Young Employed and Single

YES 122

I sat there in silence and began to think. I was feeling down now. What did my aunt honestly want me to do? Then

there was Mbuso. I have complained about love for so long and the fact that someone actually loved me now somehow did not feel as welcoming as I thought it would be. What was wrong with me? I had been single for so long I had started to feel as though no one found me desirable. The only down side was that it felt like it was Mbuso and did I feel that deep for him. I did not even trust him so how could I love him back.

“Lock the door!”

A little voice said in my head.

“Lock the door goddamit!”

It shouted even longer the longer I took in not standing up. I stood up and started walking to the door and just as I got there Mbuso arrived.

“Where you already checking for me thinking I would stand you up?”

He asked cracking his second joke of the night.

“You are funny. I needed to put the wine bottle away otherwise were it was it would have slipped with all that love we about to make!”

I said using such a lame expression. I really have issues with this expression “making love”. Like who came up with it and why did people even buy into it.

“Mmmm I don’t believe you; you didn’t think I would come back!”

He laughed.

“Maybe I did, you can’t trust men these days. I was going to come knock on your door if you had not come back!”

I teased trying to sound as normal as possible. I did not want to make him feel awkward as I was already feeling it in me. I was not feeling this anymore.

“Why does it seem like your mood has dampened a bit?”

He asked me when were in the house and I closed the door.

“It’s that obvious huh? I just got a call from my aunt.”

I started to explain and I took out my phone to show him the call. Somehow it felt as though I had to prove that I was telling the truth by showing him the call.

“Is everything ok? Please tell me nobody died because I really need to get some!”

He said and I am not sure if that was a joke because it felt rather misplaced with the death comment he had just made.

“No one died but it feels like so. Please sit down so I can explain.”

I told him.

“Goodness we are even sitting down this is serious neh?”

He asked as he sat down tentatively at the edge of the couch. He was unsure.

“Do you want to hear this or not?”

I asked him.

“Yes I do, please go ahead!”

He said. For the first time I think I told someone else about this calling I was receiving. I told him everything including the dreams and so on. When I got to the work part and the money I was supposed to receive I did not give him the full amount but I gave him an idea that it was significant. He listened attentively asking for clarity here and there.

“Wow what a story!”

He said at the end of it all. He made a slow clap even and looked at me unbelieving. I think he thought I was lying. I would not be surprised either it was one hell of a story. Imagine being Young Employed and Single then getting a calling of all things. This is why I never told anyone the story because it was just too crazy to even contemplate. What kind of ancestors were these really that wanted an educated person who would question practically everything they instructed?

“I know hey and I am sorry you don’t believe me but it’s the truth.

“You know what, if you made all this up to avoid getting laid you will be one hell of an incredible story teller you really will be!”

He said with a very serious face on. He sniffed himself as though he smelt himself for bad odour then he said,

“And I took three showers before I came here!”

He stood up and I thought for a moment there he was going to leave. Maybe he should I mean he was making me look stupid here.

“I am sorry about the showers!”

I said annoyed a bit.

“I am sorry too. You know in Cape Town there is no water. I wonder how Jackzorro is bathing!”

I said to him trying to recover from the annoyed tone I had used before.

“Who is JackZorro now? Is he also a sangoma?”

He asked and I could sense the sarcasm in his voice. He had missed my little joke unfortunately.

“I don’t appreciate your sarcasm! Maybe you should just leave ok!”

I told him my temperature rising. Yup, that’s me, zero to a hundred real quick.

“No I am not leaving. You need advice and I will give it. You can’t expect everyone to believe that story every time you tell it but you can expect this from, I will support you through it!”

He said sternly and firmly. He had never taken this tone with me which put me in my place so to speak.

“Look I have never had a personal friend or relative that went through callings but I had friends of friends who have. This ancestor thing is really serious if you believe in that stuff but and he is the dilemma, money is really important.”

He said sitting down from his standing position.

“It’s a very important decision to make because if you take the money know you will always be running from your ancestors. They can be vengeful and can destroy you. You will have to join a strong church and marry the pastor so to speak!”

He said cracking yet another joke. Unlike Sfiso though his humour felt forced and calculated whilst Sfiso was effortless and genuinely funny. I got what he was saying though. If I was to escape this I was going to have to be my mother. I used to think my mother loved church but after I found out all this with my aunt it was out of fear and habit that she went. She had that exaggerated devotion to it where even in the middle of a storm she would want to go to church. It can be freezing cold and we would be the only kids at church after other adults felt it was better for their kids to stay home and stay warm.

“I get your point but I don’t even know whether I have fully accepted this calling or not!”

I was not handling this too well. It suddenly felt overwhelming and like something pulling me down like a weight on my shoulders.

“I am so scared! I don’t know what to do!”

I think this was the first time that I ever openly admitted that I was afraid of all this. So far I had avoided the topic and never taken it seriously. Here I was now and I was stuck. The games and jokes were over for real I had to make decisions.

“You don’t have to be scared. I believe your ancestors love you and I believe you have a choice. I am not sure how both those work hand in hand but they are there. Consult your aunt the one who has been telling and consult a church or rather pastor if you want to find your answers. I am certain they will have different viewpoints but both sides will give you direction as to where to go!”

He told me. I didn’t want to cry but the tears were already running down my cheeks. When emotions overwhelm you it’s very hard to stop them.

“I have been thinking that too but I don’t think I am ready to take on the challenge of fighting it should it come. This is too much to handle. I grew up in the church so why is God not helping me stop this!”

I asked him and I think that question was beyond his pay grade because he also just blinked and offered no suggestion.

“That’s hectic but like I said, you have all my support. I will stand with you no matter what decision you make ok?”

He said to me and that moment it felt like he had said the most amazing thing ever. That is what I wanted to hear and that is what I had heard.

“Oh thank you so much I thought I was going crazy!”

I told him. I started kissing him. First on the cheeks and then on the neck before it was everywhere. It was frenzied as though I had some big hunger inside me that drove me to it.

“Lungi, what are you doing?”

He asked me but he was not even stopping me. He was not trying to stop me. I started taking of his shirt and before I even finished with it I was unbuckling his belt.

“Are you not going to help me?”

I asked him. He was sitting down which meant that I was not able to pull the pants down without his help.


He said but his temperature had definitely risen. I was super emotional though and I don’t know if it was all this crying plus emotions going through me I just needed it now. His pants came off then his shirt then the vest he was wearing. I was wearing joggers so I pulled them down for myself as he was taking his shirt off.

He started kissing me. My neck, my boobs everywhere and it was all happening so fast. My body was responding to his touch so much so that he was sending electricity inside me with every touch.

There will be no blowjob today.

“I want you, I want this!”

I whispered in his ear.

“I want it too!”

I could feel his hand snaking around the couch. I know what he was doing. He was looking for his pants so he could put on his condom. Why is the condom never out on time though? Men do that a lot hey during sex. The moment you want him in he starts looking for the condom like what a turn off. I was like a woman possessed though. I would not let him reach over to his pants.

I don’t know why I did it, maybe I was just too horny and had temporary lose of my sanity, I held his dick, goodness it was big and I sat on it.

It slid in same time but his girth was such that I felt like an overstuffed kid after Christmas lunch.


I was full up.

There was a loud smash which startled both of us so much so that Mbuso pulled out of me and stood up at full attention looking in the direction of the smash.

“What the fuck?”

He said his dick poking up as it was still hard. The dude had only let in one stroke!

The smash,

It was the wine bottle on the counter which had fallen and broken into pieces.

There was only one problem.

Mbuso and I were on the couch and no one was by the counter.

No one!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hello Mike

Thank you for your daily doses its really interesting, I really miss MISTEPS though

Ok this my story I’m in a 2-year relationship with a man that does everything for me and my kid, which by the way is not his.
He cheated on me and had a child, I forgave him and moved on coz he didn’t really put the baby thing in my face and the baby mamma is not even a factor in our relationship. He cheated again with a girl that’s 10 years younger than me and I found out coz the girl was stalking me and she sent me all their conversations. I got a friend request from her on Facebook and realised we had mutual friends I showed one of my best friends and she said the girl was her cousin and that she is a “straatmait”. Well I let him know that his embarrassing me and he said hell end the relationship but he didn’t, I met this girl at funerals and parties and didn’t even entertain her not knowing she’s still with my boyfriend. She called me and told me the whole story and it was messy, but to cut things short I felt humiliated, embarrassed and I just lost all the respect & love I had for him. The fact is now I met someone who is not wealthy at all and can’t do anything for me but show me love and I feel so loved and blessed. This guy is now feeling the heat and he can see im no longer interested but im scared coz I already introduced him to my baby and family, how do I move on with someone else and not let it affect my kid and how do I make my parents understand coz they think he is a saint as he splurges everyone with money

Please help

34 thoughts on “YES 122

  1. OMG Bra Mike that action at the end. Awesome.

    Confused. Imaka ncane sisi. If you want to break up with guy one do so. But please put the breaks on guy two. You’ve been cheated on and humiliated, you need to heal, because uzizwa uready because guy two is such a blessing. Kodwa hopping from one man to the next especially with a kid is not advisable. And maybe that will help you deal with your family. Otherwise you’ll look like that Strattmait ten years younger than you and they will blame you for it. Not that it’s any of their business, but you seem to care what they think of you that much

  2. i think Mbuso is just wrong for Lungi. May be he will kill her for the money. Why is the wine breaking like that

  3. Lucy I’m with you on that one…. At the end of the day we really don’t know what killed Ntheti’s mom and Mbuso ended up inheriting all her monies….

  4. i say leave this guy who is a cheat, he will forever cheat on you. LIke Mi-Casa said, take a break to heal and then move on.

    If your family is fair, they will understand. Your partner must make you happy before he makes other people happy.

  5. Next time you should be very wary of who you bring into child’s space – you can’t be introducing them to every Tom Dick.and Harry. The signs were there when he first impregnated someone else and you stuck around – it also ses that you’re sticking around for financial gain which is not good, especially of you’re not happy.

    Next time take some time before introducing partners to your family. Also if you like guy #2 cut your losses and move on or take a time out to deal with your issues then move on. Guy #1 is not good for you

  6. Thanks Bhut’Mike
    Samsokolo apha eKapa ngamanzi. Khanisiphungulele kula wenu.
    Someone said Lungi’s ancestors are gansters, now I see that. They are scary shem. Mbuso run away.
    Confused, I think you have had enough of the cheating dude, so please do yourself a favour and cut your losses with him as in yesterday. He may be helping you financialy but at what cost? He is a cheat will always be coz you forgave him and he continued with someone else. Your family think he is a saint coz they are benefiting financially from him. You are how old? Why are you letting your family dictate how you should live YOUR life? I would suggest you take time to heal before you jump into another relationship and please do advise guy 2 #theblessing that you just came out of an unpleasant relationship and would like some time out. He will wait for you if he feels strongly about you, if he doesnt, oh well that means he was not for you in the first place. Be careful who you introduce to your child though. all the best!

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, until these dam levels reach 1% our bath potential is still critical but stable LOL!! Nice touch there hey. Those ancestors are fire yho, they want no cantsi, somer waste wine while at it…TJO!!

    Have to agree with Mi Casa here, you can’t be changing guys while your kid is so young, uzomconfuser umntana. Take a break and chill sisi. This guy aint no good, the first one that is, his basically useless no matter the wealth he lures you with. The second guy, even though he deserves a chance but #TooSoon
    You need to establish what is you want in life and that needs you to forget about guys for at least 3-6 months. I should ask what happened to BabyDaddy but I think it’s irrelevant, just like these guys will both be in a few months. Find yourself.


  8. I think Mbuso is a chancer and will kill Lungi for her money. We still don’t know how his wife died.

  9. Hahahahaha yhooo Mike , this water crisis is real hey 🙁 kuBird nyani ngoku and rain is juuust not falling at all…Maybe Pastor Mboro needs to intervene. Thank you for the daily dose bhuti …

    Confused: You neeed to step back hey…. You cant jump from relationship to relationship. If you want to dump guy 1 , do so and then relax.. Be single for a while…Don’t rush into something or someone else just yet. That’s number 1 …
    Secondly, your relationship is YOURS , not your parents’s or your cousin’s …so just because they are “benefiting” from this guy does not make it right for you to endure heartache and this guy’s cheating sprees just because you don’t want to end this because of your parents…
    You need to do whats best for YOU and your child ? If you are willing to stick it out for the sake of the money then do so …but do it because YOU want to, and not because you feel some sort of pressure from your folks…ayikho right leyo into!!

    Thirdly, you need to sit with yourself and do some introspection ….please don’t forget that you have a child nhe…so whatever it is that you want in life , you need to be put your child first!!

    All the best nhe…

    1. Sbu, i think the ancestor are wine bottle smashing because of the no protection part… imagine Lungi being irresponsible and we get all kinds of complicated situations, a baby a disease…. just from this day. the ancestors ain’t hearing it. Lungi must just stop it. and use boy boy for the night!!!

      1. Thanks Blq…….I thought they want the poor child to starve this winter. Protection is always important!

  10. Thanks Mike, wow this story is getting interesting. . I wish Lungi can stop running, its obvious the ancestors want Lungi to marry sfiso, but Mike, you are really getting me hooked,

  11. Lungi’s Ancestors are needed in cape town for this water crisis!! #Gangster Ancestors!!! but… i love Mbuso for his supposed selflessness ways and support, mare im afraid the ancestors are not having it. TeamSfiso

  12. The ancestors want Sfiso and so do I , I love guys wit that ind of personality 🙂 They have removed the obstruction between them (wife and kid) and now Lungi must just give him time to mourn them bese they can be together. I feel bad for Mbuso though , as shady as his story is there is something genuine about him and I cant help but feel bad plus the daughter has been trying to hook them up , she will be broken too. Simba is definately out of the question.

  13. These ancestors though, scary stuff. I am kinda in the same predicament just not too hectic. I was once told years ago I think I was 19 or so that I would never get married until I accepted my calling, that’s over 7 years ago and well I am still unmarried.

    Ae… I would rather that than go through such a heavy process…

    1. I know hey! Jackzozo o skhokho! getting a mention sommer gooied in..

      Confused, u are playing with fire dear.. Either u stick around with no 1 or get rid of no 1 & 2. please dont go for no 2 because its obvious that your judgement is clouded. He may not be as perfect as you picture him to be because u r desperate for love and respect.

  14. no mahn these ancestors though.. girl needs to get some, break bottles later!

    confused i think you are dating for the wrong reasons, just because he has money? women are being killed because of money, paper? no mahn leave that guy and take a break. date when you are dating for love and stability money isn’t everything love

  15. Thanks Mike. Lungi’s ancestors are really Gangster tjo! She can’t even get some vitamin D in peace, ke sono ka yena

  16. Thankx Mike… And I say,run Lungi run!! Before its too late… And Lungi must go to church just like her mom and enjoy her moola 🙂

  17. Thankx Mike… And I say,run Lungi run!!Mbuso is bad for u Before its too late… And Lungi must go to church just like her mom and enjoy her moola 🙂

  18. Mnumzana Mike

    Ukuba ubunguThixo, ngendiguqe ngamadolo phambi kwakho ndisenza ongena amen umthandazo ndikucela ndikubongoza ukuba ungamenzi isigebenga uMbuso. Ndiyamthanda la bhuti ibe xa kunokwenzeka abe ungcolile, kuza kufuneka ndihlole mna buqu ngoba kucacile ukuba ndiseza kweyela kwizabatha zabazingeli. If I am wrong about this man, then there is a lot that I am wrong about in my own personal life.


  19. That wine bottle breaking is a sign from the ancestors to show that mbuso is not the one for lungi. Great one bra mike thank you

  20. Big up to Lungi’s ancestors, I don’t like Mbuso for Lungi I am #TeamSfiso!! Didn’t want the action btwn them happening. You should’ve heard me Mike as I’m reading saying “No Lungi don’t “…hahahahaa! Mike you are good and I will keep on saying this. Yasss Jackzorro mentioned! And please family pray with us in Cape Town so we get some rain without getting hurt though.

  21. Bradaman Mikie, salute!
    Talk about mafia tactics these ancestors use! How do they disallow Lung some action? She will go crazy with this salt.
    For the love of money leads to death sisi. Need I say more @Confused?
    Get yo freedom & date guy2 from a distance B4 U involve yo child. But if yo love for money is deep, then U won’t asbU wud rather risk yo life with yo cheater.

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