Majuba 22


When you marry a man you want someone you know you can rely on and also can respect and protect your secrets. What’s the point of having a man who can’t keep his mouth shut? It does not make sense now does it?

“I am sorry I know it was supposed to be hush hush but I contain my joy. I am so happy for you and him. Now they will see I am a grandma, you have just made me feel old!”

She said I think trying to lighten the mood. She could hear from my voice that I was so annoyed at her son. Ok he took me by surprise there. This lie was getting bigger and telling his nosy mother who already did not like me was only going to make this worse. She more than him would want to know what the doctor said and what not.

“No ma, it’s still new! I haven’t even confirmed with the doctor but I am on my way there!”

I told her. Vusi’s mother was an in your face kind of person so I knew this was not going to end here. She was those people who were pandetic and one plus one should always equal two.

“You on your way to the doctor?”

She asked me as though she had not heard me. It’s what I had just said so why say it back.

“Yes I am. I am waiting for sister to come then we are going?”

I told her. This was not a lie mind you because Nonjabulo was indeed coming to take me to her Indian doctor, the one who could make all this go away.

“How are you getting there? If I recall Nonjabulo does not have a car!”

She reminded me. My mother in law had never approved of my sister from day one. Well I did not blame her because even I did not approve of her at times.

“Yes she does not but don’t worry we will manage! We have been using taxis for as long as time!”

I said trying to reassure her and making it sound funny at the same time.

“I will come and take you! I mean I am not busy and this is very important. If you don’t want me to come then go with him at least. You can’t do this alone you not having a baby alone!”

She offered but I would not hear of it. Now she wanted to be my friend when on every other day she made me feel not welcome.

“No its ok thank you. I have this covered. I don’t want him to be there either because I feel it’s a personal thing.”

I told her. She spoke some more about baby things but I was not paying attention. I was rolling my eyes half the time and all I wanted was for her to hang up and leave me alone.

As soon as she hung up the phone I called Vusi. I was beyond mad. Why had he done that though?

“Baby I am sorry I know what you going to say…”

He started off with an apology because he already knew that I was going to tell him nonsense. We had had this discussion a million times before about him running off to tell his mother our business. He needed to learn that it was not ok and I was not going to stop teaching him this lesson.

“Now your mom wants to go with me to the doctor. I told you this moment is important to me but no, you just have to have told her!”

I shouted at him on the phone.

“Eish she is a handful that one but she is only trying to help. Please give her a chance.”

He pleaded with me.


I said as I hung up. My plan was very simple, I was going to go to the doctor and then say it was a false positive. I had thought this through. I actually did not even have to go with my sister but with the way things had conspired I was going to go with her.

“Londy I am here!”

My sister shouted outside the door as she knocked. It’s how she knocked. It’s a township thing. When you knock at the door you immediately say who you are for security reasons.

“I am not yet ready but almost done.”

I told her as I opened the door for her. My sister came in and did what she always does, look for food and start eating.

“Honestly sis I think mum is trying to get closer to your mother in law. She was asking me all sorts of questions about her last night!”

My sister was explaining with chicken in her mouth. She was rude in a way but that’s how she was.

“Speaking of that. She called me asking me if she could go to the doctor with me. Imagine, that woman wanting to hold my hand through it ah!”

I shouted out from the other side. I had changed topics because this one was a bit more pressing for now.

“You have issues wena!”

She told me.

“You should be close to her then maybe you will learn a few things from her!”

My sister said and I asked her,

“Like what?”

“Like how to look down on poor people you know! The things that most rich black people do! It’s like they never came from a township or a village!”

She said concluding and we laughed. She was right, every black family could trace its history to a township or village especially our mothers age group. Acting as though they did not come from there is why they get robbed all the time because they think they are better than everyone else.

“You can say that again!”

I said as I walked out of the bedroom.

“How do I look?”

I asked her.

“You look like you are underfed and need to come stay with me!”

She said teasing me. That’s how she always said I looked good. She complimented my body in her own weird way but I guess it is what it is.

“Oh yah by the way, I already spoke to the doctor for you so it should be a quick in and out!”

She told me. See my sister was reliable like that when it comes to all the things that depend on crookery. She was the most honest crook I know.

“That’s great but I am thinking of just going to my normal doctor because the doctor will just have to say it was a false positive! I will come present that to Vusi, he will be sad for a moment but we move on!”

I told her. She agreed with me that maybe it was a good idea because her Indian doctor was asking for r1500 which to her was way too much.

“How do you make such lies though? You are crazy you know that! It’s a good idea though but didn’t you tell Vusi that you were certain?”

She asked me.

“I did but mistakes happen. I read the pregnancy test wrong!”

I told her and we both laughed as I locked up.
As we walked out my sister and I saw a very familiar car parked in my parking. I cannot believe this woman. It was my mother in law. She came out as soon as she saw me.

“What are you doing here? I thought I said I would be fine!”

I asked her rather annoyed to be honest. I had specifically asked her to stay away.

“After I saw Vusi I felt a bit guilty. I have not always shown you support and for this I wanted to do so. This is my way of apologizing.”

She explained. Were it any other occasion I would have agreed with her and readily accepted that offer but the timing was bad.

“Thank you very much but…”

I was about to say when my sister came into the conversation.

“Thank you, I was lazy to go by taxi anyway. We going to Park Town, Londiwe let’s go!”

She said literally killing my momentum. She jumped into the front seat and waited for my mother in law and me to come in.

“See listen to reason from your sister!”

My mother in law said showing so much excitement. This was not happening. I got into the car wearily and figured if I protested any further from this point she would suspect I was lying.

“We are going to the Indian doctor. If we go to yours what if she says otherwise!”

My sister sent me a whatsapp text.


I was not thinking straight. I should have refused but the results would be the same in any case.

“Dr. Padayachee, welcome ladies. Who is coming in?”

The Indian doctor asked.

“I am.”

I said.

“I am coming too. I am her mother in law. Nonjabulo you can stay outside!”

She said and immediately walked in the office. I guess it was not bad when I think about it now because when the doctor said I was not pregnant I could be distraught in front of her in order to sell it that it was a false alarm.

“Ok that’s fine.”

The doctor asked a few questions.

“What makes you think that you are pregnant?”

She asked me.

“I did a pregnancy test; well three and all were saying pregnant. This is my first visit to the doctor so I just need confirmation!”

I told her. She smiled and said,

“I like your closeness. My mother in law would never even dream of doing such a thing!”

She said. See am not the only one with issues with my mother in law. After a few tests of which I was ready to be all dramatic and be hysterical the doctor came back with the results.

“Congratulations, you are three weeks pregnant!”

My mother in law jumped up with joy. I sat there and I just stared in disbelief. Was I really pregnant? What the fuck I don’t want to be pregnant! Not now anyway!

“Please go to the front desk to settle the bill, I will meet you there. I will also give you a few meds!”

She said as we stood up to go out. My mother in law stayed back for a moment.

“Did it go well?”

Nonjabulo asked.

“She said I am pregnant!”

I told her blankly.

“O shit I forgot to tell her that you had a change of heart. I did not get a chance to do so because we ended up being rushed so she thinks we still in that plan we had! I am sorry!”

She said and my heart just sank! Now I did not even know if I was pregnant or not because aaargh!

This was bad and getting worse.

**************The End**************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I know my story will be judged but I had to share with someone as its weighing down heavy on me. I have always been one of those pretty girls but grew up decent without breaking any moral rules. Three years ago my father got sick and it drained the family emotionally and financially. He died early last year. It was the most painful thing to ever go through seeing him wither away. What made it worse is that we are not wealthy at home we had to go to public hospital and wait in lines for everything. We would hire a car to take him and all that. We really suffered for him and still he died. I was in Matric when he got sick. No relatives stepped up to come help us and even the neighbours after a while also stopped. I found a job I work at Clicks now but it does not pay much. Now my mother is sick too. In November they found that she had the very same thing my father had. I don’t have the resources to help her nor the fighting power. I met some rich guy and I will not lie when I say I approached him. I said I have always been pretty. He is married with 3 kids and very wealthy. I started sleeping with him for money so I could pay for my mother to go to private doctors. I said she had the same thing my father had right and guess what, she is almost healed. I don’t even know what to think because my father got worse going to public hospitals. At the beginning I felt guilty about this man’s wife but I was not about to lose my mother. I have a younger sibling who is in matric now and she is very smart. I am expecting at least 4 distinctions from her and I pray she gets a bursary. Now that my mother is getting healed I have to continue selling my body to this man so I can put my sister through school and also have savings. I know I am disgusting and I feel disgusting because the man of it is not that clean and is far from good looking. I have sold my youth for money. I want to say I am ashamed bhuti Mike but I don’t know how as I believe that I am rescuing my family. I go to church on the Sundays that I can, work always then prostitute myself to him on my free days. I cry most nights but I have realized that if I stop I will not afford to take care of my family. People will tell me I have no excuse or justification for what I am doing but I watched my father come from being overweight to looking like a piece of paper when he died. It was a horrific experience. At least if it was HIV he would have gotten free medication but no, it had to be something complicated. If it was not because of my sibling and mom I would kill myself because imagine having to sleep with someone you loathe and disgusts you but have to smile through it. Imagine having to encourage him to do more because making him feel like the greatest man ever means more money.

I am 21.

Just Sharing


25 thoughts on “Majuba 22

  1. You know that feeling when you just don’t like a character. That’s londie for me. Yeses🙌🏾. Just sharing I am sorry girl. A girl gottta do what she has to do. I won’t judge. In our culture we say iscathulo sitshisa osigqokileyo. So only you understand your situation. Be strong girl.

  2. Gal, you are in deep sh!t… Only you know the direction you want your life to go. Ku rough out there & you need ypur mom. On the other hand, you need the money in order for her to stay alive! eish! life is tough hey!

  3. Hai these letters. I cry so much lately.
    I wish I could help you Clicks, I will pray for your sis to get that bursary so you can stop this. I can only imagine your pain.
    Yoh my heart is so sore man :(.

  4. I agree with Tomae I cannot stand Londi and her evil sister eish bad bad people!! Dear Clicks I can understand your plight but sweety you need to find another means of getting money because this could backfire if you had to fall pregnant or his wife suspect anything or he gives u some disease as u said he is not clean. Not here to judge you, only you know of your circumstance. May God help you sisi.

  5. Clicks, l will not judge most girls prostitute themselves for trips to Dubai n expensive weaves. U r helping your family, l wud probably do da same in your shoes. Stay strong girl.

  6. Don’t be ashamed, you have friend with benefits qha. All of us we need money, none is fullfilled with molla.

  7. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you. Alleluia”
    As I’m writing this comment kudlala this song in the background. Yhuuu how I wish I was rich so I could help you financially kodwa all I have are prayers which will be said to God on your behalf. Your letter really broke my heart ku worse ngoba usase young and sowuthwele umthwalo ongaka. Izinyembezi zakho aziweli phansi, zisoluwa nguSomandla. Stay strong sisi and don’t lose faith in God. Konke kuzolunga eventually.

  8. Thanks Mike once again
    Now that some have talk about judgement issue, let me start to judge/challenge you: What is your long term plan about yourself? Are you planning to die/grow old working in that environment?
    I suggest that while you are making him happy, explain to him that you need to get out of that work environment, ask him for his connections ideas for a better job, of course promising more time for entertainment and private place instead of those boring guest houses.

  9. I also don’t like Londy character she claimed to be smart but she,s an idiot….I feel sorry for you clicks what you have to go through in order for you to able to take care of your family but at least it for the good course. Please make sure you use protection at all times…God will never forsake you hang in there my darling 1 day you will get out of ths disgusting life…pity you are still young you supposed to be enjoying your youth exploring life but Life happens.

  10. Clicks mamela sweety you must work towards getting yourself out of there. Now mr wealthy must hook you up with a better job where there’s prospects for growth. Start studying towards your dream. Your beauty will fade and he will find someone younger and fresher. What will happen to you? Make haste while the sun still shines boo. Use his money to further your studies, develop yourself.

  11. Clicks at some point you should focus on yourself and figure out a plan. Not only put your sister through school but yourself as well. You were destined to be far greater. And forgive yourself, most importantly

  12. Girl. You have been dealt a bad hand in life and I applaud you for taking care of your sick mother and stepping up when no one would. Prostitution is a job, like any other and has it’s pros and cons. Those who hold the moral compass and have never been in this situation will not only judge you but will tell you what you are doing is wrong without offering help or giving you advice that you can actually use and succeed. I will tell you this: Prostitution or rather, being an escort is a job which pays the bills and feeds thousands of families in this country. If it wasn’t an industry that is successful then there would be no demand for it, but there is. So stop speaking of morals when mine workers, nurses, road builders, helpers etc. sell their bodies too for money. There really is no difference. Now, wena sisi you just have to protect yourself, I hope you practice safe sex and are on contreceptives. If you are not, then please have a family planning session with the nurse at the Clicks you are working in. Also, what is your 5year plan? What would you like to achieve? Let him help you even if he doesn’t know he is. Get your learners, get your driving licence, do more than just get money for living and covering day to day expenses. Feba nge direction. Do things that will ensure you have a productive future. Set goals and try to achieve them within timelines. Give yourself a cut off date to when you want this lifestyle to end and the things you want to have achieved by then. Stick to that date and make sure when this ends you have done all you that was on that list, so you can never look back and are able to let go of these feelings. It must be difficult to be in your position and we cannot imagine what you go through, take care of yourself by finding help through free family counselling, youth forums and youth empowerment agencies that may lead you to better financial prospects. The world is harsh, you have experienced that first hand, you do not need to be hard on yourself too.

  13. Woooh Londy mara…Thanks Bra Mike
    QnA:Clicks dnt feel bad,ur doing this for ur family but have long term plans,also save to continue ur studies.Dont focus on ur family only,try improving ur life as well with this filthy rich man’s money.Im sure u dont want to work at clicks for the rest of ur life

  14. Clicks, I am guy and I actually applaud you for courage to speak about. Besides some of the girls get chowed for a six pack for savannah and what what. Do what you have to do but please ausi that situation wont remain forever, you know gets more out of that guy like a job connection or something because as a guy I am telling that guy will want some new cookie after some time. So by that time just make sure he has sorted you out with something worthwhile.
    My two cents

  15. eish i don’t feel this Majuba blog. it’s so boring. it’s like those Facebook pages that do not have that thing.

  16. Gosh Londeka udom marn yerrrrr…
    Clicks I’m sorry for what you’re going through I hope it’ll get better

  17. Dear Michael
    Can u pls respond to my emails n messages regarding pin per sms to read Missteps. I have used so much airtime just to get a pin and I never get it. What must one do manje? it’s very disconcerting! !!!

  18. Dear Clicks

    Baby girl don’t cry yourself to sleep, you are doing well! While you are at it, you a little of that money to advance yourself academically also.

    I love how all of your hard work isn’t invain! One day you must look back and both you and your sister are living a rather good life.

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