Majuba 24


Guilt is something that is so hard to avoid when you do something wrong. I had made a lie by mistake and now it had grown big. I wanted to get myself out of this jam by telling the truth and facing the consequences but instead the lie had grown legs of its own and now more people were involved. I was not this bad person I was becoming all in an effort to keep a man. I have always believed that if you love someone the truth shall set you free. I loved Vusi so why was this happening.

“My love, I am tired. It’s been a long day what’s for supper?”

He had asked when he got home. I could still see that glint of excitement in his eyes and a bit of fear too if I must add.

“Mmmm is that all you have to say for yourself?”

I asked him.

“Eish I know my mother was not supposed to have been there. Sometimes I don’t know how to control her. She has a mind of her own. I swear I did not send her!”

He said to me trying to avoid the fight. I did not want to fight either so it was ok I suppose as it had been done already. I have to say things had turned out better than I thought. My mother in law coming had its benefits. If I now had a miscarriage it would mean that in his eyes I had been pregnant before. He will not doubt me. I was still angry at Nonjabulo for not tipping the doctor that we had cancelled the plan but that was done now so no complaints necessary now.

“I am not cooking today. I had thought maybe you would like to go to celebrate a bit under the circumstances!”

I had said to him wryly. What else could I do? I had already gotten this far. My intention was to tell him tonight after dinner that all this was a mistake. I was not pregnant and the doctor was wrong.

“Dinner would be nice!”

He had responded and I liked that. I was tired because of the day I had had and I knew that he liked eating out anyway.

“So the date night thing do you now see why it’s a must?”

He asked me. I wanted him to know that date night was a foreign concept to me and I did not expect that from us. He had all these white tendencies as I called them. It saves money to stay indoors and it’s probably cheaper too in the long run.

“Just this once though love you know I would rather cook at home.”

I told him. He laughed as we drove to the mall. He was still happy with the news so he did not really put up much of a fight.

“Do you love me Vusi?”

I asked him.

“Of course I love you with all of my heart. Do you love me?”

He asked me back with a smile on his face. I think he thought it was a joke because he was playing one but I wanted to find the timing of bringing it out.

“I do and I would do anything to keep it like that?”

I responded.

“That’s great to hear but why do you ask?”

He asked me.

“I have something I would like to tell you but I don’t know how to quite say it. It’s going to make you angry and I don’t know how you will handle it afterwards.”

I confessed. This is what I was saying when we were walking out of that restaurant. Growing up my mother always used to warn us about the perils of living in Joburg. You know how South African news does not relent on showing us how bad our country is. The media gets really excited when showing black on black crime so the truth is we already know what to expect. Like him I did not see the thugs come up behind us but when they hit him my heart sunk. It was instinct, even though I was terrified I screamed so loud that the criminals panicked.

“Just take the guy he is the one we want!”

One of the masked men said as already there was commotion coming out of the mall. Vusi lay on the ground and he was bleeding for behind the head clearly passed out.

“Where are the car keys?”

The guy asked me but now I was too terrified to speak. Someone shouted from a distance,


I did not see who it was but it was enough to make the two thieves panic as they ran away into the darkness. People ran towards us.

“Call an ambulance please call an ambulance somebody!”

I called out as I ran to the lifeless body on the grown. He was alive thank heavens but he was unconscious. Things happened very fast. Securities from the mall came and then the ambulance. We went to the hospital and on my way there I called the only person I could call, his mother.

“We were attacked and Vusi is injured. We are on our way to the hospital!”

I am not going to lie I did not know what to do. I was hysterical and scared at the same time. When we got to the hospital they actually realized that he did not need surgery and put a few stitches into his head. He had to sleep there though for monitoring. His mother arrived 45 minutes after we had arrived.

“What happened? Where is my son?”

She asked me when she saw me. I told her the whole story and as the police where there too I told them what the criminals had said about them wanting only him.

“This was a kidnapping gone wrong then!”

One of the officers had said but with all the hysteria I was not sure what else I had seen or heard.

“Do you remember anything about them?”

He asked me.

“Where they wearing masks or anything?”

He continued.

“They were not wearing masks but they had their hoodies on. One of them was wearing a grey one written Uzzi in front and the other one, the one who hit Vusi was in a black one. He was much taller. That’s all I know. I did not see a lot because it happened so fast and I was too scared to look!”

I told him. I was being honest. How do you look someone pointing a gun at you in the eye?

“Who would want to kidnap him though?”

The officer asked and it was only then that the question sunk home. They had mentioned the word before but I had not paid too much attention to it.

“That’s a crazy notion, my son has no enemies!”

His mother stepped in for him and she was right. Vusi really had no such thing.

“Is there someone who would want to hurt him? Someone he was fighting with at work maybe?”

The cop asked but like his mother I was totally blank on that. It was not possible. By the time the police left it was already midnight and we had to leave the hospital.

“You can’t sleep at home tonight! You are coming with me!”

His mother told me and ah, I was certainly not looking forward to that. I tried to wiggle out of it but the woman just drove straight to her place. This was the real kidnapping the police had been talking about.

“You will sleep in the guest bedroom tonight.”

She told me as we entered. I knew where it was so I went straight to it. Ten minutes later she came and gave me clothes to sleep in.


She said and she left my room. I won’t lie I barely slept that night because I was trying to figure out who could have wanted to do this to him. The doctors had said that he would be fine but when I left he had still be unconscious.

“What if he never wakes up?”

I asked myself sitting up around three in the morning. When I eventually slept I had a nightmare of men pulling him away from me as I fought them off. I was so terrified I woke up and stayed the rest of the night up which did not help dull the bad thoughts one bit.

“I need to go to the hospital!”

I told his mother first thing in the morning. She too was already ready. I had had no change of clothes so I wore the clothes I wore last night. It’s not like they were dirty anyway. When we got there he was sitting up.

“Londy I was so worried, what happened?”

He asked me as soon as I entered.

“The nurses told me someone hit me but I can’t remember! Mum? What are you doing here?”

He asked when he saw his mother walk in behind me.

“You don’t remember what happened?”

His mother asked. I was not interested in that right now all I wanted to know was that he was ok.

“Someone tried to kidnap you yesterday!”

His mother said. This woman was so blunt really he had to be eased into this.

“You are mistaken. Why would someone want me? I have nothing they want!”

He said surprised and panicking.

“Well it happened. I think you should move in back to the house with us!”

The mother said.

“Yes I think so too. There is better security there!”

He said thoughtfully.


Had he just agreed to move in back at home with his mother? I was being punished that’s for sure and hell no was I going to allow that to happen.

*********The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike,

Am 35 and well if I may put it relationships just haven’t been working for me. I me a guy at my friends husbands birthday and he seemed really nice, we started hanging out and spending time together, he would wine and dine me etc. He is 12yrs older than me and I hoped since he mature things will be different. One day we invited friends over for a braai at his place and one of my friends asked how long we have been dating and he gave that shocked look that and said no we are not dating. Since then I always make effort to go to his place and call etc. And when I go there I feel like he just agreeing for the sake of it, or maybe coz he wants to get laid. I really like this guy but don’t know what to do as his actions prove that he isnt ready for a relationship.

Confused in love 🙁

Dear Mike

15 thoughts on “Majuba 24

  1. confused in love.. get yourself out of are setting yourself up for heartbreak..and remember you cant love a man into loving you..akekho lapho that guy, leave him be.

  2. hmmm… Mike are you sure each chapter is 1400words? ga se gore maybe we can try for 1800words. heheheee!!! Thank you for the read!!

      1. I like how you Thandeka into the sugar baby story that ended in Dubai.Maybe you can have the previous married couples you have written about come in for a few chapters .they look like newly weds trying to live a modern life with traditional values which is a pretty unique positionAfrucan couples find themselves in. It doesn’t have to be about cheating or about thuggery as you have written about such already

      2. Hi Mike
        I was thinking about your writing, you normally need to switch personality between the four characters of (yours, Yes, 2 for Majuba) which takes a toll emotional wise. I suggest you write three or four chapters of Majuba in one person then switch to the other person until you get it right.
        I also dont think it was coincidence that you were sick when writing last chapters of Blessed; I appreciate that it takes a toll on you.

  3. Dear confused maybe at first you were cool because you had not heard him say you not dating and maybe he was moving to wards that but after you heard that you became annoying and not giving him space, maybe you just to much give him space let him crawl back to you, you making yourself to available and he can see you desperate so get a life besides him, like if he calls Dont pick up respond after maybe 3 hours. If he wants you he will stay if he doesn’t he will go

  4. He isn’t emotionally invested and unless you had the talk then you are wasting time . I suggest you read books that talk about this. There are a few such as , ” Why me. Marry Bitches.” Ironically men tend to mistreat and take for granted women who love them and make life easy for them #ISaidWhatISaid as they don’t have to work on anything or pursue you . My guess is make your self very enticing and unavailable so he pursues you . If that don’t work then don’t waste your time any longer. You are the high value prize and if he won’t fight for and claim you then don’t fight it. It may sound traditional and archaic but a man is a man. If he doesn’t Protect, Profess and Provide for you in 2017 in any way or the other then find yourself another in 2018. #UndeniableLogic

  5. Can we not repeat what happened on Londiwe’s POV on Vusi’s virsa verca, i feel like reading a previous chapter all the time.

  6. Mmmh what if this was staged by the mom to get them to move in with her. Well I wouldn’t put it past her.

  7. “I had made a lie by mistake and now it had grown big.” Nobody lies by mistake.
    Really Londy??? Fold us girl we are your laundry.

  8. Ta Mikie, yo efforts seem so effortless. Yet a few criticise, most of us appreciate.
    Sistaz, even tho deep down U want him don’t make it too easy for him. He will read the desperation & take U for granted.
    Then abuse crawls in. Then U set up yoself for an abusive life. Make him sweat a bit for yo attention. If he doesn’t it’s not yo fault. Work on yo self-esteem, dress to kill. Gudluck

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