Young Employed and Single

Yes 120



Money is the root of all evil.

Money makes people proud.

Money creates you enemies.


Why all the negatives?

Money makes you rich!

I wanted to jump up and down screaming almost as soon as I put down the phone with excitement but I could not.


My sister had just told me she was losing her husband and I know how much it hurt her. I remember at her wedding she had written her own vows were she had said,

“I will love you till the day I die. I will love you through thick and thin, walk with you through storms and sunshine and if ever a time comes that I have to lay my life down for you I will!”

I could not even celebrate even though I was bursting inside. Look at God. Things had worked in my favor faster than I thought they would have. I was now going to get a large pay out.

I found my sister sitting on the kitchen table. My mother is old school ok, our kitchen table even had a table cloth and I mention this because it was soaking wet on the corner my sister sat. Those were her tears.

“Ah please don’t do this to yourself!”

I consoled her. I wanted to go on the men are trash bandwagon but now was not the time.

“I did everything right! I don’t get it, I did everything right?”

She cried. I actually now don’t think there is a right way to do marriage. You can trust yourself and your actions but the person across you, well, that’s another story.

“So what are you going to do?”

I asked her. I did not know what to say to her. Imagine as a full grown woman knowing that your husband, the man who swore to love and protect you, in sickness and in health was leaving your for someone half your age. Its a humbling moment no matter which you look at it. You can tell yourself that he is the one with problem and you shall rise from this and can do better but reality he left you. He left you alone. How dare he?

“I really don’t know! I have tried to reach out to him but he won’t listen. He even told me to stop being pathetic and move on!”

She told me. We did not see that my mother was listening to us. For a sick person she was really active.

“What is that I hear?”

She asked in shock.

“Its nothing mum!”

I said immediately but she snapped at me,

“I am not asking you! What’s going on?”

She asked my sister.

“I am getting divorced mum. He is leaving me for a child!”

She told her.

“This is all your fault Lungile. You are the one that is constantly flaunting your singleness like its a badge of honor! Now your sister is in this mess!”

My mother spat her venom towards me. Now it was my fault that my sisters scum husband was leaving her for a school girl.

“Mum leave Lungile alone. She tried to save us several times!”

My sister lied for me. I don’t know why she did that because I was ready to tell her that her favorite son in law, I mean her only son in law was a lowlife wife beater.

“Still, when you are married you can’t always be around single people. I never told you this about your father, he cheated on me with a friend of mine who was very much like you. She thought marriage was a sham and a waste of time. She used to go around preaching her personal freedom and how men are a waste of time. Guess what, I found her in bed with your father!”

She said bitterly. I don’t know why this story was relevant to the moment but I had to ask,

“Are you saying because I am not married I will have slept with him?”

My mothers nerve! This woman had no chill point. To her I was a villain simply because I had no ring.

“You need to get some rest mum, go back to bed. I don’t need this right now. Lungi was not sleeping with my husband.”

My sister stepped in yet again as peace maker. My mother just looked at me, shook her head and went to bed. What was I doing wrong really? In my mothers eyes I really was a failure. Black parents, especially the ones not in the active economy have views that really don’t belong in this day and age but those views matter.

“I am leaving!”

I told my sister.

“You can’t leave me alone to her I won’t cope!”

She said and we both laughed. You know the thing with family is that even in the worst moments you can share a moment that can make you forget all the troubles you have in the world. Kids might be expensive but never have one so that you can give them that chance to love a brother or sister. I loved this lady.

“Look on the bright side, now if I am a divorced woman mum will be on both our case for not having husbands. Its going to drive her up the wall!”

She said and we both laughed.

“I heard that!”

My mum shouted from where ever she was sitting. She was really annoyed.

“I am going to sleep here tonight. I can’t go back there and be alone.”

She told me.

“But you have no clothes!”

Amd she did not that’s for sure.

“That’s were you come in, please take me to pick them up. I don’t want to go there alone!”

She asked me and how could I say no with all that was going on. We left together after telling mum of course. She did not stay too far from mum so we go there in about 20minutes.

“I am going to stay in the car and wait for you!”

I told her but she would hear none of that. She wanted me to go with her and that’s what I did! Its not like I was in a rush to be somewhere else. She opened the door was met by the biggest shock of her life, the house was empty.

“Oh my God!”

She said out loud. I too had my hands on my mouth like wow. He had packed everything. There was a box in the middle of the sitting room which I went to inspect, it was her clothes!

“What a bastard?”

I said out loud.

“Leave them, let’s go!”

My sister already walking out. The kitchen cabinet drawers were all open as though to emphasize that he had spared nothing.

“I am sorry sis!”

I told her in the car but she asked me to keep quiet. She did not have words right now.

“I need to be alone.”

She said when we got home to my mothers meaning I left at the gate. She had a lot of thinking to do.
I was so much in shock that I drove to my place in silence no music. This guy had packed everything ok everything! I drove past a board advertising lotto and that was only then that I remembered Nthabiseng. I walked into my flat and I could not help but do a little dance with excitement. Finally I could let loose and celebrate. My first thought was wine because I have said, a bottle of a good red was always my own way of celebrating. Its not like I had won the lotto here, I had worked for this and I had earned it.

I sat on the couch to think of what it is I had achieved. I actually had to pinch myself to tell myself it was real. My phone had gone off because the batter had gone flat. I stood up to charge it and switched in on. I had no messages but guess what, a call came in immediately.

Caller I.D.


What the hell did she want? We had stopped talking because of Azwindini and remember she wanted me to go lesbian on her! I was too much in a good mood in any case so I picked up.

“Rudzani how can I help you!”

I said I think sarcastically I can’t quite tell what my attitude towards her was!

“I don’t know how you manage to do it but you have a way of messing up my life.”

She told me. What the hell was she talking about now? Could I not just live my life in peace.

“I am totally lost. What are you talking about and why are you always angry when you call me?”

I asked her.

“The company sent out a memo today saying they have a r5million short fall and some staff who are ancilliary will have to be let go. I then found out from someone in legal that you sued and are getting that very amount as a payout.”

She told me about to cry. News always travels fast.

“Why must all of us suffer because of the things you do though?”

She asked me angrily.

“But what makes you think you are one of them? They can’t just let you go, they don’t have enough blacks as is to meet the quota!”

I asked her trying to be technical about it.

“Are you serious right now? Who do you think faces the chopping block in companies like this? I was your assistant and with the trouble you caused I am definitely first on that list!”

She said and she was right too, but was she still my problem? I could see why she hated me though,

I had slept with her man.

I had gotten her shipped to Cape Town.

Now I was about to get her fired.

This was a Venda girl.


*******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

You are a brilliant writer and I wish you all the best in your future books.

I am 34 and I have been married to my wife for 7 years now. We have two daughters, twins who are 10 years old. My wife had the better job between the two of us but to survive we always needed both our salaries. I upgraded my education to match hers and eventually I had more academic qualifications. I then got a good job which can take care of us better but that’s were the problem started. When my wife was ‘boss’ of the house she was borderline abusive. She would remind me how she was the main contributor and how I was not man enough to take care of her. In that time she has cheated on me twice with two different men. I forgave her both times because no one is born a saint. Now that I am earning twice what I used to earn and very significant above what she earns she has become super insecure. When I graduated with my Masters and got an immediate promotion I did not show off or rub it in her face. I acted as though it was everyday living but clearly she saw it as a threat. She calls me at work every hour and wants to hear where I am and with who. She gets angry when I don’t pick up and the one time I saw her car parked outside my work place. I did not confront her instead I took the longest route home of which she followed me. I acted as though I had not seen her and two hours later after we got home she pretended as though she had gone shopping that’s why she was so tired. When my wife cheated I did not dump her because believe it or not I love her! The problem is this insecure her is dangerous because my wife has a temper and her jealousy levels are rising. I make sure my phone sleeps on her side of the bed and leave it around her as much as possible so she can go through it when I am not looking. I don’t want to tell her am not cheating I want her to see for herself.

My question friends is am I handling this situation right? Is this going to backfire on me in future?

Thank You


22 thoughts on “Yes 120

  1. Thanks Mike.
    @Mr Promoted – that woman will kill you, baleka!!!! Such high levels of insecurity + temper + stalker tendencies = Food poisoning + huge pension / life cover payouts! This is not love, total madness. Grounds for divorce – fearing for your life… nnnxxx!

  2. Hi Promoted

    You are playing a very dangerous game. You might as well be in prison if you are going to allow yourself to be in this situation. You need to confront her about this. She doesn’t trust you and it’s her fault. You are encouraging her behavior. She needs help. You have already noted that she’s jealous/possessive. It’s appalling that she’s behaving like this the moment you are doing good. It’s a good thing that you love her. That’s all you need to do. The rest should be up to her. You don’t have to convince her of anything. Wa hlagolela leokana la re go gola la go hlaba.

  3. Wow I think you two need counselling and I think your wife needs to learn how to walk in the feminine. Having a better paying job doesn’t mean you must then be the asshole in the relationship. She needs to learn to support you and dare I say it be submissive. Such women exist? Why make problems when you sound like a great guy and you guys seem to have a good life. Give me the twins and good job and husband who will forgive me twice.

  4. The chapter was good.

    I tried thinking your question and I sincerely would like to hear the answer to your question!

  5. Dear Promoted

    Firstly congratulations on achieving such high academic qualifications and for enriching the lives of your family. It seems as though your wife is not as happy or proud of you as she should be. Shouldn’t a wife be supportive and proud of her man?

    Her previous reasons for being abusive have now no basis, so it seems her abuse has taken on a different shape, with her being controlling and possessive. You need to have a long chat to her, explain how devoted you are to her and the kids, that everything you’ve done has been for them and she needs to trust you before she erodes the marriage. You also need to be a strong man for your kids and let her know that she can not abuse you any longer. Ask her to go for marriage counselling and she needs anger management.

    A long talk may help, she may have seen the error of her ways and is afraid that you may leave her for it thus explaining her tightening her hold on you. Us women are weird like that.

    All the best and good luck on your future!

  6. Mara mike so what if she’s venda …
    great chapter

    promoted please divorce her and marry me.. women who do not appreciate a good man irritate me mxm . cheat on her since that s what she wants you cant suffer because of another human being.. your happiness first baba. with that new promotion you guys should be enjoying your marriage in Bora-bora ..Mara here you are mxm.. seek counselling

  7. Promoted: My thoughts while reading your letter were, what if she caught you cheating or what shee thought was you cheating. High chances are she would flip. These are dangerous signs of abuse. I really think you should leave this situation before she murders you for being a good man. Because I see no reason for her to be so frustrated. She has issues and its either you ehlp her deal with it or leave. Whatever it is I think this is a dangerous situation I dont trust her psych. Its hard to resolve a situation when it has gotten to a point where you guys are. I mean she stalks you what then if she sees you doing something she doesnt like? do you think you will just get a slap or tongue lash? I doubt it

  8. Arg… Rhudzani must just go chill somewhere. Lungi needs to be focused on being there for her sister and enjoying her victory.

    Promoted: Have you considered that you wife may not love you? It seems to me she just needed a doll that she could control and now that the financial power balance has shifted away from her favour she’s terrified of her own karma. She does not see you as you shes projecting her own ugly soul onto you.
    Your whole situation just sounds nuts to me. She is still being abusive even now it’s just that her abuse has taken a different form.
    I actually have no advice for you… this whole situation is just so unhealthy, I just hope you have the courage to see that and do something about it.

  9. I feel like you are in danger, talk to her make her aware that you know about the stalking and everything. I don’t know hey but if it was me I’d leave that partner

  10. Eish Rudzani maan!!
    Thank you Mike!
    Promoted, I believe you are going about this in a manner that will backfire. Your wife needs to know her boundaries. Your keeping quiet as if nothing is happening is wrong because something is brewing. You need to talk to her and you need to set boundaries for her. It’s good that you love her. You have allowed her to take things far and she has gotten used to it and it is now time she stops that. She also need to know her place and her role in the marriage. Material stuff don’t build a family! Counseling would also benefit you both as well. Good luck my brother!!

  11. Mmmh 5M!wow ,I think this Rundzani wants Lungi’s money that’s it…Lungi must just block her… Thankx Mike

  12. Yah hai our fellow sisters mara, why must you always hate on other women though???
    Promoted there’s really no need for you to divorce your wife, please you two should go for counselling and see how that leads you guys and hey talk to her, I believe communication between partners is very important. N you not a fool for forgiving her cheating ways, it clearly shows you love her

    1. Its been a hectic two weeks for me as the Film Commission (NFVF) is open so i am trying to submit before deadline day. i have a few new ideas but all these have to be developed into proposals and that eats into the creativity i do apologize though for this.

  13. Thnx BraMike 4keep the flame burning.
    Brada Promoted, rather U than me but well one has their own reasons for forgiving & yours are for real love which yo wife is only appreciating now that tables have turned on the financial front. It’s the guilty of her past disrespect & infidelity killing her inside & thinking now U cud do the same.
    Have open communication with her. Hide & seek is children’s game. If it doesn’t work go for counseling exhaust all avenues B4 U throw in the towel. Too many kids out there growing in divorced families. It works well sometimes but mostly there’s a price children pay for their parents’ sins.
    Arrange outings for 2of U & try bringing back that trust. Wishing U well brother.

  14. You are not handling well my brother. People treat the way you want to be treated. Stop her from this actions. Before it’s late.

  15. Dear Promoted

    we treat people the way we are, not but what they are…your wife is scared what she did might happen to her talk to her and let her know how you feel. all the bestest!

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