Majuba 25


If anyone could have predicted the last 48 hours I had just went through I would have told them that they were making it up and it’s a scene from a movie. The truth is it was not. Someone had tried to kill me as far as I am concerned and my mother was right, going home like nothing happened would be done. Her offer to go stay by her place was something I graciously accepted. I was not going to put my life at risk on the hand but even more important the life of my wife and unborn child. That meant more to me than the world.

“Thank you mum for that offer!”

I said but could not immediately bring myself to accept the offer as I know my wife had to have a say.

“I need to go speak to the doctors because I don’t want them to release you before they are hundred percent sure you are fine!”

My mother said as she left the room in her true busy body nature. She was going to give them hell that’s for sure.

“Baby are you ok?”

My wife asked me running to me. My mother had been standing between her and me and she had been unable to hug me. This time she hugged me. I had a splitting headache and still felt a bit drowsy. What had they hit me with?

“I will be fine. My head still hurts but I am good. Are you ok? Did they touch you? Did they harm you?”

I asked her obviously worried about the South African trend where if a woman is the victim of a crime the scumbags steal more than just her goods.

“Yes I am ok. I screamed so loud it took the guys by surprise and they ran off. The securities came to our rescue but I am telling you now, I am not going out at night anymore.”

She said to me and I could see that even though she was happy to see me she was scared for me, for us! I think a lot of people forget that even men are scared for what goes on out there. It’s painful to see things happening to our sisters but knowing that you can’t protect them as a man is always just as discouraging.

“We shall see. What do you think about what my mother said about us moving in with her for a while? You know just till we can figure out what’s going on?”

I asked her.

“I don’t mean to be difficult but you know I can’t stand your mother when she is not at our house already so how do you think I will handle living with her, at her house with her rules? I don’t see how that is a good idea in any way”

She said to me.

“Love come on, I was almost killed and you want me to take you and the baby back to a place that we don’t even know if it’s safe. Shouldn’t we throw caution to the wind?”

I asked her. She pulled back and folded her hands across her chest. This was her way of telling me that she did not want that.

“I told you before that your mother cannot keep on dictating to us what we must do. I appreciate her offer yes but we can protect ourselves. Come on Vusi I need a man not someone who runs to mommy every time there is a problem!”

She said snapping as my mother walked in. I don’t know if she heard that but that stung a little. She was refusing to see reason and considering how often we had fought over my mum this was to be expected.

“Ok I spoke to the doctor. You won’t be discharged today but tomorrow. You have to be hundred percent when you go home and not 80%!”

She said fussing over me. I could see Londy roll her eyes in the back. I did say I have a headache so I think I was with my mum on this one. How had they said I was going to be discharged in the first place?

“Londy we need to go to your place so that we can pick up some clothes for him. The doctors will be doing rounds anyway so we won’t be able to stay in any case even if we wanted to!”

My mother said to Londiwe. I don’t know if she had sensed that there was tension in the room but I doubt that because she had just bulldozed her way through.

“Ok can I just see him for a few minutes?”

Londiwe asked my mum.

“No. I have a meeting so I figured if I took your now you will be actually better off than wasting money on an Uber!”

My mother said. With that she walked out of the room and when she was a distance away turned and shouted,

“Londy are you coming?”

Imagine. I wanted to intervene but Londy had already stomped out. She was clearly pissed off and that meant that my headache was going to double up. She was going to shout at me for this and I was powerless against it.

“Oh God can I just have a little peace!”

I said out loud. I thought I had been alone when I shouted that out in frustration but when someone said,

“Do you really want that?”

A voice said behind me. I turned around as I had my back to the door and there was a familiar face, Naledi!

“Hi? How did you…?”

I was about to ask when she cut me off and said,

“How did I know you are here? Your mother called me this morning. I told her I was on the way but I think I saw her drive out just now!”

She told me I think innocently. I was trying to put two and two together here. My mother had left rather in a rush and had wanted to get rid of Londy by my calculations. That had been planned. She wanted Naledi to come and see me.

“Oh is that so! Thank you for coming. Please sit!”

I said politely. I could not chase her out now could I? My mother is the one that needed a proper scolding because this game she was playing was dangerous.

“Thank you. Your mother told me that you were attacked I am very sorry to hear that. This place is so unsafe sometimes I honestly pray at the end of the day just to thank Him I survived the day!”

She was telling me. She was dressed really nice. She was wearing a plum coloured pencil skirt and a loose fitting sky blue blouse. People who come from money you can tell not because they are overdressed but by the little accessories on them that show that I am simple but a force to be reckoned with. She had a long weave with a fringe which just made her look even better.

“I guess if you live in Joburg it must happen to you at least once. I am ok but I will have a headache for a couple of days at least. Let’s not be depressing though, how are you? The last time I saw you I think you were crying outside your father’s house!”

I reminded her. She blushed immediately and I know this because her cheeks gave it away when they slightly turned colour.

“I was being a baby that day I am sorry. I can be emotional at times. I actually ended up going out that night to my girls place and it was fun. Other than that I have pretty much been fighting with my father about the same thing and I think I will give him a chance!”

She explained casually. She was looking at me funny which was a bit discomforting so I had to ask,

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her.

“There is something on the side of your lip you need to wipe it off!”

She said mimicking the motion. I immediately tried to clean myself but when I did she said,

“You failed miserably, here let me help you!”

She said standing up and before I could even stop here she was next to me. There was a small wet towel hung on the folded rail of my hospital bed. She took that and she wiped my face for me. People, whenever you see a wet towel please do not be in a hurry to touch it because you do not know where it has been! It’s what I always tell people and because I had been sleeping I had no idea who had made it wet and what it had been used for.

“Thank you!”

Those were the thoughts in my head when I said that. I was trying not to think of the scent of her perfume which was now lingering in my nostrils. I did not want to think of her boobs which I could slightly see through her top as her nipples were poking out. I have to ask, is there a new law which says that women should not wear bras it’s oppressive? If there is thank the heavens because her nipples were poking through the fabric of the top and for that I thank the aircon.

“You are welcome!”

She said to me dragging me from the direction my thoughts were heading. I was embarrassed at myself for being lustful because that is exactly what I had done.

“Anyway like I said, I am going to give my father a chance. He tends to often disappoint though so am not holding my breath for it. He insists that for that tender they are giving out he wants me to work with you. I know our first meeting I said I was not interested but I realized that I have nothing to lose. If we win it, we are in business on our own and I won’t be under his thumb and if we lose it I will add it to the long list of disappointments he has given me!”

She said making her pitch, I was not exactly listening as now my eyes were focused on how she spoke, how her lips moved, how she took a deep breath at the end of every sentence and how he nipples were poking out of that blouse.

“Are you game therefore to go in it with me? I cannot do this myself and with you I think we will make a good team!”

She said with a cheesy smile at the end. I was not interested in working with her though and I had meant it the first but her sitting there in front of me, sigh! In my head a little voice was screaming my answer out which was a firm NO but the words that came out of my mouth were,

“Yes sure let’s give this our best shot!”

She smiled as I said this and all I could think of was how those thieves had hit me harder than I thought!

I was not thinking straight because this was trouble at a time I was expecting a child with my amazing wife!

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for posting my letter. I am a big fan.

I am a 33 year old male and I recently wed my long time girlfriend. We dated for like six years. In that time she was the most fun to be around person. We had a child in our first year of dating but we never got married. Her parents were vehemently opposed to us getting married as I was still in school and she was already working for her father’s company whilst finishing her BCom degree. She comes from a good family and I come from a loving but broke one. We stayed together and fought through most challenges well enough. Eventually I got a job and my degree and I am earning well. We then wed in October last year and everything changed. When we were not married she wanted to come to my place every day and in fact she stayed with me. Now we are married she wants to be home all the time. She has become as serious as in we stopped having fun together. She does not like going out anymore because she says good wives don’t stay at home. I can’t buy her a surprise gift without her freaking out about budgets and all. I asked her if she still loved me and she cried asking how I could even ask her that as I was her world. I don’t know what’s going on. Is she having an affair? She seems unhappy all the time whilst all I seem to do is try making her happy. That’s what’s my life has become. I won’t be surprised if she walks in and asks for a divorce at this moment the way she is so miserable. Her parents still don’t have that much respect for me and whilst we were dating her friends never liked me much and called me her Ben 10 as she is a year older than me. I don’t know what to do sir can you please advise me. I am so scared to lose my wife.

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Majuba 25

  1. Tbose, you and your wife need a mediator, how about counselling dude, she must tell you her fears…. His father must just chill you don’t choose who to love. And your background doesnt determine who you are going to become…. As for her friends Voetseeek.

  2. I agree with Yawlah on this one. Seek an outsider someone who will not take sides to listen and advise. If you don’t go to church do consider looking for one they usually have marriage counselors and it is usually a married person who is also speaking from experience and in most cases its the pastor. She needs a safe space where she can open up without feeling that you will judge her. From what you wrote I get the feeling her family could have made her worry about finance and how she will struggle marrying someone with your background. Of course there could be more there always two sides to a story.

  3. The problem here lies with the elders. When a woman gets married she was told to stop going out, and doing all the things she used to do before. She is told real wives stay home raising kids and making a warm home for her family. They tell her to leave her unmarried friends, never go out be it partying, movies, eating out u name it they forbid it all. Sit down with her and talk to her…. Explain how you want her to conduct herself, tell her being married doesn’t have to change her It may help you a lot

  4. Ta braMike, I can C twists building up in the storyline. That will make it mo interesting.
    @Thabo, I agree, an intermediary somebody who has years of experience in marriage can help. It’s not all doom & gloom. She leaves for U as she says but there’s definitely a little something bothering her giving her doubt yo r/ship.
    Find an auntie figure that she’s close to who can help both of U figure that little stumbling block. U will meet more such tests in yo r/ship as no man has figured out how women think & the opposite is true in the same sense. Both of U can stick it out.

  5. Another brilliant read. Thanks Mike!! Naledi sounds familiar, help me out guys which story was she frm I read them all but I can’t rememebr which one.

  6. Isn’t this the same Naledi that Londy met when she went out with the NIgerian neighbour’s wife?

    1. No Naledi is the same chick that hugged Vusi at some party and he came home with a stained shirt which caused an arguement between him and Londiwe. those that ring a bell?

  7. It’s the same Naledi, the one that hugged Vusi and stained his shirt, the same one that is friends with the nigerian neighbour’s wife. In this chapter she told Vusi that the day they met she ended up going out to her girl’s place that same night . It’s the same Naledi

    1. This is the same Naledi neh…from chapter16…

      “Nah I don’t think it’s the eyebrows it’s the nails. How do you get so much time to do your nails with those long nails knowing you are going to dig your fingers into him when you riding that dick? It’s impossible. Half the time you will be worried you will either hurt him or break the nail!”
      One of the girls Naledi was her name said and this time I laughed because it was not me with the nails this time it was Monica. She was actually the reason why they were here as it had been her birthday earlier so she was having a kind of after party with friends.
      “Aowa birthday girl, a girl should have two things, beautiful nails and beautiful toes! You can’t go around looking like a street kid! That one I refuse!”

  8. hi I am reading Missteps and I did smsed for unlock pin but I did not get it , sms did charge r5….please help me with that!!!


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