let’s travel. Let’s see South Africa you know! We can have a road trip!”

He said to me and then laughed,

“And… We would make love in every province! I am sure that’s a record!”

He said back to his jokes again but I was serious. I was not going to be left holding a candle when he went overseas.

“I am good with the record. I want you here with me!”

I told him allowing my vulnerability to show. Sfiso had this disarming charm that could make even a lesbian fall for him. He was easy on the eye, smiled with a dimple and just had a way of making you laugh without even putting effort.

“I want to be here with you too but I work far. I was hoping over the next two weeks we will bond properly and then it will be easier for me to convince you to come with me! You know like run after the taxi and demand that I take you with me…”

He said with a smile on his face yet again. See now this was sweet but because he was always a joking person it was hard to tell when he was being serious or not. Frustration.

“Let’s go take a shower. I am hungry and I can’t eat after all that sweating!”

He said and I totally agreed. The bed was even wet. He cleaned up all the condoms he had used and put them away.

“You have the right sized ass you know that right. It looks like those big grape fruits!”

He said and I laughed. He said this looking at me as I walked towards the shower.

“You such a pervert you know that,”

I laughed,

“But I like it!”

I said turning around and giving him a a quick kiss on the chick walking past.

“I like it too.”

He said but he grabbed and he kissed me square on the lips passionately.

“No, not again! In fact I am bathing alone because I don’t think my honey pot here can take anymore. Itโ€™s all out of honey!”

I said teasing him and I walked away shaking my ass like one of those little Queen Twerk in Taboo on a night itโ€™s full of rich blessers. Imagine the thirst I created.

“Ah come on Lungi I promise I won’t touch!”

He shouted after me without following which was a good thing. I did not want him here for a reason.

“Am locking the door you hungry dude!”

I said to him trying to sound sassy but I was not kidding. I locked the door behind me. I ran the shower and as I was already naked I was in it in seconds.

The real reason why I did not want to be with him in it, after such an evening of love making, I wanted to do this…

I cried.

I cried so much and it was worse because I did not want to make a sound as I did it.

“This is never going to happen.”

I told myself.

“He lost his wife barely a month ago what am I doing?”

I asked myself.

“The ancestors want me with someone else so won’t I just be bringing problems to his life?”

That was my next question inside me as my salty tears mixed with the shower water going into the drain. I had so much going on.

“What if my calling gets intense all the way in England? What then?”

Another question popped up. They were so many questions and all these things need answers. Eventually I finished bathing and went back to the room. I found Sfiso dancing to music on the TV naked as the day he was born.

“You my beautiful woman, you my beautiful woman, you my beautiful woman. Usithando senhliziyo yami wena, you my beautiful woman”

The song blasted and when he saw me he started singing it to me. This guy was so funny, cute and romantic.


I said.

It just came out.

“Yes let’s do the roadtrip! It will be fun!”

I told him. When I left the bathroom that had not been my intension to say that but now looking at him being so cute the words just came out. I wanted this, I wanted him.

“Yeah that’s my beautiful woman!”

He said making a fist pump.

“I am so excited. You will do all the driving though!”

He said cracking a joke.

If this worked out according to his plan, I was leaving South Africa.

I think I love Sfiso.

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am 28 and female and I want to tell you that women are trash too. This is my story. I am angry at myself. I was dating a guy for three years then he cheated on me with my bestfriend. Shap, I broke up with him for it and broke off the friendship. He then not only engaged her but paid lobola for her as well. People laughed at me saying that I was the one who delayed their happiness. She sent me an apology and invited me to the wedding. We grew up in the same street and our mothers are friends from church even. My mother insisted I go to that wedding otherwise it would look bad. I went. She was so happy but me seeing her like that made me angry and jealous. She had gotten away with it. I had trusted her during my relationship with him. I used to confide in her. Thabo is that kind of guy who needed cleaning up and raising. I did all that, stopped him drinking, cleaned him up and forced him to buy a house etc. Now after my hard work she swooped in when the work was done, that did not sit well with me. As a result of my jealousy after the wedding I paid some girl I know to hook up with him. She is very pretty and was broke. Fortunately she liked him and she started sleeping with him in no time. It was not enough for me, I got a second girl to do the same. I then got girl one to reveal to his wife that he is having an affair. My ex best friend and him had a fight and she stabbed him on the shoulder. Now she is in more trouble because the wimp pressed charges. I am not sure if I am happy with it but I am not satsified with what I did. I just wanted them to hurt each other emotionally like they did me. Thabo is now dating girl number 3 openly imagine. Its like I hooked him up imagine. So nothing worked out.

That’s my story.

Thank You


42 thoughts on “YES 127

  1. LOL.. Thembi maaan. Thanks for the laugh girl. I have no words hey, this is better than the Bold and the Beautiful… people are crazy out here
    I understand Lungile sham, why must love always come with complications. ai, let her enjoy whom she can when she can. screw the consequences, I know she will not go to England but i sure wish they could just run away together and forget common sense.

  2. Thembi
    let me start by saying if your man is trash it don’t make all men trash, just as i m sure no woman wants to be called a whore cos of other women who are whores. that being said, Revenge is LIKE POISON YOU DRINK HOPING THE OTHER PERSON DIES, but it only kills you, see how his life continued and still goes on and yet you are the one holding onto this anger and bitterness to an extent that other people are suffering or might even face jail becos of your actions. what i dont understand is what help or advice do you want cos i m sure you know you need to stop this pursuit of revenge before it backfires in your face.

  3. OMW yoh Thembi that is low low low eish. I do understand your anger towards them though and ultimately it’s like u saved your friend from an asshole who can’t keep him dick in his pants ffs! Anyways repent girl, u need all the repentance for your sins and you better hope it don’t come out that you did this or shit is going to hit the fan! Ah Mike im loving how this story is going. I love Sfiso for her, thank you for the daily dose!

  4. Thembi, its time to get over your anger and move on, you will end up stalking this guy if u don’t let go, don’t let ur obsession over this guy take over your life. He got your best friend through you, now you have given him another woman on the silver platter. Just great.

  5. Haahahahha am sorry guys but nam i would pull a Thembi on them, yhini leee chomi yam ithathe i ou yam asooooze suka, you ve done your part now Thembs… get your life together.

    I always loved Sifiso for Lungi, Mbilambila please take a hike.

  6. Thanks Team… Mmmh Lungi & Sfiso = magic!! I love them together…
    @Thembi – nxese Mntase… I wish I could do worse to my ex boyfriends… Maybe have him infected with some incureable disease – watch him suffer, but not die! Or all his side dishes fall pregnant with triplets – and he has to tell his wife that… but then again, reality sinks in… This is life, I got screwed over, and I need to move on! My best revenge is being the best woman I can be and he lives every moment of his life missing me, regretting why he screwed up! Askies Thembi…

  7. Boring sex is life. why do u think people choose to be hoes? Sex with same person …. boring!

    Hai uyahlanya sisi yazi. You’re obsessed with Thabo. A normal person would have been heartbroken then eventually accepted that it wasn’t meant to be. The amount of time u spent plotting and paying off people would have been better used finding inner peace and moving on. As it is you are right where u started. You haven’t delt with the pain and betrayal of your friend and ex. So you have 2 choices 1).Contine with ur revenge 2). Love yourself, be selfish.

    It starts with realising Thabo is a piece of shit and your ex friend got what she deserved (Thanks to you) Although this guy would have cheated on her at some point without your interference. I want to help you but seriously i don’t know how because you’re a psycho. Work on yourself, go to church, pray that the spirit of revenge leaves you, pray hard and strong. Find something to invest ur life in rather than stalking Thabo. Something that makes you feel good about yourself.

  8. Thanks Bhut Mike ๐Ÿ™‚ lol Sex is not a Marathon, lmao!! Wow…. Eish I know how Lungi feels right now, its ….okay let me leave it!!

    Thembi…..#sigh … Yeeey amantombazana aGqqirhy kodwa! Why are holding on to this bitterness and anger because now , other people are suffering as a result of YOUR actions? Forgiving a person yazi is not about them, but about you and setting yourself free.. Look at you now, all bitter and angry and for what?? A guy who doesn’t even give a two hoots about you… He left you for your bestfriend and now he has moved on with ANOTHER person…and you …you have stopped living your life and focusing on his and what he does!!

    What were you hoping to archive with all this hatred actions of yours?? You need to let go of this…It will destroy my angel… You are soo cunning and calculative , I am sure you can re-direct all that energy into something positive.

    Don’t destroy your life like this….Is this guy even worth it??

  9. I have a feeling something will happen during this road trip, Lungi’s ancestors are not playing around.

  10. Thembi
    Congratulations on pulling such a stunt and I hope you are satisfied. Your friend will learn to never betray her friends again. You didn’t tell her to react the way she did, when she stole your man you took it in like a big girl now let her face the consequences of her actions.

    Now its time to move on with your life and find something else to focus on. Let Thabo go n forget about him life will deal with him for not being able to keep his zipper closed.

  11. thembi yes girl you should have done worse… Mara girl u see all the ideas that you are coming up with will never feed your revenge-o-meter, nothing will ever be enough to make them pay.. love accept what has happened, be glad he did you wrong before he lobola’d you.. he was not the one! forgive him and your friend no need to be holding grudges, move on, have great sex and release all that anger through multiple orgasms..

  12. The way Lungi is fucking around neh..I really wonder what stunt the ancestors are gona pull next.

    @Thembi you are craz girl and you need to stop it! Actually you should write a book, or just direct a movie nje. They way you are ‘directing’ or ‘scripting’ your ex’s life??? Your book would be great. Here’s a title suggestion for you; “Revenge of a bitter ex” , hahaha just kidding!

  13. I believe everyone reacts differently and in their own way when faced with whatever you are facing… So Thembi I won’t say well done or you did wrong you just did what you thought was best for you at the time. And I like the fact that you realised that what you did had bad consequences. Well Thabo and your ex fake friend deserves what came to them after playing you like that. Now ke sisi move on there is a gentleman waiting for you and that will see your worth…. All the best

  14. Thembi don’t blame yourself for how your ex BFF reacted when she found out about his cheating. but I think it’s time to move on as this is eating you up alive and Thabo is living his life to the fullest.
    Just fall in love with yourself and the rest will follow.

  15. eh Sfiso leene man….
    Thembi eh ona le nako waitse, tracking people’s life like that. I mean was it worth it mara? surely not because you still not satisfied.. with that money you paid those girls, you should have done something with it, perhaps hire a striper and go out with your friends, meet new people, try to heal and move on….legale anger makes people react without really thinking

  16. “why does love always feel like a battlefield?”
    @Thembi, firstly I think you shouldnt have gone to the wedding kodwa u went ke, done.
    Secondly yes wat u dd may seem pathetic to some kodwa we deal wth things differently.
    Dust yourself up n work on forgiving not only them but yourself as well. Here comes the cliche’ life goes on…

  17. Love is an unfair subject. I also wanted Lungi to be with Sifiso. And I hope nothing happens during their road trip

    @Thembi… Healing is a very unstable process. Some days it will feel right, the others you will lose the battle. And when that happens you will become your worst self and self destruct. What you must realize though… And I’m sure you already know this is that the world is big and there is more to the world than what you are going through. Therefore find yourself, your passions, your goals. The person who is gonna fall for you again will love the best woman you are becoming. Accept that he was and is a jerk and you deserve so much better! P.s. Let it go!

  18. thanks mike. thembi. two wrongs don’t make a right. Do you sleep at night. the best medicine is to move on with your life. the guy has moved on. stop being obsessed. it wont be easy buy just try.

  19. I was smiling like a fool while reading this chapter….but then again a virgin reading this is just torture,if only i knew the feeling that comes with curling your toes 3 times even hmm

  20. Great read Mike. Thembi move on with your life you will get a better man than your ex becasu when you concetrate on destroying his life you will end up distroying ur life. i had a similar situation like urs. the lady that ended up marrying my ex is now kicked out of her house by my former classmate . there is no best revenge to your ex than having a relationship with someone far better than him .and you happier than your friend

  21. I really admire Sfiso honesty ..oh Mike u bosso Thembi dear let go of the anger uzibulala wena cc uzophilela ukuzwisa lomuntu ubuhlungu it was not meant to be if it is it will be ..its a lesson learnt uma uthola indoda igcoka amakawosi abovu nescathulo esi green myeke anjalo till akushade…..

  22. I just love how Thembi said ‘Imagine’ HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Yeses Thembi U bosso wena, see no evil sisi your revenge was served dont be feeling bad about it. You are G my gueen lmfao!!!

  23. I agree with Lilz,Lungi’s ancestors wont take this lying down.They r not playing.Thank u bra Mike
    QnA:Lol Thembi u went through all dat trouble for a guy who wasnt even bothered wen u left him.But ur so gud with plotting except it backfired,u hooked him up.

  24. I actually shed a tear ๐Ÿ˜ข Sfiso and Lungi are so cute together but the whole thing is so sad.

  25. To Thembi u did what u could to avenge your self . What the ex friend did was not up to u even if she murdered him it was her own decision. Get up girl dust your self and dance while at it coz you’ve achieved ur goal. They hurt each other like they did to you.

  26. I am in love with sfiso n lungi and i wish the ancestors can grand them that chance to love each other. Thembi revenge is a silent killer sweety, u will not move on until u r satisfied that thabo is hurt but my question is what if he never gets hurt like you intend it to be, what wil happen to u, how long will you wait for him, cuz i understand that u did what u did bcuz u stil love him so bad. Move on my love, find that guy who loves u n only u

  27. Ta bradaman Mikie.
    Come Lungi, get yo groove back!
    So shud U sisi Thembi, U served yo revange, I think it’s time to move on bcz this guy has shown he’s a different type of dog. Not the one to come back home from the spca. He chose another new home with even a younger madam. RU gonna throw another bone at him? It was never meant to be. Accept it, don’t delay yo path to happiness.

  28. I also did that,but for me it felt good. Now am happy with the man(husband ) am with.
    Got that bitterness and anger,when I hurt my ex boyfriend and ex best friend. Now they are divorced. The ex boyfriend wants me back and ex best friend wants us to be friend again.
    Andibafuni,and am happy with the decision I made.

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